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The Metal Woman

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2019 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; armour; permanent; gag; blindfold; cons; X


Jennifer and Martin have been going out for a few years and really get on well he is the quiet one she is the extrovert and it seems to work quite well.

“As as a treat can I take you to the jousting at Blenheim House? It’s the European knights performing today and they are the best in the world.”

“You really know how to please me, don’t you?”

“I have an ulterior motive as I know how turned on you get when you see them in there armour and we always have amazing sex afterwards.”

“I can’t help it if I fancy guys in armour, but I love you so you don’t need to worry.”

“I know you do, and I adore you so I’m ok with it.”

Jennifer dresses to impress all the time even though she is just over five feet tall she has long and very shapely legs. With her very short leather skirt and very high heels, Martin can’t help getting very horny. She really knows how to turn him on. She always exaggerates getting into his open sports car, and even while he is driving away he has an erection.

It’s an hour before they get to Blenheim Palace and they spend their time before the jousting starts walking round the various stands. One in particular grabs Martin’s attention. It makes replica armour and the boss of the company is more than willing to chat.

“I love all this can you make anything?”

“Yes, it just depends on how much money you want to spend.”

Jennifer looks really intently at the armour on display while Martin talks to the boss.

“Have you ever made anything to fit a woman?”

“Yes I have, but it needs to be lighter they can’t cope with the weight.”

“I bet my wife could handle it.”

Jennifer comes over just as Martin says that.

“She doesn’t look very strong but I would love to make something for her.”

Jennifer hears all this and makes it very plain that she is strong enough.

“If you really want me to have a suit of armour made for you I will.”

Martin gets a business card from the boss and they find a seat near the front of the arena and wait for the jousting to start as soon as the knights appear Jennifer gets visibly excited as does Martin.

“This is so amazing Martin thank you so much for all this.”

“I love it as well.”

The jousting goes on for hours and afterwards the knights invite the audience to come and meet them and of course Jennifer is one of the first. Martin watches her reaction as she talks to them and he can see that she is getting horny already.

Jennifer has her picture taken with one of the knights and Martin photographs her as well. They are among the last to leave but before they do, they visit the guy who makes the replica armour again.

“I will be in touch next week to arrange you to make a suit of armour for my wife.”

“That is great, she will look really good in it I promise you.”

Jennifer doesn’t say anything she just nods at everything that Martin says. They say their goodbyes, walk to their car and set off back home.

“I know you are going to be paying for the armour but I want to take charge of having it made I have a few very firm ideas of what I want.”

“I was going to suggest that anyway. I trust you and you will be wearing it, so it makes sense.”

As soon as they get home and indoors Jennifer gets straight on the computer to look at what the company makes. She is very artistic, so she draws several different suits. Some are very bizarre, although even Martin likes them.

“You need to be careful that the company can actually make what you want, there may be a limit to it.”

“The boss man said there is no limit, it’s just how much you want to spend”

“Ok but just be careful Jennifer. I think you need to go over there tomorrow to show them your drawings and get a price.”

“I will.”

As Martin expected Jennifer is very horny and the shagging goes on for hours. Even while she is being shagged Jennifer is thinking about the armour. She has very specific ideas about how she wants it to look and she doesn’t want to compromise on that. She can’t wait for tomorrow so she can talk to the guy who will make it.

They go to bed and apart from more sex they eventually go to sleep. All the sex has relaxed both of them so they sleep really deeply. Martin is the first up as he needs to get to work as his job is very hands on. Jennifer lays in bed for a while, till he has driven away, then she gets up, showers and gets dressed. She has some breakfast and sets off to drive to the company.

The main building is quite unusual. It’s very old fashioned looking and she is not too sure she has found the right place but she sees the company name on the door and goes in. The boss is in the reception so she greets him and they go into his office.

“Ok I need to know for sure you can make what I want. So can I show you my drawings?” There are more than ten drawings so she lays them out on his desks.

“Wow, these are amazing did you draw these?”

“I did, what do you think?”

“The first thought is that if you want any of these it will cost big time and it will take many months to make them. What’s with the high heels? We have never made anything like that before.”

“Ok, I understand if you don’t want to do this I will have to find someone who will.”

“I didn’t say we couldn’t do this. It’s just that we have never made anything like this before. Do you want me to quote for the job?”

“I would, so long as you don’t get angry with me when I fuss on details.”

“I promise I won’t get angry. I love a challenge and this is definitely one.”

The boss works out a price. It even shocks Jennifer so she phones Martin at work and he is ok with it.

“I just want to see you in it. I think you will look amazing so don’t worry about the price it’s fine.”

“I promise you wont regret this.”

Jennifer finishes the call and talks to the boss of the armour company.

“Ok, it’s go.”

“Brilliant you are going to love what I make for you. Ok while you are here I need to measure you in the nude. If it’s embarrassing I can get one of our female staff to do it?”

“No, I’m not prudish so go ahead.”

Jennifer has her clothes off in a few seconds and stands in front of the boss with her hands on her hips.

“You really are a stunner Jennifer you are going to look sensational In the armour.”

He measures her in every conceivable way afterwards she gets dressed again then they sit down with a coffee and chat.

“One thing you need to know is don’t put on any weight. The armour is going to fit you so tightly that even an extra pound will make it difficult if not impossible to get you in.”

“Ok I understand that. As soon as I get home I will weigh myself and check every day just to make sure.”

Jennifer writes out a cheque for the deposit and drives back home. The whole thing will take many months and she arranges to visit regularly to have fittings she has had them make it out of stainless steel to make it easier to look after and it will also make it look quite spectacular.

Over the next few weeks and months she visits the company regularly to make sure it is being made exactly how she wants it. She has specified no eye openings as she doesn’t want to spoil the way the armour looks and she has specified that the armour fits her really closely. Slowly over the weeks the armour comes together till its finally finished. She pays the last payment and the boss carries it out to her car, lays it in the back along with a large printed instruction book on how to put it on and look after it.

There is no way that Jennifer can put the armour on by herself so she will have to wait for Martin to come home. While she waits she amuses herself by reading the instructions, she has decided on a few additions that she wants to do so she lays them out on the bed so they are ready. She has a shower and shaves all her hair off so she will be more comfortable in the armour. She quite likes the look of herself without any hair and paints on hair root killer that Martin bought to get rid of his heavy beard growth. She paints it on all over her head and body, even her pussy gets painted with it. She is hoping that Martin will be ok about it, anyway it’s too late now. She waits till the hair root killer has done its work and then has another shower. She doesn’t bother to get dressed again so she sits in the conservatory in a dressing gown. She won’t drink as she doesn’t want to have to go to the toilet once she is in the armour. She also drinks two glasses of laxative to make sure and spends the next two hours on the toilet.

She has to wait till just after six before Martin comes home he is really tired and flops down on the sofa even before he has taken his outside coat off.

“You look bushed. Sit there while I make you a coffee.”

After having a hot drink he perks up, stands up, and removes his coat. Jennifer takes it and hangs it up in the hall.

“I don’t know if you are in the mood but the armour is finished and in the bedroom so I was hoping you would put me in tonight.”

“Really I had almost forgotten about that as it has taken so long. What’s involved? It can’t be that difficult?”

“It involves screwing hundreds of tiny torx screws in, so yes, it is quite time consuming.”

“It sounds like you won’t be coming out tonight.”

“No I guess not, but that’s ok. I want to get used to wearing it anyway.”

She removes the wig and Martin is quite shocked when he sees her bald head. He hadn’t noticed she didn’t have any eyebrows.

“Don’t look so shocked. I will be a lot more comfortable without any hair, and I don’t think I would fit in anyway as it’s going to be very tight.”

“To be honest I love it. You do look very sexy without any hair.”

“That’s good as I have painted my head and body with your hair root killer so its permanent.”

He follows her up to the bedroom where she has the armour laid out on the bed along with all the other stuff. 

“Ok I have decided on a few extras I think it will make the whole thing more sexy.”

Martin picks up a ball gag and several shaped pieces of latex and a bottle of glue.

“I don’t want to be able to talk while I’m wearing the armour so I have decided on a gag as a guarantee. It will sound silly anyway as the armour covers my whole face and head this way I won’t be able to.”

“Ok that makes sense but what are the latex patches and glue for?”

“If you look at the face on the armour there are no eye holes, so to protect my eyes they need to be glued shut.”

“In a way that’s quite sexy.”

“Yes I thought so too. The last thing I need to tell you while I can is that there are small metal rings on the elbows and wrists so if you decide you can lock my arms together behind my back.”

“You really are so kinky.”

“I know. Ok if you are up for it I want to be put in.”

She opens her mouth and shuts her eyes so Martin slides the gag in and does the strap up behind her head. Then he paints the glue onto her eye sockets and presses the first patches in. Then he does the same with the bigger ones. He then removes her dressing gown and lifts her into the front part of the armour. She is just over five foot tall so she is very light. He easily lifts her, she knows what he is doing so she wriggles her body, arms and legs till she slips right into it. He picks the back part up and lowers it on. He has to press down quite hard on it to get the bolt holes to line up. Then he picks up a box of torx bolts and using an electric driver he does them up. The ones that are on the shoes don’t line up too well so he has to wriggle them about to get them to fit. The last screws go in; he does them up tight and it’s done.

“Wow Jennifer that was quite something. Do you want me to stand you upright?”

He has already forgotten about the gag and she can’t hear well so she doesn’t react at all. Then he realizes and lifts her onto her metal stiletto shoes. She can only move like a robot now as the hinges on her ankles knees and hips only swivel on one plane. He has to help her to walk and after a few minutes he let’s go of her and she walks across the bedroom.

Martin is blown away by Jennifer. He had some idea of what she would look like but this is so erotic. He would love to shag her but that’s impossible now.

She has collided with the wardrobe and stopped walking so he carries her down stairs and out onto the patio and watches as she walks across it and onto the lawn she seems to know where she is and walks slower.

It’s Saturday tomorrow so he decides to take her to the fetish club this evening to show her off. While she walks round the garden he reads the instructions again. She has added extra instructions to the bottom; she has had made a metal frame to secure her too. It’s in the garage, so he takes a chance and leaves her walking across the lawn while he finds it.

She never mentioned the frame. She always loved being restrained though and it’s obvious she has put a lot of effort into designing this. It’s so heavy he has to use a sack barrow to move it. He finds a space for it the lounge and sets it down next to the TV. By the time he goes back outside Jennifer has walked into a bush and can’t move, so he has to cut a few branches to get her out. He stands her on the lawn and points her towards the house. She starts walking again, he stops her when she has reached the patio.

He is mesmerised by her in a way. He is beginning to doubt she is in there, even though he knows she is.

Jennifer loves being a metal woman. It’s even better than she thought it would be. She is hoping that Martin wont get her out for a few days, she will need to eat and drink so she can’t stay in the armour for ever.

She can feel her arms being pulled behind her. She knows what that is about and she loves it. He padlocks them together, then he lifts her onto the frame and locks her into it. She has obviously put a lot of effort into the design, as when he has locked her onto it her metal body is almost posed. She looks even better, he really can’t work out how the armour company has managed to mould the steel so accurately its just perfect even her metal breasts look real. The only way that he knows Jennifer is in there is her head moving. The joints are really intricate but not as good as muscles, so she can only move her head as much as the metal will allow.

She has only two small holes on her metal face and they are over her nostrils so he tapes over them to see what will happen. It’s obvious straight away that they are her only means of breathing as she starts shaking almost instantly. He leaves her like this while he goes up to the bedroom to get his video camera. By the time he is back downstairs she is really panicking so he videos her for a minute before removing the tape and its some time before she stops shaking.

Jennifer never gave it a thought that she would be very vulnerable in the armour. She always trusted Martin, so what just happened it quite a shock.

He would love to keep her like this but he knows that’s not possible with her needing to eat and drink. Just for fun he types into his laptop the words liquid food and he was so surprised when he gets hits. The more he reads the more convinced he becomes, that it is possible to keep her in the armour. The main company is only a short drive away he knows they will be closed till Monday, but in the meantime he emails them and is amazed when he gets a reply almost straight away.

“Thank you for the contact we won’t be able to talk to you directly till Monday. This is just to confirm we do make a liquid food as you requested. Briefly, the main characteristic of the food is that it doesn’t produce any waste, so its perfect if you want to keep someone under your control. We do supply the bdsm community with several different mixes so you need to explain what you want so we can tailor the food for you. Please phone on Monday and we will explain your options.”

Martin is really excited now what the email has suggested sounds perfect for what he wants to do to Jennifer.

She has stopped moving now, so Martin taps gently on her metal head. She reacts to that, so he knows she is ok. She can’t see hear, see or speak, so he won’t try and talk to her.

Martin needs to get to bed early, as he will be up very late tomorrow evening, so he locks up turns the lights off and goes up to bed.

Jennifer is feeling ok now. She wanted Martin to lock her into the display frame so she is not annoyed, but she never thought she would need to sleep like this. She will just have to manage, as she is sure that he has gone to bed. Even the faint sounds she could hear have stopped now.

Even though it’s been an amazing evening Martin still goes to sleep easily, as does Jennifer. It’s late morning before he wakes up. He doesn’t get up straight away, he just lays there thinking.

When he does finally get up, he throws a dressing gown on and goes down into the lounge to see how Jennifer is. She seems to be awake and trying to move although rather unsuccessfully.

“Good morning my lovely robot.”

She can hear faint sounds but she can’t make them out.

He can’t help stroking her metal head there is something about the fact that there is a gorgeous woman in there that is making him feel very randy. He won’t release her from the frame till this evening, just before he takes her to the club.

He makes himself a full English breakfast and sits in the lounge with it on his lap Jennifer can smell it and is immediately jealous.

Martin can see Jennifer trying to move and she is also making faint mmmphing sounds. He tapes over her nostrils to make her stop and she does but she starts shaking again. When he eventually removes the tape she is so busy getting air, now all he can hear is the sound of her heavy breathing.

At about two in the afternoon he checks on Jennifer again and he notes that even though the bolts that secure the back of the armour onto the front are really tiny they are still quite noticeable. So he gets a pack of stainless steel rivets from the garage and grinds them till they are a lot shorter. Then he puts a blob of two pack glue on them and pushes them into the bolts. He has to do the same to each bolt and there are a lot. When he has done that, he stands back to see what she looks like. He is happy now, there is no sign of the bolts, only rivets, so he gives her a quick polish. She really does look amazing now. He does know that it will be almost impossible to release her now, so all he can do is hope the liquid food he heard about can keep her alive.

He has ordered a taxi for nine so he can drink, he removes the padlocks from Jennifer so he can release her from the frame. He does leave her arms padlocked as he really likes her like that. He gets her to walk to the front door. He taps her metal head and she stands still. It’s his new way of communicating with her and she has learned really quickly what he needs her to do. She knows he will cut her air off if she misbehaves which really focuses her mind. He gives her a final polish. The taxi arrives and he answers the door. Martin walks Jennifer to the car and gets the driver to help get her into the back set.

“It’s just a robot, so don’t worry I will make sure its ok.”

Jennifer has no idea what is happening. All she does know is that she has had her legs folded and she is now sitting down. She realizes within a few seconds that she is in a car, as she can hear the faint sound of the engine and feels movement. Martin puts safety belts on her and sits next to her in the back of the taxi. The club is only a fifteen minute drive away so they are soon there. The driver helps Martin remove the seat belts and get the robot out. Martin pays him and arranges for the same driver to pick them up later to take them home.

The other clubbers take a lot of interest in both of them as they walk in. Jennifer seems to know where they are as she can hear the clubbers voices even though she cant make out what they are saying. She knows how to behave, so she moves just like a robot would, in a very mechanical way. In fact its easy for her as she cant really move any other way.

Martin talks to a really stunning young woman dressed in a long very tight sexy latex dress. She has an amazing figure and the dress shows it off to perfection. Jennifer stands quite still next to him.

“You are very handsome can I talk to you? My name is Elaine, what’s yours?”

“It’s Martin and course you can.”

She is obviously fascinated by the metal robot so even as she talks she is looking at Jennifer.

“I have never seen anything like her before.”

“It’s not a her its just a robot.”

“I didn’t think it was human but how does it work?”

“I control it by tapping on its head.”

“Wow that is amazing I bet you enjoy having it.”

“Yes I do.”

Elaine runs her hands all over the robot particularly its breasts.

“It’s warm, how is that?”

“It’s a machine that’s why.”

“How is that possible there is no way to get it apart how was it made.”

“I don’t know, all I do know is if it goes wrong its scrap, as it’s impossible to repair.”

That seems to satisfy Elaine and she leaves the robot. She puts her hand on his leather trousers’ crotch and rubs his penis; that gives him an erection but with the trousers being so tight it can’t be seen.

“How bizarre, can I come round your house? I really want to look more closely at your robot.”

“Yes, come round tomorrow evening if you want.”

“Great, maybe we can have some sex as well.”


He writes down his address and phone number and hands it to her. 

Martin hasn’t planned any of this but now its happened he is loving having Jennifer like this. It’s so erotic and his intention is to keep her as his own metal robot. All he needs to do is find a way to feed her.



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