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Room Service

by Paul Menson

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© Copyright 2012 - Paul Menson - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; capture; bond; scarves; gag; stockings; encase; sex; climax; trunk; transport; cons/nc; X

Many people can mock at my social position. Why on earth a 29-year-old good-looking and rather a talented guy would prefer being a corridor man in a hotel? However I can say that I made an impressive career considering that only 4 years ago I used to be a simple young man who had come to a big city without a penny in my pocket. The first thing is that it’s almost unreal to get a job in one of the most prestigious hotel networks. And the second is that very soon I was promoted from a parking man to a porter. My promotion was due to my looks and also sociability (tips were good though I had to share with a corridor man). At last I myself became a corridor man and now I have some commission from porters’ earnings from all over the hotel wing. And my plans for the future are great.

My work could have been called ideal but for ‘Human element’. It goes without saying that rich people are choosy and whimsical but some of them are really unbearable. But to support the hotel’s reputation I have to please all those snobs.

So now I am on the lift going to penthouse carrying a tray with a silver champagne bucket on it and some ‘modest’ snacks – caviar, tartlets, two dozens of oysters and something else that I think is moving there…

The woman who ordered all this must be a hell of a rich bitch. She has been a real sting in my ass for the whole week. She is about 35, slim, green eyes, good legs and she is always in a most expensive way…. Only the scarf on her head costs as much as my weekly earnings.

It all began since her checking into the hotel. Her baggage was enormous which is usual for people of her level of income. The porters were strictly told to be cautious as though she had porcelain there. We were told to be sure that she had everything she needed. As usual I was trying my best but soon I regretted it. There was no time to do anything else. She was constantly in need of something. I was asked either for champagne or to clean her room (which wasn’t my duty) and I even had to accompany her when shopping to carry her bags. She did it every day sparing no money (to tell the truth my tips were also very good). The boutiques were mainly that of underwear and various accessories. It was obvious she was keen on silk. Dozens of scarves of all colours were bought as well as transparent lacy underwear and stockings. She wasn’t shy of asking my advice and was eagerly commenting on how it was used. It seemed she was teasing me.

Her harassments were driving me crazy. But I didn’t want to lose my post. She was sex itself so I was looking forward to her leaving the hotel. The lady was capricious and also very strange (one of the days she was delivered a kind of chest or box decorated by wood and leather. ‘Perhaps to keep all the stuff she bought’ I supposed.

But tonight it’s finally going to finish. I heard her tell the receptionist she was having a kind of party in her room and at night she was going to leave and go on travelling. She was expecting some guests because of it. And it was me who had to serve them (it was her demand).

So right now I am on the lift going to this damned penthouse for the third time. Guests are already there and the party is in its full swing. But it doesn’t look like fun. There are three business dressed like women in the room. They are wearing silk blouses, black satin skirts, black stockings and classic high heel shoes. Colourful silk scarves on their necks are the only cheerful detail of their dress. Besides they always stop talking when I come in. While I’m arranging glasses and dishes they seem to scrutinize me with smiles on their faces which makes me most uncomfortable. I hope so much it’ll be finished very soon.

As I said it’s the third time I’m coming out of the lift and coming up to a low table at which the ladies sit. But this time it’s only the hostess who is sitting at the table. Perhaps in the restroom I thought not noticing a predatory glance of the hostess. Without looking around I was about to serve the table when suddenly I felt a kick on my back. As I was standing in front of the table I found myself with my breast on it. Champagne and snacks fell on the floor. I was completely dumbfound and couldn’t even turn around to see the attackers.

These seconds were used to tighten a silk loop around my elbows and then wrists.

"Hey, what’s going on? Who the hell are you? I’ m going to call the security!" I cried. But my words made absolutely no impression.

"Come on cry my darling. It’s no use!" she said with a pleasant smile. "But you’d better get used to the idea that it’s not to talk that you’ll use your mouth and your tongue. Get him to the bedroom! Everything is ready there."

Only then I discovered that my trousers and shoes were off. When did they manage to do it? As though they had trained to do this. Now I had only the uniform shirt and a stupid tie on me. I turned round and saw the guests. It were they who attacked me as I had supposed. They had a slight smile on their faces when they took me to the bedroom right on the table and threw me to the bed covered with a silk sheet. They raised their skirts and one of them sat on my legs and the other pressed my shoulders with her knees sitting her silk pants on my face muting my shouts.

"Prepare the boy to be packed" I heard the voice of the hostess.

After this I don’t know how my shirt was being taken off me. I think it was just cut and thrown away.

"A tie! A tie is a slave’s dress!" I heard a guest’s voice. "Then it won’t be too difficult to get used!" said one of them and cut it off.

I was twisting and shouting but I could do nothing with my hands bound. Later my legs were also disabled with a silk scarf. The kidnapper sitting on my legs tied them up at a greatest possible speed.

Now I was really helpless in the hands of these damned sex-appealing bitches. Having made sure of my helplessness both guests left me alone and at last I could have a breath of air. Then they checked once again the security of the loops. And I was still twisting and trying to call anybody.

"Help! What are you doing?" Though I wasn’t hoping to get rid of it. There were tears on my eyes.

"So it’s time to have fun baby," said the hostess who had watched it. "You won’t make any noise for much longer!" She took off her pants so that I could see silk stockings on her beautiful hips.

She came up to me (the guests holding me tight on my hair), stroked me on my cheek and while I went on protesting she pushed her wet silk pants into my mouth. She smiled at me and kissed me on my forehead holding my mouth with her hand. Then my head was covered by a non-transparent silk stocking and my mouth was bound with a broad ribbon. Now I was in a black world of perfumes and these women’s bodies. I couldn’t but make some illegible sounds.

The packaging of my body proceeded. Something tight but at the same time soft was put on my legs. When the thing was pulled on to my waist and my legs were tightened with the same thing I understood it was stockings. Wrapped like this my penis which had become pretty firm by this time was released by means of something sharp that made a hole in the stockings.

"You’re going to be as lovely as a painting," said the hostess. "Now put him into the sacks and he is ready to be transported."

"What a beautiful thing," the guests said about something. "Oh, and bring those laces!"

Hearing this I thought I had nothing to lose any more and I made a desperate effort to get free, but it only made them laugh.

"No, sweet. It’s no use! You’re going to have a brand new life. We own you now. Women’s property so to speak!" They were laughing in spite of my groaning and moaning.

I felt somebody pull something like a satin sacks on me. It was tickling my body tenderly above the stockings and sent impulses to my penis which I was unable to resist. Finally it was pulled all over me, my head was covered by kind of a hood which covered my face but didn’t prevent me from breathing and some soft laces began tightening on my body: a lace around my chin, then my bound wrists were pressed to the shoulders, my chest, waist, knees, and ankles all were tightly bound with laces.

"What a sweetie!" exclaimed my touched capturers.

"Look at this tent in the middle of it! We should calm him down. There’s a long way to travel".

"He’s going to release in a moment! He’s so tensed! And there are three of us!"

"I know what to do!" I recognized the hostess’s voice.

The sack I was in had a secret. It could be unbuttoned right on the spot my penis was. They didn’t fail to use it and my naughty friend was soon out of prison. It wasn’t difficult raising my apples to bind my penis at its base-line with another stocking. Due to this it became even firmer.

"I’m the first!" declared the hostess and got onto the parcel with me inside it. "After all it’s me who found and trapped him".

"Oh, leave something to us too!" moaned the other two.

"Don’t worry, it’ll be very long time thanks to my method," smiled the hostess pointing to my bound penis.

I can’t remember such an erection. My penis was aching with tension but at the same time it became less sensitive. I realized it when the hostesses stroked it with her hand from its base-line to end. Then she directed it into herself and it took her breath away. Horse racing began. I hadn’t have such sex before…. I was simply packed like a puppy by enormously sex-appealing cover girls and now they are fucking me!!!

Without waiting for her turn one of them pressed my head with her ass and rubbed her pussy on my face. In a second I felt her juice coming through the packing and the smell of her desire was added to all the other mysterious scents. For about an hour they were using me without letting me release. I remembered that they had wanted me to calm down. But maybe it was only a pretext. These cats were eager to play with their new toy. Finally then nature took its course and the sperm splashed out of me to the ceiling perhaps. Now I was so exhausted that I couldn’t move; if to think I before this I also hadn’t a chance to move.

"It’s all over ladies," said the hostess breathing heavily. "Time to leave! Or soon his disappearance could be discovered".

I was hoping that they would untie me and let me go. They had already got what they had wanted and besides it was impossible to go past the security I thought. But the reality was shocking for me. The three of them took me from the bed to something less soft on a lower level. A deaf sound made me think that I was inside something covered with soft textile. ‘It’s that chest’ a terrible thought came into my mind. I twitched and wriggled but they fixed me inside the chest with no effort.

"Look at him! He’s like a violin in its case!" said one of them.

With a sense of a job well done and looking forward to more pleasure they were watching the contents of the chest for about a minute more, and then they shut the top and snapped all the sophisticated locks. My moans and tears were hidden now within the thick coverage of the chest. Any movement was impossible because of belts holding my body. Now she is going to freely leave the hotel with her baggage. And I am a part of it – me, a young and formerly ambitious man who now turned into a ‘lady’s property’.


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