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The Return Home

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2013 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; strip; bond; ropes; gag; sex; climax; carpet; wrap; encase; buried; concrete; disposal; cons/nc; XX

For Marie to suggest that she wanted to tie him was unusual, normally, Alan had to ask for it and very rarely got what he wanted. Perhaps his wife of nearly 20 years was finally getting ‘kinky’.

Alan worked abroad a great deal, installing computer systems; some major installations could take him abroad for 6 months. He was home now and didn’t have any new jobs on the horizon, not a problem as he was so well paid the house, cars and boat were all paid for, and there was plenty of money in investments and savings, so he had suggested early retirement to Marie.

Because Alan was away so much, Marie had become very practical, and had even taken classes in bricklaying, plumbing and electrics, she could do any job around the house better than Alan – at present she was building the patio, the garden sloped away very quickly so she had built a retaining wall of brick, nearly 6ft tall, 20ft out from the house, she had done some concreting but there was a deep void between the house and the retaining wall which had yet to be filled to produce a level surface, it was quite an engineering project, but she liked to be practical and always felt she would do a better job than any builder.

“Ok” Marie said, “lets get you tied up and ready for me!” she was standing in the dinning room, the patio doors overlooking the new building work. She was dressed in a short black skirt, white silk blouse, black stockings and 3” heels, even at just over 40 she had a good figure, many hours spent in the gym and working with her hands had toned her 5’ 6” frame to an almost hour glass shape.

“You want to tie me up down here?” Alan remarked, again surprised “if the neighbours look over the back fence they could see!” Marie smiled,” That’s unlikely, and anyway you’ll be on the floor, so get your kit of and lie down on your front”. She had the small overnight bag in her hands containing their simple bondage gear. Alan quickly undressed, his excitement showing with his rapidly hardening cock. He lay down on the floor hands at this side, his cock pushing into the carpet. “Hands together behind you back” she said, he obeyed, and felt the pleasure start to build as she wrapped the soft cotton rope around his wrists, clinching it tight. Marie then lifted his legs and added more rope above and below his knees and then tied his ankles.

 Marie had never tied him so tightly before and he was ecstatic from the feeling of restriction, he would have some difficultly escaping even if he wanted to. She told him to roll over onto his back. His view from the floor was one of Marie standing over him, he could see her stockings and curves, he wanted to touch but was unable, she bent down and removed her panties, black and lacy she waved them in front of him before throwing them down by his head. Alan was lying there with his cock throbbing, she stood astride him and lower herself onto his cock, she was already wet and he just slipped in, she rode him slowly, building up until he couldn’t stand it and exploded in a wonderful orgasm that seem to last for minutes as she carried on riding him, until he begged her to stop. “That’s the thing with you, you are very selfish” she snarled, climbing up off him. “ I am sorry it just felt so good I couldn’t help myself, “ he whimpered. Alan assumed that now she would untie him and that would be the end of the fun.

Marie picked up the discarded panties and used them to clean between her legs, she then rummaged in and produced a red rubber ball gag, Alan hadn’t seen this before, and they had never used a gag in previous games. Marie picked up the soiled panties and instructed him to open his mouth. He hesitated, and then opened wide, this was another of his fantasies coming true. Marie pushed the black panties into his mouth, he could taste himself and her, and he was being to get excited again. Marie then pushed the ball gag in and lifted his head to fasten the strap. “There that will shut you pathetic wining” she remarked. “Sit up I haven’t finished yet” Alan was unsure what was next, but he got himself sat up with her assistance. She went into the bag again and produced some more rope, already cut to length; this again was new to Alan.

Marie started to wrap it around his arms and chest, pulling tight then clinching it under both armpits, he arms were firmly strapped to his body. But she hadn’t finished yet, some took some more rope and wrapped it around his waist, pinning his wrists to the small of his back, and then helped him lie down. “I’ve just got to go and get changed” she smirked and disappeared off upstairs. Alan lay there on this back, his arms under his body, movement was very difficult, he rolled onto his side to relieve the pressure on his arms, but the bondage was well applied and he was almost helpless.

After a few minutes Marie returned, however, she was not dressed in another sexy outfit, just jeans, T-shirt and sneakers. Alan tried to ask what she was doing, but the panties and the ball gag made the sounds unintelligible. Marie went out of the room and returned with a large rug; one that he remembered had been in the garage for some time. She put this down next to him and rolled it out flat, the rug was 8ft by 8ft. Then she went around the side of him and pushed him face down onto the rug, then she lifted him and the rug capturing him inside it, she rolled him over inside the rug several times until he was totally encased and it went dark. He tried to shout for her to stop, but all what came out was a muffled “SSTOOOOPPPP” Breathing became difficult with the rug surrounding him. Marie got two lengths of rope and with difficulty wrapped them around the rug at the head and the foot end to stop it coming unravelled.

Marie knelt by the head of the carpet and spoke softly too him, she was unsure if he could hear her, but it didn’t really matter  “the reason I am doing this is because you being at home is just too much trouble for me, I enjoy my life with you away, and if you were ‘retired’ and living here permanently you would cramp my style. You see I have David and Paul they each come around when you are away, both are married and don’t want any commitment, its an ideal situation, for me anyway, so you’ve got to go!”
Alan heard this with dread, what was she going to do to him? Then he felt the rug being rolled, he felt the bump as he was pushed out of the patio door and then a sudden rush as the rolled round and round very fast and the sudden stop as the rug hit the bottom of the drop. He was unhurt, the dust from the rug had got in his eyes and up his nose, he tried to scream but there was no sound he could make that would help him now.

Marie looked down from the top of the patio to the carpet now firmly wedged against the retaining wall at the bottom of the slope it had landed perfectly. Firstly, she went and got some pea gravel, pouring bags and bags over the carpet until it was completely covered then she started the cement mixer. She mixed up several batches of concrete and added some metal strengthing bars into the concrete, Alan’s air would have been used up in minutes, there was nothing to do but make a good job of it, the concrete would set and it would take heavy machinery to break it up.

Marie smiled to herself, when the concrete had set and she could put the flagstone down on the new patio, she could sit out in the Summer and have breakfast here.

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