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Return the Favor

by The Sweet Count

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© Copyright 2005 - The Sweet Count - Used by permission

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Packaged Story Contest 2005 Entrant



Oh my god.  She's here already!  Is everything ready?

I can't believe this is really happening.

Jerry rushed down the hallway, stepping carefully along rich brocade rugs that lay over the polished hardwood floor.  Stopping in front of hallway mirror, he took a moment to collect himself, patting down a few loose hairs and tucking in an errant shirt tail.  Through the lead glass window behind him he could see his green expanse of lawn (just mown this morning) sloping down gently to the shop.


Glancing at the clock.  4:30 right on the dot.  Well, subdriver had promised she'd be prompt.  Passing a vase on the hall table he plucked out a single white rose.  Taking a deep breath, he opened the front door.

There she stood, slave Marie.  She's even more beautiful in person than her pictures.  She stood with her back to the door, looking out over the grounds.  The late afternoon sun shone off her hair and cast a warm glow over her white sun dress.  The bright red bow around her waist matched the fabric on the small overnight bag she clutched with two hands in front of her.  Turning, she notice him.

"Oh, hello.  I wasn't sure if you were home or maybe working down in your shop.  I'm Marie."  She smiled, and held out her hand.

"I'm happy.  I mean happy to see you.  I mean, glad you're so pretty... I... I'm Jerry..." he stammered. 

"Look, is this really okay?  I mean, if you've changed your mind I'll understand..." he trailed off.

She smiled at him with a dazzling twinkle in her eye. "Subdriver and I have talked this over, Jerry.  We've both read your emails and we trust you.  Subdriver knows where I am and he knows you'd never do anything to hurt me.  Besides, " she said leaning forward so her lips just brushed his ear, "He tells me you've sent him some private emails with some very special ideas for me.  I can't wait to try them out."  She giggled then brushed past him into the house.

Setting her overnight bag on the floor she gazed around the interior.  "This place is gorgeous.  Did you do all the work yourself?"

"The former owners had converted this old carriage house to a condo, but I added a lot of features myself, like the loft and the inset mantlepiece.  Oh, this is for you." he said, remembering the rose and holding it out for her.

"Thank you Jerry, that's very sweet"

Continuing through the house, Marie admired the crown moulding, arched doorways, and other architectural details that made this classic old carriage house something a little bit special.  Over the fireplace mantel there was an inset area, roughly 3 feet deep and 3 feet high.

"Is that for a TV?" she asked.

"I planned on getting one but I found it didn't go with the rest of the house.  I find I spend most of my free time over at the shop."

"Well," she said coyly. "Shall we get started?" Moving briskly to the windows she pulled the heavy drapes closed so no one could see inside.  "You remember the rules?"

"Yes," he said, emboldened by their privacy. "No touching apart from what is necessary for binding and packaging. No toys except the ones subdriver sent with you.  All gags are clean and new.  No marks or damage of any kind.  And a blindfold to be worn in all photos."

"Excellent.  Where shall we start?"

Picking up her overnight bag, he led her upstairs to the loft that overlooked the living area.  Opening into the bottom drawer of his dresser, he began assembling materials on the bed. 

Looking over his collection, Marie giggled "My, Jerry, you do come prepared!"

Placing his finger firmly over her lips, he stared into her eyes with new found command.

"Shhh.   It's time to pack you up"

Reaching behind him he selected a harness ball gag from the bed.  Pressing the ball against her lips, he held her gaze as she slowly, submissively opened her mouth, allowing him to slip the ruby red ball behind her teeth.  Reaching behind her head, he tightened the straps with practiced ease, tucking her chin down into her neck to ensure that every buckle was snug. 

Spinning her around, he undid the red bow around her waist and slowly slid down the zipper on the back of her dress, allowing it to slip off her shoulders onto the floor.  Just as subdriver had promised, she wore no underwear, just a black leather harness which held two plugs firmly in place, filling her front and back.

"Remotes?" he asked firmly.  She nodded her head shyly towards the overnight bag which lay on the floor of the bedroom.  Snapping the latches open, he found two small remotes with an on/off, a speed dial, and glowing red light on each.  Almost absentmindly, he dropped the remote into his pants pocket as he reached across the bed for Marie's next bit of apparel.

"Kneel", he commanded. 

Dropping to her knees on the soft carpet, she felt him guide her hands behind her and align them, palm to palm, behind her.  He crouched in front of her and reached his arms behind her back to begin feeding her arms into the tight leather armbinder which he held.  As he tugged it upward, her bare breasts were pushed against his chest, sliding across the soft smoothness of his dress shirt. 

Looking up into his face she saw none of the tentative young man who'd greeted her at the door.  Here was a master, strong and commanding.  Looping two straps around her shoulders, he ensured that the binder would not be slipping off, then began the process of lacing the two sides of the sleeve as snug as possible.  Each tug of the laces pushed her breasts again into his chest.  Satisfied that the binder was secure, he selected several more straps from the bed and began sealing her ankles to her thighs.

"I think a nice cozy ball tie to begin", he murmured. He was as good as his word as swiftly she found herself bound into a snug little foetal ball.  A lock looped through the D ring on the bottom of the armbinder snicked firmly through rings on her newly acquired ankle cuffs while numerous black leather straps looped around her legs and chest, pressing her breasts into her thighs, forming a snug little package.

"Before the blindfold, I thought you'd like to see where you'll be spending your afternoon."  Hefting her up onto the bed, he sat her up so she could see over the railing that separated the loft from the living room below.  Running over the railing was a long, thick cord which ran from the floor of the bedroom up to a heavy pulley in the vaulted living room ceiling then down to a winch on the first floor.

"I've been telling people I planned to install an authentic period chandelier with wax candles that would need to be lowered to the floor to light or extinguish.  Actually, all this rigging is just for you."

Reaching beneath the bed, he brought forth a large cotton bag.

"I based this on an old laundry bag that my sisters used to stuff me into as a child.  This one is custom made, triple stitched, reinforced with rivets, and sized to fit you, my dear.  You can thank dear subdriver for sending me your measurements"

Spreading the bag open on the bedspread, he gently rolled slave Marie on top of it,  slowly working the sides up over her until only her head remained.

"I also took the liberty of adding some grommets around the top.  It makes it much easier to lock someone inside."  He smiled.  Reaching across the bed, he pulled forth Marie's blindfold and buckled it firmly in place, plunging her into darkness.  She felt the soft material of the bag slide up over her face then the Shoop... snick!  sound as first the drawstring, then and oversized padlock were secured in place, sealing her inside.  She felt a gentle tugging as he fastened the bag securely to the cord that went up to the pulley, triple checking each knot to make sure she was secure. The bed shifted as he stood up and faintly she could here him make his way downstairs to the pulley.

With a ratchety click-click-click she felt herself, bag and all, draw upward.  Something didn't feel right, though.  From the amount of clicking going on, she should be at the ceiling already but she could still feel the bedroom carpet faintly as the bag scraped across the floor. Footsteps returning, strong hands lifting her, then falling!  Falling! Suddenly stopped with a soft sproingy feeling.  Again she felt herself, down and up, down and up down and up.

"I should have mentioned,  I thought it would be fun to use an oversized elastic bungee cord to hold you up." She heard him explain.  "I did some tests with similar weights.  You can count on bouncing for at least a half an hour.  I shudder to think what that's doing to those dildos inside of you."

She felt a tug on the outside of the bag as he pulled her down to the living room floor, then released the bag to let her keep bouncing in air, pushing the snug plugs deeper inside her on every bounce.

*     *      *

Gentle hands lifting her down, untying the mouth of the bag, undoing the lock.  Still bound up in a ball, she lay back in Jerry's arms as he carried her toward the living room mantel.  Slipping off her blindfold, he showed her what was next in store.  There, above the fireplace in the oversized mantel alcove sat a crystal clear plexiglass cylinder.

"This came into the shop several months ago.  Originally it was a fish tank but I could never find a buyer.  I was going to throw it out until subdriver offered to let you stay if I'd do him a favour".

He climbed an overstuffed chair that had been placed near the mantel and slowly lowered her inside.  Reaching down by the fireplace he produced a plexiglass disc, sized to fit the top of the cylinder.  She could see where threads had been cut into the top rim of the cylinder, the side of the lid.  Using the air holes that had been drilled into the lid as a handle, he slowly screwed it into place, sealing her inside.

"I made this in my workshop.  Helps keep my little fishies from running away."

Body pushed up against the clear plastic, she watched him as he sat down on the couch, staring at her gorgeous, naked, packaged body.

"Who needs TV anyway?" he smiled, plucking her remotes from his pocket...

*     *      *

So many bumps.  It felt like he was rolling her along a gravel path.  After lifting her spent and sweaty body from the display tank, he had tucked her, still ball tied, into an oversized suitcase and zipped it swiftly closed.  They must be going downhill, towards the shop she had seen from his front door.

ZOOP as the suitcase was unzipped.  A burst of cool air as the lid was opened then she felt his firm hands, nimbly unbuckling the straps which bound her legs, unshackling her ankles from the armbinder and allowing her to stand.  A sudden burst of light as the blindfold was removed and she found herself standing in a menagerie of antiques and odd collectibles. 

"Welcome to my shop: 'Pack Rats'" he explained.  "I travel around the country to estate sales, garage sales, foreclosures and such, looking for antiques to sell and other interesting items for my own collections"

She was astounded by the array of merchandise before her.  Armoires, rocking chairs, an old cast iron wood stove, a vintage baby's pram, suitcases, steamer trunks, and in the corner...

"I see you've spotted your bedroom for tonight!" Deep in one corner of the room stood a massive steel safe.  It had the look of something Houdini might have tried to escape from, and failed.  Five feet high, four feet wide, three separate lock dials plus a massive steel wheel to slam the locking bolts into place.

"This one was part of an accounting firm that went bankrupt.  They were concerned that someone might actually try to steal the whole safe out of their offices so they bolted it into the bedrock wall in their basement.  I don't know if anyone ever did try to steal it but I have found that the bolt holes make lovely air holes."

Marie's heart skipped a beat looking at it.  The door was easily four inches thick.  She'd been encased so many times before but never in something so... solid.

"Time to get you ready my dear." He led her over to a packing blanket laid out on the floor next to the safe. Lying her on her side, he drew her knees up into her chest and pressed them there with one hand while his other picked up a roll of heavy duty shrink wrap that also lay on the blanket.

"You never know where you might have to ship someone's special treasure" he mused.  Tucking the shrink wrap under her body, he began carefully passing it over and under her, slowly transforming her into a small plastic cocoon.  Leaving her head exposed, he reached into his pocket for her blindfold once more.  Her head was still reeling from the thought of the safe.  It seemed so... permanent.  She began to moan through her gag at the thought of being entombed there.  Suddenly, darkness reigned once more as he buckled the blindfold in place.  She felt his strong hands beneath her once more as he lifted her, packing blanket and all, and began tucking his parcel into the safe.  Panic began to creep over her.  Not here, not in here, please! She began to struggle and twist in his arms.

His voice, softly and firmly at her ear.  "Marie.  It's alright.  You'll be very safe.  I've placed an intercom in the safe with you.  If you are in any danger, just grunt three times and I will be there to release you. But make no mistake, you are going inside this vault." 

Somehow, the firmness and inevetibility of his voice calmed her down.  She felt more gentle tugging as he arranged the packing blanket around her.  Even through the shrink wrap, through the blanket, she could feel the hard, deep coldness of the steel that surrounded her.  The air around her felt closer, stiller as she heard the squeaky creak of the door sliding home. Chunk! as the door slammed into place followed by clang, clang, clang as three rows of bolts were shot home.  Finally, a clicking spin as all three combination dials were whirled, sealing her inside.

*        *          *

Clickety click click.... clickety click click    click... Clang! Clang ! Clang!  The bolts were opened and the door swung free.  Beneath the blindfold, she could feel the air get brighter around her as the huge steel door came open to release her. 

Bright light as the blindfold was removed, then blessed coolness as he deftly cut away the shrink wrap, uncovering her sweat soaked skin.

"Let's get you out of there" he said gently, lifting her out of the safe and gently unlacing the armbinder. "I'll bet you could use a shower."

Cradling her still gagged chin in his hand, he looked deep into her eyes as she knelt before him.  "Thank you for this night.  Subdriver is a very lucky man."

Her eyes never left his as he reached behind her head, undoing many buckles to softly slide the gag from her lips.

"Thank you" she sighed.  "That was amazing.  You are going to make some lucky lady very happy, Jerry."

*      *        *

After a hearty breakfast of pancakes, fresh fruit, and piping hot coffee, after a well needed shower, after slipping back into her sundress for the trip home, slave Marie stood by the front door, her white rose in hand, gazing fondly around Jerry's beautiful home.

"Thank you again, Jerry.  You really are a marvellous host.  Did the Taxi say how long they'd be?"

"Not long."

"This is such a lovely place, Jerry.  You're very lucky"

"Come with me, I want to show you one more thing before you have to go."  Taking her hand he led her out the front door, away from the path to the shop up to a small building nestled up in the trees.

"This is my workshop.  It's where I did a lot of the work for the house."

Marie peered inside the dusty windows and saw a large black case sitting on the floor of the workshop.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Go inside".  The shy Jerry was gone again, the voice of command returned.  She walked into the workshop and surveyed the case.  It was roughly 2 feet by 2 feet by 3 feet, steel bands reinforcing the edges and corners and numerous reinforced latches dotting it's surface.

"Many of my customers need their antiques shipped to them and they can't risk having their treasures damaged.  So I have a side business making heavy duty road cases to transport them.  They're lined with foam to protect the contents and when they're latched tight they're almost impenetrable."

"This one is for you."

"What..."  but she knew without asking.  Knew why subdriver had sent Jerry her measurements, not just for the sack last night but for this.  She knew why he'd said he owed Jerry a favour, what Jerry had done for him.

Without a word, Marie began unclasping the latches, slowly lifting the lid of the heavy case.  Inside, she saw a cutout in the foam that lined the case. It was hard to picture, but she knew it would match the contours of her body perfectly if she lay down in it, curled into a tight ball.  She could even see the vents he'd cunningly concealed into the side of the case to keep her safe.

Jerry placed his hands under her armpits and lifted her up so she was sitting in the foam cutout.  Silently she lay down on her back, pulling her knees into her chest and nestling into the soft cozy foam.  She wiggled her fingers with a tiny goodbye wave as he lowered the lid and began tightening down the latches.  Looking out the window, he saw the UPS van approaching...


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