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Retired from Active Bondage

by Jenny

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© Copyright 2008 - Jenny - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bagged; vacuum; gag; boxed; foam; encased; transported; buried; cons; X

I think bondage can add spice to life, and a little fear can add even more spice, my boyfriend Len was well into bondage and even reached the stage where he would make bondage furniture for other people.

On occasion's he would ask if I was willing to try a piece of his equipment out for him before he delivered it to a customer, it was Saturday and the phone went, it was Len, he asked if I was free to test a piece of gear for him, As I have nothing on I agreed.

I arrived at his place, its a small holding with several out-buildings and a few acres of land growing odd crops,   I drove up and entered his workshop, his face beamed as I entered.

"Jenny your going to love this test!" He pointed to a box on the floor it was made of mahogany with brass bands screwed to all corners to make it strong, and had a clear plastic globe on the top held down by wing nuts.

He told me it's for a regular customer who wants to bury his girlfriend. I laughed adding, "I hope its him who is going to do the digging" 

Len laughed and went on to say the girl was slightly lighter than me and five foot eight tall, that is one inch shorter than me so I was ideal for testing the box.

I stripped off and stood by the box already to climb in, but Len said, "No its not just to seal you in a box, you are to be shrink-wrapped as well."

Well I thought to myself this is a new experience for me,  Len brought over a small space saver bag that had been specially adapted for me.

He unzipped the bag and I stood inside it, I then crouched down hugging my legs with my arms as instructed. The bag was now zipped up and the suction tube connected to the suction point on the bag, my head protruded through a hole in the top of the bag.  Len now using tape sealed the bag closed around my neck leaving my head protruding free on the outside, I was able to chat while this was all taking place.

The vacuum was switched on and the suction soon emptied the bag leaving me all shrink wrapped inside. I have to admit having been shrink wrapped before its a great restrictive feeling and a turn on for me.  Len now told me he wanted to make a casting of the inside of my mouth, using the sort of moulding rubber that dentists use, a small ball of it was pressed into my mouth below my tongue and pressed firmly into place, my tongue was pressed into the material leaving its impression as it was held in place for a few minutes.

This mould of my lower mouth was now set in place. Now Len told me an another mould is now to be made of the upper section of my mouth.  A second ball of the rubbery material was now pressed forcefully into the upper section of my mouth filling it completely, Len now told me to close my mouth as tight as I could and to hold my tongue flat in the lower mould, now the rubbery substance squeezed  into every crevasse of my mouth, I was now breathing through my nose.

About two minutes passed and Len asked how it felt, I went to talk but found my mouth now held firmly closed from within, Len now returned to the front of me telling me the next phase is going to be a little unpleasant. Then he started to insert a plastic tube into my right  nostril, this soon brought tears to my eyes, the tube continued down the nasal cavity then down behind the epiglottis and into the pharynx, from there it entered the trachea immediately below the larynx, just below this point it divides to two branches to each of my lungs. Len stopped inserting the tube on reaching this point and now preceded to do the same procedure with the left nostril.

Tears where now streaming from my eyes speech was now impossible, he told me to calm down as my breathing would now become easier, more so if I relaxed, I now realised this was no ordinary test of a piece of his equipment. I always remember warning once given to me, a friend once said, "If you willingly strip naked, then willingly allow yourself to be tied up do not be surprised at what can happen you, as from that point on you have become a product to be dealt with."

I was firmly encased in the plastic bag and with the air being sucked out I was held firmly and movement was impossible. Len now picked me up and lowered me gently into the box, a pair of ear phones where now fitted, and a throat mike taped to my neck, he told me if he asked a question I could grunt once for no, and grunt twice for yes and he would be able to hear it on a loud speaker above ground.

The lid of the box was now lowered roughly into place, he fumbled around just inside the plastic dome on the lid connecting my breathing tubes from my nostrils to one main central tube, instantly fresh air streamed into my lungs it was such a relief. Just in front of me about 3 inch square was a small TV type screen with calming scenes and beautiful music gently playing in the background.

He asked if I was breathing ok, I managed to grunt twice he nodded and said, "Good girl".

Now he opened two tins that contained a brownish thick liquid,  Both where poured into a metal bucket and stirred  frantically,  Len informed me it was a two pot mixture of polyurethane foam, instantly the mixture was poured into the box all around me.

One instantly becomes aware of a warm feeling as the liquid turns to foam and begins to fill every crevice in the box, and as it sets it holding me firmly in place inside the box. The excess foam seemed to gently foam over the edges till it all set. Len asked "Are u nice and warm love?"

I managed to grunt twice to agree, he now picked up a serrated carving knife and cut all the excess foam clear, now the lid complete with the plastic dome was pressed into place against a rubber air tight seal, I was able to watch everything going on all around me.

Once the lid was fitted in place he pressed down on the dome containing my head till the 10 metal 10 mm studs where pressed through holes in the base of the lid, the wing nuts where now tightened down securing the lid against the air tight seal, I suppose at this stage you could use the old adage, "She was as snug as a bug in a rug".

Len walked around the box admiring his handy work, he spoke and through my ear phones and told me, "It would not be long now, as the hardest part was over."

Len now operated an overhead electric hoist that was attached to his pickup, the box containing me and the apparatus that kept me breathing was now lifted upward on a pallet then lowered on to the rear of the pick up.

I had a grand view of everything that was going on, the pick up was now reversed out of the out building, Len drove down a track and entered a tree lined area and into a clearing completely surrounded by trees and an electric fence. The pick up pulled to a halt, it was a beautifully sunny day, I glanced over to my right and the old farm hand Len employed was sitting smoking a cigarette watching me arrive.

Len  got out of the pick up and came around the back, he told me this was to be my new home for a while as I was to be pensioned off from active bondage. I was a little shocked at the remark,  at that moment the electric hoist purred into action picking me and the pallet up off the pickup. As I was being lifted skywards I glanced downwards and I could see a square hole that had been dug into the ground, my heart missed a beat at this point. I was lowered to the ground and Jed the old farm worked walked over and man handled the box containing me off the pallet, he them placed the air pump that kept me breathing along side of me and removed the pallet.

Len came over, "Will not be long now Jenny", his voice boomed in my earphones.

Both men seemed to be busying themselves, Jed was setting up an A-frame over the hole that was along side me, Len was now doing something to my air pump close to me, he told me my breathing would be interrupted momentary.

At that he connected a black hose to a steel pipe that ran across the ground, my eyes followed the pipe I could see at regular distances other upright steel tubes perhaps two feet tall, with a black hose connected to it and the hose disappeared into the ground close to the upright air supply tubes, I suppose in all there where several dozen.

Len now walked up to the box holding me, he undid the tube from the air pump, instantly I found it hard to breath, I was struggling to suck air into my lungs, panic welled up in me. He then fitted the black hose from the metal upright tube to my box and the breathing returned to normal. He now fitted a sling to two rings in the lid of my box, this was then connected to a rope attached to the pulley on the A-frame, Old Jed gently cranked the old wooden handle, the box containing me was now lifted about two feet above the hole in the ground.

Jed unwound the pulley lowering me into the hole, I glanced up at the clear blue sky as the box journeyed downwards, eventually coming to a rest at the base some distance down in the shaft. I could see the hose that supplied me with air snaking upwards. Now what looked like a large plug was being lowered down towards me, as I looked up I could see the hole was made in two widths with a step about 6 feet from the surface and I was perhaps 6 feet below that.

The bung travelled down towards me coming to a rest on the ledge, all was now dark and quite as a grave. Meanwhile the two men busied themselves filling in the top half of the tunnel and tamping down the earth.

Old Jed looked along the row of tubes protruding out of the earth, and muttered to Len, "We will only be able to store about another four boss, perhaps you should raise the retirement age."

Meanwhile Jenny had settled down to her new home and wondered how long would she be interned watching the calming scenes in her internal monitor. 



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