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The Protest

by Tyd Up

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© Copyright 2004 - Tyd Up - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; bond; cage; gag; public; naked; stuck; climax; cons; X

"Here we are. It looks like they're ready for you."

I looked around, nervous. For a moment I froze, unable to exit the car. I took a deep breath and jumped out before I could change my mind. I was committed now. My cover-up caught a breeze and I pulled it shut. Not that it mattered in the long run. In just a few minutes I would have to drop the robe.

How did I get into this? Can I really go through with it?

The circus was coming to town and my animal rights group was protesting the presence of animals. We had talked it over and decided to go with a standard protest - a girl in a cage. In order to get attention, the girl would be nearly naked... and chained... and gagged.

And I was the girl.

Everyone else had gotten there first to set things up. Jim, as promised, had produced a cage large enough to hold me. We had discussed faking it with chicken wire or something but I wanted something a little more substantial between my naked body and the rest of the world.

"All ready for you," Jim announced.

Another deep breath and I dropped my robe. Beneath it I wore nothing but body paint and a thong. I had checked local law. Legally I was fully clothed. My crotch was covered and the strap up my rear was an inch wide.

That left an awful lot of skin uncovered.

Carol and I had spent the morning on my makeup. I had a base coat that gave my skin a golden hue. On top of that, Carol had painted spots. This matched my thong making me look like a naked leopard woman. My nipples had been painted black. At the time it seemed like a good way to cover them. Now, all I could think of was that it made them stand out. My nipples were hard, partly from the breeze and partly from the tension. I hoped that no one would notice.

I am proud of my body. I work out regularly. I'm five eight and look taller. My hips are wide enough that no one ever mistakes me for a guy from the rear (which is also nice). My breasts are large enough and full enough that some people think I must have gotten implants.

The sidewalk was still deserted except for our protest. Thank God, I still had time to get under cover. I pulled what I needed from my pocket, handed my coverup to Jim, and crawled into the cage. It was a little corroded but Jim had put some clean blankets on the floor. I was settling myself while he shut me in. I noticed that he had a padlock.

"What's that for? I'm not trying to escape?"

"The latch is broken. Without this the door will swing open on its own."

"Ok, just don't lose the key."

"I'll put it in your pocket. "

We had made up a posterboard sign explaining what I was protesting. The others wanted to hang it over the cage but I insisted on wearing it instead. At least I would have a little modesty. I hung the sign around my neck from a string and was pleased to see that it covered my front from above my breasts to my waist. At least from the front, I was pretty well covered. From the side...

I strapped on my gag. It was one I brought from home. A former boy friend had made it for me. It had a fairly small ball so I could wear it for a long time. It also had a locking strap. He liked the idea that, once on, I couldn't get the gag off, even if my hands were free so he used a luggage lock. I later found out that this is a bad idea. You want to be able to get your gag off fast if you get sick. I was taking a chance, but a very small one. I almost never threw up and the ball was small enough that I could be sick around it if it came to that.

Finally I put on the cuffs. They went behind the back, of course. I used the tip of the keys to double-lock them.

We were combining ideas here. Sometimes the woman is caged, sometimes she is chained and made up to look like she has been beaten. I went for both.

When we first started talking about it, the woman was going to be chained up and we would act like we were beating her. Then we started talking about who would be the woman. Everyone wanted me to do it. I agreed. I even offered to be gagged but I didn't want to be naked and chained out in the open. We switched to the cage but never dropped the chains or gag from the stunt.

I actually wanted the cuffs. I was afraid of what would happen while I was in the cage in public. I had to keep my arms down anyway or I would move the sign and I worried that I might do something inappropriate like start playing with myself. The plan scared me but it also turned me on. This way, my hands were safely out of mischief. The gag made sure that people knew that I was tied up. People might miss the cuffs between the sign and my nudity. Also, I didn't want to have to talk to anyone while I was caged like this and this gave me an excuse.

I settled myself and waited. The others did some more work. They put a banner up over the cage, set up a display of flyers and tidied up. Everyone ignored me.

Since I couldn't do anything else, I examined my cage. It was something like 3 1/2 feet high, 4 feet wide, and two feet deep. I could kneel or sit with my legs drawn up a bit but I could not stand or lie down. The blankets on the floor were two or three deep but they slid around and I had to adjust them anytime I moved. I was glad I hadn't cuffed my ankles or I wouldn't have been able to stay on them.

I wasn't worried about the length of time I would be cuffed and gagged. I've done it overnight before and sitting would be easier on my shoulders than sleeping.

At first it was really thrilling, sitting naked and bound. After a while of nothing happening, the thrill wore off and I got bored. I snoozed a bit.

When I woke up a policeman was questioning us. We had a permit for the protest so he couldn't just shoo us away. 

He fixated on me.

First he said that I couldn't be in public like that. I would have to get dressed and he might arrest me anyway. We argued for a while. Unfortunately, I knew the most about it but he couldn't understand anything I said. The others finally got it across to him that women are allowed to be topless in public, just like men. He got on the radio for a while before admitting that we were correct.

Next he wanted to examine my thong. I had to get onto my back and spread my legs to show him that I was fully covered (good thing I double-locked the cuffs or they might have tightened while I was doing this). He wanted to check the part where my thong went up my butt but I told him off as well as I could.

Good thing I was gagged. If he had understood what I told him I would have spent the day in jail for certain. No that it was much different from where I was. Eventually he let us alone and moved off a ways to watch. I think that the whole thing was just an excuse to get a good look at me close up. I got back up and adjusted my sign as best I could. I was furious but there wasn't anything I could do so I just sat and fumed for a while.

A different cop came by and talked with the first. The first one moved on and the second one came over to me.

"Are you ok?" he asked.

I nodded my head up and down to be certain that he understood.

"And you are here of your own free will?"

Again I nodded.

"Having fun?"

I did a double take before nodding. I decided that he was ok. He had me hold up my hands so that he could make sure that the cuffs weren't hurting me. He also asked if anyone had given me a drink. No one had thought of that and I realized that my mouth was pretty dry. He left but was back a few minutes later with some iced tea and a long straw. I was able to drink around the gag and I thanked him.

He moved off. Later I realized that he stayed in the area somewhere behind us. I'm not sure if he was watching me or watching over me.

People finally started coming by. A crowd gathered around my cage. I concentrated on looking pitiful while the others gave the pitch. As time passed I grew more and more grateful for the gag. Saying the same thing over and over drives me nuts. It took a toll of the rest of the group and they started taking breaks. Eventually it got down to one person saying something to the crowd at intervals. The crowd never left. As one person walked off, another would join in. At its peak, there were probably fifty people crowded around my cage. A few of them tried to talk to me but I either ignored them or played up the gag.

The day wore on. There was no ceiling to the cage, just mesh so I was sitting in the sun. I hoped that the makeup had a high SPF value.

I had gotten there around 7:30. Most of the others had gotten there even earlier to set up while I was getting made up. By 2:00 the crowd was down to a half dozen and we were all pretty tired. We weren't really there for the passers-by. We were waiting for the news crews. At least two stations were supposed to be coming but not until later. I think one or both were going to do live remote broadcasts which meant that I was going to be caged for a very long time.

Some of our group went home since we no longer needed them. I wished I could. Instead, I went back to sleep. 

This was an interesting insight on how animals feel in a cage that is too small. You get stiff and restless or you get sleepy. There isn't much in-between. I also got hungry but there wasn't much I could do about it. The audience treated me as part of a show. My own group gave me about as much attention as the banner over my head which means that they occasionally checked to make sure that I was still there but otherwise ignored me.

The cop surprised me with a milk shake. I don't know if he was trained to look after people in bondage or if he was just preceptive. Either way, he was the only one who remembered to feed and water me. He also checked by wrists again.

The excitement of being naked and chained in a cage in public had worn off. The crowd was easy to ignore but the cop wasn't. The crowd was looking at a sexy display. The cop was thinking of the naked woman. I got warm and tingly again.

After that things started going wrong.

First there was the counter-protest by the feminists. A bunch of women gathered around us. A couple of them were carrying signs about how our protest was degrading to women. Our group met the feminists but one woman slipped past and started lecturing me about how I was hurting all women. This wasn't any fun. I just wanted to sink into the pavement. I was blushing from head to toe, right through the makeup. At least with the cop I had some rightious indignation. Now, I just felt ashamed. That is until the bitch started in on my implants (which I don't have). I snapped back at her, "Listen bitch, how dare you assume that any woman with nice boobs has implants." I also tried to say something about being willing to humiliate myself for what I believed in. Of course I was gagged so she probably didn't have any idea what I said but I felt a lot better.

Around then my friend the cop came by and told the counter-protesters that they would have to move at least 30 feet away. They argued with him for a while then moved off. I felt uncomfortable and wished that we were done.

Fifteen minutes later we heard a thunderclap. A thunderstorm and I was sitting in a piece of metal!

I got scared and wanted out. No one knew where the key was. I finally got across that it was in the pocket of my robe but that was nowhere to be seen either. Finally someone remembered tossing it back in Carol's car when we were setting up. But Carol had gone home for a while, promising to be back when we were done. No one had her cell number and there was no answer at home. Maybe she was shopping or just sleeping. Either way, I was stuck in the cage.

And in the gag. The gag key was also in my pocket.

I started searching for the handcuff key. If I was struck by lightning I didn't want to be handcuffed. I had dropped the key on the blankets that lined my cage but I couldn't find it. The blankets were all tangled. Between what the bad cop had made me do and general shifting around, the key had gotten buried somewhere. The only sure way to find it would be to pick the blankets up and shake them. Which would be easy if I had my hands free. And if I was out of this damned cage.

But I wasn't. I was trapped like an animal (which is exactly the effect we were going for but I didn't expect it to turn so real).

There wasn't any more thunder but the rain started. It was one of those Summer storms that soaks everything. The rain drops hit so hard they felt like hail. I rolled up in a blanket as best I could but my head and legs stuck out. My friendly cop rescued me again. He fetched a plastic sheet from somewhere and put it over the top of my cage. I thanked him as best as I could.

The rain ended within fifteen minutes and the sun came out again. I took inventory of the damage. The sign that I had been wearing had melted in the rain. It was warped and the ink had run. Worse - it had come off of the string holding it around my neck. So I was now completely exposed. No sign to hide behind. No way for anyone to fix it, either since no one could reach into the cage. I tried re-tying it but I could not get it over my head. There was water pooled in the base of the cage and the blankets were soaked. The longer I worked at the sign the wetter it got until it fell apart.

To add to my problems, most of my makeup had come off. I was no longer a cat-woman protesting the treatment of animals. I was just a wet human chained in a cage. The banner over my head was gone and our flyers were scattered and soaked. None of my group had stayed with me. I suppose that there was nothing that they could have done but they still left me alone in the storm.

I was sick of this. I wanted out.

My group filtered back and started gathering flyers. None of them paid any attention to me except to verify that I was still alive.

I wanted out and no one would help me. I began to realize that I actually was the prisoner of these people. None of them cared what happened to me, they only cared about salvaging their protest before the TV cameras arrived. When they found out that the key was not available they stopped caring about getting me loose.

Jim came over to me but rather than ask how I was doing, he just removed the plastic from the cage so that people could see me better.

I suppose that this is what happens when you hang around people who put animals first. They don't put any priority on helping their own members.

Anyway, I was feeling especially frustrated and helpless and caged and vulnerable and exposed. Forget that I volunteered for this (at least I agreed once asked). I was now a naked and bound captive being held until six o'clock or later and nothing I could do would change this.

This got me really excited. I've been in bondage before but I never got this sense of total helplessness. I always knew that someone would let me out if I really wanted. I was humping the blanket uncontrollably. Good thing that the crowd had scattered and the feminists left when it rained. My own group continued to ignore me. I was left to my sensual helplessness. I forgot about my guardian angel with the badge. He was everything and knew exactly what was going on. He was even nice enough to wait until I came before interrupting.

"Excuse me," he told my group, "Your captive here looks like she's had enough. Maybe you didn't notice but she's been chained up all day in a small cage. On top of that, she's soaked."

He looked at me, "Are you ready to get out?"

I gave a pitiful nod, yes.

"What can we do about it?" Jim asked. "Carol's got the key and she's not due back for a few hours yet."

"You could have sent someone to look for her or you could have asked for help to get her out. The fact that she wants out and you did not do anything means that you were holding her against her will."

They started to argue. Someone even said something about circus animals being held against their will so he spelled it out, "Holding against her will - that means kidnapping."

They shut up after that.

It turns out that police carry bolt cutters in their cruisers. One quick snip and I was out.

"But what will we do when the TV crews come?" someone asked. I gave them a quick finger from behind my back. I was sick of animal rights. I wanted a few human comforts like being dry. Yes, I liked parts of it but if it hadn't have been for my cop friend, I would have been dehydrated by now and even wetter than I already was, if possible. They would have protested anyone who treated an animal the way they had been treating me.

He offered to give me a lift home. I had never been in a police cruiser but it turns out that the back seats are made for people with their hands in cuffs. There are special indentations for our arms. It was actually fairly comfortable. Of course, once I was strapped in I was more helpless than ever. Even if I got the seatbelt loose, the back of the cruiser was another cage, this one for transporting prisoners. I noticed that he hadn't offered to remove my cuffs or gag or even offer me anything to wear. The lack of clothing didn't matter much - he had seen me like this all day.

He got in and started the car before asking, "Now what? I can take you home and get you out of that stuff in which ever order you want. Or, if you want to stay tied up for a while, I can make things more interesting."

That last one sounded like fun.

I was kind of stuck, anyway. All of my keys were with Carol. That included my house key.

We left strict instructions that all of my possessions were to be left at my house, stuffed in the mailbox. Then we went to Paul's house (he introduced himself on the way). Once inside, he had me turn my back to him. I was surprised to feel leather cuffs being locked around my wrists. A moment later he removed my handcuffs (police issue, openable with any standard key).

"This will be more comfortable and safer."

So now I was officially his prisoner. I liked that.

"Will you be ok if I leave you alone for a while?" Paul asked. "I have to drop off the cruiser."

I agreed that I was good for several hours of being tied up. He took me to his place and helped me inside. Before he left he made sure that I could get out in case of fire. He also left me a sports cup of water that I could drink around my gag. My thong was soaked and I needed to go to the bathroom. He helped me strip off my last bit of clothing. After I was done, he gave me something else to wear - some rope in the form of a crotch rope. I was in love, or at least I had a serious crush on this guy.

He added some ankle cuffs with a fairly long chain between them. I could walk about anywhere but I couldn't kick. They were really more for show than security but I liked them. He left me alone to explore his house and the pleasures of the crotch rope. He was definately into bondage. There was a lot of equipment stashed all over his house. I was relieved that I didn't find any whips or paddles. I'm a restraint-only type of person.

One interesting thing I found in the basement - a cage. This one was smaller than the one I had been in but much heavier built. There were straps attached to it with openings in the front and back. I examined it for a while. At first I thought that it would be too small for a human but then I realized that the occupant's head went through one opening. She would have to be kneeling with her head down. Once the straps were fastened, she would be totally immoble with her ass pressed against the opening in the rear. There was a clamp arraingement with a ball gag on the end that would hold her head in place. A similar set of clamps was at the rear with a vibrator attached. Once locked and strapped in place, the occupant could be stimulated for hours with no hope of moving an inch.

I knew where I wanted to spend the night.


Note – although aspects of this story were inspired be real protests, this story is a work of fiction. All of the characters and events are fictional and any similarity with real events is coincidental.

This work copyright 2004. It may be redistributed freely as long as it is not altered and no money is charged.

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