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Protecting the Toys

by Yoni Steele

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© Copyright 2004 - Yoni Steele - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f+; packing crate; delivery; transport; cons; X

I really enjoy my job.  I take care of women who are packaged and delivered for a fun time in a hotel room, home, apartment, and sometimes even an office.  I can’t think of a better job in the world.  The women of Aman are all beautiful, sexy creatures.  Some are tall, but most are petite; some of them have dark hair (actually, most of them fall into that category as they are predominantly oriental), some are redheads, and some are blondes.  And they are all luscious.

There are considerable differences in the length of the drives to the customers so I don’t get to spend as much time with some of the ladies as I do with others, but I do my best to make sure that they are warm and safe no matter how long the trip might be.

What is particularly enjoyable is that these are all “working women.”  As I’ve already mentioned, they are all incredibly sexy.  And for the most part, they are also delightfully naked!  Oh, yes, sometimes they are dressed in really sexy lingerie – stockings (the old-fashioned kind, not those sexless pantyhose), garter belts, “barely there” panties (I think that the crotchless ones and lace bikinis are especially appealing), very sexy bras, corsets, lace or satin teddies, and maybe shockingly high heeled shoes – but there is a lot of variety here, even though they usually aren’t wearing much!  It all depends on what the customer wants, not what the lady wants.

But the women, often referred to as toys, all get off on it.  They all like what they do, and frequently take the opportunity afforded them by the trip to “warm up” – and I’m sure you know what I mean by that!  Since I’m not up in the front seat driving, I’ve got a bird’s-eye view of the proceedings.  In fact, not one of those beauties has ever given me a second thought!  I suppose that you get a little brazen when you are in the business of selling your body for pleasure.  And modesty goes out the window.

So what have I seen?  Well, for the most part, they will dip their fingers in the honey pot, stirring up the fires.  I guess that helps to keep them warm, too.  It certainly puts them in the right mood.

A surprisingly large number of them like to play with their own boobs, too.  But I suppose when you think about it, who knows better than them what feels best?  It’s really nice to watch the girls who lick and suck their own nipples.  In a way, that is pure torture for me since I can’t do anything like that for them.  But then I’m the one who is working during the trip; they are just there for the ride.  Oh well.  At least I can watch!

However, not all of the ladies can spend time playing with themselves during the trip.  On many occasions, the ladies are rather tightly fettered for the trip to their destination.  (It just isn’t convenient to tie them up in the truck, either during the trip or upon arrival.)  I’m sure that they would prefer to be bound just prior to arriving, rather than having to endure the entire trip that way – hmm, better be careful with that statement, most of the girls really enjoy being tied up.  I can tell by the looks on their faces.  And more than a few of them actually cum just from being knotted up!

Well, I have to be honest.  I really like seeing them bound up, too.  And there is more variety in their bondage than there is in their lingerie!  I don’t know who gets to tie them up before they are shipped off to meet their client, but he – or she – does a very nice job.  The rope work is amazing.  If they are roped, it is a certainty that there will be at least one very tight cord cutting between their pussy lips.  Sometimes they are nicely bound in a most uncomfortable, but symmetric manner.  The ball tie is quite common, and so is the hogtie.  The asymmetric ties have to be the most unbearable though. 

One lovely lady, named Akehla, in particular ends up in the most outrageous positions.  She has a very sweet, almond-shaped face: sharply angled, very dark eyes, petite nose, thin, pink lips, and pitch black hair that is a stark contrast to her very pale skin.  Her shapely, slender body is always contorted into the most awful positions.  For example, her sleek legs are always twisted in different directions, her left leg might be bent sideways as though she were doing a split, but bent back so her foot is tied to her other thigh, while her right leg is also spread out, but pointed straight upwards and bent down at the knee so that foot is also tied flat against the same thigh, but on the outside.  It looks a bit like a broken scissors.  The knee is tightly corded against her chest to keep her from moving it if she gets cramps.  Her arms are also roped in opposite directions.  One arm goes up and is then bent back down at the elbow so the hand rests behind the shoulder blade where it is securely tied to the other arm which was simply wrenched down behind the back and then pulled up to meet the other.  The right bicep, which is pointed upwards is tied immovably to her thigh, while the other elbow is connected via a taut cord to the knee that sticks out to the side, to guarantee that any motion of one limb stresses the other in an agonizing fashion.  An additional web of rope around her chest sets off her lovely, full, pear-shaped tits, separating them and pinching them at the base, so they stand straight out for immediate access by the customer when she arrives. 

A coil of rope around her narrow waist is like a corset, so tight that it further pushes her chest upwards and out.  And of course, there is the obligatory chastity bind; a pair of vertical ropes that join the front and rear of the waist rope through the V of her crotch are so tight and buried so deeply that they can’t even be seen in the crevice between her swollen, crimson pussy petals nor between her ripe, full bottom cheeks.  Yes, that one definitely has to be painful, especially if the destination is up in the hills over some very rough, unpaved roads!  Then add an over-sized, ivory dildo.  Ouch!  It’s not surprising that Akehla is also gagged while being transported in such painfully tied poses!  The noise of her shrieks would certainly annoy the driver.  (I know that they would not all be shrieks of pain, however!  In fact, it is obvious that she loves to be bound in such awful ways because her nipples are as hard as pebbles and her flowering pussy glistens with thick nectar.  And it is common for her body to suddenly rock with convulsions several times during the journey; the look of rapture on her face reveals all!)

But it isn’t all rope-play.  The company also has a tremendous supply of straps of varying widths, and they are applied for maximum discomfort: broad waist belts that almost cut a poor, unfortunate woman in two; crotch ribbons that are so narrow that they are like a knife edge; wrist, elbow, ankle, knee, and thigh cuffs that completely disable the limbs; body harnesses that render the victim helpless and enhance the curves of her body; and breast harnesses that accentuate the shape of the lovely lady’s boobs at the same time that they are capturing the soft, fleshy globes and squeezing them like vices in a mesh of criss-crossing straps.  And the company can satisfy nearly any customer fetish as all of those bondage devices are stocked in rubber, leather, and even steel.  I suspect that being wrapped up in chains for the whole trip is probably the worst.  On a couple of occasions, I am sure that the combined weight of the steel corset, chastity belt, bra, and chains was considerably greater than the poor vixen ensnared and locked within them!

And lastly, some of the women are mummified.  However, they never have the pleasure of being in a straight cocoon.  They are always bent, either at the knees or at the waist, ensuring their discomfort.  Plastic wrap is the most common method for gift wrapping the toys of Aman, and that has to be very hot, especially if the trip lasts more than an hour.  Alternatively, the girls might be totally ensheathed in leather or rubber.  The rubber is also very hot, like the plastic, but it is a bit more flexible; on the other hand, leather “breathes” so it might not be as hot for the packaged toy, but the material is very stiff and is probably quite unpleasant because the imprisoned female simply won’t be able to move at all.  (In fact, one of the body harnesses is actually a full body, leather corset, heavily boned its entire length!  That devious garment was custom crafted for a curvaceous beauty who is simply referred to as “the Geisha.”  I’ve heard that she is the most beautiful of all of the women employed by Aman, but I wouldn’t know as I’ve never truly seen her.  She is always covered completely in red leather, from bent toe-tip to the crown of her head, and the only part of her that I’ve ever seen is her mane of exquisite black hair which pops out the top hole of the helmet.  Her arms are confined behind her back in a single glove, while her legs are bent back at the knee so she is tormented by the most rigid hogtie conceivable.  She even returns to Aman in that condition!) 

There is one item that is sometimes used to wrap a woman that truly amuses me, but it is used infrequently.  Several times I had the joy of safe-guarding a worker encased in a chrysalis of bubble wrap, from head to toe!  Although totally enshrouded, the sensuous curves of the women were plainly visible.  And occasionally a plastic bubble would burst with a loud “crack!” startling the imprisoned female, much to my personal delight.  But despite the occasional, unexpected bubble burst, I suppose that that is the most humane method of delivery, as the lady is very much isolated from the bumps and jolts of the road.  Unfortunately, she is also isolated from any kind of stimulation that might bring her the least bit of pleasure!  So in a way, it actually might be the most devious and wicked form of mummification.  But as I mentioned earlier, being totally captive and helpless is as erotic for most of those ladies, as being sexually played with is for others.  But the company knows all their foibles, and selects them for their assignments with that in mind.

In any event, I am there to take care of them and serve as the witness of their agony or ecstasy, whichever the case might be.  If they are in awkward, uncomfortable bondage, too bad.  At least I’ll keep them from moving all over the back end of the truck.  If they aren’t bound, then I simply enjoy their company whether they choose to simply meditate over their arranged date or to sample their own honey.  But no matter what the circumstances, it is virtually certain that I’ll be enjoying the smell of their sweet sex syrup because they all will be hot before they arrive at the client’s door.

Ah, yes, it sure is nice to be an over-sized, reusable box with a woman inside!



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