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Perfect Xmas Box

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2007 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; suitcase; transported; public; cons; X

Joe and Samantha Brown decided that they would go away for Christmas. Joe thought it would be better to stay at home and have a nice bondage session as they would be alone, but Samantha said it would be more exciting if they did it at a hotel. Especially if she was tied and gagged and stuffed into a case while he signed in. All those people walking past not knowing she was in the case. Joe thought about it and realised that this could be serious fun. He agreed, but he would have to find a suitcase big enough to pack her into.

They found a hotel with some vacancies and booked up on line. He booked a room for two ensuite of course and paid for it by credit card.  All they had to do now was find the case.

A few weeks went by before they found the ideal case and a slightly smaller identical one for their clothes. They were brown leather cases. Rather thick and strong with straps and locks all over them. No way was Samantha going to escape! She looked around to see no one was looking and climbed in to try it there and then in the shop and found she fitted perfectly. She could not move a muscle and when she thought she was to be tightly bound as well, she nearly wet herself!

They got home and Joe got Samantha to strip and tied her tightly. He placed her into the case and zipped it up. Samantha could hear the straps being threaded and felt them as they were pulled tight. Joe put the case on its back and lifted the handle and wheeled it around the house. He asked Samantha if she was okay, and she replied she loved it. 

Joe let her out but did not untie the ropes holding her firmly. He sat her on his lap and played with her until she started to moan with pleasure. He stopped what he was doing and Samantha had a go at him. Joe gagged her and carried her up to the bedroom. He pulled the duvet back and got out a sleeping bag. It only had a small opening at the top and Joe had a job sliding her into it. Once she was in, he undid the gag and pulled the opening tight around her face.

Samantha looked lovely. Only the front of her face was visible in the sleeping bag. Joe gave her a kiss and told her he was off to the pub for a few hours. She was not to run away, but to enjoy herself!

Samantha realised she could not call out for fear of alerting the neighbours. But she wriggled around and although excited, never got anywhere near an orgasm!  Joe was happy shifting pints down at the pub.

When he reached home, he released Samantha and gave her a good spanking before making love to her while she was still bound. The only untying her did was her ankles and these he tied to the headboard forcing Samantha to be doubled back and allowing Joe to have easy access to her body. A half hour of teasing and tormenting and Joe eased into her. She started to moan and Joe had to refit the gag in her mouth once more before carrying on servicing her! 

Soon the time for the vacation came. Joe had made some air holes in the case for her to be able to breathe. It was decided that the hotel was too far away for Samantha to be put in the case at home so they decided to go as far as they could and Samantha would have to strip and be put into the case about thirty minutes before they got to the hotel.

Samantha put on a short skirt and a blouse. She left off her bra but decided she would need knickers and so put them on as well. She stepped into her trainers, put on a cardigan and Joe put the cases into the rear of the car, the ropes and gags into the boot and off they set.

A half hour before they got to the hotel they noticed a clearing in the forest. They drove into it and Joe parked up. He got the ropes out of the boot and removed the large case from the back seat. Samantha stripped and Joe started to tie her up. 

He started with her feet and went onto her knees. Her hands were tied behind her back and the rope was wrapped around her waist. Samantha looked down at the neat way Joe had carefully tied the ropes. She opened her mouth to accept the gag and Joe strapped it up behind her head.

Joe opened the case and lifted Samantha into it and eased her into the bottom part. He had to push her head forward to get it into the case, but he managed it. He decided to toss the keys to the clothes case in with her. So she had to be released before he could get changed. He closed the zip and fastened the straps once more.  Samantha felt the case being squeezed as the zip went around her case. The straps reinforced the feeling of imprisonment. The final thing was the locks being closed! Samantha was ecstatic when she heard the locks click shut. She knew she was Joe’s prisoner and there was nothing she could do about it.

Joe put the case into the car on the rear seat. Samantha knew that Joe would have to release her in order to get the keys to the suitcase containing their clothes!  Joe put the case with the clothes in on top of her on the rear seat. Now they could continue to the hotel.

Joe put the cases down while he signed in at reception. A man came alongside with identical cases. A crowd of youths came in and started to cause disruption. The cases went flying, but Samantha managed to stop any noise from her mouth. The other man picked up his cases and signed out from the hotel. Joe was given his room but decided that he would have a drink at the bar first. He put the cases down and had a few drinks. He could hear someone murmuring in the case so he knew Samantha was okay. She was obviously going mad listening to all the people walking by and Joe not bothering to take her to their room. “She can wait!” Joe thought.

But eventually Joe did take her to the room. He opened the door and put the cases in. He decided it was time to let Samantha out, but to his chagrin, the keys did not fit! Perhaps he had put the wrong keys in with Samantha. So the keys he has must fit the suitcase full of clothes. He tried that, and they did not fit either. Now Joe was perplexed. The man who signed out must have Samantha, so who has Joe got in the case?

“Samantha?” a strange noise as if to ask. “Who?” came out of the case. No it can’t be. Not two couples with identical cases both having the wives tied up in the cases. Now what was he to do? He did not know where the man was going to. He couldn’t get any clothes out of the clothes suitcase and find out if there was an address inside. Nor could he ask the occupant inside the case where the man would be going!

He realised what had happened and his brain got into gear. He went back to reception and explained about the mix up and asked if they knew where the man was from. Of course they could not tell him where he lived, but he needed to know and could not tell them why the urgency!

The receptionist asked Joe to bring the suitcases down and they put them in the cupboard they lock when they have suitcases left! The poor girl inside did not know what was happening to her! She murmured and one of the lads who had been moaning how heavy it was asked if anyone had heard anything. But Joe started coughing to cover any noise from the case! 

Eventually they tracked down the man and he had put a mobile phone number down when he signed in. The receptionist phoned it and he answered it. As luck would have it, he was only five miles along the road as road works had held him up. He turned round and brought Joe’s cases back.  

He swapped them for his own and decided to stay another week to see what the problem was for Joe and because of the fact that they should have entertainment for the following week, as it was Christmas week He decided to stay and watch it and spend Christmas at the hotel.

They put the cases down by the bar and got a bit tiddly. The man introduced himself as Sid. His wife Pam was, and he whispered into Joe’s ear, “Pam is inside the suitcase!” Joe replied that Samantha was inside his suitcase. The two men decided to take the cases to their rooms and left them there before they went back to the bar.

Late that night, the two drunken men staggered back from the bar to their rooms and the women in the suitcases.  Joe released Samantha and she went ape at him. Sid’s wife Pam went mad at him.  But they were to get their own back quicker than they thought!

The next day there was an advert for the magician appearing two days later. Sid and Joe went into the bar again while Samantha and Pam read it. “Wanted! Two volunteers to learn magic tricks!” Pam and Samantha looked at each other and decided that would be fun.

They volunteered and the magician asked what they would like to learn. The two women looked at each other and decided escapology! Okay, he would teach them the rudimentary lessons of escaping from boxes. “Two at once. That would be novel!” He said.   Pam said they would like to be bound by handcuffs, gagged and locked into the boxes, the boxes covered and they would appear on top of the boxes and two volunteers would appear handcuffed and gagged from inside the boxes. The magician agreed that would be fun.

He taught them all they needed to know. He showed them the false backs of the boxes. They would go into the boxes, the sheet would be lifted, an assistant would then bound and gag the replacements and the two women would be released by the assistant and would appear on top of the boxes! Pam and Samantha both looked at the catches which could be locked by a padlock. These were there to stop the back from opening if anyone from the public tried to see if the back would open. The locks could not be seen unless you looked carefully at the side of the boxes and they were concealed from the front. Pat went to have a word with the two assistants who would be locking the men into their handcuffs and gaga and releasing the two women. “This is what we want….” said Samantha and she went into her plan in great detail! Then the men were shown what to do once they came back from the bar!

Christmas day came and the magician was appearing later that night. All evening Sid and Joe kept heckling the acts which upset the staff, the acts and the holidaymakers! By now everyone was getting fed up with them and Samantha and Pat felt rather embarrassed. Now it was time for the magician.

 Pam and Samantha walked onto the stage when the magician introduced them. They received a thunderous roar of applause as they walked onto the floor where the act was set up. The conjurer asked for two volunteers to bind them and gag them. As suspected, Joe and Sid could not wait to get to the floor. They were there in a flash!

Joe locked Samantha’s hands behind her back with the handcuffs. He strapped the gag into her mouth and she was silent. “I am going to have a nice quiet Christmas without her moaning at me!” he said. The audience laughed!

Sid finished with Pam and he agreed with Joe. The two women looked at each other as Sid said, “It would have been nice if they were wearing those tight outfits assistants wear! If only we could leave them there in the boxes for tonight. It would be the perfect Christmas present!” Everyone laughed. They were getting rather merry by now with all the drink they kept pouring down their throats.

A drum roll and the two women stepped into the boxes. A member of the audience checked they were not fake boxes, but he did not see the hasps holding the back shut. He announced there was no escaping from the boxes.  The boxes were closed on the women and the man got a friend to help him chain the boxes shut and lock everything down. He took the keys and went and sat down with his friend in the front row!

Two assistants held up the black sheet, the two assistants ran from the back of the stage unseen and slid inside the false back. They undid the gags and released the two women. The men climbed up on top of the boxes and slid down to the false back. The assistants handcuffed their hands behind their backs. They gagged them and pushed them into the boxes.

The assistants climbed out and ran back to behind the stage, once more unseen by the audience. Samantha and Pam looked at each other and locked the padlocks into the hasps. Now the two men were trapped for the evening! The women climbed on top of the boxes and the sheet was lowered.

Another thunderous round of applause was heard for the magician and the two women. But then came the biggest surprise! The magician said “The two men you have seen have been a nuisance all evening. Do we let them out?” The audience roared “No, leave them there!”

Samantha and Pat climbed down from the boxes and said “Thank you, you have given us the perfect Christmas present we could wish for! A night away from our drunken husbands. I hope they are enjoying themselves in there!” Pat said.

The two men started to kick the boxes so the boxes were removed to another store room and left locked inside that.

At the end of the evening, Samantha said to Pat, “This has been the best Christmas ever!” Pat agreed, and they raised a glass to toast their good fortune! “I came here and found a friend with my same peculiar penchant for bondage, what more could a girl ask for? Here’s to more adventures in bondage!” she replied.



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