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Package Holiday

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2010 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/mf; D/s; bond; crate; transported; bagged; tape; oral; latex; reluct/cons; X

Sam suggested we had a package holiday this year instead of the usual cottage we rent. Okay I went along with it much to my regret. I never realised what she had in mind. I let her make all the arrangements.

She would not tell me anything. I couldn’t understand it as she liked the cottage we hire, but I decided to my cost to allow her to do everything and not tell me a thing about the holiday.

The time flew by before we had to start getting stuff for the holidays. Sam said she would pack all our clothes as I tended to make a mess of my packing. Great, one less job for me. But one thing that did bother me was the large wooden case with air holes in it that arrived. I was curious but never asked about it. That was our agreement.

Sam and I had been into bondage for some time when the day before our holidays she suggested she tied me up. I had to strip off and let her tie me up naked.  My dream come true. She tied my ankles together and then my knees. But she suggested that I hopped to the box and climbed in. It was something new so I went along with it. Sam helped me into the box.

She tied my hands behind my back and more rope went around my body and arms holding them tightly to my body. Sam gagged me with a pair of her satin panties and some gaffer tape around my head. She pushed me down in to the box.

Before I knew it she was stuffing towels and cotton bales in so I could not move. Sam put the lid on the box and I knew I was trapped when I heard her banging nails in. “You will be picked up in twenty minutes and I will see you at our destination tomorrow. Have fun”

Sure enough the box was moved and I was put into the back of a van. All night I sat in a warehouse ignored by everyone working there. Obviously they could not hear me.    

The next day I was taken by van to a destination and unloaded. I heard the van drive away. It did not take Sam long to get the hammer and pull the nails out. She pulled the towels and cotton bales out and pulled me up. I felt stiff from being cramped up all night.

She untied my ankles and legs and led me into the cottage. It was the same one we got every year. Sam untied my wrists and told me to go and have a shower. Once that was done I dried myself and went into the bedroom looking for my clothes. They were not there. I called out to Sam who was cooking us a meal.

I asked where my clothes were and was told she had not brought them. I had to go naked for the two weeks and as her clothes would not fit me I had no choice. I would have to stay in the cottage while she went out exploring.

What was worse, I will have to go home in the case once more. That is the last package holiday I ever go on.

Part 2

So I lay in bed this morning while Sam got herself ready. She asked if I was going to get up and I replied “What’s the point?”. Sam stood in the doorway of the bedroom looking at me lying here. “Well, you can’t stay there all day” With that, Sam whipped the duvet off and ran into the lounge with it. I had no option than to chase after her.  “Go and have a shower while I get your breakfast” Sam ordered me. I did as I was told. But by the time I had dried myself on the towel I had no option than to walk into the dining room of the cottage stark naked. So I did hoping Sam would tell me she was only joking about not having my clothes with us.

How wrong could I have been? “This is the last meal that mistress will cook for you. From now on you are in charge of household duties” she said in a stern voice.

“Come on Sam, don’t be so silly. Where are my clothes?”

“Back home where I left them”

“No come on, tell the truth”

“I have told you once, they are back at home. The only clothes you have are your packing case. In future you will answer yes or no mistress or if we get a visitor you may call me ma’am”

“A visitor? With me looking like this?”

  “I can’t tell who may visit can I, but you will answer the door like that. And for not calling me mistress, you have earned a punishment. Now what shall I do with you? Handcuff you to the fence outside in the cold? Maybe some of the girls down the road might see you and what fun they will have”

Sam looked rather sternly at me. “Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Uh huh. What have we forgotten? Two punishments now”

“Stop playing around”

“Three punishments. What is the magic word?”

“Please mistress”

“That is better. I have been looking at becoming more dominant in our relationship. If you are especially nice, I will buy you a little French maid’s outfit and we can go out for a walk”

“I can’t go out dressed like that mistress”

“You always begged me to be more dominant in the bedroom and now I am you don’t like it. Okay, I will get you a willy warmer and we can go mountain climbing instead”

“Please mistress. Don’t be that cruel. I can’t stay in the cottage for the two weeks with nothing on”

“You will do as you are told. Further more you will curtsey when you answer me”

 “How do I curtsey when I have nothing to hold mistress?”

Sam dished up breakfast. “Eat your breakfast. As for your question you sweep your arms pointing backwards”

“Thank you mistress”

I ate the breakfast and was told to wash the dishes while Sam got ready to go out. After that she went to the car and returned with a plastic sack. By that time the dishes had been washed, wiped and put away.

“It is cold today and I can’t leave you naked. I will have to go an buy some logs. Into the bedroom slave”

“Yes mistress” I was going along with her hoping she would see sense and stop this silly charade. Sam opened the sack and took out a few more plastic sacks. I was told to step into one and pull it up as high as I could while she modified the other one. I did as I was told and held it while Sam cut the bottom of the other sack off. She pulled it over my head and I had to hold it overlapping the bottom one while Sam wrapped gaffer tape all around the join. Pulling the top sack up to my neck she pulled the plastic string tight enclosing my body so only my head could be seen. This was the first time I had been in a rubbish sack and my semi erect cock now hardened and stuck out. Sam laughed. “That isn’t going to do you any good. Arms at your side slave” I did as I was told and Sam wrapped more gaffer tape around my body from my upper arms right down to my feet. She pushed my dick down before she taped that area up.  I could slide my arms round, but the tape made it very hard going. Sam had obviously learned how to pin the arms to the body from somewhere. 

Eventually only the plastic string of the top sack could be seen because of the tape tightly wrapped around me. Sam stepped back and admired her handiwork. “I have been thinking. I should not have used my panties to gag you in case you choked or your nose got blocked. So on the way here I stopped off at a fetish shop and bought this”  Sam took a large bit gag out of the sack. But it was not like the usual ones. This had a piece to hold the tongue down so only a weird sound could be heard. Sam fitted it into my mouth and did up the strap behind my head. “This one allows you to breathe through the holes if you have to. You had better get used to it. You will be wearing it for the journey homel

I looked at her and mumbled something incoherent.  Sam laughed. “You haven’t thanked me yet for making sure you keep warm”

“Than you miftress” I answered.

“Where is the curtsey? Four punishments”

Curtsey? I couldn’t bend a muscle.

Sam pushed me back onto the single bed that shared the room with our double. I hadn’t realised that she had been working away on the single bed.  Sam pushed me backwards to the bed and helped me to lie down. She lifted my feet and swung them onto the bed. That is when I found the straps she had been putting around the bed. Quite deftly she strapped my chest, stomach, legs and feet down so I could not move.  Just to make sure, Sam got some more gaffer tape and my threading her hands under me, she eventually taped the straps to my cocoon. Now the buckles of the straps were covered.  “I don’t want you running around for today” she said. As if I could. There was yet still more to come. “Your head may get cold so I will cover that as well. So you don’t get any interruptions, I am going to stop all sound getting to you. In that fetish shop they sell a helmet that does it all in one, but they had none in stock so I had to call at a sports shop and chemist for you” With that she took a girls swimming cap and pulled it down over my head. This one covered my ears.  Sam got some cotton wool and pushed it into my ears before tightening the strap up under my chin.  Now she took a second swim cap and pulled it over the top. She wedged large cotton wool pads under the cap over my ears and pulled the strap tightly as before under my chin.

“Have a nice time.  I am off to that fetish shop and going to see a local domme about training you. I am looking forwards to seeing you at the hands of an experienced domme. In fact I wish I had left your prick free now. Oh well, needs must. See you later”

I lay there all day unable to hear a sound, watching the light get brighter and darker as the day went on.  I was incredibly bored but knew Sam was joking when she said she was going to see a domme about training me.

Eventually Sam came back and rather than release me, she blindfolded me. I wondered what she was up to when I felt her cutting away at the tape and bags around my prick. Before I knew it, there was a pair of lips encircling my now stiffened prick. They withdrew and gave it a light kiss before encircling my prick once more. Sam kept going backwards and forwards on my prick and it didn’t take long before I knew I was on the road to shoot my load. Crikey where had Sam learnt this? She had never giving me oral before. She always said she couldn’t do it. It was disgusting”

I felt her lips against my bare body. (She always had me keep all body hair from my body except eyebrows and hair of course). She pulled back and started to suck. It didn’t take long for me to cum. I felt all life drain away as spurt after spurt left my prick.  But she still hadn’t finished with me. After a second or two when she pulled away from my body, she was back at it. I felt she was trying to drain me of all life. That is when I had the shock. Just as I was about to shoot my second lot, the blindfold was removed. Standing over me looking down at my face was Sam. So who the fuck was this giving me a blow job? Sam was smiling at me.

Sam ordered the girl to stop and she released my prick and stood up. I could see she was encased in a figure hugging latex zental suit. The only parts visible were her eyes, and mouth. Her nose was covered but with two holes for her nostrils.

Sam said something and the girl took the swimming caps off of me. At last I could hear something. “Meet slave Seven. She has no name. Slaves do not have names.  She cannot have sex as her mistress has her locked in a chastity belt. If she doesn’t give satisfaction then the key will be destroyed.  Unfortunately for her, she is a raving nympho and needs to be taught a lesson. That is why Mistress Xena and I came up with this plan to make her as frustrated as hell by seeing you naked all the time. In return, Mistress Xena will take you under her wing.  Slave seven is ours for the day plus tomorrow and will do all the cooking and cleaning while all you have to do it sit around naked”

The gag was removed and I said that I could not be naked in front of a young girl like this. “She is twenty five. She has upset her Mistress and that is why we figured out how to help each other and punish slave seven. Slave, sit on his face”

Without batting an eyelid slave seven squatted on my face. My mouth hit something hard. “That is the chastity belt. That is the nearest either of you are going to get in the way of having sex with each other. In fact until slave seven improves her attitude she will never feel a hard prick inside her ever again”

Slave seven got off and I watched as a tear ran down the outside of the head part of the suit. She tried to massage herself, but the belt was unforgiving and she was unable to relieve her frustration.

I was released and sat at the table while slave seven brought our meals in and stood there watching us eat. “You may leave us slave seven. You may eat now” Sam said quietly.  Slave seven curtsied and left them. She went outside the cottage where there was a dog’s bowl full of Casserole for her to eat. Another bowl of drinking water was beside that.

After Sam and I had finished our meal we went outside. I was astonished to see slave seven on her hands and knees happily eating the casserole. After she had finished her meal Sam ordered her to strip and go and shower. She was shocked as stripping was not part of the deal. “Take a shower and then just put the helmet on”. Slave seven never budged. “Okay, I will phone mistress Xena and she will destoy the key to your chastity belt” Slave seven ran into the house. In no time, we could hear her shower.

A litle while later we went into the house and saw seven standing to attention, naked except the helmet and her steel chastity belt.  “Go and shower him and clean him up”

Seven took me into the shower and Sam watched as she lathered me and paid special attention to my balls and surprisingly in the water, a now stiffened prick.  Sam was laughing to herself at our predicament.  Seven was getting upset. I sensed she wanted my prick inside her and for my part, so did I and Sam knew it. 

After we dried each other Sam ordered us to the bedroom. She stood us back to back and got us to link arms. She tied my wrists together (one each side of my body) and did the same to seven. The next things was she wound rope around our legs starting from our ankles and finished it off by tying it at our knees.

Sam pulled a strap up tight around our necks and gagged us with a scarf holding our heads together.

More ropes went around our waists and arms so we were held tightly together.  Once she saw we coud not even bend our legs she left us and went back into the lounge. We heard her on the phone talking to Mistress Xena that she wanted seven for another week.  She had further ideas that she wanted to put into practice and Mistress Xena could come along and see for herself.

Mistress Xena did turn up a half hour later that night and told us we look beautiful like the posisiton we were in and her and Sam left us and went back into the lounge.

Later, long after Xena left, Sam came into the bedroom already in her nightie. “Well, I don’t know about you two, but I am going to get a good nights sleep. If I hear any noise, bang goes that key. You two had better get what rest you can. You have a full week ahead of you”. She climbed into bed and turned out the light leaving us standing here in the dark as quiet as could be for seven’s sake.  God knows what she had planned for us tomorrow. We will have to wait and see. “By the way, if you don’t do what I order you to do, the key will be destroyed” Sam said chillingly.

I know I always wanted Sam to be the domminant one, but this blackmail made me nervous.  Seven and I will have to try sleeping as best we can while standing like this. I just wish she would stop wriggling her bum on mine.  It's tormenting me. My prick is like a poker now. It's not got this stiff since I was a teenanger.  Goodnight.



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