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Nice Sunny Day on the Nude Beach in Jamaica!

by Bart Stevenson

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© Copyright 2007 - Bart Stevenson - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; buried; sand; public; cons; X

It was a nice sunny day on the nude beach in Jamaica. The far end of the beach was not crowded at all, but it was not secluded either. My partner and I were there enjoying the rays. One of the things I loved doing was sitting on the edge of the ocean, letting the waves come up in between my legs, tantalizing me into a bit of mild excitement. As the waves washed up, I kind of let my butt sink into the wet sand just enough so that my member could feel the full impact of the water. To keep me stable my feet were several inches down into the sand. I could have stayed there and enjoyed the gentle stimulation for a long time, but a greater adventure was about to begin.

We had a small child's shovel and pail, but that was all we were going to need. My partner had agreed to bury me in the sand, but I had to do the work to get things ready. No problem on my part. Knowing that I was going to be deep down in what I was digging was a real turn on anyways. I chose a spot just about where the wet sand ended and the dry sand began as my place of entrapment. I didn't want just a surface burial, a heap of sand a few inches on top of me. I wanted to be deep down, so far enough down to know that I could not get out by myself.

It was a fascinating time, digging my own sandy grave, well not a real grave, but an entombment anyways. I started digging a trench in the wet sand, going deeper and deeper. As I got down about four feet there was water seeping into the trench. I knew that was far enough. That wet sand would hold me tight and the water was warm ocean water. I kind of sloped the back of the trench so that I would be somewhat sitting or more closely reclining in the trench. I had a hard time concentrating at the end on what I was preparing for myself. My thoughts were elsewhere and what was stiffening between my legs was a sure sign I was excited about what was about to happen.

Finally I figured it was ready. My partner was looking at me with this devilish grin that I knew meant that I was about to embark on one of my kinks again. Always willing to help but always puzzled at what turned me on, my partner gave me that feeling like there would be some surprise in this that I was not anticipating. That was always part of the excitement of these kinds of adventures. My mind wandered to some of my other kinky exploits and I couldn't help but remember that night at a different resort in Jamaica when on toga night I chose the "leaf" option and came to dinner dressed only in an assortment of "fig leaves" and vines around my waist. Later on dancing it was a real effort to keep a leaf where it needed to be to keep me covered. My mind wandered next to a memory of walking down a street in Amsterdam trying to keep a rather stoned young man I had just met from going off down some deserted street. But back to the adventure at hand. Another great experience soon would be added to my memory bank.

I was ready. I got down in the trench and tried to make myself comfortable. A few things needed a bit of rearranging, but it was no problem in the watery sand at the bottom of the trench. A few scoops out here, a few added there, a wiggle or two of my body to get my ass cheeks comfy—same thing to make sure the sand behind me conformed to my back. I was ready.

The first thing I wanted to do myself. I had to make sure my crown jewels were positioned so that they could well enjoy the experience. I carefully packed the wet sand around them so that they were nice and comfy. I'm glad I was hard as I did this cause later on there would not be much room for expansion. When the jewels were well packed and my member was well encased in the sand, I was ready for the next steps. I leaned back against the sand, tucked my hands in kind of slightly under my butt cheeks so there would be no way I could use them from below. I was ready.

The first few pails full of sand were put on my waist just to make sure that nothing would change my mind. Amazing how heavy wet sand feels on you at first. There were still a few inches of water in the bottom of the trench, so this sand became soaked real fast. It felt cool, confining, and wonderful. Then bucket after bucket of sand started covering my legs. I could still wiggle them and it was fun to see the sand move as I wiggled my toes and legs. Gradually, however, there was less and less movement as I tried to move them. I could feel the entrapment happening. The wet sand was several inches over my legs at this point. I could feel a real heaviness in my groin as the sand was bearing down on the crown jewels. But I was fine. Just an overall somewhat equal pressure. I felt a need to test it and I realized that I could not break through the sand anymore.

At this point the sand was beginning to creep up my chest and the trench was filling pail by pail. Another level of heaviness set in as it got up to my nipples.Breathing was not difficult or impossible, but I could feel the sand beginning to confine my chest as well. My partner was running out of really wet sand at this point, so another tactic started. Down to the ocean, a bucket of water, wetter sand on top of me. As this repeated, the sand became heavier and heavier as it became more and more water soaked. The heavier it got, the more intense I knew my entrapment was, and the more excited I got.

Finally the trench was almost full. At this point sand was moved up against the back of my head to form a bit of a headrest and in the front it was packed around up to my chin. I was in for however long now, and I was happy and excited.

As I got used to my entombment, it began to feel natural. It was almost as if I was in harmony with nature. I did not know where I stopped and the sand began. I felt totally at one, at peace with myself and with nature, like I was part of something greater than myself. Whatever happened at the surface didn't matter. My partner walked on me, and I could not feel any change below. I began to wonder what it might be like if I just stayed this way forever. A little umbrella over my head and a nice rum drink and I'd have stayed there feeling wonderful.

Well after a bit I did have a need and it was no problem. Yeah, you guessed it. From somewhere deep down there was the urge to pee. After thinking about it a bit I decided just to see what happened. It was an incredible pee. I could feel the warmth, but it was as if again I was joined to the universe. I felt the fluid leave but it was unlike anything I had ever experienced. It felt so natural, so at one with the world, like I was nourishing the universe. Wondered what it would be like to cum in the sand, but with no way to stimulate that, well it was a thought that went unfulfilled. Something to think about in a future burial. Wonder what would happen if a remote vibrator could be buried next to me. The thought alone gets me excited.

The experience did not go on as long as I had hoped for. Seems as though a hotel lifeguard was a little upset with what we did. He made an issue of it, something about safety, liability, stupidity, upsetting other guests—all the things you'd least expect on a nude Jamaican beach. But, OK, we decided we didn't want to get kicked out of the hotel, so reluctantly, I was freed from my entombment. As the sand got lighter and lighter on top of me, there was a moment of anticipation as I burst out of the sand. Freedom is a good thing. But I longed to be back where I had been, because my entrapment had a certain freedom of its own. If you are not into this kink, you won't understand what I mean by that. But if you are, well, you know exactly what I mean and what I experienced and what I long for again.

Would I do it again? On a moment's notice! I'd go a bit deeper and plan a bit more wisely. What I'm really fantasizing is a double burial. With the right bodies touching as the sand gets placed on top of us, what a time we could have just experiencing and enjoying one another and the freedom and peace of our bodies at one with nature and with each other? Perhaps you're the one I'm waiting for to do this with? Fantasize with me and join me if you dare, care, want to share, can bear or bare it for a long, peaceful session with the sand.


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