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Natalie's New Position

by KnottyNarrator

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Natalie was fresh out of college, and her job prospects were looking a little rough. Despite having studied at a prestigious university, there just weren’t a lot of positions available in her area right now for someone with a Women’s Studies degree. Natalie had rent bills coming and was determined to find something, anything, that would pay more than minimum wage. She scoured every job listing website she could find for the tri-county area and after nearly three weeks of job hunting, she finally found a listing with decent pay. 

Natalie wasn’t even looking at job descriptions anymore, just anything that would allow her to afford food and rent. This job offered a solid hourly wage and a modest health care plan; what else could she ask for? Natalie hit ‘apply’ on the website before even glancing at the job title, not wanting to miss any opportunity. Once her resume had been successfully sent off to whatever company this was, Natalie finally took the time to look over what she might be getting herself into.

Construction. Or to be specific to the job posting, it was for a “general laborer” position at a cement company; gross. Natalie slumped back into her chair, resigned to the fact that she’d be working fast food for the rest of her life. Then she thought about it a bit more, and the narrative started to play out a bit better in her head. Construction was notoriously such a male dominated industry; what better way to put her women’s studies degree to good use than to prove that she could keep up with the guys for a summer? Sure, the labor would probably be a challenge, but Natalie had always been an athlete; she had played volleyball in high school and college. Obviously, this wouldn’t be a career, but she figured this would at least look impressive on her resume for the next job she applied to. The more Natalie considered everything, the more hopeful she was to hear back from the company.

The following afternoon, while Natalie was checking in on all of the new job postings, she received an email back from the company; they wanted an interview! Natalie was giddy. The email had listed an address and a time for them to meet tomorrow, provided she was still interested in the position. Natalie shot back a quick email agreeing to the time, doing her best not to sound too eager or desperate. It was a date. Natalie practically leaped out of her desk chair and launched into a combination of dancing and jumping around her apartment in excitement.

“YES! Yes yes yes yes yes YES YES!” Natalie exclaimed triumphantly. No more instant noodles for dinner once the paychecks started rolling in, she told herself. “Hmmmmm.” Natalie paused. “What to wear? I need to make a good first impression...” Glancing at her wardrobe, Natalie considered her options. Thinking back to the mock interviews from some of her college classes, Natalie remembered they told her to dress up for the job you hope to have one day, not just the one you’re applying for. Natalie took this to heart as she picked out the perfect outfit for tomorrow’s interview.

The following day came quick. Breakfast had already passed, and Natalie was getting ready to drive to the address they provided for her interview. Her outfit was perfect; Natalie had decided upon a tight black pencil skirt that wasn’t too short, so it was still appropriate, along with a matching cute blazer that went over her low cut but otherwise plain white blouse, with a pair of 4 inch black pumps that pulled the outfit together and made her feel like some sort of corporate exec. Natalie felt important and like she had the momentum she needed to knock out this interview. 

At least, that is until she arrived at the interview address; then her confidence started to waiver. The building she pulled up to was a moderately sized plant or factory with dozens of workers running around. Some were operating heavy machinery, some carrying moving tools around or pushing wheelbarrows filled with concrete; all of them men in heavy industrial-quality clothing wearing hard-hats. Natalie felt a little out of place in her interview outfit walking from her car to the building; some of the guys checked her out as she passed. Natalie also realized another issue in that moment; she didn’t know the first thing about working with concrete! After a moment’s hesitation Natalie took a deep breath, steeled herself, and pressed forward into the large open floor of the factory.

“Umm, excuse me?” Natalie timidly inquired to one of the men passing by. They ignored her. “Ehem, pardon me?” She asked again, a little louder this time to another worker passing by, carrying a ladder over his shoulder.

“Sorry lady, I’m busy.” The man said brusquely, dismissing her outright. Natalie spotted a gentleman with a clipboard and figured he might know where to go.

“Excuse me, I’m looking for Greg?” Natalie said loudly this time as she approached him, not certain she’d get the time for a second statement. Greg was the name the email had told her to ask for when she arrived.

“You’re looking at him, can I help you miss?” The man said disinterestedly, not even looking up from his clipboard.

“Oh, hi Greg! I’m Natalie, I’m here for the job interview.” Natalie said cordially, not trying to draw attention to how out of place she felt. Greg suddenly pulled his eyes from the clipboard and looked at Natalie, somewhat confused at first. His eyes started looking her over from top to bottom, making her somewhat uncomfortable.

“Uhhh, oh. Right. We had someone coming in for an interview today, huh?” Greg said, somewhat perplexed at what was standing before him. “I didn’t realize you were, ummm.” He started tripping over his words, trying not to be rude. Natalie was a little more than fired up at his implication.

“You didn’t know what? That I was a woman?” She asked demandingly. Natalie was heated, but this flare was just what she needed to get her momentum back.

“No. No, I didn’t read the name on the resume... I mean... I just didn’t realize we didn’t tell you to show up in work clothes is all.” Greg explained, trying to walk himself out of the verbal corner he found himself trapped in. “A site like this is no place... for such a nice suit!” It was a decent recovery on his part. “Look, I guess all I have to say is this is a hard job? A lot of guys can’t cut it.”

“Are you saying that because I’m a woman, I won’t be able to keep up?” Natalie countered sharply. She had this now. Either this idiot would apologize and give her the job, or she would have an easy discrimination case against the company. Greg didn’t appreciate being cornered like this.

“Oh, not at all” Greg said, seemingly regaining his composure. “Just wanted to make sure you know what you’re getting into. The job is yours if you want it for the rates that were posted on the website, our only requirement is we’ll need you to start today.” Greg smugly countered. He knew what card this girl was trying to pull, and he was about to call her bluff. Natalie was notably a little thrown off.

“Oh, ummm.” Natalie stammered. She hadn’t brought a spare change of clothes that she could work in. She could see a smug smile starting to creep across Greg’s face. That bastard, Natalie wasn’t about to let him have the satisfaction. “That’s fine. Where do you need me?” Natalie countered. She had no idea what she was getting herself into, but the job was hers. She could see a bit of enthusiasm slip from Greg’s expression, though not all of it. 

“Great, I’ll introduce you to some of the guys you’ll be working with. Just follow them around and do what they tell you for today, you’ll pick up on the swing of things.” Greg stated as he handed Natalie her very own hard-hat. Thus began a very long and grueling day for Natalie.

The crew of guys she was assigned to work with seemed apprehensive of her inclusion on the team. Worse yet, Natalie could feel half of them undressing her with their eyes as Greg introduced her. Her first day, if described in a word, was patronizing. They essentially made her fetch tools for them all day, as if she wasn’t painfully aware of the fact that half the time they were doing it just to watch her march back and forth in heels across the plant. Making the pill harder to swallow, they’d ask for some specialized tool she’d never heard of, and when she brought back the wrong one they’d mock her with statements like “ wouldn’t find one of these in the kitchen, guess we should have known better...” The whole process was degrading. How was she supposed to know the difference between a mortar hoe and a regular one? Or what the hell a paddle mixer was? Day one was exhausting. By the end of the day Natalie’s feet were killing her from walking on heels all day, and her power outfit was now coated in a layer of dust from handling all the tools they asked her to move back and forth. Natalie almost considered throwing in the towel before she saw the smug look on Greg’s face as she was leaving. After that exchange, Natalie knew she’d be back tomorrow, and this time, she’d be ready.

Donning an old pair of work boots, some overalls that she used to paint her apartment in, and an old hoodie, Natalie was ready to seize the day at work; this time would be different. Still wanting to maintain a little bit of her personal flair though, Natalie opted to keep in a pair of her favorite earrings at least. Unfortunately, just as Natalie came ready to raise the bar, the guys on her team raised their expectations even higher as well. Not just grabbing their tools now, Natalie spent her entire 12-hour shift hauling around heavy material from station to station as the guys needed. By the time Natalie got home and peeled off her boots, her body was ready to collapse. She was so sore. It was day two; surely it would have to get easier soon, right?

Wrong. Day three was just as hard as day two, only today she spilled a wheelbarrow of wet cement all over the factory floor, which, in the words of her supervisor, was a colossal fuckup. What little respect Natalie had seemingly earned among her team as a tool-fetcher was lost as everyone gave her the cold shoulder for the rest of the day as they stayed late to clean up the mess. Day four and five weren’t much better. Natalie managed not to fuck anything up, but she could tell some of the guys on her team were starting to grow impatient with her. She couldn’t lug as much material around as the guys, so she had to make multiple trips, taking up even more of their time. No one on the team trusted her to do anything important, and even during the meager work she had been doing, they had someone begrudgingly supervising her, further draining their resources.

Week one had been rough. Punching out on Friday, she overheard Greg and some of the other guys on the team gossiping about her in the break room, no doubt highlighting her poor performance. Natalie felt unwanted and like she wasn’t good enough. Could she keep up with the guys? Natalie was starting to have her doubts. After letting her body recover over the weekend Natalie decided she’d stick it out for one more week to get at least a full paycheck and decide what was best from there. Monday came, and Natalie was back on the grind. Disappointingly, Natalie’s performance didn’t improve like she hoped it would. She was slower, less productive, less efficient, and more accident prone than any of the other guys on her team. When Friday morning came, Natalie made peace with the fact that it would probably be her last day; she was lucky they hadn’t already fired her. Resigned to another exhausting day of lugging tools and material around like a mule, Natalie was caught off guard when Greg came to her with a special project.

“Hey, uh, Nat.” Greg began. “Some of the guy’s and I have noticed you’re sort of... struggling in your current position. But I’ve got something else you could maybe do that would match your talents more.” Greg suggested. Natalie was bracing herself for some sort of degrading remark or task. It wasn’t as if she hadn’t overheard Greg and the other guys making crass jokes about how she would do more for the team if she fetched them their tools naked, or in her heels from day one.

“Yes?” Natalie replied, resigned to hear whatever stupid suggestion or joke Greg was about to make. She was pleasantly surprised when he had an honest proposal.

“Sweet, follow me.” Greg said. Leading them into a segregated area of the plant that Natalie hadn’t seen before, Greg began to explain what the area was used for. “The company has started producing this new material with tons of applications. I won’t really get into the details here, but just know it’s damn near indestructible, completely safe and non-toxic, and expensive as shit.” Greg said as he showed Natalie around what seemed more like a lab than part of the plant. “The computer handles just about everything. THE ONLY THING we’d need you to do is initiate the molding process by pushing this button here” he said, gesturing to a button on a control panel near the center of the room, “and if something is going wrong, you hit the emergency stop button here.” He said pointing to another prominent button on the same panel. “Like so.” Greg hit the start button, causing an open container in the middle of the room to produce some sort of spray in a small vat that finished its process nearly as quickly as it started. Greg gestured for Natalie to check it out. Natalie was actually fascinated by work for the first time since she started. Walking over to the previously empty rectangular molding, a perfectly shaped and impeccably dense, rock-like object now occupied the space.

“That’s amazing!” Natalie declared, enthusiastic about something at work for the first time.

“Yeah yeah it’s alright,” Greg admitted. “Remember; start button, stop button. Whenever the computer moves a new mold into position you just hit start. Don’t stick your hand or anything in there once it starts; it won’t hurt you, you’ll just be stuck and I have no idea how we’d get it off you. Think you can handle all of that?” Greg asked condescendingly.

“Too easy, boss” Natalie replied. If this would be her new day-to-day, maybe she really could stick around for a while longer.

“Great, have fun.” Greg chuckled, making his way out of the room. “I’ll check in on you at the end of the shift, enjoy the privacy.” With that, Greg shut the door to the lab, leaving Natalie to her own devices.

What a huge break! Natalie felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her shoulders. Not only did she no longer have to struggle to keep up with the guys, she was also sheltered from their prying eyes and mean comments. Natalie dove into her work. Just as easy as Greg described, Natalie would hit the start button every time the computer moved a new mold into place. She wasn’t sure what a good number of molds per hour would be but felt like her productivity was soaring. Creeping into the lunch hour, Natalie decided to take a break from her intense button pushing and inspect the empty mold that the computer had just moved into place.

This one seemed to essentially just be a cube around knee height. Natalie had no idea what this stuff would be used for. Curious about how the machine worked, Natalie reached her hand into the open-top mold to feel around the interior and floor. Natalie wasn’t concerned; no one would be pressing the start button anytime soon, so this was her chance to satisfy her curiosity and figure out maybe how the process worked a bit more. Brushing against the floor and walls, she could feel a number of small, subtle openings that, as Natalie had observed throughout the morning, emitted the spray that would take the shape of the mold it was in and harden almost instantly.

“Huh, neat.” Natalie muttered to herself before meandering back over to the control panel. Natalie started daydreaming about some of the other benefits of this new position. She wouldn’t be as sore when she got off work, she could take her time eating lunch and not feel guilty, and she could even start wearing some nicer clothes! Natalie distractedly hit the start button once again, while her other hand habitually went to play with her earring. Except, well, the earring wasn’t in her ear. In a bit of a panic, Natalie frantically started darting her eyes across the floor looking for it until she spotted it; it was sitting in the middle of the mold. “Fuck!” Natalie cursed. It must have fallen out while she was inspecting the mold. Not willing to say goodbye to her favorite earring just yet, Natalie frantically hit the emergency stop button. Three times. This was her first time using the stop function, so she wasn’t precisely sure what the three button presses would do. A moment went by and the machinery and molding process seemed to be in a stasis... so Natalie figured her efforts had worked and that she would have time to retrieve her earring, not realizing that pressing the stop button three times would set the machine on a one minute reboot cycle...

Natalie bent over the edge of the mold and extended her arm to the earring on the ground, but it was just out of reach. How troublesome. Somewhat self-conscious of her mess-up, Natalie made the rash decision to step into the molding area to grab the earring once and for all. Bending at the waist, Natalie reached down with one arm to pluck her treasured earring off the floor; It didn’t budge. Natalie noticed a very thin layer of the resin-like material had been formed along the floor of the mold, adhering the edge of her earring to the ground.

“Ah crap. I’m not giving up that easy.” Natalie grumbled, reaching down with both of her hands now, still bent at the waist, doing her best to pull the earring free. Suddenly, a familiar beep could be heard, and Natalie’s eyes darted to the control panel, seeing that the process had been activated again somehow. “SHIT SHIT SHIT” Natalie managed to screech before the process started up again, the spray instantly filling the mold and coating her arms and legs in the cold chemicals. Before she could even begin to posture up, Natalie found herself thoroughly encased from her elbows and knees down into the cube; she was helpless. “Oh fuck OH FUCK.” Natalie cursed, pulling and tugging at her stony prison. Nothing budged. Shit shit shit shit. Should she scream? Would anyone hear her? The factory was so loud as it was. Natalie immediately realized she was probably fired. The idea really struck a blow to her pride, and she wanted to cry. Then she imagined how smug Greg would be when he found her and how stupid everyone would think she was. A sob forced it’s out of Natalie’s throat.

Greg was right, she couldn’t do this job. She couldn’t keep up with the guys. All Natalie managed to do in her two weeks was reinforce the very stereotype she hoped to defy. Not to mention the embarrassment of getting herself stuck like she had. Maybe it was better that Greg was going to fire her after this; then she could just move on and never show her face around here again.

The computer promptly moved Natalie’s pedestal off to the far side of the lab with the other ‘completed’ molds. Then came the long wait. Natalie had around six hours to stew on her mistake, determined to wait for Greg to return instead of drawing even more attention to the worst mistake of her life. After an hour of nothing moving, the lights in her lab went off automatically to save power, making Natalie feel even worse. Had someone been in the room, they might have heard the muffled sobs coming from her corner of the room.

Natalie could tell the plant was getting ready to shut down for the night, based on the sounds of various machines and workers growing quiet. Greg finally re-entered the room.

“The hell?” Greg muttered as he noticed the lights had been off when he entered. “Where’d that cunt make off to...?” He said under his breath, seemingly about to leave. Natalie couldn’t afford to let him walk out.

“GREG, WAIT!” Came from the far corner of the room. Greg had to do a double take to find out where the voice came from. Then he saw her. He had to rub his eyes to make sure what he was seeing was real. Greg’s initial expression was that of frustration.

“What the FUCK did you do?!” Greg questioned. Natalie didn’t get a chance to answer. “How can you be SO FUCKING USELESS???” Greg vented, his pent-up frustrations bubbling to the surface. He walked over to her and inspected the situation.

“I-I-I’m sorry...” Natalie stammered, looking shamefully away from Greg. “It was an accident.” Natalie knew she had messed up; she didn’t want to have to relive it again with Greg. “I know I’m fired...Can you just please get me out of here? Please?” Natalie pleaded. Greg ran his hands through his hair and took a step back from the situation.

“I told you this shit was fucking indestructible...I-I don’t know how to fix this!” Greg stammered. Now that he could see her up close, Greg couldn’t help but make some key observations. The first being Natalie’s positioning. She had essentially been touching her toes at the time when she was sealed, leaving her wide hips and ass nicely on display, presenting themselves so invitingly. Likewise, Greg couldn’t help but notice how both Natalie’s ass and mouth happened to be at the exact same height as Greg’s stiffening cock. ”Okay... Wait. I’ll go talk to some of the other guys and see if we can’t figure something out.” Greg replied, starting to set Natalie at ease. “I’ll be right back.” If only Natalie could see the devious smile unfolding across Greg’s face.

Natalie was beat red at the thought of others seeing her like this, but if that’s what it took to get her out, that’s what it took. Greg vanished through the lab doors. A few minutes went by before the doors opened again, this time with a number of the guys she used to work with in tow behind Greg. They were giggling like schoolgirls. Plenty of comments were being exchanged in muffled tones about Natalie’s situation. How she felt before was nothing compared to the objectification she was now experiencing. Greg finally spoke up.

“We’re going to go discuss some options in the other room, we’ll be right back.” Natalie wanted to throw a tantrum, but she wasn’t exactly in a position to complain. She could hear a few muffled pieces of their conversation. Words like “liability,” “lawsuit,” “employment,” and a few politically incorrect “bitches” permeated whatever they were talking about. After nearly twenty minutes of them conferring without her, Greg returned.

“Alright so the guys and I have come up with a couple ideas,” Greg began. “Don’t worry, we’re going to take care of you.” Greg’s words were a relief. Natalie couldn’t wait to leave with what little dignity she had left as soon as possible. “But before that I wanted to talk about your job.” Greg continued, his eyes narrowing. Natalie looked away.

“I’m fired, I know.” Natalie whimpered, her lower lip quivering.

“Actually...” Greg interjected. “In exchange for you agreeing not to sue us, we’re prepared to offer you a permanent position here with us, complete with more benefits and even less responsibility.” Greg offered as diplomatically as he could. Natalie was shocked. Holy crap. She didn’t have to get fired? And she could get even more benefits doing less than she was now? Natalie never had any intention to sue the company over this whole thing, so this offer really couldn’t get any better.

“Uh-“ Natalie stammered. “Yeah. Yeah, absolutely!” She managed to blurt out. Somehow there was a silver lining in all of this. 

“Perfect.” Greg said deviously. Natalie failed to notice the sudden change in his tone. “Let’s get you all taken care of then.” Greg gestured for the guys to come back and they started to move her and her ‘pedestal’ into the break room for some reason. After some weird rearranging of furniture so that she was now the centerpiece of the room, Greg walked in front of her again. “Hey so we’re going to get in here soon, but I’m going to put this over your eyes,” he explained, holding up some sort of leather strap. “It’s protection in the event that shards or dust start to kick up as we cut you out.”

“Uh...alright then?” Natalie replied. Whatever was safest, she figured.

“Great!” Greg said as he fastened around her head and eyes what felt very reminiscent to some of the blindfolds Natalie had in her bedroom at home. This certainly didn’t feel like any safety glasses she’d ever worn before. Natalie’s world suddenly became very small, limited only to the sounds of the various guys shuffling around her in the room. A moment more passed before she suddenly felt someone start to unbuckle her pants!

“Hey! What are you guys doing?!” Natalie said, deeply concerned.

“We’ve gotta cut your pant legs a bit to create a bit of free space, don’t worry.” Greg reassured her. It made sense, though Natalie wished someone had cued her into the plan ahead of time. She was blushing and didn’t like that she couldn’t tell who was looking at her. Sure enough, Natalie could feel them cutting off her jeans down to where her thighs met the stone-like pedestal she was confined to. Natalie was now painfully aware of the fact that the whole room must be looking at her red panties; how humiliating. She managed to stay relatively calm until she felt someone suddenly start to rip her panties away too!

“HEY!” Natalie shouted. As she opened her mouth to reprimand whatever was happening behind her back, a ring slipped between her teeth. “Wahh?!” Natalie spit as she felt a strap connected to the ring in her mouth get fastened behind her head. Simultaneously, she felt a number of hands start to rip at the rest of her clothes and grope her tits and ass. Greg’s voice spoke up again.

“Right, so this is your new, permanent position that we discussed earlier.” Greg said, smugness dripping off every word. Natalie now felt someone’s fingers starting to probe at her sex, making her suddenly aware of the arousal now dripping down her thighs. Natalie whimpered in protest but was interrupted as she felt someone’s cock drop onto her forehead. “This stuff really is indestructible.” Greg began, now moving his throbbing cock from Natalie’s forehead and into her mouth. “This new position really utilizes all of your talents, all three of them.” Greg mocked as Natalie felt someone’s cock effortlessly glide deep into her pussy, while someone else’s finger penetrated her asshole. Greg started rhythmically plunging his cock down Natalie’s throat, sending ropes of spit dripping down her chin. “Your only responsibilities now are helping all the men relax during their breaks; your ass will serve as great motivation for them to finish their tasks early.” Greg finished with a groan, pumping his hot seed down Natalie’s throat. Whoever was behind her did the same; she could feel the cum dripping from her pussy as he withdrew his cock. It was quickly replaced by a new, thicker member while another guy helped themselves to fucking her asshole. Natalie didn’t want to cum like this, but these guys didn’t care what she wanted. While three of them were fucking her, someone else skillfully began working her clit. As the second guy withdrew his cock from Natalie’s pussy, more than just spunk leaked out. Natalie felt herself squirt juices down her thighs as her legs trembled and hips bucked from pleasure. The team fucked Natalie relentlessly until she blacked out from the stimulation.

Natalie had gone from the most loathed employee in the company to everyone’s favorite worker. So diligent too; she was at work before anyone else and stayed later than everyone. Serving as the break room’s new centerpiece, the guys made sure to take care of their little cumdump just like they had promised. They’d even clean her every Friday with the rest of the break room, flushing her holes of all the dried and built up spunk. As time went on, the workers started to have to plug up all of her holes before Friday to stop her from leaking all over the place as well as to prevent the smell that would inevitably take root. 

After her first year in the new position, Greg and the rest of the team felt it was time for her to move up in the company to an even better job that matched all of the experience she had gained. Natalie’s ‘office’ was moved to the men’s restroom where she continued to excel in every way as the company’s newest urinal. Like any bathroom stall, the guys had taken to leaving crude artwork and graffiti all over her body, despite being warned that it was considered damaging company property. As her second year with the company concluded, some of the managers crunched the numbers and determined that with the miles and graffiti that her body had endured, she had diminished in value to the point where it was only reasonable to sell. It took a bit of time, but after enough digging they were able to sell, ahem, ‘transfer’ Natalie to a new job working with an eccentric art collector as a part of his private collection.


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