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My Pet Story

by Baron Waste

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© Copyright 2014 - Baron Waste - Used by permission

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I awoke this morning with a smile on my face. My pet was lying next to me in the bed. It was awake. There was a vacant look on it's face, staring off into space. There was little it could do, since the chain attached to it's collar was keeping it there. And, with the arms removed, there was little it could do to get out of the situation. I was smiling because life was so much better for me now since the unexpected lottery win. But who would expect winning $185 million?

My pet, she was the best part of the deal. It took many months of auditioning women who desired objectification to find both a great beauty and a muse for my whims and needs. As I was sorting through the candidates I was also busy building my household. I have a nice house, not quite an estate, something similar to a mansion. There's enough room for the two assistants rooms, the fitness room, the play room and other spaces. But I digress, it was time to rise.

I got up and used the bathroom. Afterward I went back to the bedroom and put on my robe. I rang for Number One on the intercom. She would come to my room and unlock the chains on my pet. (This one of the many tasks that I have delegated to others.) There was a chain that was attached at one end of the headboard and locked at the other to its permanent collar around the neck. Around the ankles was another two foot chain locked at each end to the anklecuffs. From the center of the anklechain was locked another chain that came from the foot of the bed. The footchains were entirely unnecessary for the sake of security. I just happen to like them.

I paused to watch as Number One unchained the pet. The collar chain from the bed was replaced with a lead that was used for it whenever we moved it around the house. Not that we needed to prevent it from trying to get away. The pet's conditioning had been completed some time ago. There was barely a flicker of consciousness behind the eyes at this point. We had established a rigid routine with no possible decisions. Just reactions. The pet was lead to the bathroom where it was placed on the toilet and left for ten minutes. If it didn't move its bowels during that time, there was a second chance later in the day. But if that didn't happen, that was it, it would have to wait until the next day. And if there was an accident, a cruel punishment will be applied.

After the pet was taken away to be cleaned I went down the hall to check on Number Two. In the system I devised, I had two helpers for my pet. However, everybody that lived in my household was sexually accessible to me. Furthermore, there was a hierarchy that I had established. Number One is my first assistant and the dominant helper. She runs the house. As her reward, Number Two is her personal slave. But, as Master of the house, I reserve the right to use both of them as I so desire. Each evening, before I retire to bed, I lock Number Two to the bed of her quarters. I use my level of pleasure with the performance of Number One that day to reward her with how Number Two is bound. On a good day, Number Two may only be chained by the neck to the bed. On a poor day, Number Two may have a gag locked into her mouth and her hands locked behind her back. On those days if Number One is to get pleasure from Number Two, it's going to be quite difficult if not impossible.

On this day, I had chained her back to the bed (as I had always done) but had also locked a gag on her. I could see in her eyes how her jaw ached when I went into the room. Her misery was a bit of a turn-on so I released her from the bed with instructions to go use the bathroom to clean up and return. (However, the gag stayed locked on.) When she came back I locked her wristcuffs together behind her back and laid her down on the bed. Then I savagely took her from behind. Frankly I was surprised by the amount of energy I had since I had also fucked my pet the night before. While I was still inside her I unlocked and removed the gag from her mouth. She gasped and took a deep breath, and in a low sultry tone said "thank you". I held her for a few minutes more and then released her. She got up from bed and returned to the bathroom to clean up again. I put on my robe and went downstairs. It was time for the breakfast routine.


I still remember the first day that I met my pet. At that time her name was Barbara. She was but twenty-two years old. Standing at five foot, ten inches, she could have been a model if she lost a little weight. I found her on a fetish dating website. She had been a foster child pretty much all of her life. Where she was in her life at that point was that she knew she was a bit of a brat. In some of the homes where she had been placed she had been sexually abused. What she wanted more than anything at this point was to just rewrite her life, be dehumanized and live under the control of a dominant man. She wanted to be a no-limits slave and didn't care what body modifications her master wanted.

I made her a very appealing offer. Stay with me for two weeks for training. She would receive financial compensation for her time. If she liked the arrangement, we would continue more intensively for another month. If that worked satisfactorily, we would make the arrangement permanent and she would become my pet. Thankfully she agreed. She had no relatives or family to worry about so it was an easy choice for her. Finally she was wanted and had a place to belong.

The first two weeks consisted of simple stuff. I arranged for a doctor's visit where she was tested for STDs and fitted with an IUD. She was taken to beauty salon where she had her hair and nails done to my specifications. For the first couple of days around the house, we did some light bondage during the days. In the evenings I would have her at my side sitting on the floor naked and on a leash while Numbers One and Two would entertain us with bondage challenges. At night, I introduced her to her nightly routine of being chained to my bed. Overall, she took well to the structure. After two weeks, she agreed to another month.

As the next month began, I stepped up the dehumanization. She was kept in bondage more often during the day and longer. We also started ballet boot training. At first it was an hour a day. Then two. After two weeks she was wearing the boots eight hours a day. Some of that time she was naked on all fours and on a leash beside me wherever I went in the house. The rest of the time she was fitted with an armbinder and exercised by Numbers One and Two. In the last week of the trial period, she was gagged at all times during the waking hours except during meals. The armbinder was on her at all times except bathing.

She was allowed to do nothing for herself. Numbers One and Two exercised her, fed her, bathed her, wiped her ass, basically treated her like the mindless property that she was. At night I kept her tightly chained to the bed with a hood on her head. She was fitted with a gag that allowed her to breathe through her mouth but not be able to speak. Entirely objectified, she was my perfect subject. All of the strenuous exercise of the last six weeks, combined with a strict diet, had taken twenty pounds off of her. She was perfect.

On the morning of the day after her final trial period ended, I had all of the restraints and gag removed. She was given some modest clothes and told to dress herself. We sat together on the sofa and we talked. I told her that I had been honored to keep her as my pet. She had done very well during her training period. At this point there was a decision to be made. I held up a check. She could take this check and be on her way. Or she could stay on with me permanently and be my property forever with all the rights and privileges that entails.

From a shelf I pulled off an eternity collar and the locking tool to close it. I handed it to her and told her that I would return in an hour. If she wanted to stay with me as my permanent property, put on the collar. I then handed her the check. If she wished to leave, then take the check and be gone with my blessings. I left the room and closed the door. When I returned, she was wearing the collar and handed me the key.


I arrived downstairs to find breakfast on it's way. Numbers One and Two were busy getting the food ready. My pet was already secured in the nook. The nook consisted of a built-in on the wall with a padded cavity that perfectly fitted around the pet. It was, as always, completely naked except for the ballet boots and the eternity collar. To keep it securely in place, a bar is locked horizontally across the front of the neck and fastened to the collar. At the feet, another bar has been added horizontally to lock the feet into place preventing any movement at all. Finally, a waistchain was added to keep the torso in place. I saw on the counter the deep throat training dildo. The pet had just been trained for twenty minutes to retain its skills in accordance with my daily directions.

Once the meal was ready, Numbers One and Two and I sat down to eat. The pet would be exercised after breakfast so it was given nothing. After the meal is over, it will be given some water to keep it hydrated. Sometimes the slaves will slip it a bite or two of any leftovers. But only if we didn't finish our meals. While we ate we would chat or watch a morning television show. For the most part, we didn't really care what happened with the outside world. We were having far too much fun with the universe we had created.

Once breakfast was over we would split up. Number Two was given the chore of kitchen clean-up. Number One would take the pet out of the nook and lead it to the exercise room. It would do one of several different exercises for the day, and often, a combination of many. I allowed Number One to pick the program and encouraged her to come up with different routines. A favorite of late was the pony training. Blinders were fitted to the pet's head. A waistbelt was added and fastened to a circular device that made it go around in a circle. Once everything was attached Number One would chase the pet in the circle with a crop. If the pet was perceived to be going too slowly, it got a swat on the ass.

While the pet was getting its hour of exercise, I went back upstairs and got my shower. Then it was some time for reading the news and other business on the internet. While I was doing that, Number One would finish exercising the pet. Number Two would prepare a nutritional drink for the pet to consume. Once the exercise was over, the pet was taken to the main bath by Number One and met there by Number Two. There the pet was placed on a toilet while the ballet boots were removed and replaced with high-heel shower shoes. Since the pet had been in either ballet boots or high heels for so long, it's calf tendons had shortened and wasn't possible for the heels to reach the floor. The drink was placed upside-down in a holder so that the pet could drink from it like a hamster would from a feeder. It's face was pushed onto the feeder to let it know that it was time to eat. Once the fifteen minute break was over, Numbers One and Two stripped off their clothing and started water for the shower.

While the water was warming, the pet was positioned in the center of the shower area. On the floor was a small ring was would flip up. A clip was attached to the ring at one end and another around the ankle of the pet at the other. Once the water was warm, the two showerheads on the opposite walls were started. Each Number would wash their hair and cleanse themselves. Sometimes they would help cleanse each other in a sexually pleasing way. Once they were finished with themselves, Number Two would scrub the pet. The pet's hair was kept short so little maintenance was required. Then a washcloth was used to go over the rest of the pet's body: scrub around the neck and underneath the collar, over the stumps of the arms, down the torso and waist, the vaginal area and ass, legs and feet. Then the removable showerhead was used to rinse the pet off. Then the water was stopped.

With the water stopped, Numbers One and Two took their towels and dried themselves. Then they would dress in clean gowns. Once their clothes were on they would return to the pet and unchain it. Number Two would take a leftover towel and dry it off. While this was happening Number One would remove the chain and clips, dry them off and return them to their holder. Then the pet was placed on a chair and the ballet boots were reapplied to it's feet.

By this time it was getting close to lunch. I went down to the exercise area to see how things were going. I took my pet by the leash with me as I let the Numbers go on their way and prepare a late lunch. It was time for some personal pet training. We got into the elevator to the second storey. I lead it down the hallway to my bedroom. Stopping at the foot of the bed, I clipped the lead to the bedboard and undressed. I then unclipped the lead and stood before her. She was absolutely perfect. After many months of exercise she was now long and lean. Her breasts, enhanced in one of the body modifications that I had done, were magnificent. Full and firm, they also had nipple piercings both horizontally and vertically. I pulled it close, with my arm behind the narrow waist and went in for a deep tongue kiss. She responded and her eyes lit up. I held its head in my hands and pushed deeper and harder. Then I ran my hands up and down its body. I squeezed the breasts and twisted the nipples. One of my hands drifted down to the vagina. It was moist.

Taking by the lead again, I walked it over to a chair in the corner. I saw down and push the pet down to its knees. I took it by the head and pushed the mouth over my hardening cock. It knew what to do, as it had done so many times before. I had worked with it for months on controlling its gag reflex. It had no difficulty at all going down completely on me, lingering for a moment and then coming back up for a breath. Over and over it went until I crazy from pleasure. I stopped it and turned it around while still on the knees.

I was feeling sadistic that day so I jammed my cock into its ass. I heard it gasp (it could no longer speak - another body modification) as I rammed my cock deeply into it. It didn't take long to climax after that. I held that position for a while, enjoying my accomplishment. The pet held its position: head on the floor, bent over, knees on the ground. After a few moments, I softened and pulled out. I got up and went to a cabinet drawer. I pulled out a locking buttplug and pushed it into its ass. Pushing it in deeply I pulled the mechanism that fastened it in place. Later I would have Number Two clean it up.

Taking my pet gently by the collar I got it back to its feet. I clipped the lead back to the foot of the bed and left it there while I cleaned up and put my robe back on. Going back to the bed, I unclipped the lead and took it down the hall to the den. Stopping at the dresser I picked up the comb and straightened its hair. I brushed the hair over and over lovingly. Removing the leash, I took it to the center of the room and spun it around over and over, inspecting it carefully. I tested the strength of its legs and torso. The stumps of its arms, long ago removed and carefully smoothed over were carefully massaged and checked. In the mirror, I could see it smiling.


When Barbara held out the key to her collar, I reached to accept it but held short. I told her, this is your last chance to change your mind. If you go through with this, you give me the right to do anything to you that I choose. Smiling, she stepped forward and placed the key in my hand. I smiled back and put it in my pocket. Then I instructed her to strip off her clothes and bring me the armbinder, ballet boots and gag. Without hesitation, she did.

The next couple of weeks was like the previous two. Much of her day was spent in bondage or training. Meanwhile I was making arrangements for big things while doing little ones. One of the first things we did was arrange for the IUD to be removed and for a tubal ligation. While we were at it, she was also given nipple piercings. She reacted well to the two procedures. No complaints at all. If anything, she seemed proud of the fact that she was being treated as a prized possession. What she didn't know was that this was going to be her last outing away from the mansion grounds.

Since she had accepted my proposal, I had been finalizing arrangements for a visit by a plastic surgeon. Since I was planning on some extreme body modifications, a surgeon through "normal" channels was out of the question. So I found a man who had moved to Mexico from the U.S. thanks to some drug problems. We made arrangements to set up an operating theatre in a nearby warehouse. It took a while to set it all up and I didn't want him to try and find me later looking for more money. But when the day came, I loaded Barbara into a van and we rolled to the warehouse.

When we arrived I told her that I had arranged for a surgeon to do some liposuction and a breast augmentation. Which was true, just not all of the truth. What I had in mind was far more. What we were going to do was this: the first phase was to do the liposuction. While her abdomen was open a special mesh was going to be installed that went entirely around her waist and connected together. The mesh was made of a special material that shrinks slightly when subjected to an electrical current. Then, a week after the liposuction heals, we would return for the breast augmentation.

At that time each of her arms would be removed at the shoulder. Once the arm was off the breast implant would be inserted. Then the extension of the collarbone would be trimmed and an anchor for a cable would be added. The cable would be made of the same material as the abdominal mesh. Finally a plate with a guide would be inserted behind the spine in the upper back. Once the arms were both removed and the breast implants inserted, the cable would be routed through the back and the guide and attached at each end to the collarbone anchors. It was a long and difficult surgery but successful.

For the first couple of days after the surgery was over, we kept her in a drug-induced coma to allow the wounds to start to heal. When it was time to allow her to waken, it was my idea to raise the psychological stakes. Our mutual goal was to objectify her as much as possible. I was in control of her and her body. When she awoke I needed to keep her under control as much as possible. So I decided to have botox used on her eye muscles. She would able to still see but would be unable to focus or move her eyes. While we had the botox available, I also had her vocal cords frozen as well. Without arms, voice or sight, she would truly be dehumanized. The torment of it all would surely break her mind.

As the coma drugs wore off, I sat with her until I saw her stir. To protect her vision, her eyes was lightly wrapped in a thin gauze. She started blinking and moved her lips. Her head wasn't able to move because I had arranged for a harness to keep it firmly in place. Plus, to keep her from injuring herself, I had also ordered straps on her torso and legs. She was almost entirely immobilized. I stroked her cheek and kissed her on the forehead.

In quiet and calm tones I explained to her that, as my property, it was my right to do a few modifications to further dehumanize her. I lied a little. I told her that while she was out I decided to have the arms removed. They were always in an armbinder anyway and were in the way. Nothing would change. She would always be my pet and the Numbers would still take care of her as they always did. Now everything was simply made permanent. The vision was a temporary step in the dehumanization process. There's still a lot of healing to be done and another procedure or two will still be done to complete the process. You are now simply a thing to me, though a prized one. From here forward you will be address simply as pet. Your name has been removed and no longer has any meaning. As I told her this a tear ran down her cheek. It might have been from sadness but I like to think it was one of joy.

The next couple of weeks were spent in healing. The medical staff wanted to keep her mostly sedated but I had other ideas. I had the Numbers come over and we started exercising it lightly. At first it was leg lifts and lower body exercises. After the first couple of bandages were changed we started sitting it up and standing. Without the arms and with the addition of the breast implants, its center of balance was entirely different. Plus it couldn't see very well so that made things more difficult. Ultimately we decided the best thing to do was to place a hood over its head, entirely blinding it. That gave it less sensory input and gave it a better chance to concentrate on standing and walking.

After four weeks had passed it was walking fairly well so we stopped the hood treatments. Instead we placed it on a treadmill with a waistband attached to the sides. A head harness was added to prevent it from falling if it missed a step. Then the walking training was slowly increased from day to day.

At the end of six weeks the pet was approaching a normal level of balance and mobility. The wounds of the arm stumps had largely healed. It was time for the final phase. It was prepped for a final brief procedure. Once it was placed back on the operating table the nerves to the vocal cords were delicately severed in such a way as that they would never work again. At that point, when the botox wore off, the voice would still be gone. While a whisper was still possible, there would be no real communication.

Also, while it was unconscious, it was time to activate the mesh and cable. Special electrodes were connected to the abdominal area. The switch was thrown momentarily and a shock went through it's body. The mesh reacted to the current and pulled tighter. The result was like an internal corset. The waist area below the ribs and above the hips was pulled inward several inches. Another shock was applied. The waist pulled inward another inch. The shock was applied a third time with little change. That was all that we were going to get. However, the change was pleasingly dramatic.

Previous to the surgery, the pet had an appealing face but an ordinary figure. Now it was sporting some dramatically spectacular breasts with a narrow waistline. But one last step was to be taken to improve the figure. The electrodes were removed from the abdomen and moved to the upper back all along the line where the cable ran from shoulder tip to tip. The shock was applied and the cable shortened pulling the shoulders back dramatically. The shock was applied again, bringing the shoulders back even further. Then the electrodes were removed, having done their work. Even with it lying on its back, it was clear that the posture had improved. The shoulders were back and the breasts were thrust forward boldly. The effect was stunning.


I lead the pet downstairs after using it and giving it an inspection. It was mid-afternoon and the Numbers were enjoying some leasure time. I gave Number Two the leash of the pet and instructed her to go clean it up. I sat down with Number One in front of the TV. They had been playing a video game. This gave me an idea. I had Number One start a solo game while I went to a special drawer in the kitchen. I pulled down a dildo and some lubricant. I told her to get up and bend over; but keep playing the game. If she stopped or ran out of lives, there would be punishments. I then spread lube all over the dildo and inserted it into her pussy. Immediately her player crashed and died.

We both laughed and she began to try to focus again on the game. I slipped along the side of her and grabbed a breast with one hand while continuing to work her with the dildo. The battle was on: as hard as I tried to distract her, she tried to keep focused on the game. Finally my actions were too much for her and she climaxed; and her spaceship crashed spectacularly. She melted into a puddle and I laughed. I left the dildo and the lube on the counter for cleanup and went upstairs for a nap.

I awoke forty-five minutes later and went back downstairs. I saw that the Numbers were back to their games. My pet had been cleaned up and stored in the kitchen nook. It appeared to be asleep or at least not paying any attention. Not that it mattered. It was time for some fun and games.

I went to the special cabinet in the kitchen and pulled out a couple lengths of rope and some loose gag balls. I told the Numbers to pause the game and come with me to the exercise room. I handed one of the ropes to Number One and told Number Two to strip. My instructions to them was that Number Two was to be hogtied on the floor. Once Number Two was completely tied up I told Number One to strip and lay on the floor as well. I then hogtied her just like Number Two. I then told them I'd be right back.

I walked to the kitchen and released the pet from the nook. Leading it by the leash, I brought it into the exercise room. I then unclipped the lead and left it in the middle of the room. Walking back to the Numbers, I popped a gag ball into each of their mouths. There will be a contest, I announced. The first Number to inch across the floor to the far side and then touch her gag ball against the opposite wall would be the new Number One and the loser would be the Number Two. Then, looking toward the pet, I announced that if you wish to influence the outcome of this contest, here's your chance. This was a breach of objectification protocol but it simply too much fun not to do.

The Numbers looked at each other and then it was on. They started wriggling and writhing along the floor. Number One had hogtied Two pretty tightly and I had made sure my job was just as good. They moved pretty slowly. For her part, my pet stood still for quite a while. Then, it was as if the power came back on. She started stumbling back and forth. It was walking freely in ballet boots. Normally one of us has it on a lead so it can lead backward a little, creating a triangle of stability. When it was locked securely in the nook it was unable to move anywhere at all. Now, without any support, it was entirely on its own to keep from falling. It paced back and forth and began to develop some confidence.

Realizing that the Numbers were approaching, it decided that it was time for a change and tried to block Number One. However, One was having no part of that and bumped the pet in the foot, nearly knocking it over. My pet staggered back and regained its balance. Realizing its lack of power, it tried a new tack: it dropped to it knees and blocked Number One's path again. Number Two's lead continued to grow. As she made the turn, squealed with delight. Number One fought hard and eventually knocked the pet over. Even now on the ground, the pet wiggled back and forth to block One's advance. Eventually Two got close enough to the opposite wall and spit out her gag ball so that it rolled the remaining distance. As it bounced off the wall I cried out Winner! We have a new Number One.

I walked over the new Number One and untied her. I told her to go dress and make preparations to start dinner. Then I went over to Two and the pet, who were still wrapped up with each other. I pulled them apart got them both to their knees. I looked them both in the faces and said that there will be no retaliation, no grudges held in my household. I then told them that they needed to kiss each other passionately for five minutes. To ensure that it would happen, I took the rope from Number One and tied them together face-to-face. I gave them a good long time to make out. After watching them go at it long enough, I untied them both and then let Number Two out of her hogtie. I then told Two to go get dressed and return for the pet. Make sure it's fed and watered and then returned to the nook. Then assist One in dinner. As I watched my pet get lead away it turned slightly toward me and smiled. Perfect, I thought. There's no point in it being dehumanized if it doesn't realize that it's happening.


After the last procedures to remove the voice and tighten the posture, we began to start training the pet again. This time it was no longer in bare feet. The time for heel conditioning had come. Furthermore, the wounds from the surgery had healed sufficiently that it was time to release the surgeon. He was sent home with our thanks and six hundred thousand dollars. Plus he was welcome to keep all the surgical tools that had been used for the operations. The Numbers, pet and I returned permanently to the mansion in the van.

Once we were home the pet was unloaded into the exercise room, which had been temporarily been converted also into a recovery suite. I had in mind a rigorous schedule of training to keep it occupied. The first order of business was to return to the practice of keeping it naked at all times. Next was frequent practice in the ballet boots. In the matter of a few days we eliminated the high heels and laced it back into the boots. First it was short sessions on the treadmill followed by massages. Then longer and longer sessions with breaks in-between. Soon it was able to manage hours at a time in the boots.

In addition to the boot training, there were other skills needed to be developed as well. First and foremost was the deep throat training. At first it fought us. However, when locked into the nook, there was no possible resistance. Eventually it got the idea and became very good at it.

Another part of the daily regime was a change in daily intake. Now that it had lost even more weight and the internal corset was in place, it had an absolutely stunning figure. I put it on a twice-daily liquid diet of nutrients. Between that and the daily exercise, it will look stunning for years to come.

Eventually we built it up to my expected level of daily activity. The botox injections wore off on the eyes and it could track visually again. However, by then we had it in a grindingly similar daily routine. When we tucked it into the nook at first, it would look around the room a lot and attempt to mouth words. Since it was simply a thing, I had to keep it gagged for quite a few months. For a time, I considered bringing my surgeon back to implant some kind of anchors inside the mouth - perhaps pulling some teeth and replacing them with studs that could be fastened together to keep it from trying to communicate. However, soul-crushing sameness of existence combined with the radical body modifications did the job.


The new Number one made a delightful dinner. Which was remarkable considering she had done none of the meal planning for the week. After dinner, we retired to the living room and watched a movie. The pet was fitted with the usual headgear and was allowed to kneel at my side. The headgear was a panel gag with a tray attached with enough room for my drink. The remote controls for the TV and the bluray player had strings on the ends that allowed me to hang them off the nipples of the pet's breasts. Often the pet would pay attention to the movie. If I glanced over, at times I would see a tear roll down the corner of her eye. Joy, I'm certain.

After the movie was over, it was time to retire to bed. I instructed the Numbers to go to their bedroom. Two was to be fitted with a collar and it was to be locked to the bed. I would be in shortly to inspect the work. Once they left, I unhooked the remotes from the pet and placed them away. I took the drink to the kitchen and left it on the counter. Returning to the living room, I helped the pet to its feet. I removed the headgear and put it away. I then reattached the lead and walked it to the elevator and upstairs. Laying it down on the bed, I pulled the headboard chain up and attached it to the eternity collar. I then moved down to the feet and removed the ballet boots. I massaged its feet briefly and then attached the night-time anklecuffs. Then I attached the chain between the ankles followed by the attaching the chain from the foot of the bed to the midpoint between the anklechain. Pulling up the covers I left it there so I could go check on the Numbers.

I found them in their bedroom. As ordered, Two had been chained by the collar to the headboard. One had already been playing with Two and they were giggling. I was pleased with their performance that day so I kissed them both and left them to have their fun.

Returning to the bedroom I tossed my robe to the side and slipped into bed. The pet was lying on its back, a normal position since the surgery. If it rocked back and forth, it can manage to get on one side or the other. However, the lack of a lever, the increased size of its breasts and the chains made it pretty much immobile. Sliding over, I leaned up on one elbow to look into its eyes. In the moonlight I could see that it was looking back at me.

"We both wanted this", I whispered. I could see little change in expression in its face. But its lips beckoned me. I leaned in and kissed it fully on the mouth and received a kiss back. I ran my hands up and down its body, eventually rolling it on its side away from me. Entering it from behind, I was pleased to find the pussy to be wet. I climaxed on the thought of how I had created the perfect sex object. Holding it tightly, I drifted off to sleep.


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