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My Long Weekend

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2003 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; handcuffs; bond; cuffs; gag; strip; wrap; tape; cocoon; nipple; clamps; torment; fibreglass; cast; encase; paint; statue; display; objectify; cons; X

I was going to spend a weekend away in the hands of a total stranger, I wouldn't be able to stop him from doing whatever he liked to me. I was to be his bound plaything and this was of my own choosing...


The week started out as normal, going to work, shopping etc. But I had been planning for this coming weekend for months. I had booked myself for some severe bondage at the hands of a stranger, he'd advertised on the web and had been recommended to me by a friend who'd 'used his services'! I was very eager to get started but I also had great apprehension about what lay ahead of me. What was this guy like? Would he be gentle or harsh with me? Could I trust him?

My fears were softened by talking with my friend, Jessica who'd spent a weekend with him some months back. We met over lunch during the week, she spoke of how much she'd enjoyed being bound at his hands, the way she'd been tied, how often etc. I had many questions for her and she answered each so that my fears subsided and by the end of lunch I was happy in the knowledge that I would also enjoy being in his hands.

Thursday night arrived and I began to pack a few things for the trip, although most of the time I would be naked or wrapped, I still thought I needed to take some clothes with me, just in case! I took some time selecting the right outfits, the underwear to go with them, some sexy lingerie too! After packing I lay down on the bed, my mind drifting to the coming weekend, thoughts of me being bound nice and tight ran through my head. My hands drifted down between my legs and began playing with my sex. I was having deliciously wicked fantasies that had me bound up in various ways, being used by several people for their pleasure, bringing me to a delightful climax... I drifted off to sleep.

Friday morning arrived; I got out of bed, showered and prepared myself for my adventure. I would be leaving to catch a plane at the airport at 10am. I was due to arrive in Reno at about 2.30pm. I was to be met there by my captor for the weekend. As I closed the door of my apartment, I could feel the butterflies starting to build inside my tummy, by the time I reached the airport they seemed to have grown into birds. My stomach seemed to be doing somersaults, I tried to take my mind off what was coming by buying a new book to read on the flight. I settled down in my seat and tightly strapped myself in without waiting for the sign; I'd started my bondage already!

The flight was uneventful and just as soon as we'd left it seemed that we touched down at my destination. I exited the plane and walked into the airport terminal, picking up my luggage on the way. My mind was racing as to the possibilities of what lay ahead, what would he look like? I'd seen a small photo of him on his site, but I could not remember it. I walked out into the main foyer of the terminal and looked around for some sign. Then I saw my name on a piece of cardboard and underneath it was the man that was to be my captor for the weekend. Nervously I walked over to him, we said hello to each other, and then he took my luggage with one hand and held my hand with the other.

He led me out of the building and into the car park, he spoke about the weather and general things, maybe to help calm my nerves, but when we reached his vehicle he turned and asked me if I still wanted to go through with the things we'd planned for this weekend. I looked down at my feet, my mind raced with ideas of flight, running away, getting back on the plane to safety. He asked again and put his hand under my chin lifting up my head & looking into my eyes, I looked into his eyes they seemed kind and caring, my fears evaporated and I said "Yes". A smile beamed across his face as he placed my luggage in the boot of his car, he opened the door for me to climb in. Closing it behind me he walked around and sat in the drivers seat, he reached over to the glove box and pulled out a set of handcuffs. He again asked me if it was still okay? I looked at him, then the handcuffs and then held my wrists out towards him.

As they clicked into place I felt myself resign and submit to whatever the weekend would hold for me. The drive to his place took about 35 minutes, we spoke about what we'd written in our e-mails, he asked several questions about my preferences regarding bondage, and he told me about some of the rules required for the weekend. How I was going to be his bondage slave, I would be bound at all times until I was returned to the airport on Tuesday afternoon. If I had any doubts that now was the time to express them, I'd asked that he didn't use me sexually, but after talking with my friend during the week and now seeing him I’d changed my mind. He smiled greatly at my offer and said that was okay. I spoke about my fears on the way here, but as he spoke they just seemed to vanish, never to be seen again.

We arrived at his place, a small ranch house with a barn and some other small buildings; he climbed out and helped me out of the car. We walked inside and he took me into a room off the main corridor, as my eyes adjusted to the light I could see various bondage items along the walls, the bed seemed to be covered in black latex, there were several chains hanging from the ceiling. He took the cuffs from my wrists and told me to sit on the bed; we would be starting straight away. I was allowed to use the toilet just outside the room, when I returned he held my hands above my head and fastened them to cuffs attached by chains to the ceiling. A strap was quickly passed around my heels and a ballgag was placed within my mouth, the straps fastened behind my head.

It all happened so quickly that my body delayed its reaction to being bound, but soon caught up, my tummy now becoming warm, my sex moist. He sat on the bed looking me over like some prey caught for his amusement, he pulled out a knife and approached me, he held it against my body, my fears started to return. He slid the blade under my blouse and gently sliced through the material, leaving it just a rag on the floor, my skirt quickly followed. He looked over me again, hanging here in just my underwear, stockings and heels. I was now getting incredibly turned on by this man, I wanted him to take me here and now, but I would have a long time to wait. He cut off my underwear and slid my stockings down my legs, he moved away to a cupboard and returned with a large roll of coloured wrap.

He started to wrap the roll around my legs, working it tightly against my flesh as he moved slowly and methodically up my legs, the wrap closing over my legs making them close tightly together, my flesh pressed as the wrap pulled against it. He seemed to take great delight in taking his time, he continued slowly up and over my hips & bottom, enclosing my very moist pussy within its plastic confines. The wrapping continued over my tummy, flattening out the skin until he started to brush his hand on the undersides of my breasts. Tingles of pleasure waved throughout my body at his touch, he covered my shoulders by wrapping them over and around my chest until he was satisfied, but he left my breasts uncovered.

Next he un-fastened my hands from the cuffs and lowered them to my sides, he started to wrap this against my sides, working the wrap down my body, adding more layers of plastic to enclose me within its clinging grasp. Now my body was cocooned within the plastic wrap, he put the roll down and moved over to a small chest of drawers, when he returned he held in his hands several rolls of silver tape. He began pulling off a small piece and attaching it to my ankles, he ran the roll around several times, each time slightly overlapping the last one. He continued upwards on my body until the roll ran out, I was now very tightly wrapped in the tape to just above my knees. He started on a fresh roll and worked on my knees and thighs, wrapping even tighter than before, my flesh squeezed within the tight confines of the tape. 

Several rolls of tape later and I was tightly enclosed to just under my breasts, he stopped here and started to wrap a fresh roll about my shoulders, using several strips over each shoulders and down to just above my breasts. He than wrapped the roll about my chest covering the straps but leaving my breasts exposed. Now he said it was time for my head, picking up the roll of plastic wrap he placed some over my face and tightly wrapped my head within several layers, he poked a hole just under my nose so that I could breathe, then he started with the tape, closing my head with several more layers.

I was now a silver cocoon from head to ankle, with only my breasts exposed and my feet awaiting their turn to be covered. He picked me up and carried me to the bed; I lay there as he finished off my feet with more wrap and tape. Several straps were then placed over my bound body, each one tightly holding me down to the bed, each one was retightened several times until I could not move and he was satisfied.

Now he started to play with my un-bound breasts, running his hands over them, licking them with his tongue, kissing each nipple to make them more erect, I was enjoying the attention until he placed two clamps on each nipple, the pain was excruciating at first, the shock of them being placed sent me into a frenzy as I tried to move to get them off, but was unable due to my bondage. He left me lying there on the bed as I adjusted to the pain, my nipples becoming numb and the pain easing a little.

After about an hour he returned and removed the clamps, the pain returned, as did the feelings within my nipples. He removed the straps that held me down to the bed and pulled me up onto my feet. He finished wrapping me; enclosing my breasts within the wrap and tape, as he ran the tape around my breasts he made sure to pull it very tightly to flatten them against my body. He lifted me over his shoulder and carried me from the room and outside the house, he walked across the yard but I was unable to see where he was taking my bound body. I heard a door close and then I was placed feet first on the floor. I heard him moving around the room preparing things, then I felt him close to me, his hands ran around my legs, he was wrapping something around them. 

He continued to work his way up my body, enclosing every inch of me with whatever he was using, as he was working around my tummy I could feel the wrap around my legs begin to harden, each time he progressed up my body the previous piece began to become hard. He continued until several layers had been wrapped around my body, I was now stiff and unable to move, I thought I would fall and began swaying, but he caught me in his arms and steadied me.

He said that I was now being enclosed in fibreglass and I would be made into a statue, painted and hung on his den wall. He continued enclosing me, several more layers were added, only the two tubes that he'd fixed into my nose were now outside, he began painting his statue with gold paint until no fibreglass could be seen, I was just an outline of a woman, my hourglass shape was all that resembled a live female. I was again lifted and carried back into the house where I was fixed to the wall in his den.

After what seemed to be hours, I heard several voices enter the room; they were laughing and seemed to be having a good time. I heard snooker balls, glasses moving on the bar and the guys starting to enjoy themselves. Several of them made comments about the new piece of decoration on the wall, some ran their hands over me, but I could not feel them through the layers of tape and fibreglass. I was only a novelty for a few minutes and soon they settled to playing pool and cards. I was hot inside my cocoon, my pussy was craving some serious attention, but that would have to wait til morning...

Thanks go to Blackmini/Christy North for the inspiration for this story!

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