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Moving Home

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2010 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbm; cuffs; boxed; caught; F/m; transport; bond; D/s; cons; X

I had this wonderful idea. I was moving home out of this apartment tomorrow and had a lot of tea chests around. The only problem was that for a few weeks I had to put them into storage while my new house was finished. (The people who had bought this place wanted to move in straight away). I had been packing for weeks and only had my furniture such as my bed, sofa and one chair and dining table left. The rest had been packed away.

Now my playthings such as my handcuffs and other bondage gear were packed into the box marked with a B. (I would tell the removal men that was for the bedroom when the time comes). But this idea got stronger by the minute. All I had to do is phone and tell the removal men to come for the boxes and they would be taken away. But that would be tomorrow.

Today it is my last day of fun in self bondage in my apartment. Next door was Amy. A nice girl that I fancied like hell, but she seems so puritanical that I know my chances with her would be zero if she knew about my love of bondage. But her body is wow, fantastic. I dream of her dressed as a domme and tying me up. Me begging for mercy while she tied the ropes tighter and tighter, restricting my movements even more while she sneers at me for being such a wimp.

I know that she would be calling in later in the day and I thought that it would be a great idea if I was bound and gagged in one of the boxes while she checked everything was okay. She would never find me in among all my tea chests as long as I was quiet. I had told her I was going away for the night and wanted her to check everything was okay. My box, larger than the tea chests was right at the back of the tea chests. I had made it out of ¾ inch thick plywood and had lots of holes. The corners were joined with steel angle iron, running the length. Even the lid had these on so when I lowered it onto the box it would not slip off. The edges of the boards had one inch soft wood screwed to the insides to take the screws holding the angle irons in place. The lid would be held in place if necessary by screws going into the sides through the angle iron. The screws and electric screwdriver were on the window ledge where I could find them for when I was ready to pack my torture box up.


My first job was to tell Amy I was going out for the day and ask her to keep an eye on my apartment. I gave her the spare key to let herself in. I made sure she saw me get in the lift. Once it was at the bottom, I climbed the stairs back to my floor of the tower block. Very quietly I crept back into my apartment making sure there was no noise when I closed the door behind me.

I stripped and put on my pair of tight Speedos. My lunch box was on display through the thin material. But soon it would be out of reach of my hands. Getting my ankle cuffs and handcuffs ready to take my limbs, I placed them and a chain just short enough to hogtie me. I locked the chain to the cuffs and dropped the keys onto the polystyrene chippings that I had poured into the bottom of the box. That meant I had to scramble round in the polystyrene to find the key to release the lock on the cuff chain to allow me to stand up and climb out of the box and hobble out to the kitchen to release the cuff keys and obtain my freedom.

I like polystyrene chippings as it meant I would have to remain perfectly still to stop Amy from hearing the crunching noises while I struggled. I would be able to hear Amy move about and she would have no idea where I was safe and sound snuggled up tightly in my wooden prison, unable to talk call out for rescue. Besides, my usual bedding in the box was packed away keeping my crockery secure.

Sometimes I tie myself up naked, but I like the tight Speedos as they imprison my prick, gently crush my balls and remind me that I am a prisoner. I did have the idea of getting a girl’s bikini bottom and having a prisoner number stamped on it. But I gave up on that idea. Maybe one day I will do it in my new house. Chain myself to the wall wearing just my Speedos and await my captor to come and torture me. I should find another girlfriend who liked bondage like the last one. But she only wanted to be tied up and would not tie me up. Two subs do not make good companions unless they are willing to participate in the other person’s fantasy. I was, but Chloe wouldn’t.  That is why we split in the end.

Anyway, back to the fantasy of the day. Fastening a ball gag in my mouth and locking it behind my head rendered me speechless. I climbed into the box, fastened the ankle cuffs and pulling the straps tight, and locked them closed. Now at the most, I would have to hop to get anywhere. I lifted the lid of the box and carefully positioned it on the top of the tea chest next to my box.

My next step was to pull the small cushion I had made from an old duvet into position. I sat down in the box, pulled the cushion onto me and then pulled the lid on top of that. I struggled in the darkness to get the cushion tucked in all around me but eventually managed it. I had to turn on my side. This meant that I was now unable to stand once the lid was locked on which of course it would not be. I was now ready to disturb the cushion and pull the lid on top. I laid it flat on top. It was heavy considering the position I was in, but I managed it.  

I got it into position and felt it settle on top of the box. Now I had to tuck the cushion tightly around me and lock my hands behind my back. This done, I settle back for a nice few hours of solitary bondage.  This was fantastic. I knew Amy would not be able to resist and I would have to be extra careful to make sure she did not find me. My last job was to click the locks on the chain closed so I am now strictly hogtied.

I dreamt of all sorts of wonderful things that would happen to me. I was to be packed off to slave traders, or a desert island where I would be the only man for their pleasure use.

I don’t know how long I had been in the box when I heard Amy let herself into my apartment. I heard her moving about checking everything. She even tapped my box. But after a few moments I felt her comeback. She hit the box once more. The box creaked as a weight was put on the lid. Amy must be sitting on the lid. I tried to push up but lying on my side meant I couldn’t exert any pressure. The next thing I heard was my electric screwdriver starting up. Screw after screw went into the box. The polystyrene chippings were creaking and cracking as I struggled. Amy must have heard them.

“Fancy the idiot forgetting to screw down the lid of this box” I tried to shout, but with the gag and the cushion over me, not much came out. But Amy must have heard me.

I don’t know how long I was waiting, but the box started moving. I felt it being put on a sack barrow and I was tilted as the barrow was leant back to allow it to move.

I had a sickening feeling as the lift went down. I had no idea where I was going. Amy obviously knew I was in the box and was disposing of me. “Oh my God” I thought, “Is she putting me into a storage depot along with my belongings?”

I felt the box being loaded into a small lorry of some sort. It was fastened to the lorry and away we went. Where was Amy sending me? She must know I am in the box.

I felt the lorry keep turning and driving on. We must have been travelling for miles when we stopped. The box was taken off of the back of the lorry and again I felt a sack barrow being shoved underneath and my box was wheeled in for storage. So far no one had said a word, so was it Amy or someone who had broken in and stolen this box thinking all my precious items were in here?

I heard the lid being removed. Eventually the box was turned on its side and I spilled out onto the concrete floor. I was now looking straight into the face of Amy who was lying on the floor looking straight at me. “My, you have got yourself into a pickle haven’t you? Why didn’t you tell me you were into bondage? We could have become bondage partners”.

If only I had known. I watched as Amy screwed a large shank into the skirting board. She then took a heavy chain and locked it to the shank and to my ankle. “There, that will hold you”. With that she released my chain from my cuffs and ankle cuffs. “I will leave those locked on you as I may want to put you back into a hogtie when I have finished. God, I never realised having you bound as my prisoner like this would get me so aroused. No one knows you are here, so I will remove the gag. You can shout for help as much as you like. No one will hear you”.

Amy removed the gag and I asked where I was. “Don’t you recognise it? It’s your new house. When you went out, I went in to see how you had left the place and while I was in there, there was a phone call to say you can move in today and not next month as planned. I rushed to the balcony and was surprised when you never left the building. I went back in found the paperwork with this address. The next time I went back in, I found the clothes you were wearing and guessed where you were. So I thought I would teach you a lesson. I used the time contacting your removal men and getting all the meter readings for you. Unfortunately your clothes are back in your old place, so you will have to wait until I get back. I don’t know how long I will be. I have to take the lorry back to where I hired it”

“You drove the lorry?”

“Yes, it was only a three ton one. It was quite easy really. Your box was on display to the whole town. It was all I could do to stop myself from having an orgasm” With that she took a pair of scissors from her bag. I tried fighting her, but she was too strong for me in the position I was in deftly she cut away my Speedos. “I like my slaves naked” she told me. Now I was cuffed and chained naked to the wall. Amy walked out leaving me like this, “I have to pop off as I have a lot to do. See you later. Now you can really be a captive by a woman instead of pretending”. She laughed and left the house.

It was some time later before she returned.”Oh dear, I have forgotten your clothes. The removal men will be here tomorrow. They are bringing your furniture here. I have brought you some food and we can sit here and eat it. Amy sat opposite me. She undid my ankle and wrist cuffs but left the chain lock keys out of my reach. She dished up the food and sat in a lotus position. Her jeans were so tight, they outlined her pussy nicely. Even while eating, that was the only place I could look at. Amy laughed at my torment especially when I got an erection.

After the meal Amy told me she was disappointed in the fact I had not tried it on with her. I told her I thought she was too good for me and would hate the idea of bondage. She also told me she was upset when I had not given her my new address.  

But she had it now. The room grew dark as we sat there talking. By the time it was so dark that we could hardly see each other, we felt like we were an old married couple.    

It was time to settle down and we slept with me cuddling Amy’s lovely body. We fell asleep spoon shape and my penis was tormented by the material of the jeans and Amy’s lovely pert bum.

Amy shot off the next day to get my clothes and return them before the removal men turned up to collect my things. Once I was dressed we drove back to our apartments and decided we were meant for each other.

I have been in my new house for three months now. Amy bought me some new Speedos, but she still likes me naked whilst bound. So here I sit stark naked tied to a chair, gagged awaiting Amy to return with what items she wanted of hers from her apartment and move in. She got a good price for her place and has promised that we could go out and buy some bondage items. She has told me she has a new latex cat suit, mask and riding crop, knee length boots and will take up her position as mistress of the house. I hope she will come back wearing them. I hope she bought the cat suit she was looking at with the zip that goes right underneath from front to rear. And she has warned me that if I fail to satisfy her, she will lock me in a chastity belt. I don’t think that will happen. I have had this tremendous erection even since Amy tied me to this chair and all I have to do is think of her in that cat suit. 



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