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Mistaken Identity

by GaggedUtopia

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© Copyright 2005 - GaggedUtopia - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; M/f; bond; slave; chest; toys; cons/reluct; X

Packaged Story Contest 2005 Entrant

"I really don't know how these people do it." thinking to myself. It had been 30 minutes since I passed the last sign of civilization if you want to call a single pump gas station civilization.  "I bet they don't even take credit cards!" I ranted.  I was starting to regret accepting my friend’s invitation to spend the weekend at his cabin in Maine.  I never could quite understand what the thrill of driving 3 hours to a cabin just to get drunk was. I guess that is why I am here, I felt compelled to find out.

Road signs must be a luxury only us city folk indulge in as I had not seen one for miles and was lost for sure.  I guess signs are not high on the list when your transit system consist of single lane dirt roads.  I trudged on through the clouds of dust until I came to a house fitting the description Tim had given me earlier in the week.  I chuckled when I recalled his directions "...and if you remember anything, remember this, just look for the only house that is not set on wheels."

This had to be the place; every other house I passed was some form of a trailer.  This cabin, rather, house was beautiful.  Log cabin style exterior, single story with attached garage.  I couldn't spot Tim's truck, but did notice a small red car in front of the driveway.  It must be JoAnn's car, Tim's girlfriend.  I picked up my mobile phone to let them know I had arrived and to make sure I had the right house.  As expected, there was no signal from the phone.  "Oh well" I thought, "this has to be the place."

I strolled up the walkway bearing gifts of warm beer in my hands.  When I arrived at the door, I knocked a few times, but received no response.  Setting the beer down, I moved towards the window and peeked inside.  I could see some movement in the shadows, like someone was hopping out of view.  "Very strange..." I thought, puzzled.

I tried to knock on the door a few more times, and again, there was no answer.  I can only speculate that JoAnn is there alone and is too shy to open the door.  Well fuck that.  I didn't drive over three hours to wait in the car until Tim gets back.  I looked under the doormat for a key, but there was none there.  I searched the porch area and with no luck either.  As a last attempt, I started looking under the rocks that lined the walkway.  After turning over the fourth rock, I hit pay dirt, the key!

Quickly brushing it off, I moved towards the door and unlocked it.  Stepping inside and shutting the door behind me, I called out "Tim?  JoAnn?  Anyone home?"  After a minute of silence, I began to get impatient, "Look, I know someone is here now stop playing games!  I'm tired and my back is sore from that damn trip."  Again, my calls went unanswered.

Turning on some lights, I moved toward the area I noticed movement.  Rounding the corner I was now in the kitchenette.  Something just didn't seem right.  "Maybe the place is getting robbed?" I thought raising an eyebrow.  Before continuing my search I grabbed a large knife from the block and made my way down the hallway.  "If this is a prank, someone is going to pay" I scowled.

I could hear some faint noises coming from the bedroom at the end of the hall.  Slowly I peered around the corner and was truly in shock.  There in front of me was JoAnn, completely naked, gagged, hands cuffed behind her back with her legs and ankles strapped together as well.  For what seemed like 10 minutes she starred at me like a deer in headlights as I gawked at her with my jaw wide open.

After finally getting myself together, I started to walk over to her.  "I never knew you two were into this!  I wish Tim would have told me, we could have had some fun!" I said, grinning ear to ear.

At this point JoAnn went into hyper-drive trying to talk to me through her large ballgag.  I let her continue for a few second before I interrupted "Look, I get it.  You tied yourself up so Tim could have his way with you when he got back.  I guess you didn't expect me to get here so soon!"

JoAnn shook her head wildly and again tried to say something.  "I'm not going to release you!" I interrupted, "You did this to yourself, and now you are mine to play with, at least until Tim gets back."  I reached from a belt that was lying on the bed, grabbed one of her arms I pulled her over the headboard.  Reaching behind her, I wrapped the belt above her elbows and around one of the posts.  Pulling it nice and tight, her beautiful large breasts thrusted forward as she was pinned to the bedpost.

* * *

Marie stared at her captor is disbelief and confusion.  He had obviously mistaken her for someone else, but with her ballgag, she was powerless to educate him.  What was worse is her situation, she was alone in these woods and her husband wouldn't be back for a couple days from his trip.  She could hear a faint click in the other room, signaling that her key had come free.  If only it had dropped a few minutes sooner, maybe she wouldn't be in this mess.

She watched intently as the man searched the room, for what she didn't know.  Maybe he was here to rob her and the rest was just a rouse.  Only time would tell.  She tugged and strained against the belt holding her to the bed.  If only she could get free, maybe she could get the key and explain that she is not JoAnn.

* * *

I looked around the room and found a large wooden chest at the foot of the bed.  Opening it I discovered the source of her restraints.  I pulled everything out and started to sort through what I needed.  It was obvious that bondage was more then just a kinky bedroom game to them; it was a way of life.  There were a few hoods, blindfolds, anal plugs, several gags, dildos, cuffs and piles of rope.  Further searching revealed a fiendish device and a personal favorite of mine, the armbinder.  I set it aside along with a blindfold and leather ankle cuffs.  Suspecting that she would have some devilish shoes to suit her restraints, I opened the closet door.  Before me was a rack full of shoes, ranging from a 3 inch heel to 6 inches.  I selected a nice 5 inch pair with ankle straps to prevent them from coming loose.

With restraints in hand, I walked over to JoAnn.  "Now here is how it is going to work.  I am going to put these on you and you won't give me any trouble." I told her.  "Nod if you understand"

With her consenting nod, I disconnected her from the bed and pushed her onto her stomach.  I couldn't help but think that if it were not for the fact that this was Tim's girlfriend, I would just strap her up spread-eagle and fuck her all weekend.  My cock was pulsing it was so hard, but I knew better.  Who knows, maybe he will have her give me a blowjob as a thank you for taking such good care of her. 

I reached into the chest of pulled out a key ring containing a few handcuff keys.  I removed her cuffs and instructed her to stay still.  Surprisingly she did, and I slipped the armbinder over her arms, crossing the straps in front of her.  I laced the two halves together and repeated the action once more to get it a little tighter.  Her arms and shoulders were strained as her elbows were almost touching.  Removing the strap around her ankles, I wrapped the small black strap around her wrists of good measure.  I replaced the ankle strap with leather cuffs and locked them in place.  Folding her legs in half, I connected her two ankles together with a chain link and to the ring on the armbinder effectively hogtieing her. 

With her feet secure, I slipped on the stiletto heels onto her feet and secured the ankle strap tightly.  For the final step I slipped the blindfold over her eyes.  I stood back and admired her form.  After a few minutes of watching her struggle against the restraints, I left the bedroom and went outside to retrieve my beer.  I was slightly disappointed they had warmed in this summer weather, but a few minutes in the freezer would cure that.

With my beer chilling, I searched the kitchen for something to eat.  Finding some leftover fried chicken, I put it in the oven to reheat.  That was when I noticed the serving tray.  This was no ordinary tray; it was designed for a slave to serve her master.  "When in Rome!" I thought.

I went into the bedroom and found JoAnn still on the bed struggling to get free.  I couldn't help but think how much she must love this treatment.  Other women that I have tied up have only tested their bonds for a few minutes, never really relishing in the restraint.  If I didn't know better, I would think JoAnn was really trying to get free!

Picking up her writhing body, I flipped her over my shoulder and moved her into the living room.  Setting her down on her knees, I commanded her to stay put and not to move.  With the tray in hand, I strapped it tightly onto her body.  Knowing all to well what was being done; she let out a sigh of disapproval.  "Now now slave.  Outbursts like that result in punishment!" I sternly spoke.

With my slave secured, I retrieved my food and beverage from the kitchen, set them on the tray and sat back to watch some TV while we waited for Tim.  I found myself spending more time staring at her beautiful bound body rather then the nonsense on TV.  I watched her cautiously shift her weight from knee to knee with practiced ease, careful not to spill my drink, all while working to release herself.  If this is what was kept Tim so entertained up here, I would be up here every weekend too!

A few hours had passed and during that time I removed the tray and laid her flat on the floor.  It took a long while for her to accept that escape was impossible.  Exhausted, she lay on the floor, probably sleeping judging by her breathing pattern. 

To my surprise, my mobile phone started to vibrate indicating I had new voicemail.  I had left it in the kitchen and noticed that it now displayed a low signal strength.  I picked it up and moved to the deck in the rear of the house.  The signal seemed to improve even more and was just enough for me to listen to the message.  The digital voice programmatically read off the phone number which I knew was Tim's cell number. 

After the number was read, the message started to play "Hi Tom, hopefully you get this; reception is not very good up there.  I was tied up with some things at work so I am heading up there now.  I spoke with JoAnn earlier in the day and she said she would keep you entertained until I arrive.  Unfortunately, I won't arrive until 9pm, so I will understand if you don't want to wait that long, however you are more then welcome to stay the night.  If you do leave, just make sure everything is locked up.  Sorry about this, talk to you later."

"Well that explains a lot" I thought, "no wonder Tim is not here, but I do like his girlfriends choice in keeping me entertained."  It was only 5pm, and while I could easily kill 4 hours with my new playmate, but I don't think I can control myself, she looks too damn good bound as she is.  I felt like Vincent Vega in Pulp Fiction, "So you're going to go out there, drink your drink, say 'Goodnight, I've had a lovely evening,' go home, and jack off.  And that's all you're gonna do."

It was not quite as simple as that, then again, I didn't have to deal with a chick that snorted a bunch of premium heroin.  I decided that I would leave Tim a little present before I left.  Walking back into the living room where JoAnn was still bound, I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom again.

To make sure she wouldn't run off, I set her down on the bed and used a short coil of rope to tether her by her gag to the bedpost. Even if she didn't escape my grip, she couldn't go far.  I removed her leg straps and cuffs from her ankles.  She stretched her legs in several directions in obvious disregard that her sex was very exposed now.  Almost as if she was trying to tempt me.

I flipped her onto her stomach and using several coils of rope. I bound her ankles, thighs and knees together.  After removing her armbinder, I gave her a few moments to stretch before I proceeded to coil ropes around her wrists and elbows cinching them tightly into one solid mass.  Wrapping a few extra lengths of rope around her chest and body, I secured her elbows to her body.  The red gag, black heels and blindfold looked little out of place with the massive amount of tan rope on her naked body, however I didn’t want to remove them.  The solution was to use an ace bandage to cover over the gag and blindfold giving her a more unified look without losing any of the benefits. I decided there was no need for the heels, so I removed them from her feet and set them aside.

As a final touch, I selected a small dildo and slid it easily inside her.  I was amazed on how wet she was, obviously very excited on what was to come next.  I turned it on and using the last of the rope, I secured the dildo in place with a very tight crotch rope.

With her bondage complete, I untied her bedpost tether so I could move her.  I pushed the large chest from the foot of the bed to the corner and placed JoAnn inside.  Using the digital camera in my mobile phone, I snapped a few pictures for posterity.  I know I will remember this day for a long time to come. 

I pushed her head down and closed the lid over her body.  I thought about securing a lock over the latch, but decided that there was no need.  She wouldn't be escaping without help and it is not like someone is going to break-in and take advantage of her situation.

Leaning down to the grate in the chest, I spoke to JoAnn "Hi JoAnn.  Tim left me a voicemail and will be by later tonight.  The vibrator should keep you nice and wet for your man when he arrives.  I'm going to take off and head on home.  I had a great time and hopefully we can do this again sometime.  I will leave Tim a note letting him know you are in here, it shouldn't be more then a few hours now."  I laughed as I slapped the top of the chest a few times.  JoAnn was more vocal then ever, but between the chest, bandage and ballgag they were just faint mumbles.

I piled all of the remaining bondage equipment into the corner near the chest.  Checking the rest of the house, I made sure all the windows and doors were locked and any mess I made was cleaned up.  It was 6pm now giving JoAnn 3 long hours in confinement, but it will all be worth it when Tim rescues her.

Locking the door behind me, I returned the key to the rock in which I found it.  I jumped in my car and prepared for the long trip ahead of me.  After almost an hour and getting lost a few times, I found the highway and headed south towards Boston.  When my phone reception returned, I sent Tim a text message, "Your slave awaits you!" with a few of the pictures I had taken.  Within 10 minutes I received a text reply, "I can't wait!"  Assured that JoAnn would be in good hands soon, I continued home. 

* * *

Marie was beside herself!  Not only was she bound hand and foot in what seemed to be miles of rope, nobody would be back to rescue her for days!  Her husband was out of town on a business trip and wouldn't return until Monday.  She cursed herself for not doing more to resist her captor, but it had been days since her husband last tied her up and she was happy to get a fix from anyone, even if it was a stranger.  Maybe this was all his doing?  Maybe this was one of his friends?  Maybe that is why he took pictures, so they could send them to him.  She became very excited at the thought of her husband planning something like this while he was away.

The vibrator buzzed away in her loins, keeping her on the edge of frustration.  It was not in a position that could bring her to orgasm and tightly bound as she was, she couldn't move and inch to even try and adjust it.  She tried to relax and enjoy her confinement.  It has been months since she was stored in this box and she felt a sense of excitement knowing she was alone in the house with only her box to protect her. 

* * *

The rest of my weekend went by fairly uneventful.  I masturbated more times then I could remember thinking back to the fun I had with JoAnn.  First thing on Monday morning I called Tim to see how things went for him this weekend and hoping that maybe we could have some fun together with JoAnn this coming weekend.

"Hey Tom, how's it going?" he answered, recognizing my number from caller ID.

"Nothing much, how about you?  JoAnn must be sore!" I snickered.

"What are you talking about?" Tim questioned.

Getting nervous, I didn't know if he was serious or messing with me, "You know, JoAnn, the pictures I sent you, you said you couldn't wait?" I responded.

"I have no idea what you are talking about.  I got to the cabin around 9pm and JoAnn said that you never showed up.  I figured something came up.  What does JoAnn have to do with those pictures anyway?" he questioned further.

"Oh shit.  Please tell me you are just fucking around with me." I pleaded.

"Seriously, I'm not.  What is this all about?" he asked.

I explained the events and what I had done.  I told him that there was a bound woman, in a chest, waiting to be released by Tim.  I explained that I thought that she was JoAnn and this was a game that the two of them were playing on me.  When his voicemail said he would be late, and JoAnn would be entertaining me, I assumed that is what he meant.

"Oh my god!  We have to get her out of there!  What if she lives alone and nobody finds her for days or weeks!" Tim blurted.

"We can take my car; I will call into work and say I won't be in." I said, "I will understand if you want nothing to do with this however."

"Don't sweat it.  I'm here to help.  Stop by my place and pick me up." he said finishing up the call.

I picked Tim up a few minutes later at his house across town and we started the long drive back up north.  During the trip, Tim admitted that he and JoAnn had played around with handcuffs and blindfolds, but nothing as serious as what I sent to his phone.  I spent the trip explaining a lot of my experiences, and what I was into.  Tim suggested, "Maybe you can show me some things to try on the REAL JoAnn."  Obviously poking fun at the situation.

Once we started to get close, it took me a while to remember how I had got there.  Luckily it was only a few days ago, so the roads were still fresh in my mind.  Once we arrived, I pulled into the driveway and immediately noticed another vehicle next to the red car from the other day.  Tim got out of the car to carry out our plan.  It was simple; Tim would ask for directions to a local restaurant and hopefully get a glimpse of the girl. 

Arriving at the door, the woman that I had tied and put into the chest answered.  She spoke with Tim for several minutes, and on a few occasions the two of them would glace at me in the car.  They ended the conversation laughing and Tim walked back towards my car with a grin on his face.

"Well, what did she say?  Are the cops on the way to arrest me now?" I nervously asked.

"Nothing to worry about.  Her name is Marie, Slave Marie to be exact.  Her husband came home a day early and found her in the chest.  She found it amusing when I filled in the blanks on why you did what you did.  She said that if you are in the area again, you should stop by again, her and her husband would love to have you over for dinner and have you share some of your expertise with them." he chuckled handing me a piece of paper.  "Their number is written on there.  Maybe we can all get together since they are only a few miles from my house." he said with a raised eyebrow.

"Sounds like a great idea.  Maybe you can have JoAnn find me a date; I don't want to be the only guy without a woman to tie up!" I said grinning.


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