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Miss Santa

by Emma Bond and NaughtyLisa999

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© Copyright 2017 - Emma Bond and NaughtyLisa999 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; myth; strip; gag; bond; tape; tease; torment; nipple; insert; ribbon; crotchrope; punished; bagged; packaged; susp; cons; X

“So Ms. Santa's favourite little Elf has been naughty again! Caught and admitting masturbation yet again huh?” Ms. Santa sat behind her huge wooden desk and looked sternly at the Elf. There were long paper scrolls everywhere on the desk. Some were even unraveled and were taking up floor space making walking across Santa’s office like a minefield. It wouldn’t do to step on a list and smudge the toy the children wanted thus creating a toy delivery mistake.

To the unaware observer, the desk looked chaotic. Holly Claus sat patiently for the last fortnight, typing the names from the paper lists into her I-Phone.

“Naughty little Elves such as yourself are enjoying themselves too much, quite literally too, and not concentrating on the toys for all the good little girls and boys!” She smirked sexily sucking on the end of a pencil she was using to cross off names from the lists. The gleam in her eye gave it away that she welcomed the break from the hard work that was Christmas.

“I am sorry Ms. Santa. I won’t do it again. I promise.” Arwen blushed as red as the red and green dress and stockings she wore. Coyly she twisted her body to tease her lover. Crossing her legs she emulated those human models to show her lovely profile. Arwen’s long brown hair came almost to her waist. In the Toy Factory that she ran for Ms. Santa, she wore her hair up. It was sexier down though, where she could rub her long locks over the fit flat stomach of her ticklish lover. She had deliberately let her hair down before knocking and entering Santa’s office when she had been summoned there.

“So what shall Ms. Santa do to show how this is not an acceptable act in the run up to Christmas? Sure on Boxing Day and into the New Year we can get strap-ons and feeldos and relieve each other’s little sexual tensions, tying each other up in left over tinsel and parcel tape. But not right now!” She glared at the impish Elf. “So my pretty little Elf, what am I going to do with you? Huh? You are such a wanton and wanting little Imp! And you are never really sorry are you?”

Arwen giggled and put her finger in her mouth like a naughty school girl.

“That cute little giggle has betrayed you once again Arwen! Should I add you to my “naughty list”? Or the "very bad" list where I have to administer the punishment myself to straighten the really naughty girls out?”

“Ms. Santa, I am a very bad little Elf. Perhaps I should be on the very Naughty List.”
Arwen said in her sexy schoolgirl voice that would normally have Ms. Santa melt and wrap her up in a loving hug.

“I don't think sending the Krampus out to deal with you would be half as much fun though! Do you? Perhaps the personal touch from Ms. Santa is required to administer and achieve the correct results!”

“Yes Ms. Santa. Perhaps the personal touch would be best. I am sorry Ms. Santa, but sometimes, I can't help myself!”

“Something else has come to my attention Arwen. Have you also been helping yourself to Ms. Santa’s mince pies and special reserve Napoleon Brandy? I know Rudolph likes a little tipple, as you can very well see from his nose! But that is medicinal and I put his shiny red nose to good use.”

Ms. Santa stared Arwen down until she turned her eyes away in a guilty flutter from Arwen eyelashes.

“I know his hooves can’t open the mince pie packet! I keep telling you; Drinking on the job in the toy factory is a "Sackable" offense! And whilst we are at it, you have been boasting again to the other Elves how I took you on my holidays and into the Human world. ”

Arwen smiled her most innocent smile. A sacking offence was the most severe punishment for one of Santa’s Elves. There hadn’t been a “Sacking” for over two hundred years.

“Now run along and do try to not fall over from the tipple you imbibed! Fetch me my smallest Christmas sack. Yes. The red one. With the white fur lining!”

“Yes Ms. Santa I am very sorry, I will fetch that right away.”

It was a little while, then there was a light rap on the door and Ms. Santa raised her head from the list smiling at Arwen’s return.

“I have got your sack Ms. Santa.”

“So, did you leave the toy factory and play with yourself again while you were getting my sack? Were you watching computer porn of those to lovely ladies tied to the bed and teasing each other?” Ms. Santa was referring to two lovely human girls. One was dark haired, the other a blonde. They were mischievously teasing each other, tying each other to the bed and fooling around. It was one of the hottest videos Arwen had shown Ms. Santa while in bed the prior evening. Ms. Santa cast her mind back to the prior evening and how they had acted out the scene.

Arwen smirked and nodded she had.

“I will tie your legs and arms to the bedhead and spank you just like they did! As extra punishment I will use my fingers and tongue on the hood of your clitoris and expose the glans before I lick you senseless. I am not sure if my naughty Elf wouldn't enjoy that though! Now where is that sack? Bring it over to me right now.”

“No Ms. I was good. Okay I wasn’t completely good. I did play with my nipples a bit; but only a bit Ms. Santa honestly! Here is your sack Ms. Santa.”

“Did you bring the parcel tape? No? Go and get it and be quick about it, you naughty Elf!”

With a rush of feet, the little silver bells on the Elven shoes jingled into the distance and then returned.

“So you admit to being naughty! You know you are to be "Sacked". You also know that naughty Girls and Boys are put on the bad list. Let me see the punishment list. Yes. Just as I suspected. Only Arwen the Elf has been on the naughty list in the last half a century. Dereliction of duty is a beach of Elf and Safety rules that those pesky politicians brought in, in the Brussels Parliament.”

Ms. Santa leaned back in her chair pressing her finger tips together contemplating Arwen’s fate.

“I could dock your pay, but you work for the love of little children's faces on Christmas day which is more thoughtful and rewarding than money.”

“I do love to see the children’s faces, Ms. Santa”

Ms. Santa nodded thoughtfully. “Let see. Hmmm. You are all fed well as every day is Christmas here in the Lapland.”

“I do love Christmas dinners and pulling the crackers with you Ms. Santa.”

Ms. Santa smiled at Arwen. She had a little gleam in her eye. She knows I love Christmas as much as she does, even if it was a lot of work for her since she took over from her grandfather Nicklaus Claus, she though, contemplating a punishment for the naughty Elf.

“Yes I love Christmas dinner too. The chipolatas in bacon wraps are my favorites too. I could cut your chocolate "tree bauble" allowance but you would only sulk and complain. So what am I to do with you huh? You are a bad Elf.”

Arwen feigned surprise and innocence as Ms. Santa stared at her.

“Please don’t be mean to me Holly.”

"What's that? Did you whimper please don't be mean to me Holly?" Ms. Santa almost shouted this.

“Did you call me by my real name? You know you are to address me as Ms. Santa in the month of December! If Grandpa Claus heard you show that much disrespect to me you would be wrapped up and left under the tree for a whole decade!”

Arwen jumped back a step. She knew she had overstepped the mark.

“You know I am only doing my duty here because Daddy decided to leave Lapland and join Chase Manhattan using his math skill to make billion dollar deals.”

“It’s because he likes Golf.” Mumbled the naughty Elf.

“What? You cheeky minx! You say he only did that so he can play Golf! You rude little Elf!
That may be true Arwen, but do you see the number of Golf courses here in Lapland? If Daddy wants to work with the humans it’s his life.”

Ms. Santa seethed at her lover.

“Okay I don't really get on with his new wife. . . . She is one of those flaky do-gooder attention grabbing socialites. He married a do-gooder in penance for leaving here I think.
Daddy may have married her because he is guilty of being the black sheep in the family.”

Ms. Santa looked out the window staring at the fir trees in the distance, all frosted and touched with snow.

“He thinks she is doing “good” with her time. Stop prying into Daddy's private life you pesky Elf. You know how heartbroken Mummy was when he left her. All she does is make Christmas Puddings now!”

“The other Elves help her. They want her to be happy Ms. Santa. I do hope she gets over her depression. It’s been years and years since your Daddy left her. She always looks so sad now, whereas before, she was always so happy.”

“Yes. It is a good job you Elves showed her how to go into business and market her wares. She may be a multi-millionaire food production company executive, but I do wish she could find someone like I have with you. She hasn't been on holiday since the Thames froze over in the sixteen hundreds.”

Arwen blushed in happiness and pride at what Holly had said. A rosy glow touched her cheeks.

Ms. Santa glared at her. Arwen puts on this cute little girl lost demeanor and normally I melt and have to kiss her, Holly thought.

“Stop grinning like the Cheshire cat! And stop fluttering your eyes at me. You know I love you and don't say it enough. But I have been really busy. I just wish Math came as easy to me as it did to Daddy. Sometimes I wish I had the guts to jack it all in and go lay on a beach in the Caribbean for a few years.”

Holly turned to look out the window once more. If she left Lapland, Grandpa Claus would have to come out of retirement. After Nine hundred years as “Santa” Claus, he had started to take a back seat to the family business. Holly’s father had taken over the Sleigh reins and had been Santa during the Victorian and Edwardian era. But her father had other things on his mind. He broke away. He had wanted to resume a human existence, abandoning his wife and twin daughters here in Lapland to run off to the “Big Apple”. In New York he had started a career in Investment Banking.

Holly turned away from the window to sit back at her small desk. She picked up the pencil twisting it over and over in her delicate hands. She knew her grandfather loved being able to go down the club with his friends and play cards and dice like he did when he was a youth.

It was late in the dark ages when the population of Europe where expanding and battles and hardship caused misery and loss for the poor peasant class. He had come to the attention of the secretive Elves because he had started to carve little wooden toys and delivered then to the children of his village. He and his wife were childless, after years of trying. It was then the Elves had chosen Grandpa Nicklaus to be Santa. If he hadn’t started carving those wooden toys for the kids back then, I wouldn’t be here now, Holly thought.

She shook her head to shake off the sentimentality and melancholy of it all. The Elves had gifted them both a child; Hollys father; and immortality if they stayed in Lapland and became Santa. Santa became a beacon of hope and happiness for all innocent children caught up in turmoil’s at the time.

“Arwen, I am not Daddy. Do you know how long it takes me to work out how much magic dust I need to use on the presents to make them fit into a six by four sack? No you probably don't because all you want is to be naughty and then sleep with me all the time.”

Arwen giggled and crossed her legs pulling down on her red and green striped Elf dress coyly. She had jazzed up the standard Elf uniform attire with some tinsel, and she wore small Christmas bauble earrings which looked so damn cute on her that Holly couldn’t chastise her for it.

“Okay I like that part very much too. But I am stuck on the computer for a solid fortnight. I have to check and double check that 7.6 billion people in the world, and due to their religious beliefs, that’s really 3 billion people who are getting an average of five presents each weighing an average of five hundred grams . . . well let’s just say it's a pile as big as Mount Everest.”

“Ms. Santa, is that where you took me out into the human world and we skied?”

“Not quite Arwen, we went skiing in the Alps.” Holly sighed, remembering the wonderful Après Ski and the log fire and the fluffy rug in front of the fire they had made love to every evening before and after dinner. “It was the place I took you skiing after last Christmas Day.”

“I remember the fluffy pillows. I thought I would never stop sinking into them.” Arwen purred.” I did enjoy the après ski and the rush of going off piste and then coming back to the room and sinking into the eiderdown duvet with you, Ms.”

Holly smiled remembering.

“Where we made love all night in the hotel room and we were to happily spent to even get up in the mornings?” Arwen continued.

“What? Okay I enjoyed you very much under that duvet too. Now shut up! I am losing my track of thought. Yes, Math. I under estimated the Magic dust and had to make a trip to the Mall to get some more. It isn't easy getting what you need on Christmas Eve.”

“The humans seem to make out ok. Ms. Santa” Arwen thought about all the drunken dads coming home from a bar and remembering they hadn’t done the shopping yet and picking up rubbish gifts for their hard done by partners at a late night drug store or service station on the way home, because all the other shops were closing.

“Yes the humans always leave things to the last minute, but I am Holly Claus. I shouldn't do things like that, and it’s all because you rubbed my toes. Now I want you to strip.”

Arwen looked shocked. She was only ever ordered to strip when Holly, Ms. Santa, wanted to make an example of her to the other Elves. She shivered in fear but also in excitement. She secretly had desired to be humiliated and taken in front of her fellow Elves. She never thought Ms. Claus would do such a thing to her. Sure she had threatened but never carried it out in all the decades they had been lovers.

“Yes. I said strip so don't look at me like that. It’s only minus ten in here. It isn't that cold!”

Arwen mmmphed again. It was a little pleading sound in her throat playing on being cute for Ms. Santa. Reluctantly she started to disrobe folding her clothing neatly and putting it onto the chair she had been sitting on earlier.

Holly looked over to her, but she could tell from the gleam in her eyes she was giggling inside. She knew that Arwen loved being naughty and to make her cross. It was the expectation of what Holly would do, that Arwen enjoyed.

Holly toyed with the wrapping paper and wrapping tape Arwen had put onto her desk. Arwen’s Elfish nature made her a playful trouble maker. The more trouble she was in, the more fun she had.

Arwen bent to slip off her silver belled shoes causing them to jangle. Last, she pulled off her green and red striped knee length socks. She looked over to Ms. Santa. “That’s right Arwen. You know exactly what I want you to do with your socks.”

Arwen glared at Ms. Santa and started to roll the socks up into tight little balls. She looked once more at Holly, who told her with a wave of her hand to get on with it. Arwen opened her mouth and started to gingerly press first one wadded sock into one cheek and then the other until her pretty elven mouth bulged and her lips would no longer keep together. That was when Ms Santa threw the pretty parcel tape over to her.  She ripped off a couple of strips pressing the wad deeper into her mouth to cover her lips. She had gagged Holly like this many times and had also been on the receiving end too. Arwen knew that by wriggling her lips and blowing air from her mouth the tape would eventually lose its sticky quality and she would be able to spit the wad from her mouth.

It was then she saw Ms. Santa make a twirl with her finger. Arwen knew right there and then that she would spend the rest of the time thoroughly gagged with no means to get free of the huge wad of cloth in her mouth.  She started to wrap tape all the way around her head.

Arwen kept wrapping the tape around her head, pinning her cute pointed ears to the side of her head as she continued to wrap the tape around her head and gag herself. She wrapped until the wrapping tape ran out leaving just the cardboard roll in her hand. She tossed it into the bin under Holly’s desk, wondering what Holly, Ms. Santa, would do to her.

She made a little giggle knowing she was in a lot of trouble. She couldn’t wait to find out.

Gosh she thought. I hope I have not over done it this time. Holly did look a little stressed and very cross.

“Pout away under the tape gag my naughty little Elf. Now before we start your punishment, I am not angry with you as such. Elves are impish and fun and extremely loyal. Unfortunately your playful nature sometimes makes you A.D.D. Attention Deficit Disorder. Your attention to detail slips as you all think of other things.” Holly turned back to stare out the window smiling at what her Grandmother had once told her.

“Just like the human women of today who juggle work and babies and shopping lists and writing Christmas cards and deciding on what to do for dinner because men only ever think about sex and football. Elves are able to do and think about so many things all at the same, only much better than the female humans.” Holly turned and grinned at Arwen who stood listening intently.

“This is the reason Grandpa Nicklaus employed you Elves, rather than women in his toyshop. That and because Grandma Claus was very jealous of all those women sitting on his lap the closer they got to the big day. Can you believe it, my sweet little Elven lover, that those women had bets on who could get him hardest? They used to wear such short little Santa outfits that they hardly covered their stocking tops. They also started to wear higher heeled boots too, causing them all to show off their shapely butts and calves.”

Holly walked over to Arwen, stepping over the lists on the floor. She ran a finger down Arwen’s gagged mouth, down her chin and neck where her finger circled Arwen’s nipple causing it to harden like a little bullet.

“MMM, I have seen the pictures. Those women all looked so hot. I remember stealing the photo album and touching myself looking at the pictures, wondering what it would be like to have them under my Duvet.” She teased Arwen’s other nipple. Arwen pulled back, jealous at what Holly had revealed to her.

“Oh? Do I detect a hint of jealousy you little Minx?” Arwen could only nod in frustration. A frown wrinkled her Elven brow. “So you are jealous. I made love to human girls when Daddy sent me to boarding school and to college In Europe. They are so needy. You know I am human but I consider myself almost Elven. I find humans always want more than they have got. This modern era has stifled the need for philanthropy that bettered the human race. Now everyone just wants fame and glory.”

Holly paced around Arwen running her finger around and over her shoulder and traced down Arwen’s spine causing the Elf to shiver in anticipation.

“Arwen my quiet little love slave, you should see the television programs they have. They have foolish Z list stars who do dance programs or singing programs or ice skate programs where they half kill each other or end up dating and ruining their existing relationships. Humans are so needy and unhappy with their current lot they want so much more. There is even a show with a Jungle and they have these people eat Kangaroo anus. Now Kangaroos are very cute but they need their anuses for other things.”

Her finger traced a line over the Elf’s pert little bottom.

“Adult humans are worse. It is a good thing the very young children believe in Christmas. They don't quite understand the gift giving. Then as they get a little older they realize. Then when they are ten or eleven they start asking and demanding X Boxes and I phones and Juicy T shirts and Playboy Bunny undies, which is when they stop being children and become like their parents. It is only when the older humans get, they come full circle and start to experience the joy of sitting and chatting at the table with friends and family; eating turkey and drinking mulled wine that they start to see the joy of Christmas once more.” Holly spun Arwen around to stare into the Elf’s face.

“Are you crying? You are. Don't cry my precious little present.” She hugged the Elf and whispered into her ear. “The humans always start off being good, then, they become naughty, and then become good again. Just like Grandpa Nick’s Naughty and Nice list. They lose and then they regain the joy of Christmas. You don't have to be sad. It is their nature. Remember I am a human. That is why I can relate to them. That is why I talk to you about them. This is why I want you to come away with me on my January holiday breaks so you can experience the world from the human point of view. So you can see the full picture.” Holly smiled trying to cheer the sad little Elf up.

“It isn't so you can rub the noses of the other Elves in it and make them jealous. Yes I know you do that. You Elves are so forgiving though. Now that is another reason I am punishing you today.” Holly swatted Arwen’s bottom once on each cheek before putting her hand between Arwen’s legs and stroking at her crotch. Arwen murmured in pleasure closing her eyes leaning back and thrusting her crotch into Holly’s hand.

“Now you will walk with me into the toy factory. You will stop at the chalk board and you will write “"I am a naughty Elf. I have been bad. I have disrespected my Elven family and friends. I accept Santa's punishment and deserve to be top of the naughty list”."

Arwen shook her head in disagreement. She didn’t want to show her naked body to the other Elves. She wanted Holly to tease her to orgasm and tweak at her nipples like she had on past occasions.

“You shake your head. Are you defying me? You would defy Santa Claus.” Holly raised her voice an octave. “Let’s see how you like those Elven nipples tweaked in front of the other Elves.”

Arwen whimpered and shook her head.

“You don't? Then you will do as Ms. Santa commands. You will accept your punishment and be thankful you are loved and respected.”

Arwen couldn’t believe her Elven ears. Holly and the other Elves did love her and respect her. It had to be true if Ms. Santa said so. She rubbed her head on Holly’s arm as they walked from the office into the hanger sized toy room.

Holly stroked Arwen’s hair and face with tenderness. “You don't know that you are respected?” She questioned. “Grandpa Nick asks after you all the time. You didn't know that? He asks if you make me happy. He knew from the smile on my face. He told me I must make you as happy as I am.” Arwen hesitated looking up into Hollys face. “Yes he did!” Holly smiled looking down into her face.

“Grandpa Nick knows how good a worker you are and why I promoted you to head toy maker. Grandpa Nick was concerned at first. I could see it in his eyes and his big rosy cheeks. He said nothing though.”

Another tear of joy came to Arwen’s eye and she blinked it away so the other Elves wouldn’t see how happy she really was.

“Grandpa Nick had to prove himself to the Elves and then the world to deliver his carved wooden toys. First, one village, then, it was two. Then it was many villages. Then it was a country, and then a continent followed by the whole world. You had to prove yourself to him and you did that over the decades. Grandpa Nick knew there were older and better toy makers than you. But you had more ideas to stream line the toy production process than they did. You spoke up with ideas in the Elf meetings while they did not. Even if you thought they were silly nonsense ideas you came out and told me of them.”

Holly stroked her lovers face. “He is proud of you, you haven't let him down. Even though you get distracted and want to sleep with me all the time rather than check the quality control of the toys.”

Holly took the Elves face between her hands looking into Arwen’s eyes. “Now you will accept your punishment and set a good example to the others that you are fallible as we all are. You must accept criticism, and not be above our Elven law. Do you see what I am saying now?” Arwen nodded. “Good.”

Holly placed her arm under Arwen’s and held her hand. It was more of a show of solidarity than to force her into the toy factory.

The Elves were hard at work. One side of the factory there were elves mixing colour into molten plastic and were injection molding plastic dolls, GI Joes and all his equipment. All the Elves wore safety goggles and thick leather aprons and gloves as protection.

A small part to the side of that, Elves sat at work benches with soldering irons making remote control airplanes and cars. Along from them was a sewing area where teddy bears and clothing for the plastic dolls were made. Further down were the production line for dressing dolls and packaging the toys into boxes and cellophane wrap that were then heat shrunk about the box. On the mezzanine floor above where the Gameboys and X boxes were being assembled were the Elven computer boffins creating new game software cartridges. In a gaming chair several were testing the authenticity of the games. Did the action figures being shot look real? Did the racing car games crash like stock car carnage? Other sections petered off into the distance. The toy room was immense. When Holly had a section meeting she usually rode a bicycle down the delivery aisle to meet with the elves. Sometimes she rode ten or eleven miles back and forth.

As Arwen walked down the delivery aisle into the heart of the workshop the Elves noticed and went quiet. Everyone downed their tools or stopped what they were doing as Arwen walked naked and proud into the room taking comfort that Holly was by her side. She walked slowly up to the large Chalk Board and started to write what Holly had asked her.

Holly turned away searching for an Elf. Then she saw him at the back of a small crowd. He looked stunned. He was a similar height to Arwen.

In fact all Elves were roughly the same size. It was so much easier when ordering a job lot of cashmere sweaters or scarves and gloves or new bobble hats with jingly silver bells for their Christmas presents. Holly delivered the Elves presents on Boxing Day visiting each house and spending a little time with each Elven family.

All Elves celebrated Christmas on the 26th due to the busy nature of Christmas day and the 24 hours it took for Santa to deliver all the presents to the world.

Holly raised her hand and waved him to come over. “Johan, do you think you can handle the Christmas toy production? Arwen has been a very naughty Elf and must set a good example.”

“Yes Ma'am.” Johan looked stunned. His hand came up and rubbed his white whiskers. Most male Elves wore beards. Lapland can be extremely cold in the winter. Elves could tolerate extreme temperatures, but they liked to be warm so kept their hair and beards long.

“Good. From today you have full responsibility. You report to me only.”

“Yes Ma'am.” Johan took his red and green cap off. The silver bell jingled as he twisted the cap in his rough hands, He had been a toy maker all his life. A thousand years of cutting and splitting wood and to hammer and chisel a nice toy from a rough piece of wood showed in his big hands. Holly took him by the hand. “Good. I knew I could rely on you.”

“Pardon me for asking Ma'am. May I ask why?” He looked over at the board. Arwen’s neat hand writing adorned the chalk board. She stood to the side holding her hands behind her back looking shamefully at the ground. Johan only then noticed the wrapping tape over the Elf’s mouth. His jaw dropped open in shock as he noticed the bulging cheeks. He knew instantly Arwen’s mouth was packed tight with something and the tape was keeping that thing in to keep her quiet.

“You may ask. But Arwen will show you. Wont you Arwen?

Arwen walked slowly to the black chalk board pointed up at the writing. Johan read the words. She had written big neat Elven writing exactly what Holly had asked her. Then she bowed her head and turned her head to the wall to hide her shame.

Holly stared at her lover. Was this to show humility or to hide her naked body from the other Elves?

“Turn around you naughty Elf. Show everyone you are ashamed to have been so naughty.”

Holly called out loudly over the machines making the toys so all the Elves could see Arwen’s punishment.

With a clear voice she started to speak. She did not need to shout as all the Elves had very good hearing. She spoke just above the sound of the machinery. “As you all know, last Christmas I took Arwen as Head Toymaker into the human world so she could experience what humans were like. It has come to my attention she has been teasing you with her stories about life sitting on the beach drinking rum cocktails.”

Holly paused for emphasis. “While she teased you with that, she neglected to tell you the full story. Of her idea of Malibu Beach Barbie that came from that trip. She also designed the car and the clothing accessories which went on to be the number one Christmas toy for girls. She did not want to explain that it was a working holiday. What she has done is unacceptable.
The little Imp will be punished. I will not have one Elf be mean to another. Therefore she will spend time reflecting on my words. She will be "Sacked".

The factory went silent. Then the Elves began to whisper and mutter to each other.

“She will be "Sacked" and that is final.” Holly said more harshly.

Johan spoke up breaking the silence. “Ms. Santa. Are you sure that the punishment isn't, how shall I say this without trying to seem to undermine your judgement; severe?” He paused. He looked up at Holly. His eye twitched nervously.

Holly continued. “It has been decades since we have "Sacked" anyone. I was only as high as Grandpa Nicklaus knees and I remember how shocking this punishment was. Elf Arwen has accepted her punishment. I have admonished her.” She turned and shouted over the Elves whispered comments. “ARWEN! DO YOU ACCEPT THE NAUGHTY PUNISHMENT?”
Arwen walked to Holly’s side with her head down. She nodded slowly, then she looked with big sorrowful eyes into Johan’s eyes and then up into Hollys.

“There Johan, She nods her head in acceptance of her wrong doings. Prepare the Christmas wrapping tape, LED lights and the tinsel wrapping paper. Oh. And two very large spearmint Candy Canes.”

Arwen looked around. Holly could tell from the expression her lover was curious.

“Elves! The punishment is set. If you have been slighted, you may pinch her nipples or smack her bottom as punishment. You have half an hour of free time to do this. Johan. You supervise and make sure they are fair.” Holly walked off. She took the stars to the mezzanine two at a time. She needed to get away before she ordered the Elves to stop and to let Arwen free. She turned her head away as the Elves formed a line.

She could hear the slaps on Arwen’s naked flesh and the muffled screams as every Elf walked passed to administer the punishment Holly had ordered. Shocked at the noise, Holly clasped her hands over her ears. She tapped her heeled boot on the wooden floor until the time was up. Then she returned to the floor to see Arwen crying in pain. One nipple looked red and sore. She rolled Arwen over. One cheek of her bottom was red.

Rage rose in Holly. The Elves had punished Arwen for her teasing. Every Elf had smacked Arwen in exactly the same place or tweaked the same nipple. Holly was angry. She had sentenced her lover to this torture. It wasn’t like the teasing that they did in the bedroom. Holly instantly regretted the “Sacking” however eager Arwen was to endure the punishment.

Her lover was quietly sobbing on the top of the work bench rubbing at her breast with one hand while soothing her bottom with the other.

“Johan. Please have the present wrapping and ribbon tiers bind Arwen.” Johan trotted off and came back with a couple of Elves. They were both young in their first half century or so. Both were female and very beautiful. They smiled nervously at Holly. Both fidgeted when they approached Holly. “Ms. Santa.” They both nodded with respect as they both spoke together. This was the first time they had been asked to do something for Ms. Santa.

Holly ordered the Elves to bind Arwen; wrists behind her back. Ribbon soon spun around her wrists and cinched between them, forcing Arwen to gasp. Holly checked the wrist binding.

The Elves were good.

“Please bind her elbows, knees, both above and below the knee and then her ankles.”

The ribbon flashed and wound and cinched. The Elven girls smiled, pleased with their work.
Holly was stunned how quick and methodical the Elves had been. Both were very thorough.

She commended them both on the superb work. She said it just loudly enough so the other Elves heard the conversation as well.

Holly picked up a strand of tinsel and started to tie her lover into a chest harness.
This was more for show, as tinsel was easily broken in struggles. The tinsel was to titivate and tickle Arwen’s breasts.

When satisfied, she slowly inserted a Spearmint Candy Cane into Arwen’s butt. She slowly inserted it withdrawing and then inserting more of the candy cane until most of the cane was buried deep inside her ass. Then she turned Arwen onto her front and took great delight at inserting the candy cane into Arwen’s puss. When Holly had buried the candy cane as deep as she intended, another tinsel strand was tied around her waist and then through her legs to tease and tickle but also to keep her “toys” in place.

When she was satisfied, Holly asked Johan to have the parcel wrappers to wrap Arwen tightly and then tape her up. “Leave her head free and her breasts.” She ordered.

Arwen was soon wrapped in pretty Christmas wrapping paper and Christmas tape.

Arwen tried her best to struggle but the paper and the tape had effectively mummified her.

“As you love Christmas as much as I do Arwen, I have an early present for you.” Her finger teased at both of Arwen’s nipples. She tried to be gentle with her sore breast. As soon as Arwen’s nipples hardened enough, Holly tied the heavy Christmas baubles to Arwen’s nipples. Arwen whimpered as the weight of the baubles.

“Johan, will you please hold the sack open.” Holly gently picked Arwen up and started to tuck her into the sack. When there was just her head left out of the sack she closed the drawstring. Holly replaced the belled hat on Arwen’s head where it had fallen off during her punishment. She stroked her hair and ran a hand down Arwen’s cheek.

“Johan. Please sprinkle the magic dust to the sack. I am not sure I can do the final part.” Holly’s voice trembled. She looked sadly at Arwen, who had started to shake her head in protest. At the end of every shake she jabbed her head at Holly.

Johan looked at Holly. “Ms. Santa I will do this for you, but Arwen thinks you should be the one to do this.” He said meekly. He held out the dust to Holly.

A gasp came from every Elf's lips. Once in the sack, they all knew that the magic dust would be administered and the sack would shrink pressing on the already tight bonds.

With a sprinkle she threw the dust over the sack. Holly had to turn away as the sack started to shrink until it formed tightly around Arwen’s body causing her to gasp as the bag continued to tighten. Arwen found the limited room she had was now gone. She could move her fingers and toes but the sack had contorted her body into a little ball and now kept its tautness. Arwen knew that unless more magic dust was added, the bag would struggle to tighten until reversed.

“Johan. This is your floor now. May I have a private word with Arwen before you hoist her into the tree?”

The work shop had a real Christmas tree growing up through the floor. The Elves had decorated the tree in lights and baubles and stars and gingerbread shapes. It looked lovely.
The Elves had regular breaks to eat the gingerbread and popcorn garlands as well as the chocolate baubles that all Elves loved. There was a special chocolate room that made all the children’s treats but also to replenish the baubles the Elves loved to snack on. An Elf, although short and stocky, never got fat. They worked so hard they burned lots of calories. They ate a Christmas dinner and drank mulled wine by the pint. They all consumed around five thousand calories a day. Grandpa Nick had to invest in a Turkey farm when the land was cheap in the middle ages. It was a good thing he did. Elves ate Roast Turkey with all the trimmings every day.

Johan nodded and turned and shoed away the Elves within earshot and then stood aside and made himself busy until Ms. Santa was ready to call him back. Holly knew he was a discrete. Elf. She made a note to thank him with a special present this year.

Holly bent over so a compressed and harassed looking Arwen could see her.

“I am sorry Arwen. They were vicious punishing you like that. I didn’t anticipate that. I trust this will show you that you can’t tease them all like you have been. Next time I “sack” you it will just be you and I and it will be my sleeping bag and under a palm tree on a Caribbean island sleeping out under the stars.” Holly bent and kissed Arwen on the tip of her button nose. She wrapped a little string of chasing LED lights around the red sack that gave a nice glow. She turned to call Johan back, when she hesitated.

She bent once more and whispered in Arwen’s ear. “I still have the magic dust. If I throw it on the Toy Factory it can be like none of this has happened.” Holly’s voice trailed off.

Arwen shook her head no. Her bum hurt and her breast felt like it was on fire. With her elbows tied tightly, her breasts were thrust out and rubbed harshly against the cloth of the sack. The sack was so tight when she breathed she could feel the sack tighten and then stretch with every breath.

The Spearmint Candy Canes in her ass and pussy were starting to warm her sex. Holly had Arwen eat a candy bar from her puss back in the sixties when she heard Mick Jagger may have done the same to his current squeeze. Now she was punishing Arwen. The spearmint would irritate her sex and her ass like an itch that couldn’t be scratched.

Arwen gasped at what Ms. Santa had said. Holly would break her own rules for her. Although she was a naughty Elf, she knew she could not undermine Christmas. She shook her head no, once more.

Holly nodded her understanding. Her cheeks now burned red. She was ashamed she had subjected her lover to this treatment.

“Johan, please raise the sack up high and hang the sack from the top of the Christmas tree. Every Elf will see her. There will be no Christmas food or mulled wine until her sentence is complete. Once a day she may have a slice of bread and a cup of water. Arwen, this is to be your punishment for the next five days.”

“Er. . . excuse me Ms. Santa. Five days is a pretty strict and severe sentence.” Johan spoke up. Holly noticed that his twitching eye had stopped. It was what she needed from her head toy maker. Someone to speak their mind and not to be nervous while doing so.

Johan waved his hands at two burly Elves. They put down the massive crate they were walking through the delivery bay and trotted over in a jingle of bells.

“Careful, she is very dear to me!” Holly couldn’t help herself and blurted out her feelings.

“Don’t you worry Miss. We aren’t like those bandits at Parcel Force. We never ever lose a package, and we always deliver intact.” They grinned and lifted Arwen between them and carried her over to a long stepladder. Arwen was hoisted over a shoulder and one Elf climbed the ladder while his mate held the bottom of the ladder firm. As gently as he could, the burly Elf put the sack onto a branch, making a little nest for the bag, before securing it to the branch.

Holly had to finish the sentence, it was the rules. She hesitated and bit down on her lip.

Johan could see the reluctance. “Ms. Santa. What are your orders now?”

“I am sorry Johan.” Holly composed herself. She forced herself to say the words while resisting the urge to run to the ladder and free her lover.

“Now Arwen has been hoisted you will meet with the Elves. You will agree on the severity of her sentence and how long she hangs from the tree in the sack. If there are Elves who sentence her for longer, that will be her new sentence. If you all decide a shorter "Sacking" is called for I will accept your judgement as Head Elf. That is the Elven law after all.”

Holly looked up the tree to where her pretty parcel lay. She could see the discomfort on her face and Arwen’s forehead frowned.

“Remember Johan, that you now have her job. If you really wanted to be mean you could set the Elves to keep Arwen up there for a year or three.” Holly turned to leave. She didn’t think she would be this upset. The game had now ceased to be a game.

“Johan, you are aware of how dear to me Arwen is but I cannot show her favouritism. You are the Boss. I will abide by your decision. Please don’t disturb me for a while. When you have decided the sentence, I would be grateful if you brought me news of the decision at the end of the day.” Holly turned and started to walk away. Her heart felt heavier. If she didn’t leave now she would start to cry.

Johan cleared his throat. Holly turned. “Ms. Santa you are always fair to us. It is my duty to plead for a lighter sentence. We need every Elf on the floor to make sure the Christmas wish list is filled. I know that if I were in the sack Arwen would do the same.”

“Are you sure of that Johan?” Holly glared. She wasn’t sure now.

“Of course! Arwen will tease us but she does work hard. She would be heartbroken if Christmas was ruined because we hadn’t made enough toys.”

“Ms. Santa. This is the first “Sacking” you have had to order. It isn’t taken lightly by the Elves.”

Holly was upset. ”They beat her. That wasn’t right what you all did to her. That was spiteful.” She spat with venom.

“That’s right Ms. Holly. You didn’t know this but that is the way all Elves punish a “Sacked” Elf. The pain is concentrated and intense. All Elves are told to fear a “Sacking”. We have been doing this for thousands of years. Arwen accepted her punishment. She bravely accepted everything done to her. She did not flinch or try to turn away. I see this has caused you some distress. She will not be in the tree for five days Miss. And she will probably have chocolate baubles fed to her even though you have ordered us not to. Although the names of those breaking the rule will accidently on purpose be instantly forgotten by me.”

Holly wiped away a tear from her eye. “Thank you for those words. I knew you were the right Elf for the job, Johan.”

Holly was still upset. She had locked herself in her little office. She shut the door so she could not hear the Elven songs and carols they sang so beautifully. With Arwen tied and severely gagged and hanging off a branch thirty feet from the floor; it had been more of a distraction than she had imagined. She had managed to work a little more but she wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

Holly pulled the small wooden drawer open in her desk and pulled out the bottle of Napoleon Brandy and a glass tumbler. She poured two fingers. Grandpa Nicklaus always told her two fingers was the measure. Anymore and you were a drunkard.

She gulped the Brandy and it burned in her stomach. She poured another. Would Grandpa Nick call her a drunk if she drank five tumblers of this stuff, and kept each at two fingers? She thought to herself.

She had missed dinner. The Elves had worked hard barring the distraction of Arwen’s “sacking”. The factory was now deserted. The dinner hall was noisy and the Elves were singing Christmas songs, fuelled by Brandy and Mulled Wine. Holly didn’t have the heart to join them with her lover in the tree.

An hour before Johan had returned. A large faction of Elves, the older ones had asked for the maximum sentence. They wouldn’t extend the sentence on Arwen which cheered Holly up a little. Five days was deemed sufficient. However the younger Elves, those under five hundred years old, had requested two days. They said it was all blown out of proportion and that the crimes from the past were strict and too harsh for what was deemed unworthy of wasting their time on trivial matters. It was close in the poll.

Johan finally stood and addressed them all as Acting Head Toymaker. Holly had opened her door when he addressed them all.

Johan was eloquent. He had talked about happy girls and boys and the disappointment on their faces at not being able to have a toy because the Elves were short staffed. Arwen would be heartbroken if the children were unhappy on Christmas Day. How she had walked demurely into the Toy Factory and had written her crime on the wall and had apologised before Santa had ordered the sacking.

There were murmurs and whispering. Some of the Elves had thought Arwen was begging for her own mercy. Johan cut those thoughts dead in seconds, saying Santa had sentenced her for five days. When told that, many Elves said they should obey Ms. Santa.

Johan interjected they should not obey every word Ms. Santa says. They were Elves first and doing the right thing was more important. Johan emphasised that Ms. Santa had done the right thing, by entrusted the final verdict to the Elves. Traditions had been maintained. Two days was fair and just. And so they called the vote on two or five days.

Holly shut the door after that, not wanting to hear the verdict.

As with most votes, a bunch of hot heads would shout and scream and try to intimidate the meeker voters. Johan’s burly delivery Elves were asked to stand by the ballot box used for the vote. He had told the Elves that no one would be intimidated and must vote their own conscious.

The ballot box was really a large red house shaped box, with eves and gables, and painted doors and windows. There was a slit in the roof to post letters into it. The roof could be raised and lowered on a hinge to take the letters out. The post box had been painted by an old Elf who passed his after-Christmas break painting water colours. The roof was painted as if fresh snow had fallen on it. Windows looked in on a family sitting by a fire place with stockings hanging from the mantelpiece, and a roaring log fire causing a warm glow that lit the room. It was a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Grandpa Nicklaus reluctantly had to put it aside for a webpage. He had been using the post box for seven hundred years give or take a year or two.

When the good girls and boys sent their letters to Santa, they used to write their wishes on paper and burn them in the flames of the hearth fire. Elven magic would transport those wishes and reassemble them in this very letter box! With the invention of central heating and radiators and air conditioning, the need for fireplaces in a house diminished. Most children these days posted online to Santa’s Facebook page or wrote letters that the Postal Service kept aside for Santa. The letter box remained mostly unused now gathering dust in the corner unless used for an Elven vote.

Johan remained to oversee the vote. He cast his vote last of all. The counting seemed to take hours. Holly was quite tipsy when Johan knocked on the door.

“Ms. Santa. I have the result.”

“Johan, will you call me Holly.” Ms. Santa sniffed trying to hold back the tears. “I don’t feel like being Santa tonight.”

“Ms. Santa, Arwen will be sacked for two days.”

“She didn’t tell me a sacking would be like this. How you bloody Elves would treat her and abuse her.” Holly was sobbing now.

“I thought it was a game she wanted to play. She is naughty to me all the time. I love her. I wouldn’t have done what you all did to anyone.” Tears flooded from her eyes and she used the white fluffy ruff of her sleeve to wipe them away.

“Miss Holly. You say she wanted this? I don’t understand? She works hard. Why would she want this to be done to her? I know I am just an old Elf and not up with you youngsters, but why?”

Holly flushed with embarrassment. “I don’t think I should explain this to you, but Mummy is flaky and Daddy isn’t here. I would be too embarrassed to tell Grandpa Nick and I would never be able to look Grandma in the eye if I told her.” She went to pour another glass of Brandy but there was nothing left in the bottle.

“Miss Holly. You don’t want any more of that? You haven’t had any supper and you missed lunch again. Drinking on an empty stomach is bad for you.”

“My lover tied and gagged and sacked in a tree isn’t good for me either.” Holly turned her head and spat back.

Johan pulled up a chair and sat down. Ms. Santa wasn’t herself. She would normally have asked Johan to sit down. She would also have offered him a glass too. “Would you like to tell me about it?” He waited patiently while Holly regained her composure. She had found a box of tissues at the back of her drawer and had blown her nose and was dabbing her eyes which were now red from crying.

“We had been having fun. I like her and she liked me and we hit it off. Well one thing led to another and we are now lovers. She is lovely. She is soft and tender and her smile lifts me up when I see her. You know. All that romantic, crappy, clap trap.”

“Why call it crap Miss Holly? It is obviously more to you than clap trap.” Johan soothed.

“Well we were fooling round and one thing led to another and she tied me up with ribbons and had her way with me. When I did the same to her she purred in pleasure. She wants me to tie her up all the time. She goads me so I do it, and then when I do we have the most intense sex together. I used Rudolph’s reindeer whip on her and she orgasmed without me even touching her. She was so passionate about the situation she came from just me beating her.”

“Miss Holly, Elves are like this. This passion usually manifests itself when we love something. Some Elves are genius wood workers. Others like to paint or can do electronics. All these traits we are blessed with usually help us in the workshop. Arwen has channelled her feelings into something that she loves. That would be your relationship and the . . . Ahem.” Johan coughed in embarrassment. “Activities you have been participating in.”

Holly flushed in embarrassment. She had helped turned her lover into some sort of bondage loving BDSM nut.

“Oh my God! How can I help her to overcome this?”

Johan burst out laughing. “She has found her true love. It is a calling, Miss Holly. You won’t be able to change her. Not now.”

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