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Melanie's Mystery

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2012 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; latex; wrap; bandage; wooden statue; encase; insert; toys; gag; ceremony; FM+/f; entomb; climax; cons; X

Melanie Richards was a serious student… of bondage stories. Spending hours evey month reading on-line tales of damsels-in-distress, girls getting themselves into trouble and she’d always wished for something to actually happen to her, rather than just reading made-up tales.

A talented artist Melanie had started producing sketches from the stories she’d read and her boyfriend William, who worked as a self-employed craftsman treasured each one. Getting rock hard seeing images of women tied up and helpless. Though he and Mel did this for real he never felt brave enough to really make her bondage inescapable, not wanting her to get hurt or marked from cords and ropes.

So when Melanie showed him a story of Melissa on Gromets site, being trapped inside her statue it was something that he thought could be made possible. Getting hold of wood wasn’t a problem. His father had been pleading with him to take down an old oak tree from the garden for at least a year now. The fact it was so huge had been the problem, mainly because of the cost. No way could an amateur and a few mates have attempted the task. The trunk must have been at least three feet in diameter and going up thirty feet before it started to split into different branches, the tree itself reached over a hundred feet high and was an impressive sight.

A smallish win on the lottery had finally enabled Bill, as he preferred to be called to get it brought down in stages. But the crucial thing was that main trunk. Now cut into seven feet lengths and Melanie, having seen them one afternoon had quietly asked if Bill could make a statue, ‘like the one in Melissa’s story’ out of one. 

Young Mr Kane had grinned and agreed, getting Trevor, his mate to transport two of the lengths to the workshop attached to their home. He actually said to his buddies they’d probably end up as firewood for dad’s woodburner but for the moment he’d do his best and duly started work. Firstly slicing each from top to bottom then gradually hollowing the halves out. This meant Melanie had to be ‘acurately’ measured and an enjoyable day was spent as he wrote things down like ‘nipple to…’ ‘neck diameter’ and suchlike. She’d done a couple of sketches to show what was required and Bill used a lot of his free time out there doing her bidding.

He actually made two, one exact like Melissa’s with the arms by the side, but the second had been his idea, with the limbs crossed behind the back. Each had been completed from inside and Melanie had spent a few minutes closed up in each, though sadly there hadn’t been any dildo or gag to finish the effect off. She didn’t complain as he’d worked so hard on these for her benefit, all he’d had to do now was carve the actual figure from the outside.

While waiting for him to do the carving Melanie set up a page on Wiki, devoted to 'The Goddess Bondeeja' A totally fake site with sketches she'd done of the statues Bill was making and tales of who 'Bondeeja' was. It was a bit of micky-taking of Egyptian heritage and history. The country relied on it for tourism but she thought it unlikely anybody would take her page seriously. As Wiki's reputation for accuracy was the butt of much humour the pair had thought little about it. They were however quite surprised at how many visits their page had. Melanie hadn't wanted any comment left so didn't include a 'contact us' link at the bottom. 

Weeks’ later Melanie smiled as Bill led her into his workroom after their dinner, having told the girl that her figure had been finished. The lassie delighted to see the newly polished statue in the corner as he’d promised. It looked like the second one she’d tested. Arms behind the back, rather than his first effort so she knew what was coming next. “Wow, it looks amazing” she gushed, pleased that somehow he’d made her statue hips a little narrower than they actually were.

“Ready then?” he asked and she undressed, stepping out of her slinky red number, shivering in the frigid air conditioning in here, then shedding her underwear too. Coming over to see her ‘home’ for the next hour or so. After a long kiss she turned away and allowed Bill to help her into the bodysuit. This made of industrial thickness latex and despite the amount of talc used it still took a long time to get Melanie all zipped up. Her hands were eased into gloves but she was surprised when he balled her fingers up then secured them with fasteners she didn’t know about.

“Cannot have you knocking to get out,” he grinned and she smiled, waving a fist in front of his face. It was pretty warm inside the suit and the lass would be glad once inside the statue. It’d been cool while testing it outside and naked, but here, in the chilled room she should be the same with the suit and bandages on.

These took an age for Bill to apply and through it Melanie got more excited. At one point he had to dry her off with a towel as she’d dripped on the floor! “Should have stuck a certain something in there to block you up,” he’d chuckled, dabbing away. His sensitive touch almost made things worse. But finally she was a glorious white-wrapped mummy, only the center part of her face was visible and she asked to see herself in the mirror before he did her eyes. Bill didn’t ask why she wanted both her nose and mouth left free. Normally he’d insist she be gagged but didn’t want to spoil this today, though he had read the story to see what had got her going, so made a couple of extras to surprise her.

Bill came up with the last of the bandages, kissing Melanie before placing two pads over her slightly scared eyes, blocking her ears with plugs then wrapping her head under several layers like the rest of her body. She could barely move her jaw to accept a drink and Miss Richards hoped she’d be fine.

Taking Melanie’s arms he guided her back, easing her into the statue, watching as she positioned both arms behind her with some difficulty into the slots. Sighing as her shoulders rubbed the top then slid underneath and she was in. Mel didn’t say how tight it actually was with the thickness of the suit and four layers of wrapping over the top. She thought it’d be amazing if Bill could get the front bit shut!

“Yes, that’s great, you can love” she said to the nose tapped question, ‘was she ok for him to close it up’, smiling happily as they had another session with tongues. Another tap on her breasts and moments later a now shuddering Melanie felt the air flow change and the smell of polished wood getting stronger as the front came round.

She gasped as the pressure suddenly arrived, forcing her breasts back into her body, the front bit for her face now gripping tight, even the wooden bits that held her legs apart were the same. In the story the gag would appear at any moment… so she squealed loudly when one slowly drove itself in over her eager tongue.

‘Next’s gonna be a…’ Melanie grunted as a huge dildo arrived, sliding gently into her thankfully wet zone and filling the lass totally. They both stopped at the same time and Mel was thrilled that he had added the extras, but slightly stunned at how tight this was. The thickness of the latex suit and bindings meant she was actually larger now than when testing it earlier. ‘Like I’ve put on weight’ she moaned into the gag.

Two thumps on the sides made her jump and Melanie realised he’d finally got the latches across as the pressure increased slightly again. Not knowing how much difficulty it’d been for Bill to do it. He’d pushed those two protusions into the statue at face and lower areas and it made him grin. “No wonder she squealed! The minx.”

Another bang, right on the carved nose was the signal that she was completed and he wheeled the statue into the corner, set the angled lighting on it and snapped a few photos for the collection. No way would any of their friends believe that the figure was actually occupied by a stunning brunette, helplessly mummified, wearing a thick latex suit below that and plugged in all bar one of her holes. 

Melanie was definitely a virgin at the rear and he’d respected her wish to remain so. Having shot the photos for the Wiki page he went off for a drink then returned, sitting in the armchair and watching his girl. Trying to see and hear if she was close to orgasm. She was actually unconscious, having an earth-moving series before he’d come back from the kitchen having cleaned and done the washing-up.

Bill’s eyes drooped and he set his alarm for another half-hour, she wouldn’t mind two hours rather than what had been agreed! Dimming the lights and he was dozing very shortly.

Coming to with the buzzing of the clock Bill grumbled at the headache thundering through his brain. He’d only had two drinks and surely it shouldn’t be that bad. It was eight PM and would take at least an hour to strip Melanie’s bindings off so he’d best get started. Arriving at the statue he reached for the side catches… and stopped.

They were not there!

Bill Kane frowned, then checked the other side in case he’d… but nothing there either. Just two wood blocks shaped exactly like the catches, but wrapping his fingers round each one soon proved fruitless. A close look and he could see the carve marks deep into the wood and knew that somehow there was a serious problem here. Getting a torch from the drawer he shone the beam up the nostrils, expecting to see Melanie’s nose… but it appeared to be empty. A shaking boyfriend grabbed a blunt screwdriver and inserted it. Slowly sliding it well beyond the normal length of the human nasal passages, then wiggled it about.

“Oh my goodness!” he said, now slowly comprehending the impossible… Melanie had vanished.

The girl herself was puzzled. She knew Bill had planned to move her about to take some photos in the room, but why on earth was the statue lying on its back? This was damn painful with her arms twisted behind her like this, even the padding didn’t help now, besides she couldn’t work out why the thing was vibrating a little. Trouble being it was also making her pussy grip the dildo again… and again, and before long Miss Richards was screaming into the gag as another series of orgasms tore through her tired and aching body before she passed out.

Coming to Melanie Richards head was pounding with a headache like nothing she’d ever endured. Even her Freshers Week ones hadn’t been this awful as she tried to move, only to realise something was amiss. Surprised by the fact she was now lying on a flat surface. Dressed in what felt like silk from neck to ankle. A faint breeze blowing across her body, making her nipples, both already aroused from the slinky material caressing them, even more tender. She opened her eyes cautiously, wincing as the sun drenched room exploded into her conciousness.

It was the fact her wrists and ankles were clamped to the surface that was alarming. Legs slightly apart, arms held by her sides. Another over her slim waist, with another either side of her neck but at least this one was open. But the others prevented Melanie doing anything except lie there as she craned her head to look about.

The room was just like she’d seen in films about Egypt and the Pyramids. Hyroglyphics all over the walls and the ceiling too was equally well decorated. But what the hell was she doing here, or was this some strange dream?

She couldn’t speak as her throat was stuffed to bursting with a gag, so after another look round Miss Richards stared up at the ceiling and shuddered. This was a bit much for her to take in, though it was producing some strange sensations below her midriff. 

Only her fingers able to twitch and Melanie tapped the hard marbled surface with her nails. Her pussy was free of the dildo, more to the point she felt cool and fresh as if she’d just been washed. Relieved that her mystery captor had at least allowed her to hear. This was bondage of the sort she’d come to expect from Bill but he might have had the courtesy to tell her first that others were involved tonight!

That was until the chanting started from the open doorway beyond her feet and Melanie twisted her head the few degrees the collar allowed. Only to jump as hands cradled her head and straightened her face up. A heavilly-veiled figure had appeared from nowhere, definitely female and robed in the same flowing white silk dress she was wearing. Melanie could almost see nipples through the material as it leaned over her.

Naturally Miss Richards tried to squeal into the gag. A faint ‘shhh…Bondeeja’ in accented English from the girl, and gentle caressess did little to relieve Melanie’s instincts. She’d started at the use of that name. Surely these people hadn’t read her stuff on the internet… had they? It must be Bill and his mates fooling with her, so not wanting to spoil it she settled down to wait and see what happened next. She did want to know who this girl was as most of Bill’s mates were single.

Casting her eyes downwards towards her feet Melanie was stunned when another veiled girl arrived through the doorway, coming up to stand alongside the first who had moved a few paces away. The two stared at each other and a few whispers passed between them. A nod from the newcomer and they advanced to stand above Melanie’s head.

Miss Richards froze when a pair of hands appeared from the side as they were holding a thick strip of material. The other girl cradled Melanie’s head, lifting it off the surface but holding it firm, another gentle ‘shhh’ as Mel tried to protest. She closed her eyes in resignation as the blindfold was applied and tied off. It was so thick she shuddered, and Melanie wondered what was coming next.

However her body betrayed her when unseen many fingers began to work her nipples harder and she sighed as the rate caused her pussy to once again start bubbling.

More hands ran over her body, the girl trembling as they stroked her almost to… then stopped just as she was about to blow up. A gagged sigh got little reaction as the chants got loud enough for Melanie to realise that somehow she was to be the star of whatever this show was.

Now the singing came into the room. At least a dozen, she reckoned having been in the choir at her local church. But what language they were singing she didn’t have a clue. Once it stopped however came a firm clear voice… and she recognised it as Arabic. It droned on for a while, then Melanie really did shudder when it switched to heavily accented English!

“The Goddess Bondeeja, once thought lost for a millenium, has been safely returned from a journey beyond comprehension of those left to mourn her passing. Here she lies before us all at last. A body, still so perfect after her ordeal, awaiting the covering that her status requires. Her eyes shielded forever from the world she once knew… and will now rejoin,” he intoned and Melanie again tried to speak. A hand clamping hard on her jaw, forcing the gag even deeper into her throat than she thought possible, soon stopped that and she surrendered to the inevitable. She shook as the collar was locked around her throat, more gentle 'shhh...' doing little to sooth her nerves. 

A clicking came from below and the waist restraint was freed. Melanie tried to push up but froze again when what felt like a blade touched her neck, just below the collar. To her amazement fingers lifted the material of her dress and Miss Richards guessed correctly that it was about to be removed. If she waited till her limbs were freed then maybe…

But the blade moved down without the other restraints being undone. She felt the dress being peeled apart as it was sliced open. Melanie naturally staying still as the knife passed over her breasts and she also managed not to flinch as it descended between her legs to the hem. The material was folded away and Miss Richards tried not to flush as many hot breaths came over her body from both sides.

“Perfection indeed,” was the general consensus as quiet voices muttered amongst themselves. She dare not struggle now as the blade had returned and once more was resting lightly on her throat. Fingers then came and touched her breasts, making Melanie jump, then shudder as they were manipulated hard. Flushing didn’t help and more comments passed as a thick phallus was eased into her exposed pussy, slid as far as possible then removed. A faint groaning eminating from her gagged lips brought another ‘shhh…’ 

The chanting in Arabic began again, really hamming it up and lasted for a while, so Melanie tried to tune it out, sure this was an elaborate set up of Bill’s mates. She got so chilled out that Miss Richards was shocked to realise the other restraints had withdrawn, the table too had vanished and somehow she was hanging in mid-air! It was so weird, she still couldn’t move, even her fingers had lost their ability to wiggle. But it was also quietly relaxing so Melanie just… well lay there. Only jumping when hands finally touched her limbs, spreading her legs then easing both arms out till she was almost in a rather pussy exposing x-shape.

Melanie’s fingers were rolled into fists then her unseen voyuers began wrapping them in bandages. Despite the realisation of what was obviously happening Miss Richards could do nothing. The gag was removed but her voice too had stopped working. It wasn’t worth resisting as more hands began to work on her feet. Winding them tight into many layers, the next team starting when the first had got to her knees. More started on her torso and Mel lost count of how many unseen people were binding her.

She estimated it was either five or six completed layers she’d been incarcerated in. Certainly it was damn snug inside her cocoon. The only bits that had been left free were her nose and mouth, plus a small hole over her pussy. Melanie couldn’t even smile as she suspected… and was proved right as her feet were lowered to the floor and the hands supported her under the armpits.  

Now the unseen helped Melanie backward till her feet rested in the slots and Miss Richards knew she was going back into the statue. Her arms were released and now she had a little muscle power, with some effort she placed them behind her back. The surrounds of the figure bumped her heavily padded shoulders as the girl wriggled her wrists into the grooves of the cross-wristed carving. A moment later they began chanting as she was settled into the statue. Hands gently stroking her face and she actually smiled once she was ‘in’ position, still hoping this was Bill and his friends. A last chorus of rather good singing was followed by silence and Miss Richards knew the thing was about to be closed…

The expected pressure arrived, greater than Melanie expected and she quietly gasped as the front was closed. That wooden ‘collar’ now very tight on her throat but not, thankfully enough to choke her. She automatically opened her mouth and seconds later the gag arrived, followed shortly by the monstrous dildo easing itself into her sopping wet canal. Stuffing Melanie fuller than she thought possible.

The statue lurched, then Melanie felt it shuddering as the thing swayed about for a while. Her pussy already gripping the vibrating dildo as the first orgasm approached. A series of thumps made her jump as the figure came to a stop, the long dragging sound of something being brought across the front then silence fell. Melanie imagined her statue being hidden behind a wall, maybe in a pyramid as the sun went down, and the exciting thought got her wet again. She planned to sketch a storyboard about this when Bill finally let her out…

So the wait for freedom began… 


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