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Means To An End

by J.M.

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© Copyright 2008 - J.M. - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/fff; bond; captives; tattoo; wrap; crates; transported; toys; nc; X

Dawn had broken, crisp and fresh. Steam drifted out of men's nostrils as they stood upon the line. Battle flickered in their eyes as they peered across the plains at the advancing host. "Draw your blades, and Stand!", yelled the commander. These young roman soldiers had no experience in actual battle. All they knew was what they learned in basic training. Their wills hardened as their thoughts drifted to their women and children tucked behind the city walls. They had to hold off the barbarians or die trying. The things that had been heard about what these Huns did to the towns they sacked chilled the blood.

Two thousand men at arms, Five hundred mounted soldiers and innumerable peasants and slaves swarming at their flanks. The Huns were a terrifying sight and several men broke the line and took off running; knowing that their meagre four hundred soldiers would not stand against them. The roar of charging men could now be heard and a silence fell on the defenders.

"Let em have it!", screamed a man on the wall issuing an order on the walls. Just then hundreds of arrows went screaming over head and fell among the Hun ranks.

"Charge!", the commander screamed and the two hosts charged at one another. The screams of men roaring into battle was deafening. The ensuing clanging of steel on steel and thudding of wood on wood. The battle was swift and the defenders were easily over taken by the tide of barbarians.

The town was easily sacked and the Huns poured into the city from every entrance.

The Hun commander rode to the town centre. "I know she is here, Bring her to me", he ordered to his personal guard.

He had a large pavilion set up in a wide grassy area under the shadow of the governors mansion. Oxen pulled heavy wains of goods into the town, a few of which were then emptied into his pavilion.

He did not have to wait long before his guards returned with a lady wearing fine garments and her two hand maidens.

"Let me go you animals!", she could be heard struggling against the guards.

As they entered the pavilion, her face turned white. She knew well who this was. The infamous Hun king Attila.

"Mmmmm, the young Honoria.", He spoke with power and dignity. "I have heard of you before my young lamb, indeed this entire battle was for you."

She shrunk back and cowered at this, for she knew why he wanted her. She was the daughter of the Emperor in Rome. She was a strikingly beautiful woman, a true daughter of kings. Her face was fair and unblemished and her large perfect breasts heaved her tight dress out in front of her.

"Now, you will get me Rome. I don't expect you to understand how or why."

He gestured to his men near by to prepare them. The large soldiers grabbed onto their clothes and ripped them from their bodies. They tried to cover themselves up but were pulled up by the arms to a fully erect position by the guards.

Attila stood inches from her face as he spoke, "You will carry my message to your father."

"What is the message?", She asked.

"You needn't worry your mind about remembering it", he barked back at her, "I said you would carry it".

He went and sat in his large throne and gestured to the men to do what they were trained to do. The men wrapped leather cuffs around each of their wrists and ankles. The men then bent each of them over a flat wooden table and tied their wrists and ankles to loops on each of the table legs. "First, you will be given your message."

A slender man walked in just then with a leather satchel. He knew exactly what was to be done and he moved to Honoria's hand maidens first. He took a large strange looking pin from the bag and dipped in a vial of black liquid. He began to prick meticulously around the back of the first maiden. She screamed as he moved all around her back. It took Honoria a minute to figure out what was being done. He was tattooing the message on them!

The tattooist weaved back and forth on the poor girls back pricking over and over until her body was wracked with pain and sweat poured from her. He had nearly finished the message when the girl passed out from the pain. Turning his attention then from her to the other hand maiden, he repeated this with her as well. She screamed until her throat was raw when the tattooist finished. Her body slumped breathing hard and sweating profusely. He then turned his attention to Honoria. The king called for a simple message on her back, five small words on her upper back. The tattooist touched the pin to her back and it felt like a burning needle stabbing her mercilessly. Her back arched and her breath was stifled by the pain. Though it was fast, she had an idea what her maidens had gone through.

"Good, Now prepare them for their journey", Attila jeered with a grin, quite enjoying the show.

The men opened a few crates and took implements from them, starting with a few lengths of rope, leather straps and some large penis shaped objects made from heavy iron. They saw what was coming and protested, yelling, pleading. The man walked in front of her and grabbed her hair, pulling her head back and pushing a wide leather strap into her mouth, he buckled it tightly behind her head rendering her mute. Grinning a bit, he walked behind her with one of the iron phalluses and a coil of rope. "You will love with little lamb."

The phallus was driven into her tight little cunt with no remorse, it was ungodly and it felt very heavy inside her. She struggled a bit, trying to force it out, but the man wrapped rope around her waist a few times and looped the end through her legs, and doubling back pulling it very tight and driving the cold phallus into her. She protested through her gag but was rewarded with only a swift smack across her ass. She could hear her maids whimpering behind their own gags as they were violated in the same way.

They left her there for a minute while they discussed the next step, The phallus was getting warm now, and she was actually getting turned on by this intrusion. Just then the men untied her hands and feet and stood her up. They cuffed her hands and feet together now and retrieved many large bolts of fair white silk from the crates. She did not understand what was meant by this.

They began at her feet, wrapping them as tightly as they could, which was not hard for two large soldiers. Spiralling around and around getting tighter and tighter as they went upward. Once they reached her cunt, they stopped while one man tied a short length of rope to her crotch rope and draped it down over the white silk around her legs. They then continued. Wrapping around her ass as tight as they had been told, she felt everything inside her being compressed. Including the phallus.

Continuing upwards they quickly encompassed her midsection and took their time wrapping many times around her breasts. An Iron collar had then been produced and locked onto her neck. A few firm hammer tinks and she knew that something had been made more permanent on it. They continued up her neck, wrapping tighter and tighter until they started on her face. Her eyes shifted over to the maid on her left and she saw that the same thing was being done to them, only they were being wrapped in rough burlap. Just then her maids head was covered up and she felt sick for she knew how much burlap would itch and scratch.

As she watched her maid, her eyes were covered up and her world was now void of all colour. They continued around her head for a moment until tying it off. Now unable to see, her balance wained. The men grabbed her and forced her down into a ball tie form. Producing a few leather straps, they tightly wrapped around her in this position, locking her in this shape. They let her try to stand on her tip toes in this position and chuckled as she fell over on her side. Now all three women were bound and helpless.

They could hear wooden boxes being opened and her heart sank to her toes. The two maidens were pushed into small plain wooden crates with barely enough room for their bodies. Honoria was placed in a similar box, though hers was made from fine oak. As a last gesture to her, he placed her in the box and fed the loose rope through a hole in the side of the box. The crates were loaded onto a wagon with Honoria in the middle at the very back and her maidens on either side. He tied a large bronze sword to the rope coming from the side of the box so its blade would drag on the ground as the wagon moved.

She felt the pressure inside the box, and awaited any movement. She could hear him saying something but couldn't make it out. The wagon began to move and instantly, her crotch rope began to sing and vibrate. She began to pant and strain against her bonds, but she was totally unable to stop her own arousal. Her maids could heard whimpering softly every once in a while. But she could be heard rocking back and forth in her box and moaning and groaning, being forced to orgasm again and again.

They had been sent as mere objects back to the emperor in Rome, a warning on one maid, and demands on the other. Her own message was unknown to her but her trip went much faster than that of her maidens.




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