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Marie's Escape Challenge

by Dodger Fan

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© Copyright 2005 - Dodger Fan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; crate; FF/m; chast; steel; cons; X

Packaged Story Contest 2005 Entrant

Marie is considered the best female escape artist in the world. Marie was so confident that she issued an escape challenge. Marie told her last audience that she could escape any form of binding. Her terms were very simple if she was unable to escape she would pay him or her 750,000 dollars. The rules were as follows any form of bindings was acceptable. The location would be her home in the country. You will get three chances to bind her. There will be no time limit. She will be nude for every escape challenge. Also you must leave the room while she is escaping. If she wins the escape challenge you become her non paid employee for life?

So here I am knocking on her door with a trunk full of my best custom made restraints. If all goes as I expect I will be flying to Las Vegas for a vaction? 

Marie opens the door and there in front of me is one the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. She is wearing a form fitting leather catsuit. Marie said that it’s late and she said lets have some dinner and then we could watch her best escapes on dvd.

The dinner went well Marie told me how she became an escape artist. She said that her sister had been an escape artist and she had taught her all her tricks. After dinner we began to watch her escapes. She was just incredible. No matter how well she was tied she could escape in less than two minutes.

But I was still convinced that I would win this challenge. After we had watched all of her escapes. We hugged and I kissed her and both of us went to our rooms. I awoke feeling very confident that this challenge would be over after the first challenge. As I came down the stairs I saw this vision of beauty doing yoga in the nude. It took my breath away. She had one the best figures that any model would envy. 

I asked if she wanted to have breakfest first and she said she would eat after she escaped from the first challenge? Let’s get this party started. I began to remove the rawhide strips from my trunk. I soaked them in a bucket of water so that they would tighten when I turned on the four electric heaters on. 

"Marie turn around and put your palms together". I firmly wrapped and cinched her wrists. Every knot was secure and out of reach of her fingers.

"Marie do your elbows touch? Yes that will make this more secure". Marie’s elbows knees and ankles were all cinched and tied like her wrists.

Next I wrapped rawhide around her waist and then I went down through her crouch up between her wrists and then back down though her crouch. I wrapped rawhide above and below her beautiful breasts. The only thing left to do was to turn on the four heaters. It took two hours for the rawhide to tighten. Escape looked to be impossible. I decided to hogtie her just to be safe. "Marie I am going to have breakfest have fun"

"It won’t take long I’ll be out in less than three minutes". I started to laugh but I chose not to. 

I left her alone so she could attempt to escape as per her request. Her bound body was so beautiful that I ran up stairs to get a camera to take  pictures of  Marie. As I was coming back with the camera all I found were rawhide strips but no sign of Marie. I found her in the kitchen eating breakfest.

"Marie how did you escape from that bondage?"

" Better luck next time."

As we eat breakfest I asked her if she was ready for the next challenge? 

"Yes, I took a dip in the pool  to clear my head after such an impossible escape".

For my second challenge I put a hood on Marie. She wouldn’t escape from this challenge.  I used leather straps first on her wrists, elbows, ankles and above and below her knees. Then  I put an armbinder over the leather straps. I had it custom made to fit her. Next came a leather harness that covered her from her neck to her wrists. I tighten each strap as firmly as could be done.

I told Marie that I was going to leave here alone again. But since she was hooded I chose to stay. It was a beautiful sight to watch. Marie tried everything she could. But after three hours she was still confined in my bondage. Her efforts were futile all that happen is her body was covered in sweat.

I had to get a picture of this breathtaking sight. I ran upstairs to get my camera. As I came down the stairs I saw only leather straps and a armbinder. Marie had escaped again it was impossible. I found her in the pool. Marie must have someone helping her. I searched every room, closet, basement and the attic nothing. I found no signs of anyone. 

"Marie I am going for a drive to relax". I took my trunk with me. I didn’t want her to see my last challenge. Marie had gone to bed by the time I returned, so the last challenge would be tomorrow morning.

Marie came down the stairs with a look in her eye as if she had already won. "Marie after your yoga do you want to eat breakfest first or after the challenge".

"No I’ll wait till after I escape".

For my third challenge I used my custom made steel restraints. This time no escape would be possible without the keys. 
I began by putting a hood on her so that she couldn’t see how the steel restraints worked.

"Marie put your wrists together behind your back." Snap as the steel came together.

"Marie put your elbows together." Snap as the steel came together.

"Marie put your feet together." Snap as the steel came together.

"Marie put your knees together." Snap as the steel came together.

"I am going to attach a steel rod to your  neck, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles." snap snap snap snap snap 

"Marie I am almost done I just need to put the keys in to tighten each restraint. All done have fun I am leaving now".

"No problem I’ll be out within 5 minutes".

This time there would be no escape. I watched her try to escape for five hours Marie could only move her fingers and toes. I decided to take her hood off and ask her if she wanted to give up?

"No I am just getting started".

"Marie I am going to put you in this crate I wouldn’t want you to catch a cold". snap snap snap went the three locks, I threw the keys on the top of the crate and went upstairs to take a shower.

As I was taking the shower I heard a knock on the shower door. I turned around to see Marie in a leather catsuit carrying rawhide strips in her hand. I came out of the shower looking for a towel to cover myself. "Marie how did you escape from that bondage?"

"I am the best escape artist in the world. I want you in the nude give me that towel, turn around and put your palms together. After she was done I was tied exacly like I had tied her".

"George we need to go downstairs". 

"Marie how am I going to go downstairs with my legs tied like this?" 

"George it’s simple I will carry you". Marie picked me up and threw me over her shoulder. Marie put me in front of the crate. Her twin Marie was still in the crate just as I had left her. "Now how do you open these locks? I tried the keys they don’t work".

"Each key must be turned in the lock a certain number of times". 

"If you want the directions I want to be untied".

"You do." Then she picked me up threw me over shoulder and carried me to the top of the stairs. "This should change your mind". Melinda tied a rawhide strip around my balls and then she tied the other end to the rail. "Now what is the code now? Do you want me to push you down the stairs".

"Alright first lock 4 turns to the left, second lock 2 turns to the right, third lock 5 turns to the left." snap snap snap

Marie was out of the crate! "Now what's the code to the steel restraints. Or do you want to risk losing your balls". 

"The wrist code is 6 turns to the left elbow code 3 turns to the right collar 5 turns to the left knee 4 turns to the right ankles 7 turns to the left." snap snap snap snap snap Marie was free at last!

"Melinda take George outside and leave him next to the post. I want the honors of tying George to the post. I want to take a shower first".

"Melinda can we work something out?"

"No!" Melinda picked up George threw him over shoulder and carried him outside. Marie came outside wearing a leather bathing suit. She had a spectacular body.

"George you look like you need some more rawhide strips?"

"How about you untie me and we call it even?"

Marie began by tying my waist to the post. Then she tied my chest to the post. Last came my ankles, "Be right back don’t go anywhere!"

Marie got a water hose and she must have sprayed that water hose for an hour. "Have fun George I am going to for a swim".

I could feel the rawhide tighten all over my body as the sun rose. Melinda came out to see how I was doing. "Melinda could you untie me now."

"George thats up to Marie to decide". 

After nightfall Marie came out to see me. "George time for a new position". She cut all the rawhide except for the rawhide on my arms. "George hold still while I put these steel cuffs on your ankles. George it’s time to put you in your custom made steel restraints. Hurry up George I’ve got a date tonight."

"I am walking as fast as I can my feet are cuffed". 

"George stop moving I need to put my Marie chastity cuff on your penis and balls. It’s a single, stainless steel handcuff, which is permanently welded to a steel tube. The cuff locks around the cock and balls, and then the penis is enclosed by the tube and protrudes out and downward at end. I’ll just put some lotion inside the steel tube. I suggest you quit moving while I put this tube over your cock. That is a perfect fit. Now all I have to is tighten the handcuff around your balls." click click click

Marie cut my rawhide strips after she put handcuffs on my hands behind my back. Marie then put a rope through ring on top of the steel tube and tied me to the bed post. "That should hold while I take my shower".

Now’s my chance to escape all I have to do is get this knot untied and then to get something to open these cuffs. If I pull on this rope it will loosen and then I can untie it. I’m loose now I need something to open these cuffs. My trunk, I have handcuff keys in my trunk. I have to get downstairs before she gets done with her shower. I must hurry there is no sign of  Melinda. I’m downstairs still no sign of Melinda there’s the trunk. Now I just have to fit the key in the lock.

As Marie came out of the shower I told her to turn around and put her arms behind her back. "Marie where’s the key for your chastity cuff?"

" I don’t have it Melinda's got the key".

"Marie it’s steel restraints time there," snap snap snap snap snap "I’ll just carry you downstairs to the crate".

"This time I am going use a different code on the steel restraints".

"Marie where is your hidden room located?"

"Under that lamp is switch to open the door to the room".

"Goodnite Marie," snap snap snap, "have fun in the crate".

Now to wait for Melinda to come back. I must stay awake until Melinda gets back. I’ve been waiting all night and there’s no sign of her. click click click click What’s that I turn around there’s Melinda with a exact copy of my steel restraints and a stun gun in her hand. "George that chastity cuff looks great on you. George turn around and put your arms and legs together". snap snap snap snap snap "George your going to be great in our escape artist show".

"Now what is the code for Marie, now George you either tell me or I take that chastity cuff off and use this stun gun on your balls".

"The code to the crate is First lock 3 turns to the right second lock 5 turns to the left third lock 2 turns to the right," snap snap snap 

"The code to the steel restraints is wrist code is 2 turns to the right elbow is 5 turns to the left collar 3 turns to the right knee 7 turns to the left ankles 4 turns to the right," snap snap snap snap snap

"George I’m going to give you the key and the code to the steel restraints. I’ll just attach the key to the ring on top of your chastity cuff tube. The code is one turn to the left for all of them. It’s crate time George." 

"How am I going to reach the key to the steel restraints?"

" Goodnite George" snap snap snap 


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