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Making Nina Scream

by Unajet

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With everything already in place, Eric sat on the couch hoping that tonight was going to go as smoothly as he imagined it would more than he was paying attention to the television in front of him.  It had taken just under three months to tease, test, and prepare Nina so that nothing would go wrong with his plans.  For so long, he’d been looking for a new sex slave and she was going to be perfect.

He’d walked to the nearby bar after arriving in town three months ago, and as it turned out, he’d found his ideal girl that very night.  Nina worked there on weekends to earn extra spending money since she attended college classes during the week.  She lived in the student dorms nearby with a roommate, so she even walked to work.  That meant no car to have to worry about.  After coming in every night to learn her shift schedule, he made sure to be there every time that she was.  It hadn’t taken long for her to think of him as a regular.

Eric began subtly praising her work, leaving tips a bit bigger than necessary, complimenting her outfits or hairstyle.  Her own flirting had picked up with the extra attention she received from him.  During slower times, he’d ask simple questions to learn about her female friends and her boyfriend.  The owner had a policy that he didn’t want workers distracted so her friends never stopped by.  That meant none of them ever saw him.

Needing to see if she was willing as she teased, one night he’d cornered her in the small hallway to the bathrooms and gave her a single deep kiss.  The fact that Nina so eagerly returned it gave him his answer.  Even supposedly caring for her boyfriend, it seemed she had no problem about messing around behind his back.  So for the next few weeks, he’d made sure to continually take the stolen moments further and further.

During the two month mark, he’d invited her back over to his place after she’d gotten off of work late one Friday evening.  Nina had been hesitant at first, but after a few stolen moments which included subtle groping numerous times during her shift, she become horny enough to finally give in.

That night, he’d made sure that she’d enjoyed herself as much as he did, all to guarantee that she’d want to do it again.  The fact that she was a good lay was just a bonus.  She knew how to move her body, use her tongue, and the sounds she made as he licked her clit about made him come.

For the past three weekends, at least one of the nights she worked, Nina would happily send out texts to her boyfriend and roommate saying that she was helping do extra cleaning after locking up for extra cash.  Each visit after that first one, he would tie her up with simple knots and ropes, always making sure that if she wanted, that Nina could free herself.  It gave her just enough control so that she trusted him.

And now, he’d taken the last step and asked her to stay with him all weekend.  A secret rendezvous.

At least, that was what she believed was going to happen.

Technically, she would be staying with him all weekend…and every day after that.

Hearing a knock on the door, Eric rose from the couch with determination, more than anxious for things to go his way.

“Hey there,” Nina grinned at him, licking her lower lip as if he needed some enticement to turn him on.  In her hands was a small overnight bag, which he guessed had extra clothing and necessities.  He’d deal with it later.

Moving out of her way, she stepped into the small apartment’s foyer.  Closing the door, he instantly wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her in for a kiss.  After a few moments, he heard the bag hit the floor before her arms wrapped around him.

“I’ve been looking forward to tonight,” he told her, not lying at all.  Omitting the truth, definitely.

Nina reached down and her hand came to rest on his hardening cock.

“I sure seems like it,” she told him.

Taking her other hand, he led her into the den where he had a bottle of wine already opened and airing.  He’d learned that Nina was even more pliable with just a hint of alcohol in her.  That would make his task tonight even easier.

The next few minutes, they sat on the couch talking about their day with Nina drinking an entire glass quickly before he actually brought up the information that he needed to hear before proceeding.

“So, you were able to get away for the entire weekend?” he asked running his hand over her breast, seeing her nipple harden under the shirt’s material.

“Yes,” she grinned, and he already heard her breathing become heavier.  “Nobody knows that I’m here with you.  They all think I’m with someone else.  My friends think I’m spending the weekend with Johnny, who they knew was actually heading out of town.  I told Johnny that I was going to visit my parents and that he probably wouldn’t hear from me until Monday.  I used that same excuse to get out of work.  And then I told my parents that I was working overtime at the bar.  That should keep them all from worrying about not hearing from me since I’ll miss their calls.  I left my phone in my room in case Johnny tries to track it to check up on me.”

“That was clever thinking.  So we won’t be disturbed by someone coming here to look for you?  No late night visitors banging on my door angry at you being here?” he slid his hand from her breast to between her legs, which parted just enough to let him touch her.

“Nope.  You know I never told any of them about you, especially Johnny.  I’m all yours,” she informed him, making his smile grow at how accurate that phrase was.

Leaning over, he began to kiss her exposed neck as his hand played between her legs, her breath hitching every so often as his finger finally found their way under her skirt and into her panties.

“So does that mean we can have a bit of kinky playtime like we have before?” he asked knowing how turned on she had become previously.

“Oh, yes,” Nina panted out as his finger slipped inside of her.

“You’re so wet,” he hissed into her ear.  “I want to tie you up and do things to you that will make you scream.”

His hand had not stopped pumping in her as he spoke the very honest sentence.

“Fuck, yes.  Fuck me.  Whatever you want,” Nina was practically giving herself to him.

"Then come with me, slave," he began to rise from the couch, but did not remove his hand from her wet hole.  Walking down the hallway backwards to see her expression, he saw how turned on she was at being led her with his finger into the bedroom.  Her mouth was wide open as she panted heavily from the arousal she was feeling by his dominance.

Moving her to the foot of the bed, he pulled his fingers from inside of her, earning a pitiful moan of need.

“Strip down so that you are naked,” he commanded of her in a voice that left no argument.

As he watched, the short skirt and panties pooled at her feet, the thin blouse was tossed away and revealed that Nina had foregone a bra.  Examining her toned body, Eric knew that he had made the right choice with choosing her.  She didn’t work out enough to strengthen her muscles, only to keep her shape, therefore he didn’t have to worry about her trying to overpower him.  Her body was quick to respond to the littlest stimuli, making her even more malleable to his desires.  Even with the little he had done so far, he could see her reactions responding to his touches nicely.  She would be easy to control once he fully had her as his.

“I noticed how much you like the other playtimes so I got a few special items that I bought specially with you in mind,” he told her using both of his hands to pinch her nipples to make them harder.  The small whine she gave sounded needier more than shocked.  “I want to be able to do anything that I can think of to your body.  You will have to lay there as I do, not able to stop me at all.  That is, unless you don’t think you can handle being bound tightly for me?”

Eric played on her slight arrogance that he had discovered in her.  Not once in all the weeks he’d been playing Nina had she turned away from any type of dare from him.  This was going to be her downfall.

“I can take it,” she firmly told him, reaching out again to grab a hold of his hard cock.

“Sir,” he pinched her nipples hard to stress the point.  The look of surprise was quickly taken over with lust.

“I can take it, Sir.”

“That’s my good slave.”

Hearing herself called that again brought out a smile that told him this was going to be fun.

“Then I want you to kneel on the bed with your back towards me, holding both of your hands behind you back,” he instructed Nina. 

She didn’t even hesitate to get into position.  Eric thought she would at least ask what he intended to do to her, how he would secure her, what items he intended to use, but Nina was putting all her trust into him.

Opening the large top drawer of the dresser, the only items inside of it were the numerous restraints and devices that he intended to use on her tonight.  The first thing he needed to do was make sure that she couldn’t get out of here using her hands.  Picking up the self-adhering bondage wrap, he turned around to face Nina’s wiggling fingers.

“Put your thumb to your palm and then make a fist,” he instructed, to which she easily complied.  This was not the proper way to make a fist, making the thumb vulnerable to injury if she punched with it, but by securing it under the fingers, it would prevent her from sliding it around to try and free herself.

Eric began to wrap the black stretchy material over her fist, trapping it in that position so that Nina was willingly losing the use of her hands.  In no time at all, both of her hands up to her wrists were simple black balls.  As of right now, even if she tried her hardest, there was no way for her to even open up the apartment’s round doorknobs.

While he had been working, Nina’s head would slightly turn, trying to see exactly what he was doing, but never once did she question him.  He’d used leather wrist restraints one time to gauge her reaction to them and Nina had been more curious than bothered by them.  So to her, this might just be another new kinky item.  Unless she actually tried to stop him, she may not even understand how trapped she already was.

“That’s my good slave,” he told her once he was finished, sliding his fingers between her slightly spread legs to keep her happy.

“How am I supposed to touch you with my hands like this?” she finally asked curious, her lip sticking out to pout at him.  He couldn’t believe how naive she was sometimes.

“You won’t been needing your hands to service me,” he told her, giving her ass a simple spank.  He heard her give a simple giggle, still not worried about what he was doing.

Next he pulled out an item he was excited to use, leather restraint socks for her feet.  Slipping the first one on, he tightly pulled and locked the strap that went just above her ankle.  Right now, they looked like strange floppy socks but he wanted both on before moving to the next step.  Securing the other in place, he then began to pull the strap that was located at the tips of her toes that ran to the top of the sock.  As he shortened the leather strap, Nina’s feet were pulled backwards so that her feet were stretched straight, her legs ending with pointed toes.

“That’s a bit painful,” she told him as he saw her begin to wiggle her feet.

“Give them a few minutes.  It’s like you’re a ballerina,” he tried to placate her with the compliment.  Seeing the blush come over her cheeks, Eric knew that he had her.

“How am I going to walk in these?” Nina asked him as he turned back to the drawer for the next item.

“Trust me when I say that with what I have planned to do to you, slave, you’re not going to be walking anywhere,” he put on a deep sexy voice and once again she giggled, still not understanding her predicament.

“Now, what does every proper slave need?” he asked standing behind her holding the correct answer in his hand.

Nina made a few ‘um’ noises as she thought, then finally answered, “A collar?”

“A collar, Sir,” he told her, striking her ass-cheek harder than he normally had before as he said the final word to make sure she knew the proper way to start addressing him.

“A collar, Sir,” she repeated, and he could hear a slight falling of excitement in her voice at the slightly painful strike.  He’d let her have enough liberty with her questions and she needed to start addressing him properly.

“Remember that, slave,” he told her as he brought his hands with the collar in front of her so that she could see it for a moment before it went on.

“What kind of collar is that, Sir?” she asked him.

“It’s called a posture collar,” he told her, getting it into place.

It was a high black leather posture collar with rings on all four sides, the back one being where the padlock would go.  If Nina thought it a bit much, she didn’t complain.  As he wrapped it around her thin throat, it forced her chin up and forward, preventing her from turning her head anymore.  Without a bit of resistance, he closed the small padlock through the back buckle’s ring, locking it into place.

Pulling out the leather crotch harness, he’d made sure to have the pussy and anal plugs already in place, secured in the item.  As far as he knew, Nina had never even had someone touch her anal hole, so this was going to a real shock for her.  He did at least make sure that it was a small beginner size.  Opening the bottle of lube, he gave the two items a generous coating before turning back to her.  With the collar already in place, there was no way that she could turn to see what he had been preparing.

"I believe the next items will be something a bit more to your liking,” he told her reaching between her legs to judge how wet she still was.  She was so slick, he knew one of the plugs didn’t really need any lube on it.  Toying with her pussy lips, he listened to her pleasurable moans while her hips began to gyrate just enough to move his hand where she wanted it to be.  Eric knew that she’d had enough at that point. 

With his finger that still had lube on it, he gave her anus a slight poke, eliciting the startled gasp that he had been expecting.

“What are you doing?” she questioned trying to turn her head.

A hard smack on her ass gave part of his response.

“You better remember to call me Sir or you might not be able to sit down for a while.  Don’t forget… I can touch you anywhere I want, slave.  And right now, here,” he pressed his finger past her tightness so he was inside, “is where I want to play.”

Gliding his finger in and out a few times, never fully leaving her, Eric listened as her whines of complaint changed to erotic moans of pleasure.  She was indeed an anal girl and just didn’t know it.  Withdrawing his finger, and not giving her any time to think about what he was doing, Eric guided the small anal plug inside of her before doing the same to the larger vaginal one.

“This is a type of harness that will keep my playtoys inside of you so that they don’t fall out,” he started telling her as he worked the side straps into place.  “It buckles around your waist and you can move or walk with it on.  You will not be able to remove the toys until I am ready for them to come out.”

Walking around to the side of the bed once he was done, he glanced over her naked form, only partially restrained, but enough for now.  As he began to remove his clothes, Nina’s eyes widened and that smile of hers returned, the restraining items he’d placed on her already forgotten.  Sitting on the bed, he slid to the center, resting upright against the headboard, his legs parted so that she was between them.

“Now, slave.  I want you to use that lovely mouth of yours,” he told her as his hand gestured to his stiff cock.

Licking her lips again, any of Nina’s hesitation was gone as she crouched down on her bound hands and crawled forward until she was in position.  Eric lay there as her head went down over his crotch, her tongue coming out to guide him inside of her hot mouth.  She found it a bit difficult with the collar limiting her movements, but after a few test positions, she found the right angle.

As his new slave sucked on him, he watched as numerous times her bound hands would come up as if they were going to grasp him, but then she remembered that they were useless.  Her pointed feet would wiggle behind her, sometimes coming off the bed so he could see them lift past her ass-cheeks.

Knowing that he was close to coming a few minutes later, he grabbed a hold of Nina’s head, his hands firmly on both sides.  She tried to suck and bob her head, but he made sure that she was forced into a faster pace and much deeper than previous tries.  When he felt her nose pressing into his crotch, Eric heard her begin to gag as she was forced to deep throat him.

A few times of this motion was all it took for him to come.  And when he did, Nina’s head was pinned over the length of him, forcing her to take his sperm into her mouth and swallow.  There was a slight gagging noise, and her body tried to fight, but she was in no position to do so since he was much stronger.

Releasing her head, she sat back on her haunches from him, her breathing heavy as she tried to get air, her face flushed red, either from lack of oxygen or embarrassment.

"Eric, that wasn’t nice,” she told him with pouty lips.

Nice?” he couldn’t hide his amusement.  Eric decided to goad her a bit.  “A few minutes ago you told me that you could take it, that you wanted to be my slave.  Have you already given up that quickly?”

Nina opened her mouth to try and contradict his statement and knew that she couldn’t.

Reaching out, he linked his finger through the front ring of her collar, pulling her body forward towards him, her back arching as her hands landed between his knees to catch her from falling forward.

“Earlier, you told me to fuck you.  With an attitude like you have just shown, I don’t have much incentive to do so.  I expect my slave to be more conscious of her master’s wishes.  That includes allowing him to do whatever would make him feel good.  Don’t you agree?” he gave a firm tug on the collar.

There was just a bit of fear in her eyes as she answered, “Yes, Sir.”

Hearing her obedient words brought a smile to his face.  He shoved his hand between her legs again, pressing up on the trapped items hard as he roughly played with her.  Even if she didn’t know what to really make of his comments, it seemed that she enjoyed the forced dominance.

“Well, right now, I think that making you scream would make me feel very good.  Would you like for me to make you scream?”

Yes, Sir.”

There was no denying the erotic whine lacing the two simple words.  Too bad Nina didn’t know how he was going to accomplish that task.

Moving back to the dresser, he brought out the next item to apply to her now that she had serviced him one final time for the immediate future.  Nina had twisted her torso around to get a glimpse of him and her eyes went wide at seeing the 4” black penis, pink leather gag.  With his finger again in her collar’s back ring, he pulled Nina until she crawled backwards to the edge of the bed, her back to him once again.

“What kind of gag is that?  It’s much too big, Sir,” she commented as he held it in front of her for a few seconds so she could get a good look at it.  She remembered to address him properly that time.

“It’s supposed to be this long.  This is going to help train you so that next time you won’t have such a bad gagging reflex,” he told her as she started to say something, probably to disagree with the idea of him putting it on her.  But the moment her teeth parted, he shoved it inside, his other hand at the back of her head to prevent her from escaping it.  Once again, as it just barely touched the back of her mouth, he heard her give a choking noise.  “See, that’s what this is going to teach you to overcome.  You’ll have a few hours to get used to sucking on it.”

Nina whimpered as she reached up to try and take it off of her face, but with her bound hands, she couldn’t even grab a hold of it.  Her eyes widened as she began to comprehend her predicament a little bit better.  Eric reached behind her and secured the strap at the tightest setting, forcing the gag all the way into her mouth.  As Nina began to give a gargled complaint, he slipped the small padlock into place.  Even if her hands had been free, she would now not be able to remove it.

“Let’s do something about those pesky arms,” he told her pulling out the leather sleeve from the drawer.  The panicked cry she gave was either from recognizing the item for what it was or just her own fear, Eric couldn’t tell which.  Her balled hands were reaching around her head as if they would find something to free her. 

Nina then began to move over the bed, trying to crawl on her knees to the edge.  Eric was able to easily reach out, push onto her back and make her fall face forward into the mattress.  A second later, he was straddling her body, his legs pinning her down.  Her arms flailed around, but he was able to easily grasp both of them before pulling them behind her back.  Using a single hand to grasp her wrists together, he held the sleeve with the other, slipping her bound hands inside of it.

“There,” he said after he’d gotten her forearms inside of the device with a lot of muffled protest from Nina.  “Now, let’s get the rest of this on.”

As he pushed her arms together, he guided the zipper higher up her back.  Reaching the top, Eric next began the slow work of tightening the lace up, forcing her pinned arms to painfully touch each other all the way up to her elbows.  At that point, Nina was screaming out from behind the gag for him to stop.  But thanks to the large penis she was forced to suck on, nobody beyond his bedroom would hear her.

Eric took the two leather straps and crossed them over her sternum and shoulders, making sure that she would not be able to wiggle out of the device.  Pulling the buckles tightly, he latched them just where she had started to scream the most.

"Now, even though you can't really walk out of here with your feet in those bondage socks, I need you a bit more secured.”

Leaving her on the bed, Nina rolled over as she struggled to free herself while watching him grab the straps for her legs.  Tossing the four items onto the bed next to her, Eric reversed himself as he got back atop her and forced her once again under him, but this time he pinned her bound feet under his crotch.  This held her legs just how he needed them.

While she screamed and wiggled, Eric ran the leather strap around a thigh and ankle, pulling it to buckle as tightly as he could.  Happy with how it turned out, he then did the same to her other leg.  Nina was going nowhere on her own as he glared down at her bound, naked form.

Laying out two more straps on the bed, he then lifted her body to rest on top of them, one across her stomach area and the other where her arm binder passed by her feet.  The first strap was secured across her ribs and over her elbows, pinning her arms tightly to her back, her hands past her ass cheeks.  Threading the other belt lower around her body, Eric managed to trap her hands underneath her feet with just one try.  Now she was trapped in a type of hogtie that held her body straight from knees to head. 

“Now you really are starting to look like a proper slave,” he told her standing up from the bed to admire his work.  Nina was screaming, starting to cry, and rocking her body back and forth as if somehow that would free her.  “Maybe now would be the best time to explain exactly what is going on.”

Eric walked over to the bedroom’s walk-in closet and grabbed the only other personal item of his still in the place…a modified, large canvas duffel bag.  He tossed it onto the bed right next to Nina, tears running from her red eyes at seeing it.

“I was only in town for a short-term programming job.  The company that I was hired by included this fully-furnished rental apartment for me to live in during my three month contract.  As of this weekend, my contract is up and I can go home.  And I’ve decided to take you with me.”

Nina had been motionless as he talked, wanting to hear the explanation for why she had been bound up.  But it seemed that she was no longer calm.  Her complaining and struggle had suddenly doubled.

“I told you earlier that I wanted to make you scream, and now you really have,” he told her, just before placing a kiss on her forehead.  “I know that you thought that I actually lived here.  But these past few months have been nothing more than a ruse to get you to this point.  From this day forward, you really are going to be my slave, in every sense of the word.  And the best part is that you agreed to it.”

Nina began to try and shake her head in denial of his statement, but to him it was just semantics.  She’d been a totally willing participant… in the beginning.

“Thanks to how you tricked your boyfriend, friends, and family, nobody is even going to miss you until Monday.  By then, you’ll be states away already secured in your new home.  Now, we have a long drive to get back to my house.  So for the next eight hours, you are going to be residing in this duffle bag.  It’s the perfect size to fit you into in your current predicament.  It will be a little tight once I zip it closed, but it’s not like I’ll hear you complaining from the back of my car.”

Eric now pulled out from the drawer the final item to use on her… the leather hood.  Nina’s hair was on the shorter side, which worked out great since it didn’t get in the way of the hood’s laces.  He’d found a hood that didn’t even have a ponytail hole since he didn’t need to use it.  Sliding it over her head, Nina was plunged into darkness thanks to the absence of eyeholes.

He knew that while transporting her he needed to take precautions, mostly with the fact that she needed air.  That’s why he had this mask customized to add two soft plastic tubes that inserted into her nostrils and ended at the end of a foot-long hose.  With the gag in, this would be the only way she could get air to breathe.  He took his time tightly lacing up the back, pulling it tightly over her facial features, insuring the plugs would not be dislodged out of position no matter how much she tried to struggle.

Opening the flap wide, Eric lifted the squirming, complaining form of Nina and carefully placed her on her side in the waiting heavy canvas bag.  Once situated, he threaded the hose through an open rivet he’d put in specifically for this use.  Making sure no part of her was sticking out, he slowly began to draw the zipper closed, listening to her screams as she realized what was happening.  Coming to the end of the track, he took a moment to appreciate how the material dulled her protest down to nothing.  This night was working out better than he had even anticipated.

Needing to finalize the clean-up of the apartment to wipe away any trace of him, and more specifically Nina, Eric headed out to the den and dumped the last of the wine down the drain.  He tossed the bottle in the trash and then washed their glasses, putting them back on the shelf with the others.  Using bleach wipes, he gave a quick wipe down of the front door handle and doorbell to remove any traces of her fingerprints.  He then moved to the coffee table, doing the same, turning off the television and wiping down the remote… just in case.  He’d already thoroughly wiped the place down after her last visit, removing any trace from previous kitchen or bathroom visits.  Thinking of the bathroom, he guess that before starting all of this that he should have made sure she was prepared for a long car trip… but it was too late now.

He tossed the wipes into the only garbage can he had not emptied.  Taking out the trash to the dumpster located in the dark parking area, Eric noticed that it was very quiet out here, not another soul in sight right now.  Hopefully it stayed that way for a few more minutes, he thought returning to the sanitized, sterile apartment.

Walking into the bedroom, he could just barely notice a movement coming from the bag.  Nina was still struggling, even having to know it was useless.  Grabbing the double-thick shoulder handle, Eric adjusted his stance, and then lifted his precious cargo up, holding tightly to the strap as he carefully made his way through the bedroom door.

At the front door to the apartment, Eric took one final look around to make sure he had forgotten nothing.  Satisfied that he was in the clear, he took his car keys from the wall hook then reached down for the overnight bag Nina had brought with her.

Stepping out of his home for the past three months, he glanced down at his reminder of this trip wiggling against his side, and smiled as he locked the door before heading to his car.  It was going to be a long night of driving, but knowing the treat that awaited him once he and his slave made it home, the thought only brought a smile to his face.

Carefully he placed her in the back of his car next to the other luggage bags with his clothing and personal effects.  He left a spot just the right size so that he didn’t have to worry about rolling her around.  Just before he closed the top down, Eric smiled as he was barely able to hear Nina’s muffled scream.


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