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Magic Night

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2010 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; costume; bond; box; encase; breathplay; oral; climax; cons; X

In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies.

For a while now Magician had been trying to come up with a new idea for the act which would wow the audience even more than usual. He had put his lovely assistant Diane into lots of different containers and restraints and fascinated people with her feats of human endurance and superb breath control. He needed something to take it to the next level. Then it struck him; why not use the principle of two women at his mercy and each others for that matter. If one girl could survive with such little air, then how much quicker would two use up that precious commodity.

The very thought of this excited him to the point of an erection just planning the thing. He always drew a sketch first of the magic box or prop and this he did with relish. Since it would be quite impossible for him to lift the two girls into position, he struck upon the idea of having a fixed base to which he would attach his assistants, and construct removable sides and lid to suit. The box would be long enough for both girls but only just barely deep enough to contain both of their tightly squashed bodies. Once the plans were drawn up he began work at once on the construction. His skill at cabinet making once again proving invaluable. Also his use of suitable restraining devices and padding making the final touches.

Diane came home from work that evening to the sound of hammering and drilling coming from the workroom. A shiver went through her body as she wondered what Magician was building this time. He didn’t show her straight off but only the rough drawings he had made earlier. She was not disappointed with what she saw and her eyes lit up when she saw a footnote describing how two girls were to be used in this trick. Magician explained that Dolly would be the ideal candidate, as the audience would be fooled into thinking she was not real whilst at the same time all parties knowing that in fact she was alive and using up vital air inside the box, as well as giving Diane the orgasm of a lifetime in the process.

That evening after much work and preparation, Magician suggested they try out the new device. Diane agreed and brought Dolly from her resting place down to the workroom. She trembled inside as she put on her skimpy gear. The fishnet tights and the tight cosy in place she dressed Dolly in suitable attire also. Magician stood and admired his two girls as they prepared for his double box trick. Already Diane was beginning to leak from her hot pussy and it stained the bottom of her suit.

They skipped the formalities of the stage entrance and the strutting around the stage in front of the box and went straight onto the main event. Diane lay down on the soft velvety lined platform which was shaped perfectly to receive her eager body. Then Dolly was placed on top of her head to foot so that Diane’s face was inches away from her pussy and vice versa. Then Magician began the elaborate strapping up and securing process. Firstly he attached Dolly’s wrists to Diane’s ankles with a thick leather strap and the same the other end so both were well and truly joined. Then he fastened the metal strap around their waists and clamped it down to either side of the box bottom firmly.

To make sure they weren’t going anywhere he added two large strappings around each of their shoulders and thighs respectively so both girls were now totally unable to move except for their heads between each set of legs. Diane could smell the musty aroma of Dolly inches away from her face and she wanted to lick her out right there and then.

Her own pussy was craving attention too, but she knew she would have to be patient. Magician then produced the ultimate fixture which he had sculpted earlier out of soft foam rubber and fitted with securing rings. There were two of them and they looked like a sort of crash helmet but with wings shaped to fit over something. Diane’s curiosity was getting the better of her but she didn’t have long to find out their purpose. Firstly it was Dolly’s turn. Magician fitted the headgear snugly over her head then eased it down between Diane’s legs, in the process forcing her head down into the others crotch. It was now that Diane realised what the wings were for. They fitted over each leg and were secured using the rings and padlocks on each side of her thighs, with one final one just above Dolly’s head into a suitably placed ring in the base of the board. Diane wriggled as the hot breath of her partner forced its way between her legs just in the right spot. Dolly unable to move an inch, every breath filled with the smell of love juice. Magician fitted the other similar device to Diane’s head now and she had her nose pressed into Dolly’s wet crotch much to her delight.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that Diane had to share her air supply with Dolly in this latest feat, she had to endure the increasing wetness and throbbing between her legs as her clitty was on fire with Dolly’s hot breath. Diane wanted to cum right there and then, but that would have spoiled it. She gritted her teeth and waited for the next bit. Magician now assembled the sides to the box which was indeed low profile and he had not been able to test it for depth earlier. This was going to be the only test. His measurements were such that each girl would be squished almost flat against the others bodies with no room for error.

With all the pegs in place around the sides, he filled the empty spaces inside with foam and tamped them down around the two now sweating bodies. He had fitted some push down bars in the lid at suitable places. One at each of the necks and one in the middle. He lowered the lid slowly down on top; it was indeed a tight squeeze and he wondered at one point if he would have to make adjustments. Diane and Dolly’s bodies were now squashed tightly together. Tits into tummies, heads into crotches, legs against arms, with not an inch of free space. As the lid came down and it began to go dark inside, Diane’s head raced. She could just get her tongue into Dolly’s crack in the appropriate place and she hoped that she would reciprocate. She began to coax her little clitty button back and forth with her wet tongue through the thin material of the costume. She thought she heard Dolly squeal.

One final press of the lid with all his weight and it was sealed shut. Four large padlocks securing it through eyelets and brackets. His two girl sandwich, with half the air remaining and each close to orgasm he pondered. He surveyed his handiwork and mentally made a note of the time, as he went through his lines which he would say once the trick was performed. The idea of the trick being that the audience would remember which girl was wearing which coloured suit. Since it was impossible for them to move or even change places in such a tight container, there is no way they could swap costumes mid trick or even survive for that length of time on such little air. When they would emerge they would have indeed swapped to a different costume and each would be at the other end of the box to which they started. Which was of course impossible, but that was magic.

A couple of minutes had passed now, and Diane was very close to the point of cumming a second time, as Dolly punished her pussy with her mouth and tongue. The air was rapidly running out with the frantic gasps of each and wriggle as they may, neither could move. Occasionally there would be an involuntary twitch of the others thighs crushing their head tightly around the ears and forcing them to lick even harder. Diane couldn’t take much more of this as the stars went off in her head. Frantically trying to disengage her mouth and nose from Dolly’s pussy which was leaking like fuck now and get any air possible. She hoped that Magician had allowed for the fact that two were using up the air now and release them soon. She almost blacked out at the fourth massive orgasm, her body going limp after spasming once more.

Dolly too had enjoyed the experience so much, to be a part of the show at last was her ambition, and she sighed inside at the thought of more practicing of the trick before it was ready for the audience. Magician opened the box lid and slowly uncoupled the two assistants from their special box of shared delights. He could see from the expression on Diane’s face that she had enjoyed it immensely and couldn’t wait to try it out again. The timings had to be perfected yet and the patter which went with it, but all in all Magician had come up trumps once again. As she stepped out of her soaking suit she cuddled him tightly and thought to herself what a wonderful Master Magician he was. That night he gave her and Dolly a damn good seeing to before bed.


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