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Louisa's Summer Holiday

by Pegasus

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© Copyright 2003 - Pegasus - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; bodystocking; wrap; cocoon; trunk; stuck; encased; transported; toys; cons/reluct; X

Louisa always had a vivid imagination as a child; this had often got her into various trouble over the years but never enough to stop her from trying anything new or daring. She had a few passions; nylons, mummification and self-bondage were her most secret ones. She had always thought she would die if anyone found out about these, so always made sure she made precautions so that her “other side” would remain hidden. Louisa though also found it a buzz to see how far she could go, to be helpless and vulnerable but undiscovered as well.

When she went to college was when she really started to experiment more. She found she never had the time to bother with boyfriends, with her coursework there was just the one-night stands and her own fun. She also found that the Internet was full of new ideas that she could try out in the semi-privacy of her student flat.

That weekend was the start of the summer holidays, her course had finished for the academic year but she planned to get a job over the holidays to save up some money and keep the flat. She had two flat mates, Susan and Janette. Susan had gone home for a month and Janette was staying with her boyfriend most of the time, only coming back occasionally to pack some stuff for moving out.

So, she found herself all alone that weekend, with unusually nothing to do, bored out of her mind. She thought to herself what could she do to while away some time. Then it came to her, those new things she had got through from the Internet sites! She had been itching to try them out for a while but now she had the time and the opportunity.

Louisa had bought herself a bodystocking and an egg-vibrator. The egg-vibrator fitted entirely inside her pussy and worked at random periods, the egg would start at anytime and stay on for a random length of time, with no control over it! The bodystocking was entirely sheer with only a few discrete seams and access-holes. She had also bought herself 2 sixty-metre rolls of cling-film and a roll of duct tape.

She first fitted the vibrator, which wouldn’t come on for another half hour; hopefully she would be finished by then. Then she taped up her pussy with a piece of the duct tape, no danger of it dropping out! Louisa then pulled on her bodystocking, she had sewn up the access-holes (she wouldn’t be needing those), then sewed up the front and back up to her neck so that it was tight all round.

Louisa moved in-front of her full-length mirror to admire her figure, she looked stunning, she saw herself covered completely apart from head and hands with this sheer black bodystocking. She took her time smoothing it over her body so it clinged every part of her body simultaneously, up her 36” legs, over her 32” waist, then over her 36DD chest, she never looked sexier and was feeling hot already.

Next was the cling-film, she attached one of the rolls to a door at the end of the long hall at neck height, then pulled the film the length of the hall to around thigh height at the other end and stuck it to the wall, ready for later. She went back to her room, sat down and with the other roll wrapped up her feet, then stood up and wrapped her legs as tight as she could, repeating over three or four times until she was stiff from waist down. Louisa then picked up the hairdryer that was sitting next to her on a table, she turned it on low power but full heat so that it would shrink the cling film even more and make it fuse together, after a couple of minutes it was as tight as it could go and she was heating up in more ways than one!

She picked up the roll and proceeded on from her waist going up her back up over one shoulder, then coming round the front pressing her full breasts together and upwards, then same again over the other shoulder and then wrapping round at her breasts some more. Louisa went on to wrap her head a few times in each direction pulling tight each time and piecing the hole for her nose and eyes. She didn’t go in for sensory deprivation; she always felt that she wanted all her senses fully aware to everything. She picked up the tape and pulled it tight round her mouth and across around the back twice then pulled it up and down her head so the she wasn’t able to open her jaw at all. She picked up the hair-dryer again and shrank the head-wrap some more. 

Getting herself back to the hall was now a feat of balance and patience, though she still had the use of her arms and could see where she was going. Once she had made her way back to the end of the cling-film roll in the hall she attached the end onto herself at her thighs. Then, in a fit of contortions got her arms inside the chest area of the wrap by going through the armpit area on each side and pushing down so her arms went at her side and hands clasped over each respective buttock.

This made the chest area a lot tighter and she was so excited she could hardly catch her breath. This was now the hard part, she had to hop and then turn so that she slowly pulled out the cling-film and gradually went towards the end while tightly wrapping herself ever upwards. This took a while and she had worked up a good sweat when she had finished. Her arms had now been pinned in tight against her body all the way up and the film had continued right up until her chin where it thankfully stopped. Now she had no way to free herself, not without a lot of time and effort, not that she wanted to anyway!

Louisa decided that it was time for her to lay down, she was exhausted from all the exertions and she made her way through to Janette’s room, she had a king size bed so Louisa thought that safer to lie on than her own single bed. Getting there was difficult and slow going; she was glad that she had always been fit and active with all this jumping around.

She made it in eventually; the room was in disarray with boxes and bags lying around everywhere though the bed thankfully was free of anything. Louisa made her way towards it but all of a sudden she started feeling dizzy, she had been going too hard and was now seriously overheating and not getting enough air quickly enough. She started to go over to the right and couldn’t stop herself, she caught against some boxes and then fell over, her heart pumped at full pelt and then THWUMPHH…. she fell straight in a huge luggage trunk of Janette’s that was full of clothes that had been thrown in!

Louisa said her silent thank you’s that she wasn’t hurt. It took her quite a while to catch her breath, the adrenalin was still pumping round her body when the egg started, in all this she had forgot about it! It started pulsing slowly, picking up and dying down every couple of minutes. After 15 minutes it went into full, Louisa was writhing with pleasure, well as much as she could! 

She was going and going, her legs hit the side as she pulsated then KEERATCHHHITT……

The lid had slammed down… plunging Louisa into total darkness… how was she to get out now? She hadn’t thought about it when she first went into it, just glad she hadn’t done herself any damage, but now, in darkness, alone, unable to move or speak.

As Louisa lay there, the egg sent her into multiple orgasms, she had stopped panicking and was enjoying these to the full. She had no idea how long she had been in for, the clothes and the box muffled out most sound, there was no light. Just her wrapped up and the egg.

Then she heard something...keys!  Someone was coming in, but no-one was due back!  What was happening?

“Louisa, are you there, Louisa… I’m just here to pack Janette’s thing’s… Louisa…” she tried to shout, she tried to move around.

“No-one’s in, her stuff should all be in this room here.” They came into the room, for the next hour she could hear them packing away Janette’s stuff. During this time she had calmed down and had changed her mind, she prayed to God that they wouldn’t look in the trunk; she didn’t know how to explain this or think what could happen to her if she was discovered like this…

“Okay, that’s everything, load it into the van, the luggage is to go out tonight on the evening plane to Norway”

WHAT THE FUCK!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!! What’s going on… I can’t be shipped out…

KATCHIT, KATCHIT, two padlocks were fitted onto the trunk

Louisa tried again everything she could to make a noise but to no avail.

“Just as well this trunks got wheels, damn heavy, that’s the last one!”  Well that was it then, Louisa always wanted to go to Norway, she never thought she would be going in this way! With only the egg for company! How long does it take to go from Scotland to Norway she wondered?


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