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A Lot of Packaging

by Subdriver

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© Copyright 2004 - Subdriver - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; packaged; suitcase; transport; public; toys; cons; X

I have always been very fond of packaging up women in small containers. My wife and I have several items we've purchased for just this purpose, including a camel topped trunk, a mail bag, another duffle bag, a cage, numerous cardboard boxes, a Samsonite wheeled upright soft-sided suitcase, and a steamer trunk big enough to fit two women somewhat comfortably. While she's occupied the trunk many times, we've always wanted to tie her "69" to another woman, with each plugged into the other with dildo-fitted harness gags then lock them both in. 

This last weekend was one of our more sedate packaging adventures. On Saturday morning I very tightly trussed my wife into a nude folded tie, with her ankles crossed and her knees tight against her chest. I gagged her with a dental spreader gag. (The intent was for her to be "open and ready" at the begining of her ordeal, and "used and packed full" at the end.) I placed her on her back in the Samsonite bag, which measures approximately 31"x14"x18", then zipped the bag shut, locking the twin zippers with luggage locks. She was now completely nude, gagged, and helplessly locked in a suitcase. I then packed extra rope, tape, plastic wrap, and my shaving kit in an outside pocket and wheeled her out of the house. 

I loaded the suitcase with my helpless, naked, 5'3" little wife in it into the big trunk of our Fleetwood and drove about thirty minutes to a Drury Inn. (For those of you looking for hotels for bondage encounters, Drury Inns have a wonderfull divider between the bedroom and the bathroom constructed of polished 1"x1" wood slats, which is great to tie someone to.) I unloaded the suitcase from the car and wheeled my package right up to the front desk, with her naked and trapped inches away while I checked in. 

Once in the room, we settled in for a weekend of uniterupted sex and bondage. Uniterupted except for housecleaning changing the sheets. I placed my wife back in the suitcase for that, leaving her naked, gagged, and bound in the bag while the maid cleaned the room. From my wife's perspective, she had been bound and gagged nude and taken to an unknown location, where she was being kept gagged and helpless, for the sole purpose of being used. Furthermore, she had no clothing, and had no access to clothing of any kind. Her only hope of concealing ger nudity was the suitcase. 

Early Monday morning we checked out. Before leaving I very tightly tied her into a ball, then wrapped her first in plastic wrap, then in white duct tape. I packed her mouth with a nerf ball, then finished filling her with a dildo and a butt plug. I then packed her back into her suitcase and wheeled her to the lobby for check out. 

We've decided that the next time we do this, we're going to pick an upscale hotel, with valet parking and bell hops. I want the bell hop to take my bags to the room. 

* * *

Actually, the suitcase is the simplest of the packaging games we play because it is the easiest and the least likely to draw attention publicly. The upright is fairly spacious, at least, relatively speaking, easy to close and, with wheels and a retractable handle, easy to transport. 

My wife and I have played a number of games with the suitcase. We bought it several years ago, just before travelling to a fetish convention. For the fetish ball, we had purchased a very tight "business suit" for her at the mall. Her attire consisted of bra, panties, stockings, garters, heels, blouse, jacket, and an incredibly short, tight, skirt. It was certainly more clothing than she usually wears, even when she isn't trussed, but we wanted a lot of clothes for a reason. Dressed in her suit, I tied and gagged her in our hotel room, then stuffed her in the bag and wheeled her off to the ball, through the hotel, in front of numerous unspecting guests and employees. 

Once the ball got going, I removed her from the bag and displayed her on a table with a pair of EMT shears and a sign reading "strip me please." As I stood by closely watching, other attendees were invited to come up and cut off her clothing, bit by bit, until she was left publicly bound and gagged nude, with her only clothing in useless shreds on the floor. Once she was nude, I spent the rest of the night binding her into one position, then another, often using her as a drink table. 

With the night at a close, I placed her, still tied and gagged, back into the bag, which was now the only way she had to hide her nudity for the trip back to the room. 

On the way back to the room I ran into some friends in the lobby. Of course, polite society required that I sit and chat with them for a while there. Trapped inside, my wife was painfully aware that she was a package sitting inches away from the front desk. 

The upright makes casual public packaging experiences easy. I love to truss her into a nude ball tie, then pack her into the bag for a trip downtown. It is very exciting to simply wheel her along busy streets, knowing that she is so completely helpless and naked in a public place, mere inches from dozens of bystanders, yet completely hidden from view. (Consider that the next time you walk by a person with a large suitcase.) 

* * *

Being in the suitcase is the least scary of the public things we do, because no one is likely to figure it out. No one looks at a person with a large suitcase and immediately suspects that he has a nude woman enslaved within. Even we don’t think that way. We might look at him or her and think to ourselves “You could fit a girl in there”, but we don’t really expect them to have one in their luggage. So it’s reasonably safe, and there’s comfort in that. Being physically and emotionally comfortable helps make the experience more exciting for me. It’s much easier to enjoy it if I’m not worried about being caught, or how we’re going to talk our way out of it. I like tight bondage, but not painfully tight bondage. It’s much easier to lose myself in the moment when I’m all snuggled in and held tight, whether it’s by ropes or by the container. 

My best experience in the suitcase was at the convention. The reaction of everyone who saw me in the bag was “Cool!” The bondage was tight but comfortable, the bag spacious enough, and my Master left the zippers open a few inches, leaving enough space for me to see out and people at the dance to look in. Plus, it was fun being wheeled around like an object. 

Going to the hotel was a little scarier. If anything went wrong, it would have been difficult to explain what I was doing naked, bound, and gagged in a suitcase. Still, it was nice. Again, I was being wheeled around as an object with one purpose only: sex. Naked and tied as I was, sex was my only purpose. I was an object, being carted off to be used. Bondage is simply another form of foreplay for me. Bondage without sex is just frustrating. Being in a hotel removed all of the distractions that can intrude on our time alone together. It allowed both of us to lose ourselves in the moment.


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