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Lori's Lucky Day

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2015 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; workshop; suit; metal; plastic; mannequin; encase; enclose; gag; stuck; display; object; toys; climax; cons; X

Lori couldn’t believe it when she saw it in the back room of the metal fabrication shop. It was the full robot suit of fashion designer Thierry Mugler. Lori had been fascinated by the images she had seen of the beautiful models appearing to be sealed inside the shiny skin of steel and plastic since the first time she had ever seen one. Now she was standing in front of one of his creations fully assembled around a mannequin latched to a pedestal staring through the thick plastic that covered the face of the doll inside.

The owner of the shop watched her stare at it for several minutes before asking if she wanted to try it on, jokingly. Lori gushed “YES” and giggled and started to babble about how wonderful that would be. Frank stopped her babbling by saying he was just kidding and that the suit was much too difficult to get on. Lori blushed and asked why it was here and sat down while Frank told her he was one of the artists contracted to make the different suits.

Lori was still staring at the suit as he told her that this had been one of the first suits created and had only worn once mostly because it was too difficult to move around in and took about two hours to get the model into it and a little longer to get her out. He had kept it in storage and had come across it the other day and was thinking about selling it. Lori stood on her still shaking knees and said “Sell it?” Frank smiled, he knew Lori too well having made many custom bondage items for her in the past and shook his head yes.

The two talked price while Lori fondled the suit finally breaking Frank’s will with her pleading eyes and him agreeing she could wear it. “If it fits properly maybe we can work out a deal for you to keep it, maybe”. Frank got his tools and started disassembling the suit when he was half way through he asked if Lori had to be anywhere for the next few hours. Lori blurted out “I don’t have anywhere to be for the next two days so we have plenty of time”. Frank smiled as he ordered her to go and get undressed and go to the bathroom, “It’s going to be quite awhile until you can do that again” he said grinning.

mugler_200805091.jpgLori returned completely naked, she had been naked in front of Frank many times as he fitted things she or Mark had ordered even spent time bound in the shop before so she was not nervous at all. Frank told her to sit and explained that the suit had to go on in a certain order so once they started she wouldn’t be able to back out until it was finished. Lori didn’t understand or care she just wanted to be enclosed in the beautiful suit.

Frank took his time closing the lower leg and shoe parts of the suit onto Lori’s body. Lori had the beauty of a model but wasn’t as thin and had larger breasts than most runway models so Frank and his assistant had to squeeze each piece to get it to close as he bolted them together. Frank worked steadily for an hour before stepping back to look at the breathless woman he was turning into a robot. Lori was incased in the tight steel and plastic from the six inch heels to her chest. Under every clear plastic panel her skin was pressed firmly into them and each section was tight enough to show her skin turning red under the pressure.

Lori could do nothing but stand and pant as she felt a dream was coming true having always wanted to wear one of the suits. Loir’s breasts were pressed hard into the plastic and steel of the chest plate. The small metal designs circling her nipples felt like they were pinching Lori’s swollen nubs but it was the pressure on her pussy and ass that was really turning her on. Every time she inhaled she could feel the suit slide over her pussy and rub on her firm ass making her moan as she felt like someone was stroking her.

Frank stepped back up and asked if she was ready to be finished, Lori smiled and nodded she was. Frank installed the sleeves and gloves piece by piece until Lori’s arms were encased, he explained that she would need to be careful trying to grasp anything and held up the first part of the head piece. Frank struggled with the neck of the rear cover finally hearing the click he was waiting for and slipped the front of the “hood” over her face. Using his tool he tightened the shoulders of the suit making Lori gasp as the chest tightened more and she could feel the sleeves slip into place and the neck pieces snap into place.

Lori was almost getting scared of the amount of pressure she was feeling, she couldn’t catch her breath and she instinctively raised her hands to her face. Lori couldn’t lift her hands much past her waist and tried to look down but the metal neck of the hood stopped her. Lori tried to open her mouth and found since Frank had installed the front part of the head piece her mouth was held firmly closed. As Lori frantically struggled inside the steel skin Frank pushed the plastic mask over her face and quickly started bolting it on pulling it tighter with each turn of the tool.

Lori could feel the clear plastic compressing her cheeks and forehead pushing her head tighter in the helmet but when her nose started being pushed in she started to panic. Frank finished tightening everything and stepped back to look at how well it all fit.

Lori was trying to calm herself, the compression of her nose had stopped and she was able to breathe through the holes under her nose so she felt ok about that. As she stood gasping she ran her steel covered hands on the parts of her body she could reach and was glad the covering for her pussy wasn’t the clear plastic or her growing arousal would have been clearly visible. Frank unlatched the steel shoes from the pedestal they had been mounted to and held her hand saying “See if you can walk.”

mugler_w.14.jpgLori slid one foot forward, being unable to look down very far she carefully slid the next foot and shuffled around in a small circle. Frank let go of her hand and said “You are on your own” and walked off leaving Lori wobbling in her steel and plastic skin. Lori experimented with how far she could lift her feet and arms and how far she could turn her head finding she could bend her legs far enough to be able to walk up steps but wouldn’t be able to see them.

Lori’s experiments made her get comfortable enough to venture into the main shop and watch Frank as he worked on a project. The thick plastic over her eyes, one of the things changed in future suits, distorted her vision making her have to constantly twist her head side to side. Frank noticed her watching and started asking her to hand him tools and parts he needed and he would watch her walk to where they were and the twisting motion of her head as she tried to focus on individual items.

Lori listened to Frank as he told her of some of the other differences to the suits actually worn at shows. Taking her arm he twisted it as far as he could and said “The elbows and knees were changed, the show suits had fabric in them so the models could move more instead of the steel I had created”. Frank seemed irritated as he explained the hours of work he had put into building the plates that now covered the insides Lori’s elbows and knees and how because of a few complaints they had him change the design.

Frank continued to work as he told Lori of the neck plates and the complexity of covering the joints but still giving some flexibility and that he had new designs that would allow much better movement but still cover the wearer completely. Lori couldn’t respond other than touching Frank’s arm and holding her thumbs up then rubbing her hips. Frank smiled and said “Thank you, but not everyone enjoys the feelings you do”

Lori was getting quite comfortable in the suit even though she felt like she was getting crushed and was sweating profusely from the heat in the shop. Frank kept having her “fetch” things for him and for the next few hours she wandered around looking for items he asked for and carrying them to him.

Lori was getting over heated and walked back to Frank’s office and noticed the display stand for the suit had been moved next to the front counter. Loir giggled under the plastic and found a pen and paper and wrote, almost illegibly a note and left it by the counter and stood on the platform of the stand. Frank came in looking for her and saw her standing on the display stand with her arms setting in the half cups designed to hold the suit in a slightly bent pose with its arms held out to its sides.

“Well I had thought it might make a good display next to the counter” Frank said with a smile “Now I know I was right”. Lori pointed a steel finger at the note directing Frank to pick it up and read it. “I would like to be your display for a day” the note said. Frank laughed and said “You want me to call Mark and tell him?” Frank asked not really sure if he had read her scribbling correctly. Lori nodded her head slightly making Frank laugh again then asked if she was sure she wanted to spend that much time in the suit and alone. Lori nodded again she was sure and Frank picked up the phone.

After talking with Mark for twenty minutes laughing a lot he said he would take pictures of his new display for him and said he would see him tomorrow. Frank returned to Lori and said “Mark said if you’re ok with it and want to do it that I should trust that you wouldn’t endanger yourself and go ahead if I wanted to”.

Lori squealed from behind her plastic mask and let Frank adjust her feet then felt them be pulled down tightly against the base as he latched them to the display. Lori was now an inanimate object, she could no longer move from the base and couldn’t unlatch herself from it. Frank continued to secure her to the stand snapping her arms to the cups at the top of the thick rods that ran to the base then turning her head slightly he pushed on something in the back of Lori’s neck and she could no longer mover her head at all.

mugler_w.13.jpg Frank laughed again when he heard Lori whine as she realized she was now frozen in place and said “That was the only flaw in the suit, turn the head just right and press on the right plate and it sort of jammed it locking the plates together” Frank continued “Since they didn’t want the suit I never felt the need to fix it and then it made it easier to keep the mannequin’s head from shifting”

Lori was relishing her new found helplessness and felt Frank attaching the thick rod that ran from between her legs to the base and heard him say “Now you can relax, that rod will keep you from falling if you go to sleep or get tired of holding yourself in that position”. Lori had been nervous about standing slightly bent with her head turned for hours but realized as she thought about it he had said “sleep” “Oh shit!” Lori thought to herself “He intends on leaving me here like this all night”

After a brief panic attack and learning as she struggled she was firmly held motionless she calmed herself and felt her pussy get wet as she thought about being left alone encased in her suit. Lori had already been sealed inside the metal suit for over six hours and only wished she had a vibrator in her pussy to push her over the edge.

Lori stood motionless and utterly helpless for the next few hours watching people come and go from the office all of the stopping and looking at the amazing sight of the steel and plastic mannequin at the end of the counter. Lori would try not to blink as they studied her trying not to give away the secret of a live woman being trapped in the suit. Hearing everything go quiet in the shop she suddenly saw Frank in front of her and he had his tool in his hand.

The heavy compression and awkward position had begun to make Lori regret her decision of asking to stay in the suit but the worst part was the frustration of not being able to touch herself. Frank started to remove the face plate and Lori breathed a sigh of relief when it was pulled away from her face. The AC in the office had stopped her sweating but her face was still damp as Frank removed the plastic from it.

Frank dried her face before holding a straw to her pursed lips and was able to work it in between them and said “Suck”. Lori wanted a drink so she sucked until the large cup was empty enjoying the taste of the cold soda he had given her. Frank removed the straw and started to reapply the mask when Lori began whining through her nose and trying to move her arms. Frank laughed and said “Mark was right” as he continued to bolt the mask in place.

Lori was soon sealed inside the steel and plastic again and totally unable to do anything to free herself. Lori’s building arousal was frustrating her more when she saw Frank hold up a vibrator then kneel down in front of her encased body. Frank stood up and patted her on the head and said “I’ll see you in the morning”. Frank turned off the lights leaving one on over his display and just before leaving turned on the vibrator he had strapped to his displays steel covered pussy.

Lori could hear the noise before feeling the vibrations and in a few minutes was driven to the edge of a climax. Lori was in heaven as she struggled to move and desperately tried to control her breathing. Lori struggled with her encasement for another hour as her need to orgasm had grown to almost utter desperation. Lori was frantically trying everything she could do to push herself over the edge but as the vibrations lessened, she struggled more knowing the batteries were dying.

mugler_ww95_105.jpgLori struggled harder making herself gasp harder smashing her already crushed breasts and nipples into the plastic even trying to flex her hips inside the tight steel.

From the front window of the store the back side of the steel and plastic mannequin could be seen flexing its arms slightly and rocking gently.

Lori’s struggles grew weaker as did the vibrations until nothing could be seen moving and only the gasps of the woman trapped inside could be heard as she gave up her struggles to orgasm and accepted her fate and frustration and drifted in and out of sleep happy to have become just a display for others to look at and enjoy.

More of her adventures? You tell me.

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