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The Living Statue

by Vaughan

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© Copyright 2018 - Vaughan - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; magic-act; stage; volunteer; box; encased; collar; chains; water; ice; funnel; crucible; molten; metal; insert; transform; F2statue; strip; display; cons; X

Malcolm came on stage at the beginning of the show and welcomed the audience and reminded them that this was going to be an adult show with adult content. He then went on to comment that the stage seemed a bit bare as there was just a plain back drop and no other scenery; to which end he invited a volunteer from the audience to help him magically decorate the stage.

As the volunteer was making her way to the stage an assistant, that Malcolm took the opportunity of introducing as Ava, pushed on an open topped glass box.

The volunteer arrived and introduced herself to the audience as Vanessa and also confirmed that she was fully aware that this was meant to be an adult show. She also said that she had decided to volunteer early, because she thought that the magician would not do anything too extreme to her for fear of frightening off any other likely volunteers. As she delivered this opinion, Malcolm gave a very heavily telegraphed wink to the rest of the audience; which let them know that such assumptions might be misplaced.

Malcolm asked Vanessa what she thought she had volunteered for; that is, what Vanessa thought he might have meant by decorating the stage magically. She told him she thought it would involve her in a magical illusion that resulted in a duplicate of her that would spend the rest of the show lounging about on stage naked and generally being decorative and perhaps be involved in some of the illusions as a spare hand if the main assistants were occupied. Malcolm thanked her for the suggestion and said he would invite her to witness it if he worked out how to do it.

Malcolm then announced that he was planning to make an ice sculpture of Vanessa to grace his empty stage. Vanessa protested that she did not want to be an ice statue for the show and expressed the fear that she might melt under the lights and she found the thought of becoming a puddle terrifying. Malcolm assured her that he was only planning on making an ice sculpture in her likeness; so they would need her help to make a mould first; this calmed Vanessa.

Malcolm asked Vanessa to enter and kneel in the glass box; sliding open the front to allow this to occur. Before she stepped up into the box, he asked her to take off her shoes. He soon had her kneeling in the box with her skirt arranged so that she was not kneeling on it and her knees spread so that her neck was level with the top of the box.

Ava returned to the stage carrying a collar with four lengths of chain hanging from it and dragging a hosepipe. Vanessa gave the collar a nervous look, but Malcolm explained that they were going to fill the box with water and then do something to it to make it into a mould and in the process they did not want her to slip and end up with her head under the water. The plan was to put the collar round her neck and attach the chains to the corners of the box, so that she would not be in danger of drowning if she slipped. He also pointed out that if she kept still the danger of slipping would be reduced.

Ava pointed the hose into the box and made a signal into the wings, which resulted in the hose spewing water into the box. Between them, the magician and assistant took turns pouring the water over Vanessa, taking the opportunity to play the water across her chest to plaster her thin blouse to her well rounded breasts. Vanessa did not seem to mind this level of exposure, going so far as to move her shoulders back as much as the restriction of the collar would allow, enhancing the appearance of her chest, through the flimsy fabric.

As Vanessa's skirt settled once the box was full and the hose was turned off, Malcolm produced a small canister from his pocket and declared that it contained the setting agent to turn the water that swirled around Vanessa's body into a mould to make an ice statue of her; he called it 'Ice-9'. Then they would remove the glass and split the block that would result to release Vanessa, using the gap in the split block to make mould her likeness in ice. Vanessa seemed pleased at her apparently imminent release from the glass box.

Malcolm opened the canister and shook out a small crystal that sparkled in the light for the few moments it was visible, between leaving the canister and touching the water in the glass box. The instant it touched the water there was a sudden cracking sound and all motion in the box ceased. Vanessa and most of the audience were shocked by the suddenness of the transformation of the water.

Cautiously, Malcolm slid back the front of the box and discarded the panel into the hands of a helper. It took the helper four trips to get the glass panels off stage as the magician pulled the remaining panels from the box. This left Vanessa frozen in a block of ice on a pedestal.

Malcolm asked Vanessa how she was feeling; to which she replied that while being dowsed with water had been sexy and a bit of a thrill, being frozen in a block of ice was cold especially on her bare feet.

Malcolm suggested that they do something to warm Vanessa up while they were waiting for the stage hands to bring the chisels to split the ice block to free her. He instructed Ava to hold Vanessa's head back; to which end the chains were removed from the collar. He gave Ava a large funnel to insert into his volunteer's mouth, while he went to get something to warm Vanessa from the inside.

Malcolm returned wearing heavy gauntlets and holding with tongs a large crucible from which sparks seemed to be flying. With the tongs he tipped the contents of the crucible into the funnel; he did this in such a way that the audience could see a stream of white hot metal flowing into the funnel, which was not large enough to contain the whole contents of the crucible.

Vanessa let out a scream and moments later the scene was wreathed in steam. As the steam cleared, the stage hand came out, also wearing heavy gauntlets to retrieve the crucible. Ava had removed the funnel which seemed as cool as it had been before being a guide for the flow of molten metal into Vanessa's mouth. Vanessa's head was upright as it had been while the water was being poured over her, but below the collar there was still no movement.

Malcolm asked the volunteer how she felt now and was told that she felt too hot now. His response was to remove her clothes to reveal her metal statue of a body in all its naked glory. After she had been inspected by a 'friend', who confirmed that the statue was a very accurate likeness of Vanessa from the neck down, she was moved on her pedestal to where she could watch the show while being on display to the rest of the audience. During the interval the audience were encourage to inspect how detailed the statue was and judging by her reactions she could feel every touch of her recently cast body and acted as if she was enjoying it.

After Vanessa's transformation, the audience were told that this was the most extreme thing Malcolm had done to any audience volunteer and he had no intention of being more extreme during the show; he did not lack for people offering to help out with his magic.



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