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Lisa In A Box

by Vaughan

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© Copyright 2017 - Vaughan - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; show; magician; props; stage; volunteer; strip; boxed; encased; glass; insert; divided; seperated; audience; display; hypno; compressed; cons; X

Lisa and Arthur's Box of Doom.

It was after the interval and Lisa was anticipating being called to volunteer on the stage. The magician had approached her in the lobby and asked if she would be willing to participate in an illusion. She had said, "Yes, so long as there is no hypnosis involved." She had heard about Quinn's experience from Quinn herself and did not fancy ending up naked on stage. She was assured that someone else was already lined up for that.

The first half had been entertaining, including the hypnosis section where a young woman called Judy had been hypnotised and stripped off behind the screen and put on the skimpy bikini provided before being levitated; the most amazing part was the flight round the auditorium. During the interval Lisa had spoken to Judy who stubbornly refused to notice she was still in the dental floss and sticking plasters she worn for her flight above the audience.

After a few tricks that demonstrated Arthur the Archmage's excellent sleight of hand, Lisa recognised her cue and stood up. As the spot light found her, Arthur asked her to bring a strong man on stage with her; he said that he would need some help with the heavy lifting. On the way passed, Lisa grabbed Mike, who was Judy's boyfriend and seemed to be enjoying the magic at least as much as his girlfriend scanty attire.

Once on stage, introductions were made.

"Do you know what you volunteered for, Lisa?"

"No," replied Lisa, "But when you collared me before the show you promised there would be no hypnosis involved."

"No, I did not. I said that I had someone else lined up for the hypnosis demonstration. I have instilled in you a suggestion that whatever happens you will not panic. You are totally in control of what you are doing and feeling, but for tonight you will not panic."

Lisa looked at little shocked by this statement and wondered when that had happened.

"Moving on," continued the magician, "Mike, you have no knowledge of what we are about to do, do you?"

"None at all, but I am ready to help."

"Then shall we begin?"

The two volunteers nodded.

"Ok, Mike, would you go backstage and find the trolley of the stuff to get us started; the stage manager will point it out."

Mike hurried into the wings, partly hoping to get some clue about what to expect for this section and the rest of the show.

"While Mike is off on his errand, we need to prepare the lovely Lisa." He turned to address Lisa. "I will need you to take off your dress, because if you wear it in the illusion it will probably get damaged and I'm sure you don't want to go home in a damaged dress."

"I guess not, but I'm not wearing a bra under this," she said indicating the classic little black dress that stopped at mid-thigh length. "Have you got a spare bikini top I could borrow?"

"Umm, that's a bit of a problem. I used to have a spare, but one of my hypnotic subjects a week or two back took a dislike to it and destroyed it. I haven't had the chance to replace it yet. If you take off your dress behind the screen and then cover yourself with an arm, you should be alright, because you won't be in the open for long; I plan to put you in a box once Mike gets back, so no-one will see anything embarrassing."

Lisa went behind the screen at the back of the stage to disrobe, blessing the fact she had not gone completely commando.

The audience heard the zip being undone and saw over the top of the screen Lisa's arms pulling the dress up over her head. Soon both volunteers emerged from opposite sides of the stage; Mike pushing a trolley stacked with stuff and Lisa with her arm clamped to her chest and her remaining modesty covered by black lacy tanga briefs.

"So, where's this box I'm supposed to be getting into?" demanded Lisa.

Mike eyed the semi-naked Lisa and a sparkle was visible in his eye, but he did not comment, because his girlfriend was watching from the audience (almost as scantily clad).

"We will build it now. I don't want to be accused of cheating by bringing on a prepared box; besides part of it needs to be built around you."

Mollified, Lisa stood back and watched while the bottom half of the box was constructed on a low wheeled platform. The box was built from pieces that were three squares that met at a point, the outer edges of each section were a bit wider than the thickness of the black plastic material that they were made of. Each section was adorned with multiple clips and catches. Mike and Arthur arranged the first four on the platform and attached them together with the catches on the sides, to form a square tray with sides a little under 18 inches high.

"It's time to get you in the box, Lisa." Arthur offered his hand allowing Lisa step into the half box with some grace while not revealing what her arm concealed. "See those two holes in the front? I'd like you to put your toes through there so that they can be seen. If you could put them through a bit further that would be great. Perfect! I'll be asking you to do up the straps you can feel at your heels a little later, but for the moment I just want you to sit down." With a little help Lisa sat down and was asked to scoot back as far as possible. "How's that? Comfortable?"

"Not exactly, but bearable," said Lisa. "I suppose now that I've got my knees up, you'd like me to do those straps to hold my feet in place."

"Yes, please. Mike, for Lisa's comfort, come over to the trolley and we'll sort out the upper half of the box."

Arthur and Mike clipped together two more corners for the cube that would contain Lisa, while she fastened the straps round her ankles. The men brought over the assembly and began clipping it to the back of the lower half of the box, forcing Lisa to lean forward.

"I'm going to have to ask you to adopt a particular position so that Mike can fit the last two sections, while I get the rest of the apparatus. I need you to squeeze your shoulders back, under the bit we've just fitted; you'll need to spread your knees a bit so that your head will fit between them. And I want your arms outside your legs so that you can put your hands through the holes in the front of the last sections. But before all that, would you fit this earpiece, so that our audience can hear you and you can hear me."

Lisa eyed the small electronic device suspiciously; Quinn had told her about the hypnosis enhancing tiara she had been given to wear. "And that's all it does?"

Seeing the scepticism in Lisa's glance, Arthur decided that he would be honest. "Well, not quite. But the only thing extra is that it'll help reinforce the 'don't panic' suggestion."

Satisfied, Lisa fiddled the device into place, before adjusting her position in the box. Arthur left the stage telling Mike that he should fit the last two corners when he was ready.

Mike approached the partially boxed Lisa and asked, "Are you ready?"

"Not really, but, I guess, we'd better get on with it."

"Ok, I'll clip this section to the other half of the top and then as I hinge it down into place you can stick your hands out of the hand-holes and once it's in place then I'll do up the rest of the clips."

That was how Lisa and Mike fitted the last quarter of the box so that her hands were through the holes. While Mike was doing up the last clips and Lisa was making what adjustments to her position she could to make it less uncomfortable, the magician returned from his foray backstage with elaborate framework whose main purpose seemed to be to hold the box in which Lisa was packed, but also obviously had a secondary, and as yet unidentified, purpose which seemed to involve a lot of guide-rails and some adjustment handles.

Seeing that the box was complete, Arthur said, "Lisa, can you hear me?"

"Yeah, loud and clear," replied the boxed Lisa.

"Good! In that case we shall carry on with stage two. Mike, help me lift the box into the apparatus. It should be easy enough; we'll just tip the box backwards and the carry it over and slide it into the middle. Ok?" In response to Mike's nod, he said. "Right, on three! One, two, three."

Lisa felt her tiny world tip backwards, but she hardly shifted, because she was tightly packed in the confining cube. After a bit of a dizzy feeling, while the two men moved the box to the frame, she heard the grind of the box's plastic being run along metal rails until it stopped.

Arthur instructed Mike to clip the box to the framework, while he went to fetch the final items required for the illusion. "While Mike's busy maybe you'd like to describe how you are situated in the box, Lisa."

Lisa's voice from the speakers showed the strain of her cramped position. "Well, you saw how I went into the box, sitting at the back with my thighs against my chest and head between my knees. I haven't changed position, but how it feels has changed a bit, now that I'm on my back; most of my weight is on my lower back and my shoulders, which are pressed against what used to be the top, but is now a side. My feet," she wriggled her feet, "are held up by the straps that are round my ankles and my hands," she waved those too, "are held there by the pressure on my forearms from my calves and the side of the box. I could probably pull my hands in, but there's little enough room in here for the rest of me."

As the explanation came to an end, the audience saw the magician push on stage the last components of the illusion. This trolley held some sheets of glass and a pot of wooden sticks.

"Thank you, Lisa. I've everything we need to continue. Mike, you'll need these gloves." Arthur handed Mike a pair of leather gloves, before putting on a pair of his own. "Help me, lift this pair of glass plates into that guide rail!" Between them Mike and Arthur lifted the two thin sheets, a little over three feet square, and lowered them until they slotted into a pair of guides, one over and the other under the box containing Lisa.

Arthur left Mike supporting the unguided end and went to a handle on the framework. "Ok, Mike, when I say, push the glass into place."

Mike showed a moment of doubt; if he pushed the glass forward it would intersect with the box and therefore the young woman who had chosen him to help the magician. This he seemed to put aside equally quickly.

Arthur turned the handle twice and told Mike to push. Mike pushed and the glass slid into the narrow gap that had opened between the half of the box from which Lisa's hands protruded and the end where her feet showed. It reached the end of the guide and stopped.

Meanwhile, inside the box, Lisa felt the pressure on her shoulders lessen marginally as a gap opened in the box, letting in more light. Then she felt the glass pass through her from one side to the other, cutting through her below her ribs, through her mid-thighs and lower calves and through both arms above and below the elbows.

The audience heard a squeak of surprise from Lisa and began to applaud.

Arthur reversed the turns on the handle so that the glass was clamped between the two parts of the box.

"How are things going in there, Lisa?"

"Um, I think I'm Ok, but someone seems to have pushed a plate of glass through me, but that doesn't seem so bad after the initial shock."

"That was Mike, but you only have yourself to blame; you picked him. By the way can you see anything new?"

"You mean besides the sheet of glass that appeared a few inches from my nose? Nothing new. But there are some markings on the glass; there's a circle on either side, that I can see, and a line going straight down directly in front of my nose. Looks like it's etched into the glass."

"That's perfect, thank you, Lisa. It means you are in the perfect position; don't move!" Arthur rotated the apparatus so that the audience could see all sides, stopping once the glass was lined up pointing towards the audience; some of the audience could see light transmitted through the glass contrasting with the blackness of the box and uninterrupted by where Lisa's body should be. Between them Arthur and Mike lifted another pair of thin glass sheets and fitted them into a set of horizontal guide rails. Mike, again was left supporting the free end with instructions to push when told to. Arthur found another handle and put his hand on it.

"Lisa, something else is about to happen, maybe, if we do it slowly, you can describe it."

"Ok, I'll try," said Lisa.

"Here goes," said Arthur turn the handle two turns, opening a narrow gap between the upper half from which Lisa's extremities projected and the lower half which was supposed to contain most of her torso; indeed a few saw a crack of light through the gap with the shadow of Lisa's body. "Mike, push slowly! Give Lisa time to describe what's happening!"

Mike pushed, easily at first and then requiring more force.

"I can feel the edge of the glass against my shoulders. Ooo, it's sinking in. That doesn't feel too bad; it's, kind of, relieving the cramp I was beginning to feel. Now it's coming out the front; out where my collar bone is, I guess. Hey, you've just cut my head off. It's lucky it's clamped between my knees. Now it's cutting into my thigh a bit above my knee. Hey, why have you stopped?"

"Mike has just reached the other sheet of glass through the box and didn't have the momentum to push through, but I can sort that out." Arthur went to the trolley where another pair of glass sheets waited and picked up a mallet, with a broad rubber head.

Lisa tried to visualise her situation and came to the obvious conclusion. "Hey, wait! Glass through glass, isn't at least one of them going shatter? Being in here with a couple of sheets of glass is ok, but I don't fancy being in here with a ton of glass shards and splinters."

"Don't worry, the glass won't shatter; It'll just crack. There is another line etched across the glass to control where the glass cracks and with your body holding it in place it can't bent enough to shatter." Before Lisa could raise any more objections, Arthur gave the edge of the glass a smart tap with the mallet causing a snapping sound as the other sheets cracked under the sudden pressure. He then pushed the glass sheet home, the rest of the way up and out of Lisa's thighs and out the other side of the box. Then he reach for the handle and turned it back. Those that could before, could no longer see the shadow of Lisa against the crack of light visible through the box.

"Before the next bit, I need do a minor bit of prep," announced Arthur as he returned the mallet to the trolley and picked up a smaller hammer. He went round the apparatus tapping bits of the glass with the hammer, occasionally receiving a loud crack from the glass.

"I think the glass in front of me just cracked straight down; I felt it in my stomach," commented Lisa.

"That's perfect," replied the magician. "We can get on with the next bit."

"You're not thinking of shoving a sheet of glass up me are you?"

"Yes, I am. You volunteered. Mike let's get the last glass plates in position."

The men picked up the remaining glass and moved into place in the guide rails.

"You never said anything about cutting me in half vertically."

"You never asked; just about hypnosis. And you seemed perfectly happy to get in the box and you didn't complain about the other glass dividers."

Leaving Mike ready to insert the last divided, Arthur found another handle which he turned like he had the other ones, thus opening a gap in the box, which Mike pushed the glass plate into without being told out loud; just a nod from the magician.

Inside the box, Lisa felt the glass that was already dividing her into many pieces (she meant to count how many, but the chance never seemed to arise) spread apart along the newly formed cracks as the sides of the box separated. She had a moment to wonder which direction the new glass divider would be coming. She did not have long to wonder as she felt it cutting into her knickers and lower abdomen, but much more worryingly there was the edge that was heading straight for her face. She screamed and closed her eyes just as the invading glass was sliding through the gap in the glass she could see in front of her.

After the scream, there was silence. The audience were frozen; some fearing they had seen the last of Lisa and would miss buses home, while the police investigated her murder; the remainder just did not want to miss a moment of whatever was going to happen next. Mike did not say anything, in case he spoiled something, by opening his mouth at the wrong moment. Arthur basked in the electric atmosphere.

After nearly thirty seconds of silence, while everyone tried to process what they had just seen, a distorted voice was heard over the speakers. "That was quite a rush; I might actually enjoy it if I ever did it again. I can see why you didn't want me to panic; having a sheet of glass heading straight for my face would make anyone panic."

Everyone in the theatre relaxed a couple of notches.

Lisa continued, "Ok, I've been divided into eight sections and I don't know how many pieces. I've never seen it done this way before. Now can you let me out, so I can see the rest of the show!"

"I would, of course, if that was all I'd planned to do, but there's more," answered Arthur. "Mike, would you mind going and fetching four of those sticks from the pot?"

Mike pulled one of the sticks from the pot. It was fairly narrow with a circular ring mounted about a foot from one end, similar to a kendo stick. Having quickly inspected it, he grabbed another three and went back to the magician.

"I'll have two of those," said Arthur, putting a hand out to accept the two Mike passed to him. "The first two go in here," he said, indicating small circles in the lower of the foot end of Lisa's box. "So long as they go in straight everything will be ok." The magician lined up the first of his stick so that it parallel to the floor and pointing straight at the circle. Mike matched him on the other side. "Right, on the count of three. One, two, three." The two men pushed the sticks into the box.

Lisa felt the wooden spikes enter her buttocks and travel up her back and out through the base of her shoulder blades. She even heard a couple of cracks and had a moment to wonder where the circles of glass that the sticks were cracking out of the plates of cracked glass penetrating her would end up.

Lisa did not get time to recover before the second pair of sticks came rushing passed either side of her head, penetrating her knees. The audience heard her verbal reaction, which was 'Hey! Watch where you're poking those things!'

Arthur did not respond this exclamation, but said to Mike, "Now, we need to get the box back out." With much unclipping and a heave the box was removed from the framework and stood on the handles of the four sticks that penetrated the box. The magician then instructed Mike to bring over the rest of the sticks and push them through the box. While Mike did this and Lisa felt the sticks penetrating her in every direction, Arthur took some rings from his pocket and fitted them on the non-handle ends of the sticks. Once both the men were finished there were another eight sticks through the box, each going through a quarter of the box and the glass blade that divided that quarter in two.

"Now we are ready for the final stage," announced the magician.

"I'm chopped up and stuck with a lot of sticks or swords or whatever. There can't be more!" complained Lisa.

"Of course, there's more. These people know that us magicians are tricky, so I need to prove that you are still inside the box and divided into pieces."

Lisa furiously twitched her toes and wriggled her fingers. "Isn't this proof enough that I'm still in here?"

"Yes, you have shown you are inside the box, quite admirably, but you have not proved you are in pieces."

"You mean a person in box divided in three directions by sheets of glass isn't proof enough."

"Sadly," said Arthur, "we live in disbelieving times. If you haven't seen it with your own eyes, you're not going to believe just on someone's say-so." Arthur turned to the audience and asked, "Do you want me to prove that my volunteer Lisa has been divided, or shall we let her out now?"

Most of the audience called out, "Show us!"

"The public have spoken. Mike take a firm grip of that side of the box, while I pull this side!"

Arthur stooped and pulled the base of the box his side lifting slightly so the stick-end feet did not scrape across the stage. As he pulled the gap between the left and right sides of box opened up to about two inches, before the rings he had fitted on the ends of the sticks prevented it opening any further.

Lisa felt a movement and watched as the light inside the box brightened. In the previous dimness she could make out the holes where her feet emerged with the opposite eye, but now each eye could only see one foot and a portion of stage floor.

"Some of you will have been expecting a bigger gap, but I did not want the sticks to fall out; which is why I put the collars on the loose ends. But fear not, I never like to disappoint an audience. Mike, take hold of the handle of this stick." He indicate which stick by patting it and Lisa felt the vibrations going through her knees, where the upper front stick had gone through from right to left. "Now, turn it anti-clockwise." Mike did as instructed. Lisa had a weird feeling as the stick on one side of the glass divide turn one way and on the other side turn the other. "Would you take a look at what we've achieved?"

Mike peered into the narrow gap between the box halves and saw that stick that they had been turning was now in two parts with the exposed parts of an embedded nut and bolt visible. He told the audience. Between them Arthur and Mike unscrewed the other three left-to-right sticks.

"Ok, now that the two halves are disconnected, Mike, I want you to pull your half towards you about a foot or so, then pivot it on the back foot so that these good people can see inside. Ready? Then go!"

The magician and his helper opened up the box and showed the inside to the spectators. It took most of them a little while to understand what they were seeing, judging by the slow-to-begin applause. The leg was obvious, you could follow it from the foot the still wriggled outside each half, up through a horizontal sheet of glass and behind that a thigh that came down through the centre of the box. The arm could just be made out behind the calf, but the knee was hidden behind a pink shape pressed against the glass. By the knee it was round-ish fringed at the top with dark hair, as it crossed the vertical glass partition it narrowed then broadened, before ending in a rounded curve at the lower rear of the box. It seemed to take people a while to realise that the pink shape was Lisa's vertical cross-section and the bit of thigh was inner thigh.

"So, as you can see, I have divided the lovely Lisa into two sections, but she is much more divided than that. Mike, being careful that the half sticks don't fall out, lay your half down, so it stands on them. Soon each half had been dis-assembled into its four sub-cubes, each standing on a tripod made of the three half sticks that penetrated it.

The eight sub-cubes were placed on tables and the audience invited to check out the contents through the glass sides. Mike was left to look after Lisa, while Arthur went back stage to set up his next magical scene.

After about five minutes, Arthur reappeared with Lisa's dress, which he placed on the end of one of the tables. Having shooed some dawdling audience members back to their seats, he announced that it was time to restore Lisa to her former glory. He then retrieved the low platform and quickly stacked the cube sections to former the larger cube, removing the sticks through each section as he did so.

"Hey!" called Lisa over the speakers, "While it's nice to have all my bits back together, it would be nicer to have them back together in the right places. My right eye can see the inside of the left half of my head and left eye can see my right ankle; I'm sure I should be seeing my knees."

That Lisa had been put back together in a different order to which she had been pulled apart, became obvious when you noticed that instead of all four extremities sticking out on the front of the box as they had at the start, there was only one in front, one on each side and one out the top.

"Don't worry! It'll sort itself out. We just need to take out all the glass and release Lisa. To that end, Michael, would you go round that side of the box and remove the clockwise one of each of the pairs of panes sticking out there. You'll need your gloves, because the snapped edges that are currently inside the box will be much sharper than the edges you've been handling so far."

Once Mike had taken out his first piece of glass he looked around for somewhere to put it down.

"Put it on the table there." Instructed Arthur.

Soon both tables had a stack of four glass squares with round holes in them. Then the magician told his helper to remove all four panes that stuck out the top of the box running from front to back. Another four pieces were stacked on each table, as Arthur took out the corresponding glass plates from the bottom half of the box.

The removal of most of the glass plates dividing Lisa was a great relief to her. The miniscule amount of extra room allowed her to relax a bit and the prospect of getting out soon was welcome too, although she was still a little worried that her sections were jumbled and what had happened to the circles of glass that had been punched out by the sticks.

"Now that we have reduced the number of sections from eight to four, I need you to give your side of the box a push, Mike."

As the magician and his helper pushed on their sides of the box the remaining glass dividers slid along each other until their edges emerged from the opposites of the box beside their partners. The box was now half its original width with a set of toes sticking out one side and the top and a hand out of the other side and the front.

Lisa was already disoriented by having most of her sections not in their original alignment and being squeezed into half the volume did not help. Pieces of her that had no business being in contact were pressed together, most noticeably, to Lisa, the inside of her right ankle against the left side of her face.

Arthur and Mike did not stop there. The remaining horizontal plates were taken out, along with two of the vertical ones, and then Mike and the magician pushed the top half down into the bottom half. It was not long before the final panes were removed and the box compressed so that it was half its former size in each direction. Arthur picked up the box and took it down the steps at the front of the stage to show the front row, some of whom were brave enough to shake hands with the hands sticking out of the box.

Once he had returned to the stage, the magician placed the boxed Lisa back on the low platform. "I suppose most of you want me to bring Lisa back unharmed." There was a general noise of assent. "Ok, so I have a semi-naked woman jammed in a box, about 3 cubic feet, and without any doors; how do I get her out?" He pondered out loud. "Mike, I'm going need to borrow your jacket; Lisa will bring it back to you when I've finished with her. So, a big hand for Mike, who has helped so much with the illusion."

Mike shrugged off his jacket and handed it Arthur, then descended the steps from the stage and returned to his seat next to Judy.

"Right, well, we can start by giving Lisa her dress back," Arthur said, as he picked up Lisa's dress and tucked it into the fingers that still stuck out of the small box.

"Thanks!" said Lisa, her voice dripping with enough vitriol as to be almost toxic. "There's no space in here for me, without adding a dress. And even if I could pull it in here, how am I meant to get dressed again with all my pieces rammed in her at random. I can't tell my arse from my elbow; in fact I think my arse and elbow may be touching somewhere."

"Don't worry! I've got it under control." The magician draped Mike's jacket over the box concealing it from view, but only briefly. He took the jacket by the shoulders and whipped it upwards.

There on the box on its low wheeled platform sat a relieved looking Lisa fully dressed. As the audience applauded, Lisa did some stretches to get some of the kinks out her muscles.

"Are you alright, Lisa?" asked Arthur.

"A lot better than moments ago. But it's been an interesting experience; being stuffed in box, chopped to bits and then squeezed down even more; but I'm glad it's over."

"Well, not quite. There's the small matter of the 24 little glass circles the sticks punched from the glass panes as they were pushed through."

"Oh," said Lisa, "I assumed that they had been vanished or left in the box or something."

"You're welcome to check the box, but I assure you that they are inside you."

With a sceptical look, Lisa stood up, bent down and picked up the box. She gave it a shake, hoping that it would rattle and was disappointed.

"You can't leave me with bits of glass in me."

"I wasn't planning to, but I need your cooperation to get them out."

"Ok. I'll bite. What do you want me to do now?"

"Just a couple of jumping-jacks should do it."

"Are you sure such energetic exercise is a good idea; what with there being a couple of dozen sharp glass discs inside me?"

"Well, they need to be moved so that they are together and I can't think of a better way; if they were metal, I'd use a magnet."

Lisa did two jumps, which drew cheers from the audience, before stopping. What stopped her was the feeling of her panties falling down her legs; they had been cut during the illusion, she assumed when the glass that had divided her left from her right had been put in. She stopped and pulled the ruined halves of that garment from her feet. "You didn't say that the magic would ruin my knickers."

"Would you have taken them off if I had said?" asked Arthur.

"No way!"

"Well, then, where's the problem? They'd have been cut whether I told you or not and I saved the worry in the meantime."

"I suppose so," Lisa admitted, but not sounding entirely convinced. "But weren't we trying to get the glass out of me?"

"Well, let's hope that two jumps you did were enough. Now I need you to cough."

"I'll try." She managed to cough and then felt something in her throat which made her cough again. Whatever it was seemed to move up slightly and obstruct her breathing.

Seeing that Lisa seemed to be choking, the magician followed the recommended cause of action; he thumped her on the back to her dislodge the obstruction. On the second blow, Lisa cough out something that after a short flight landed in the lap of a surprised member of the front row.

"Excuse me, madam, could you bring that here, please."

The woman brought the object to the front of the stage and handed it the magician. He in turn handed it to Lisa saying that it was a gift as a souvenir and a thank you for her help and bravery. Then he asked her to describe it to the audience.

"Well, it's a glass cube, like a paperweight, and inside, like it's made of bubbles, is a figure in the position I was in when I was in the box."

"Thank you, Lisa. And one final thing before I allow you to return to your seat. May I have my earpiece back and would you give Mike his jacket back?" Once the earpiece was removed he added, "If you stay behind for a little while after the show, I'll make sure that you get your shoes back and something to compensate you for your missing knickers."


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