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Lindsey Stirling’s Onahole Transformation

by LatexSuperGirl

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© Copyright 2019 - LatexSuperGirl - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; transform; shrink; object; nc; X

Lindsey Stirling had just landed in Japan for the first time in her life, as she looked around there was interesting things to see everywhere, while she was distracted by the sights she didn’t notice that a stranger was sneaking up behind her, by the time she noticed them it was too late, the stranger had managed to inject her with a vial of the tf virus!

Once Lindsey had taken in some of the sights Japan had to offer, she quickly realized she needed to use the ladies room quite badly, while looking for a restroom she ran her hand through hair, which strangely enough too her felt overly greasy considering she had washed it that morning! As soon as she found a restroom she quickly ran into it before she hit the stall she decided to look in the mirror and check her hair and makeup.

The sight that greeted her in the mirror surprised her, she had put her hair in a messy bun that morning when she woke up but now her blonde hair was straight as could be and plastered to the sides of her head and face. As she continued to look at it she thought the color and texture looked slightly off so she decided to touch it. She was quite surprised once she felt it, instead of a silky smooth sensation, it felt like a very flexible silicone plastic almost. As she pulls her hand away she notices something quite alarming!

As her arm goes to touch the basin of the sink she realizes that her arms have begun to shrink, quite quickly losing length. Where once her arms had been her pride and joy that allowed her to play a violin was thin air. In almost the blink of an eye all that was left of her well trained arms are her shoulder blades. No matter how hard she tries, she can’t get the empty sleeves of her t shirt to move a single inch. As she begins to cry a bit at the loss of her arms she doesn’t notice an even more important change happening right beneath her nose!

As the tears stopped flowing down her face Lindsey realized that to look in the mirror she was actually having to look up at it, she knew she wasn’t that short. As she looked down at her once toned and well trained legs she shrieked as she noticed everything up to her knees was gone. As she tried to wiggle her non existent toes she couldn’t see any movement from her legs. Her legs were getting shorter and shorter and as they began to recede into her pelvis she felt her she felt herself begin to tip over, with her beautiful legs gone there wasn’t anything left to stabilize her. As she fell backward, she felt her now rubbery hair bounce off the hard tile of the floor, now fully on her back she can feel the cool air of the restroom blowing past her tight shaved pussy, her black yoga pants lay in a heap on the floor, now useless to Lindsey. As she lay on the floor pussy exposed for everyone to see she wondered what she could possibly be  transforming into and who did it to her!

As she lay there pondering these questions her skin had quickly taken on a pastier but shinier coloration underneath her shirt, it was almost as if she was slowly beginning to turn into silicone version of herself. Once her skin had changed Lindsey was snapped back to attention as she felt her shirt begin to loosen around her stomach and breasts, despite not being able to see her body she instinctively knew right away that she was now shrinking down, smaller and smaller, still keeping her proportions and just shrinking, as she got smaller her head got closer and closer to her shirt until she as inside of it, her world went dark as her face was covered by the black lacy bra she had worn that day, finally her body has quit shrinking, by this point she’s only six inches tall, she tries to yell for help but finds that her lips have somehow become sealed, she realizes that due to a lack of speech she’s become an inanimate object of some sort. As one final change happens to Lindsey she feels her pussy begin to widen a little and over all take over her body, she has never felt so hollow yet so sensitive, little does she know her whole body has become a onahole!

Just as she is wondering what she has become Lindsey hears the door of the unisex bathroom open and hears someone walking directly for the pile of clothes she’s hidden in. Now completely immobile and incapable of moving an inch Lindsey sits in her clothes as the person begins to sift through her clothes in search of something, she quickly learns that something is her. As the world brightens again Lindsey looks up at the man who’s problem the one who injected her with the TF virus in the first place, he’s a well built blonde Japanese man, with kind eyes. As she looks up at him she hears him say, “Well I think you’ll sell well at my store Miss Stirling but first I have to make sure your transformation was complete, I can’t sell my customers a defective product.” Lindsey’s eyes would’ve widened immmensly at that sentence if she could still move them, as she hears his zipper unzip she mentally begins to panic, she realizes that she must have become some sort of sex toy for men, she’d been injected with one of the not so common vials of the TF virus!

As the man pulls his penis out of his pants and puts Lindsey on the tip of it Lindsey wishes she could still scream this isn’t how she imagined her first sexual experience. Seemingly happy with how she feels the man begins to pump her up and down his dick with slow and gentle movements almost as if he was trying to ease her into her new life. As she feels her body expand and contract as his penis moves through it, her indignation at what she’s become lessens and is replaced with a lustful sensation. As her indignation is replaced the man begins to thrust faster, she can feel him almost reach the limits of her length, she can almost taste his salty precum where her mouth used to be. As the taste seeps into her brain she notices details of her former life disappearing, although she desperately tries to hold onto them. As her old life disappears she feels the man thrusting even faster now and she feels his grip that he using begins to tighten squeezing her now tiny waist and her cute little tits, she instinctively seems to know now that he’s about to blow his load. Within seconds of that thought the man blows his load within Lindsey. As a wave of semen fills her, she feels the rest of her common sense flow away, replaced with nothing but thoughts of lustful abandon. As the man pulls the onahole Lindsey off his dick and hold her into the air, cum dripping from the tube inside of Lindsey’s body he admires the effectiveness of the TF virus. This is going to sell well here in Japan. He quickly rinsed Lindsey out before putting her into his backpack, he then rifles through the rest of her clothing grabbing her panties and bra knowing that if he sells all 3 items together it should amount in a huge payday!


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