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Life In the Box

by Crystal Creampie

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© Copyright 2016 - Crystal Creampie - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; boxed; encased; objectification; fuckbox; douche; enema; oral; anal; sex; climax; cons; X

Crystal woke with a start, suddenly unable to breathe past the large object thrusting its way into her throat. She forced herself to relax and drew air in through the tubes that ran from her nostrils down to her heaving lungs.

As she regained mental awareness, she felt that the pounding in her cunt continued, and tried to squirm what little she could without tensing up around the cocks filling her two holes. 

She was, of course, still in the box.

She had no idea how long she had been in the box, but at this point, she could hardly remember anything about the world outside of the box.

All she knew was that the pounding of cocks fucking her cunt never stopped except for the short period after one came inside her, and before the next one entered her. She didn’t like these short periods – her cunt felt uncomfortably empty, and she like being fucked. It made her feel good and useful.

There were also the cleanings, when a tube entered deep inside her cunt and filled her with warm liquid until she felt she would burst. A few minutes later, it would suck all the liquid out, along with the shit and cum that had built up deep within her intestines.

Every once in a while, she vaguely remembered how difficult being fucked 24/7 had been when she first woke up in the box, but she had gotten used to it, eventually even learning how to sleep in the periods during which her mouth was empty.

Speaking of her mouth, the cock that was fucking it seemed to be reaching climax. She could feel her throat stretch tight as it hardened and throbbed with each thrust.

Finally, it thrust deeper than even before, all the way to what felt like the bottom her neck, before shooting a massive load of hot cum into her throat. She felt the cum run down into her stomach – she hadn’t been able to swallow since shortly after waking up in the box.

The cock in her ass seemed to be finishing up too, and she inhaled deeply as it pulled out, holding tightly until a new cock entered her, relieving the horrible feeling of emptiness.

“Mmmm,” she thought, with new cocks in both holes, full of hot, fresh cum.


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