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The Last Day of Her 29th Year Part 2: The Death of Doctor Vader

by Doctor Vader

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© Copyright 2013 - Doctor Vader - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; drug; capture; bond; gag; machine; ingest; torment; buried; revenge; cons/nc; X

(a spiritual sequel to “the last day of her 29th year“)

Part 2: The Death of Doctor Vader

“Well hello there” Hazel grinned.

“No sense in struggling too hard, you might hurt yourself” She chuckled as she knelt, to be face to face with her captive. Georgia tested her bonds and groaned into her ring-gag, but she was held tightly in place. She was strapped tightly, in a kneeling position, her arms pulled tight behind her back and secured to some sort of metal frame.

“You’ll find that metal frame is very sturdy, and your straps more than efficient to minimize your movement… you see I don’t want you getting too much exercise” Hazel winked as she stood.

“I know what you’re thinking, who am I? What am I going to do? and why?” Hazel chuckled as she paced slowly back and forth in front of her helpless victim.

“All good questions,” She smirked as she pulled up a chair and placed it so she could sit directly ahead of Georgia, looking down at her. Hazel just gazed at her for a moment, smiling. Georgia strained to look up at her, but she was collared to the frame too and it was difficult and uncomfortable. Tears gently rolled down her cheeks as she sobbed.

“Oh, he would’ve loved to have seen that” Hazel chuckled to herself.

“Still, you deserve at least a few answers, who I am?… I am Hazel” She smiled warmly, but Georgia was none the wiser. She’d never seen or heard of her before.

“And what am I going to do? I’m going to ensure you suffer a great deal in the coming weeks and months…” Her smile growing somewhat cruel.

“And Why? You ask” Her face becoming more serious.

“I had a friend… and you knew him, well practically made him what he had become actually” Hazel glared.

“And after he buried me… he was shot and killed” Hazel looked away for a moment, perhaps trying to compose herself. A little quiver of upset in her tone.

“He wasn’t going to leave me… he was coming back to get me when they shot him” She continued.

“But you made him… You left him, cruel, merciless and unkind… He did all the things he has done because of what he became and…” Hazel paused for a moment, grasping for her composure.

“When they finally tracked him down and shot him… Well, you may as well killed him yourself” Hazel spat angrily.

“So you need to be punished!” She growled as she stood up, fists clenched. Georgia was horrified. Scared out of her wits and desperately afraid what this girl may have in mind for her.

“You see I knew all about you, finding you was simple, and drugging you, capturing you was all too easy” Hazel laughed.

“And now, I’m going to make sure you embrace your full potential” She grinned coldly as she busied herself, disappearing from Georgia’s view briefly, only to return moments later with a penis gag in hand. Roughly, she pushed it through Georgia’s ring gag and into her mouth. Quickly she had it buckled tight. It filled Georgia’s mouth uncomfortably, she groaned and squirmed in vain.

“Pathetic” Hazel sneered as she stood and strode away, leaving Georgia, alone and terrified. Georgia was frantic, her mind raced. She tried to think, to put the pieces together, but she could make no sense of anything. This girl, Hazel, that she didn’t even know and some man, that she’d apparently created had tried to bury her and then been shot dead. She had no idea what was going on.

Hazel eventually returned, wheeling a large piece of machinery ahead of her. She positioned it a few feet to Georgia’s side. Georgia did her best to twist her head and look at it, it had a few dials and switches and a large rubber tube coming from it. She had no idea what it was for. Hazel smiled at her and without a word left to fetch something else. Georgia’s confusion and apprehension grew as Hazel returned, wheeling a large oil drum in and placing it behind the machine. Silently, without even acknowledging her, Hazel hooked up and connected the oil drum to the back of machine. Then grabbed the rubber tubing Georgia had seen and knelt in front her, quickly attaching the tube to the front of Georgia’s gag. Satisfied that it was securely fixed in place, she smiled and sat in the chair again, simply looking at Georgia. Hazel looked at her watch, then crossed her arms, waiting. Georgia was sobbing hard. Hazel grinned and waited. Then suddenly Georgia’s eyes were wide in panic and shock. A warm fluid, she could only presume was sperm, was being pumped straight through her gag into her mouth. She had to swallow as hard and fast as she could as it relentlessly pumped more and more fluid into her mouth. Eventually it stopped and Georgia gulped down the last of it. She was stunned. Hazel was laughing.

“There you go… like someone cumming in you mouth, eh?” Hazel laughed.

“Well he said you were a cock loving whore… so I thought you’d like that” She chuckled, obviously enjoying Georgia’s stunned confusion.

“But lets clear things up a bit for you now, that machine is going to pump about half a pint of that stuff into you every thirty minutes…” Hazel explained as she leant forward on her chair.

“And that stuff is very special, it may seem and taste like semen, but… it’s not” She grinned coldly.

“It’s a very special mix of toxins and nutrients designed to do something very specific to you” Hazel grinned wickedly as Georgia’s eyes widened, her fear and panic, obvious and clear by the look on her face.

“It’s going to fatten you up!” She explained gleefully.

“And it’s going to work fast too, by the end of the day, your clothes are going to begin to feel rather tight and uncomfortable… tomorrow you’ll be straining the seams as you rapidly bloat and gain more weight… and by the end of the week… You’ll be my big, fat, pathetic piggy” Hazel laughed cruelly. Georgia was in shock. This girl was going to force feed her, fatten her up and turn her into a pig!

“That’s why I’ve made sure you can barely move, I don’t want you exerting yourself and losing any weight now do I” She smirked.

“And there’s enough fluid in that drum to last you quite a while… So I’m going to leave you in peace to enjoy your feed and contemplate your new life as a my pig…” Hazel smiled as she knelt and took Georgia’s chin in her hand. She was sobbing hard, tears pouring down her face. Hazel smiled wickedly.

The sound of applause shocked Hazel and she stood up suddenly, looking to the shadows in the corners of the large room.

“Very good Hazel, inventive” A voice echoed and Hazel turned this way and that to seek out it’s source. She was certain she had been alone with Georgia.

“Who’s there?” She called out.

“A lasting cruelty… as she’s fattened up like a pig” The voice rang out. Then suddenly, Hazel froze, stared wide eyed and mouth agape as I emerged from the shadows.

“But… But…” She stammered, dumbstruck at the sight of me.

“You’re… Dead… I saw your body after they dug me out… I checked your pulse… you were cold…” She exclaimed.

“But I’m deathless Hazel” I smiled at her and she slowly started to cautiously step toward me.

“I can’t be killed, I’ll simply come back” I smiled warmly.

“I… I… can’t believe it” She said as she drew close and placed her hands on my chest. I smiled down at her as she looked up into my face. She lifted my T-shirt and examined the scars, the evidence of my gunshot wounds on my chest. She ran her fingertips over the six wounds. Then hugged me hard, tears welling in her eyes. I held her in my arms for a long moment. I released her from my embrace and strode over to Georgia, I knelt and looked at her, face to face. She now understood, she knew exactly who I was and who I once had been. I watched as she was suddenly shocked by the arrival of her next feed. She struggled as she gulped and swallowed it down. I smirked and stood, turning back to Hazel.

“Now my young, well spoken friend… I’m going to take care of your pig” I smiled.

“And we have something to finish” I grinned as I held out my hand to her. She looked at me, a little confused for a moment. Then she resigned herself to the fact, one way or another she knew she was coming with me. She took my hand and I led her away.


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