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Laid To Rest

by Rob C

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© Copyright 2011 - Rob C - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; coffin; grave; encased; buried; entombed; cons; X

Finding someone to full fill a fantasy or fetish, if you may, was harder than I anticipated. I met many single women online, but it seemed every time I brought up wanting to be buried alive, it wasn't long after that, she would want to end our relationship. Then I found myself going through the singles web ads online again. When on one such occasion I came across an ad that said, looking for someone to help pay my bills, will do anything for you in return. I liked the honesty in the ad, as to who she was looking for, so I replied to it.

A day or so later I got a reply from her. It turns out she was homeless, and accessing the Internet at the library, and needed a place to live. I told her I had my own house and an unused bedroom she could live in. After she gave me a phone number to a payphone, so we could talk, we agreed to meet on the same day. When we meant at a local diner we sat and talked for a few hours. Of course she asked me if I was a psycho killer, I laughed and said no. It was going to be a cold night, so at the end of our meal, I asked if she wanted the room I had available? She said yes, and I took her home, which was about an hour north from where we were.

It didn't take her long to settle in to her room, and she asked if I was willing to help pay off some of her debts? I told her I would pay off all of them, but that I had one condition.

Her eyes went wide and she said, "Look my ad said nothing about sex".

I told her no it was nothing like that. How much I asked was she in debt? "Over $50,000" she said.

"OK" I said, "I will give you the $50,000 plus another $10,000 to get back on your feet".

"And what do I have to do for that?" she asked.

"I want you to bury me alive", I said.

She just sat there and stared at me, without saying anything. I explained to her that I was dying, (I wasn't really but thought that would make her think) and that I wanted to go out on my own terms.

"So let me get this straight", she said, "you will give me $60,000 dollars if I bury you alive?"

I said "Yes".

"But they would get me on murder charges".

"No" I said, "I had it all planned out. I have already dug out a 6' by 6' hole in my basement, built my own pine box coffin, and rigged up a pulley system for you to lower me into my grave. You shovel the dirt into the hole, and it will look like the rest of the dirt floor down there, besides no one knows your here, so you wait until dark, take the money and leave".

"Can I sleep on this," she asked, "and let you know in the morning?"

I said that wouldn't be a problem.

The following morning she came downstairs, I had already made breakfast.

"OK" she said, "I'll do it, but one thing, that you give me the money in cash".

"Well in order that you follow through on burying me, I will put the cash in a box with a code number. After a day or so you will get that code number and you can leave with the cash".

"How do I know you will send me the code?"

"Well just as I would have to take your word that you bury me, you'll have to take mine".

"OK so when do we get started?" she asked.

"Lets finish our breakfast and we'll get started right away".

Around 11am I took her down in to the basement. Sitting next to the hole I had dug was my coffin, with the lid leaning against it. I had put a pillow and some padding to make it a bit comfortable for me, as I awaited my fate. The piles of dirt was to the right of the hole, and I had already rigged up the ropes under the box and the pulleys, so she could easily use the crank to lift me in the box, and lower it in to the hole. I gave her instructions on how to use the nail gun, and to align the lid so it could be nailed shut. After I was sure she knew how everything worked I told her I'd be ready in about an hour.

Around 12 noon I came down to the basement,and told her I was ready. She asked where the box was with the money I had promised? I said it was in the attic, but if she had any thoughts of not following through with burying me, that the code she get to open the box wouldn't work.

"I will keep my promise, and you better keep yours", she said.

I stood at the side of my coffin and looked down in to the hole I had dug.

"Having 2nd thoughts?" she asked.

I laughed and said no, as I stepped in my coffin and laid down. I made it so when the lid was placed on top I would have very little movement. I took a deep breath and told her to place the lid on top and nail it shut. As she slid the lid in place, I could just see a little light coming in from the edges of it. A few moments later the first of 10 nails was driven in. As each nail was placed the light around the edges grew dimmer, until the last nail was placed and I was in total darkness. My heart was beating out of my chest at this point, and I tried pushing on the lid, but it was securely in place.

She knocked on the lid and asked if I wanted to continue, and I said yes.

A few moments later I felt my box lifting and it swinging back and forth, as she positioned it over the hole I had dug. Then being lowered until I heard it hitting the bottom of the ground. As instructed, I told her to cut the pulley ropes and just drop them in the hole. The thud of the ropes hitting the top of the lid, startled me for a moment. As I laid there I wondered how long the air would last? It must have been another 30 minutes or so, before I heard another thud on the lid. I had thought she may have left, but quickly realized that she was shoveling the dirt into the hole. After each thud of a shovel full of dirt hit the lid, I realized that soon I wouldn't hear it hitting my box.

When after another 30 minutes or so, I heard no sound at all. A wave of panic over came me, as I pushed on the lid, I yelled, "No I don't want to do this!" But by that time she couldn't hear me, and all I heard was my breathing. It had been over an hour now since I heard the first shovel full of dirt hit the lid. I could smell the dirt that now surrounded my coffin. As the dirt settled my coffin creaked and groaned. I knew I had built it well, so I wasn't to concerned of it collapsing. I hit the lid, with what little movement I had, and only heard a dull thud.

Several hours had passed by now, and I was starting to feel light headed. The smell of the earth and silence finally relaxed me. And I knew it would be long now before I passed out, and this would be my final resting place. I got a sense of euphoria over me, that I finally got what I wanted. That there was over 4ft of dirt above me, and that I was actually buried alive! I laid there,slipping in and out of consciousness, and wondered how much longer it be?

I don't remember when I passed out, but when I awoke I was surrounded in bright lights. I wondered, this is heaven? But as my head cleared I heard someone say, he's awake doctor. I looked around and realized I was in a hospital room! I was wh wh what? And the doctor told me to relax that I had been through a traumatic experience?

"What am I doing here?" I asked.

He told me an anonymous caller had called the police, saying they had just buried you alive. "The police thought it was a joke, but checked it out, and saw a freshly dug hole. If it had been another hour, you be dead now".

Once I was released from the hospital and questioned by the police, I went home. Finding that the box I had put the money in, still there? I wondered why she hadn't taken it? So here I am now, writing my story for others to read, and trolling through the single ads once again, looking for someone that will bury me alive. But this time leaving me there in my final resting place, laid to rest.

The End


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