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A Life Boxed Away

by Jordan D

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© Copyright 2020 - Jordan D - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F2doll; accident; enslave; transform; bodymod; nc; XX

Laura’s Goods stood on the corner of 46th and 23rd Street in Indianapolis. The sex shop was quite large and very popular around the world. It made the most realistic human sex dolls in the US and most of the world as well. While being quite a large factory based shop it was almost entirely run by computers, minus Brein Gross and of course, the owner Laura.

Brein had been working at Laura’s Goods for a few months now. Just turning 18 she was top of her class and wanted to make some money before going to college, despite the full ride scholarship she had earned. While sex shops were not exactly her taste it was the highest paying job she had found and simply couldn’t resist.

Brein was a popular choice for Laura when picking a worker at the store. She was 5’ 2” and absolutely gorgeous with brown hair and sparkling blue eyes. She had an athletic body, C cup tits, and a bubble butt that would turn any man's head. She was very popular with the customers.

Thursday went on like any other. Brein operated the computer and dealt with any customers that came in to look at the dolls. While at first she had found this awkward and uncomfortable; Brein had grown used to the job at hand. She would point out the features and help the customers create the doll of their every fantasy.

Today, however, had been especially slow and Brein found herself nodding in and out of sleep at the computer.

“Brein, I’ve got some personal errands that just came up. You wouldn’t mind closing on your own tonight, would you dear?” Laura asked as she rushed around looking for her coat.

“I can handle it, Laura. Don’t worry,” Brein replied sleepily.

“You’re an absolute godsend! See you tomorrow.” The bell above the front door jingled as Laura walked out. 

The rest of the day went without a hitch. One or two customers stopped in, but nothing else. Brein began cleaning up the shop and went to the back to unload the blank dolls from the machine.

The machine that created the dolls was a beast of its own. At the start was a loading bay with lines of blank dolls waiting to be whisked onto the belt. A long conveyor belt system with boxed off areas where the dolls would be transformed into whatever creation the buyer wanted followed. It ended with a docking area where the finished sex dolls would be boxed off and delivered. All of this was done robotically.

Brein stared at one of the blanks and shivered. They still creeped her out. Suddenly, the machine whirled to life. Brein had forgotten to turn off the system and it had received a prioritized order.

She turned around as the docking clamps stopped just short of the blanks and lowered onto her. “What the hell?” Was all she could manage as they locked into her wrists, ankles, and neck. Brein looked around in a panic, struggling against the machine as it lifted her into the air. The system must have mistaken her for one of the blank dolls. Try as she might the metal clamps could not be budged. They lowered her onto the conveyor belt.

“Turn off your stupid machine! It’s me. I’m not a doll, damnit!” Brein struggled until exhaustion gave way, hanging from the metal cuffs that had become her prison. She looked forward and saw the first station looming ahead. “No, no, no. Laura! LAURA!” Darkness enclosed her, the sound of machinery all around.

“Blank Model #254 required significant readjustments. Calculating.”

Brein began to sob. She wasn’t a doll. This machine can’t change her. There was a whoosh and she realized her clothes had all been torn off. The metal clamps were cold against her skin. Then she felt a razor comb her body, including her head. Was the machine shaving her?

“SOMEBODY HELP! PLEA—“ Hot water blasted her and what felt like a tube was shoved down her throat. Brein began to struggle once more as she felt the same tubes touch her down south.

This can’t be happening, she sobbed in her head. She was not a doll. She gave a small scream, muffled by the tube, as something pricked her boobs and ass. Almost instantaneously she felt them both begin to grow. The machine was molding her into a doll.

Slowly Brein was lowered into some sort of hot liquid. It hurt at first, but she felt it harden around her body and cool almost immediately. Something stamped her left tit and her ass; she would later realize a barcode has just been tattooed onto her new skin.

Unable to move Brein was helpless as she was moved out of the machine and further down the conveyor belt. Out of the corner of her eye she could see the the front door of the shop. Her only escape slowly faded from view.

The docking clamps lowered Brein onto a platform surrounded by mirrors and released her. She would have sobbed if she could at what she saw in the reflection.

Brein now sported DD tits on her 5’ 2” frame and her bubble butt had gotten the same treatment. Her waist was even slimmer than before and her lips were fuller and formed into a perfect O. Brein’s body gave off a glossy shine; just like a sex doll. The machine lowered a blonde wig onto her bald head and additionally gave her hoop earrings and a nose piercing.

She watched helplessly as new mechanical arms began to move her body as it pleased, like she was nothing but an object for sale. A sexy maid outfit was put on her, completing the look. Brein could barely recognize herself. She didn’t see an innocent teenager with her whole future ahead of her. She saw a sex doll. An object.

The machine gave her a sexy pose with her hips cocked and placed a piece of cardboard behind her. Plastic wiring tied her wrists, neck, waist, and ankles to it before being lifted once more and slowly lowered into a box.

The box Brein now inhabited was like a Barbie box, but human size. The front was clear film so the doll could be shown off. Brein read the front as best as she could backwards. “Sara: The Maid of Your Every Fantasy.”

Brein wanted to scream and cry at the same time. Someone had to come. She could not be sent off like some object for men to use as they please. Her box left the view of the mirrors and moved towards the docking bay, but without her or Laura to load her; Brein stayed put.

After a few hours the front door chime went off, jolting Brein awake.

“Brein? I came right back because I saw there was a priority order. There’s a lot of money riding on this getting out fast so I wanted to...” Laura stopped and stared at Brein with shock and amazement. “Holy shit. What have you gotten yourself into?” She slowly looked Brein up and down, an almost hungry look in her eyes. “I’ll be right back.”

Brein pleads with her eyes for Laura to stay, but she rushed back up front. Relief had flooded her all the same. She was saved!

Laura came back with a trolley and a smirk on her face. Brein’s mind reeled. What was going on?

Laura loaded Brein onto the trolley. “I told you there’s a lot of money riding on this order. We simply don’t have the time to make another doll. The order came from some wealthy business man in the Middle East.” She gave Brein a small smile. “I’m sure you understand… Sara. Enjoy your new life.”

Brein’s mind reeled as the doors to the delivery van closed in front of her. She was supposed to go to college. She had a boyfriend. Her life was perfect, and now… now she was a sex doll. A vessel for some man to use however he pleases.

The van turned on and Brein sobbed as she awaited her fate.


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