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The Factory

by Boundtoplease

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© Copyright 2014 - Boundtoplease - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; kidnap; drug; bond; susp; strip; enslave; gag; bdsm; paddle; hood; bagged; packaged; denial; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

When Jessica came to her head was foggy. As she took in her surroundings she tried to clear her mind to remember the events that had led to her being in the predicament she was now in.

She had left work a little later than usual, around 5pm and began her usual walk to the train station. She had her headphones on full blast, like every day when she made her journey, she hated hearing the outside world and preferred to be lost in a world filled with music where every word had a meaning and told her a story. It stopped the boredom more than anything.

She hadn't seen him, just like every other night he had been watching her. He knew her usual route off by heart. Almost every day she left work at 4.30 and made the usual trip through the housing estate, past the old factory that hadn't been used for at least 25 years. Every night she walked past it wondering what it would have been used for, imagining what it looked like inside. 

Tonight she would know.

He had waited for her over 30 minutes, he was beginning to worry that she had left earlier than usual and he had missed her. His palms were sweaty with nerves as he casually fingered the bottle of chloroform in his jacket pocket. In his other hand was a black balaclava ready for when he saw her. He was hidden pretty well and so he didn't worry that she hadn't shown up yet, he had planned every last detail with accuracy. He had known from the moment he saw her that she would be his, her crystal blue eyes, her perfect curves were accentuated perfectly by the tight pencil skirt she was wearing and she had beautifully toned legs. She was perfect in every way and he couldn't wait to have her for himself. 

He saw her with plenty of time to spare; he grabbed the bottle and cloth from his pocket and poured some of the chloroform into the cloth. With his other hand he pulled on the balaclava – he couldn't run the risk of her seeing him and fleeing before he had his chance. 

She walked past where he was concealed and as usual he noted the presence of the headphones and music blasting out, he would have no problems with being quiet, she wouldn't hear him coming. When she was a few steps past him, he moved from his hiding place, making sure he followed a few steps behind until she began to walk past the unused factory out of the sight of the housing estate, when she was in position he quickened his pace, still with the cloth in hand, he waited until he was right behind her and then struck. 

He threw his hand clumsily around her face until the cloth was fully over her mouth and nose. With his free arm he grabbed her slender body and arms together holding them tight together, she struggled profusely against his grip. 

'Good' he thought 'I'm going to enjoy taming you'

Her struggles stopped fairly quickly as her eyes closed and her gorgeous body became lifeless in his arms. He lifted her over his shoulder and quickly moved towards the disused factory through the door he had left open earlier when he had made the preparations for his guest. Once inside he stripped her naked, stomped on her mobile phone and locked the door to the factory. She would be out for at least an hour so he had plenty of time to finish his work before she woke. 

He quickly wrapped some rope around her wrists cinching them together tightly above her head, but not so tight that it cut off circulation to her arms. He then attached the rope to a long chain that was connected to a pulley on the ceiling; he pulled the chain until she was upright and then secured it to the wall. He hadn't had to prepare much in the factory to be honest, a lot of what he needed was already there; hooks, pulleys and chains were most of what he would use to give his new slave her initiation into her new life of bondage and submission. 

He pulled a metal surgical table over to where her body was suspended; he retrieved a large bag, which up until this point had been concealed in a far corner of the factory. He began emptying the contents on the table; he wanted her to be able to see what was coming when she woke up. He had bought many things for her and he would make sure she was going to show him how grateful she was, whether she realised she was or not. Pretty soon, she was going to be begging him to fuck her and use her body any which way he desired.

With all his preparations complete, he grabbed a chair and gathered his bag and retreated to a darkened corner of the factory to wait and watch.

Jessica's mind was still clouded as her eyes adjusted to the scene before her. She was in a disused factory of some kind. The air was musty and she could smell damp, it took her a couple of seconds to realise her arms were immobile and that she was naked, once she had, panic set in. She began to struggle against her bonds and her heart rate began to rise. 

"Hello" she croaked, still struggling.

"Shh" the voice said, "Don't struggle, it's no use, besides you'll just wear yourself out"

"Who's there?" Jessica shouted as she frantically turned round, she thought she saw something in the shadows to her right but she couldn't be sure, her eye sight was still fuzzy.

"You don't need to worry about who I am" the voice said, "All you need to worry about is how you're going to pleasure me"

Eyesight fully restored she began searching for the voice, constantly twisting and turning against her bonds. Her eyes came to the metal table in front of her and what was on it. She stopped dead as she heard a laugh.

"I see you've spotted my toys" the voice said.

"They don't look like toys to me" Jessica responded, surprised at the level of calm in her voice.

"Oh but they are" the voice replied, "and I'm going to have a lot of fun with them. And you"

"What if I don't want to pleasure you?"

"Oh I think you will" the voice said,, sounding closer "besides, you haven't really got any choice in the matter considering your, predicament" 

A cold shiver ran down her spine as she heard soft footsteps behind her. She turned as quickly as she could and was face to face with her tormentor. 

"W-who are you?" her voice faltered, she looked him up and down, he was well built with dark brown piercing eyes and dark hair. Not bad, she thought, for a psycho.

"Not so confident anymore are we?" his hands were toying with something she noted, a black leather strap with a ball attached, her eyes widened as she realised what it was. A ball gag.

"Oh, you noticed?" he said, "now, this is going in your mouth whether you like it or not. I played with the idea of putting it on you before you woke up but I wanted to see the fear in your eyes when you realised what was going to happen to you"

"You're mad"

"Tsk" he said, "That's not very nice now is it? Now, I'm going to let you off for that because I've waited for you for so long, but believe me, if you misbehave again, I WILL punish you"

She knew he meant it because his eyes turned serious, a hundred things raced through her mind, how on earth would she escape? Would she know where she was if she did? After all she didn't know how long she had been unconscious or where he had taken her. 

"Very quiet now aren't we?" he chuckled "That's good, because from now on, you don't need to speak, not without permission. So, open up"

She felt physically sick, what else could she do but comply? She could only hope that if she did and she built up his trust he would untie her long enough for her to escape. 

"Tick, tock" he said, impatiently "I'm waiting..."

Slowly and begrudgingly, she opened her mouth. He pushed the ball into her mouth until it was pushed behind her teeth, he turned her around so that he could buckle the strap. A click told her that it was locked firmly in place. He didn't spin her around like she thought he would, he began slowly caressing her nipples from behind. They became erect with his touch and she cringed at the thought of it. 

"Someone is excited" he whispered in her ear, "The question is, how excited?"

His hands wandered further down her navel, between her legs finding her clitoris, he gently rolled the tip of his finger around it. She moaned into the gag, so much so, that it caught her off guard. What was she thinking? This man had kidnapped her and tied her up in an abandoned factory and was quite clearly missing a few screws, she should not be enjoying this at all. But she couldn't help it; her body was reacting to his touch as though it was made for him. Ashamedly, she let herself go.

He felt her begin to thrust against his fingers and he began to move them faster and faster, she could feel herself becoming wet and he chuckled in her ear again as she moaned again. 

"You're wet, but then again you know that, because you are enjoying yourself so much, aren't you?"

She closed her eyes in embarrassment; she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of knowing she was enjoying herself. Not at all. But she knew if he didn't stop soon, she would climax to one of the best orgasms she had ever had.

"Mmmmmppphhh" she moaned into the gag, which only spurred him on.

"I knew you would be perfect" he whispered, "From the moment I saw you, I knew you would make the perfect slave for me!"

Brought back down to earth with the last comment, she began to panic again. No one had said, anything about being a slave. She shook her head violently and began to scream.

"Mwaaaa, Mwoooo" was all that came out.

"Sorry? Couldn't quite make that out there." He laughed again, she could feel his breath on her neck and it made her shudder "Let"s get this straight, you WILL become my slave and before this day is through you WILL beg me to make you cum"

His fingers began working furiously on her clitoris and his other hand moved to her breasts and began massaging them which sent her wild. She was on a completely different level now; her conflicting emotions were heightening her senses even more, the fear, anger and shame combined with the arousal to give her an amazing sensation. She had to have an orgasm soon or she thought she might explode.

And then, he stopped. She moaned in frustration as she realised he was walking around to face her. She subconsciously crossed her legs to try and continue the sensation, something which he had noticed.

"Definitely enjoying yourself there I see, well not for long", he walked over to the metal table and grabbed something that looked like a long pole with a cuff attached to either end. She eyed it suspiciously as he handled it.

"This, is called a spreader bar, can't have you getting yourself off now can we?" He moved in towards her feet as he unclasped the buckles of the cuffs, he buckled one around her left ankle and moved to her right leg. 

She watched him leer over her legs as he moved in with the spreader bar and noticed how his eyes lingered between her legs and on her pussy. She became enraged as he licked his lips whilst buckling her ankles to the spreader bar. Before he grabbed her right leg she made to kick him with all her might, she would not be used as his possession or fulfil any hideous fantasy and become his sex slave, she refused to. 

He caught her leg before it made contact with his left shoulder and wrestled with it as he managed to buckle the ankle into the spreader bar. He took in a deep breath and exhaled slowly as he rose to his feet. 

"Now listen here," he began in a very slow, deep voice grabbing her hair and twisting her head towards his, she yelped a little through the gag which brought a wry smile to his face. "This is going to happen. You will submit to me you little slut, you will beg for me to fuck you in ways you never even thought existed. Your old life is over, you belong to me now. Do you understand that slut?"

As the tears streamed down her face she nodded slowly. She knew she didn't have a choice; she was naked, gagged and now immobile. 

"Right, now that's cleared up we have to deal with that little mishap you have just had don't we?" He let go of her hair and turned his back on her and returned to the table picking something up. 

When he turned to face her, she wished she had never tried to kick him. He was holding a wooden paddle, about 30cms long and 10cms wide. It had holes in it about as big as a penny running all the way down to the handle, he waved it in front of her and she heard the holes make a swooshing sound.

"Now, as I said, before I was willing to forgive your earlier misdemeanour, but now...." He moved behind her, "It seems you need to learn about discipline"

Jessica shook her head profusely, "mphwoooo, mphweee" 

"Sorry? What was that?" He said, goading her, "Afraid I didn't catch that."

She continued to try and plead with him but it was no use, he continued regardless.

"Now, I think 20 should make you realise the error of your ways and you're going to count along with me, so you'd better shout loud and clear because if I don't understand what you've said, I might lose count, Ready?"

He swatted the paddle against her bottom as hard as he could and it exploded with fire "Mwoooo!!!" she screamed.

"I don't hear you counting!" He shouted "Let's start again! COUNT!"

"Mphwone" She began, screaming the number through the pain




He laughed louder than ever, he certainly was enjoying himself. Jessica, on the other hand, was not. She couldn't understand what was happening to her, a few hours previous she had been making her way home going about her daily routine and now here she was, being sexually assaulted one minute then physically assaulted the next. 

She managed to get into a rhythm around the 10th or 11th hit, pulling her bottom forward ever so slightly to avoid the worst of the hit and he had noticed, waiting a couple of seconds or so between strokes so she didn't know when it was coming.


"Sorry couldn't make that out, what number are we on?" He hit again


"Oh nineteen! it's a good job I checked or I could've lost count!" He said, sarcastically and continued


"And one more for luck"

With the final stroke she collapsed as much as she could within her bonds. He put the paddle down on the table again and walked back to face her. 

"Now I know it doesn't feel like it now, but you'll come to thank me for that soon - for showing you the error of your ways" his voice was steady and even, calmness personified. Jessica on the other hand was a wreck, she was sweating, her hair was stuck to her face and there was a mixture of drool and tears dripping from the side of her face. 

"Now, would you look at that" His fingers reaching down to her pussy, "Dripping wet. Looks like the slut liked her spanking!" His grin spread widely across his face and Jessica hung her head in shame. It was true she had felt her arousal growing towards the end of the spanking, but she put it down to the fact that he had brought her so close to orgasm beforehand.

"Looks like you are going to make the perfect slave after all," he slid two fingers deep inside her and she groaned with a mixture of pleasure and shame. He withdrew and reinserted them slowly savouring the moment watching her eyes fill with pleasure as he did. He repeated this a few times, bringing her close to orgasm once more, and stopped again, when his fingers were fully withdrawn he lifted them to his face and inhaled the smell of her sex deeply. 

"Mmmm, excellent" he said, with a smile, "now, let's get you ready for the move to your new home and if you're lucky I might let you cum before we leave here" 

Her mind danced at the thought, her body was screaming to climax, she was so close, she couldn't believe how he managed to take her so close to orgasm and know when to stop. Her mind was becoming clouded with the thoughts that arousal brought her. She saw his cock protruding from the inside of his jeans and caught herself imagining what his dick would feel like inside her wet pussy, wondering how big it was, what it would feel like thrusting inside her... She stopped and reminded herself of what he had done to get her here. He kidnapped her and was holding her against her will. She should not be thinking like this.

He busied himself preparing his "toys" and to Jessica's delight he lowered her arms from the chain that had been holding them up. Her arms cramped as soon as they were lowered past her shoulders and she cried out in pain but he took no notice of her.

"Lie on your front", he instructed as he undid the rope around her wrists.

She did as she was told, knowing it would be useless to try and run with the spreader bar attached to her legs. He quickly pulled her arms behind her back and tied them just as securely with the rope, cinching them tightly together. He grabbed something from the table that she couldn't see, his hand moving towards her bottom and separated her cheeks.

"Have you ever had something in your arse before?" He asked knowing she could not answer. She struggled again and he swatted her bottom. She certainly did not want anything invading her back passage and she tried without success to stop him. He seemed to enjoy slowly pushing the butt plug into her arsehole and he even thrusted it back and forth before turning her around again. 

"If you think that is bad, that's just a small one, because I knew you would have a virgin arsehole. But don't worry you'll come to love the feel of something filling it – including my cock, so you'd better get used to it!" 

After the stinging stopped she realised it didn't feel too bad, quite enjoyable in fact, maybe it was the high state of arousal she was in that made it feel like that, she didn't know, she had so many conflicting emotions it was hard to think clearly. She couldn't understand what was happening to her, she knew shouldn't be feeling this way, but her body was reacting to every touch he gave her and she was beginning to want more. He turned her over and pulled another device from the table and pulled her head forward unbuckling the ball gag. 

"Now don't get any ideas about screaming, shouting or even talking, I haven't given you permission to speak and if you do, your punishment will be 100 times worse that the last, understand?"

She nodded her head slowly and he continued to remove the ball gag. She felt her jaw come back to life and enjoyed the sensation for a few seconds before realising her was bringing something entirely different towards her mouth. 

It looked similar to the ball gag in the sense that it had a strap to go around her head, but instead of a ball, it had a steel ring attached. He fitted this between her mouth and pushed it behind her teeth. Slowly he stood up and unzipped his pants, revealing his cock. It was at least 6 inches in length and quite thick, he lowered it to her face and into her mouth, she tried to shake her head to avoid getting it, but by this point he was knelt over her body with a knee either side of her body effectively pinning her to the floor. 

"You want it, I know you do" he said, smirking, "I saw you eyeing it up before, slut". 

She rolled her eyes in shame and realised why he had replaced the ball gag, she couldn't close her mouth at all. She had no choice but to accept his hard cock into her mouth. She started sucking greedily and soon the sensation of arousal began in her pussy again. She began thrusting her pelvis whilst he was fucking her mouth.

"The slut is enjoying herself" He said, keeping eye contact with her, "Are you ready to take my seed slut?"

Without thinking she nodded her head and then he exploded in her mouth. The ring gag meant she could do nothing but swallow every drop or choke to death on his cum. He withdrew his cock and wiped her face with his finger where he had dripped some cum, he put his finger in her mouth and she licked it clean with her tongue.

"Good slut" he said, "you have pleased me greatly, so you have earned your orgasm."

Her eyes looked into his longingly and she nodded her head in agreement.

"First, a few more things..." 

He turned her back onto her front and began working quickly, he removed the spreader bar and pulled each leg up and strapped her calves to her thighs so that her feet were touching her bottom. He then grabbed a black PVC corset and put it on her lacing it up as tight as it would go at the back, this accentuated her curves even further which he liked, so he gave the laces one more tug for an extra tight fit. 

He finally attached a posture collar around her neck to keep her head upright on the journey. He turned her on her front again and removed the ring gag.

"Remember what I said, now, no talking."

He walked over to the table and began perusing the array of equipment on offer. She watched him as he decided what to use next, her pussy was throbbing continuously now she felt like she was going to go delirious, she was still rocking slowly against the butt plug and enjoying the new found sensations it was giving her. She began to wonder what being a sex slave would be like. It hadn't seemed too bad so far, apart from the spanking, and well... that had been her fault really hadn't it? 

He returned to her holding what looked like a bundle of shiny black material and what she knew was a vibrator. He placed his bundle on the floor and then slowly inserted the vibrator into her already dripping wet pussy. He slowly took it back and forth teasing her as she began to moan, when it was fully buried inside her he pulled off two panels on the corset revealing her nipples which were fully erect. 

"Do you want to cum?" He asked

She opened her mouth to reply and then thought against it, he had not told her to speak, instead she just nodded her head. 

"Good slut, of course you want to cum" He responded, "I will make you cum in ways you never thought imaginable, fuck you and arouse you so much that you will never want it to end, do you want that slut?"

Her mind raced at the thought, without hesitation she nodded again.

"Good" He smiled that wicked smile again, realising she was within his grasp, after this orgasm she would be his, "you're a slut aren't you? I bet you're thinking about my cock now aren't you whilst you're thrusting against that vibrator"

It was true, she nodded sheepishly, and she was so close to the most mind blowing orgasm she could feel it building inside her. She wanted to cum; she wanted his cock inside her thrusting in and out over and over again, she wanted him to have her.

"You want me to use your body don't you, like the whore you are?"

Again she nodded, if it could feel this good, it couldn't be bad at all.

"Do you want to cum slut?"

She nodded again and let out a little moan, so close, so agonisingly close.

"Tell me you want to cum" he said,

"I want to cum!" she moaned

"Look me in the eye and tell me you want me to make you come", he had begun to play with her nipples now

"I want to you to make me cum", Her body felt like it was on fire, every touch felt amazing.

"Now, that wasn't nice enough", He said, with a mock frown, "I want you to say "please sir, make me cum" and beg me to do it"

She didn't care anymore, "Please, please sir, make me cum, I NEED to cum, PLEASE!"

He didn't say anymore, his fingers worked her clitoris whilst his other hands massaged her breasts again and it wasn't long before she came. She let go of all her inhibitions and just gave in to the pleasure, the orgasm seemed to last a lifetime and she felt her pussy pulsate against the vibrator as she came to her climax.

After she had finished, still in a state of euphoria he leant in close to her and whispered, "I told you that you'd beg for it before the day was done, do you want more where that came from?" 

She could only nod, keeping eye contact with him.

"Tell me!"

"Yes, sir, I want more."

"Good slut" he said, grabbing the ball gag again, "now what do you say?"

"Thank you sir."

He replaced the ball gag and withdrew the vibrator from her dripping pussy. He grabbed the bundle of PVC which she realised was two separate items; a bag and a mask of some sort. He said, no more to her as he pulled the hood over her head, strapping it into place, there were only holes for her nose and he made sure that they were positioned correctly before moving onto the other item. 

She felt herself being lifted up and placed in the bag, straps inside the bag were pulled around her keeping her completely immobile. She didn't care anymore though, she could barely remember her own name, still on a high from the orgasm she had just received. 

He zipped up the bag and left it whilst he gathered his things together, he gathered her clothes and bag, not that she would need them anymore, but didn't want to risk them being found. He put all his equipment back into the truck he had hidden round the side entrance to the factory before returning for his newly acquired slave, bound tightly inside his bag. 

He placed it inside the back of the truck, he looked like any other handy man, he thought, just returning from a late night call out. It had taken less than 4 hours to kidnap, bind her and break her. He would certainly enjoy training this slut, she would make a perfect addition to his household, he thought as he climbed in his truck, started the engine and drove away into the night.


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