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The End

by Ayari

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© Copyright 2013 - Ayari - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; drug; captive; encase; metal; punish; piercing; electro; toys; insert; denial; nc; XX

I would have screamed if it had not been for the metal head enclosure I was sealed into, cold and unyielding and holding my mouth firmly shut. Not that I could have opened it anyways, I had been injected so full of muscle relaxant that I was essentially paralysed, nothing moved, nothing…

From a couple of plastic windows I had been left for the eyes I could see in front of me, my gaze affixed upon the table, holding my fate and my life from my unmoving eyes, eyes that would never again see my pretty reflection, my Monroe smile or my petite size ten figure. All that was left of me was my mind and with no port for expression I was lost into a world of my loneliness.

The table still had tools and metal parts awaiting their fate upon my skin, and I would have shivered had I been able to at the touch of the icy cold I felt as they were attached one by one, locking and sealing me away from the world. As I saw the last sealing screw picked up off of the table I knew this was forever, no escape, no future, no life.

My whole body had been encased in a steel cocoon, form fitting, matching my curves, and yet so tight that there was no room to wriggle. As the relaxant wore off I could once again close my very sore eyes. I waited a few minutes for them to get some moisture and I opened them again wishing it had just been a very bad dream. Again I was greeted by the view of the table, but now I could move my eyes so I could see the mirror in front of me, and the reflection of a few tears that had escaped from my sad blue eyes. 

I had been sealed into a metal shell, a prison cell with no parole but for what crime? I had heard about this in the local press a few months back but everyone thought it was just scare tactics. The crime? Adultery… 

It had been announced that anyone caught cheating on another person would be sealed away in a metal shell for the rest of their lives. This all came about due to the appalling divorce figures and the growing infidelity of women. Also to discourage prostitution, but again was only thought to be a rumour… We all thought “surely they wouldn’t just seal us away without a trial?”

My husband decided he had had enough of me, found a new girlfriend and didn’t want to look bad, so he paid our next door neighbour to claim I had come on to him. Our neighbour called the police and I was arrested and injected straight away, not even able to state my case. As the plates were being fastened to my body I wanted to cry so bad. As my hair was shaved I did nothing, I couldn’t do anything. I wanted to run away so bad but I knew… 

As the head piece was fitted, a tube was put down my throat so I could take in fluids and a couple of tubes were inserted into my nostrils so I could get air, but even now the injections have gone I can't open my mouth or speak at all, the metal is formed to the curves of my face, hugging like it’s a natural part of my body and yet so hard and unforgiving.

My breasts were painted in a silver liquid and allowed to harden before the chest plate was fitted, and my silver hardened nipples were allowed to protrude out of the front of the metal body piece. Nipple rings were forcefully fitted to my engorged tips and these were fastened down to the front of the suit by two wires. The wires went to a control box that became a part of the cell. The same happened to my clit and inner labia lips.

Such intrusion would have made me so angry but I had little choice in this matter. As the plate was fastened over my privates, It was like a chastity belt being fastened around me, but they also fitted my ass with a plug of sorts and a tube to allow waste to pass. Also they fitted an oversized dildo to my pussy and fixed that in there with the rest of the metal casing. 

Their logic being that if the adulterer was so desperate for sex that they had to cheat, then they would make them a prison that gave them nothing but total teasing for the rest of their lives. 

As the control panel was activated my insides and my nipples just exploded with electricity and came to life. My clit felt like it was on fire but the feeling was so intense it was all that I could do to concentrate on my breathing. I found I would pass out frequently only to be awoken by the same continuous feelings.

24/7, 365 days a year forever, never turned off, never released. The intensity always just slightly more than tolerable and that has been my fate for the past year now. They turn it off for six hours a day so you can sleep but it’s a very effective alarm clock and you know the next day is just the same. My sentence is life… How long can you live like this? Even if my neighbour owned up I can't get free. 

This is a one way punishment… 

This is… The End



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