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Just For Safekeeping

by Andrea Jordan

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© Copyright 2015 - Andrea Jordan - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; safe; inside; encased; locked; key; underwear; stuck; cons; X

"And this is my office" Annie smiled as she continued the tour of her new mansion for the benefit of her friend Louise.

"What is that big thing over there?" her friend asked as she looked over towards the large safe in the corner.

"That's my safe" Annie announced, "look I'll show you".

Annie took a small, but complicated looking key from her desk drawer and turned it in the safe. After a short click, Annie pulled the heavy door open with both hands. 

"Wow, its huge!" Louise announced, "and empty".

"Yes, it came with the house, don't think I need one at all, certainly not that big".

"Is it secure?" Louise asked, obviously interested in the device.

"Most secure there is, or so I'm told" Annie smiled.

Louise started to explore it in more detail. "It's almost big enough to fit a person inside" she continued.

"Yes, I guess if I had to lock someone up, then that'd be the place to do it" Annie joked. Louise was exploring further and had now squeezed herself inside the steel box. She was a slim woman, blonde and in her mid-twenties, a part-time model who had always been too unreliable to win any serious modeling work. She was sitting on the floor of the safe, in her jeans and t-shirt, her shoes kicked off outside.

"If you're not careful, I might lock you inside," Annie Joked. 

"Go on, I want to see what its like," came the response. Annie hesitated. She knew her friend could be a bit wacky, but she wasn't sure about locking her inside her maximum security safe.

"OK, just for a moment," came her reply. She pushed against the heavy door until the thud and a number of clicks showed that it was closed and locked. 

Inside the thud and clicking was even louder, and even more meaningful. It was pitch-black and totally silent. There was a feeling of complete helplessness. Initially she was scared, but Louise soon started to enjoy the feeling of being held totally captive, totally at someone else's mercy.

Within twenty seconds, some more clicks and daylight announced that Annie had unlocked the safe. She pulled the door open and went to help her friend out. 

"Can I try it for a bit longer?" Louise asked as she looked up to where Annie was standing. "Look it says there is ventilation in here, so it'd be OK for me to stay in for a while.

"Why do you want to be locked in there anyway?" Annie asked, somewhat taken aback.

"Please, it'd be exciting", the blonde pushed as she looked pleadingly into Annie's eyes.

"OK, if that's what you want," Annie smiled, "but there's no telling when I will let you out again".

"That's why its so much fun," Louise smiled.

Annie pushed the door closed again until it locked in place. She then stood there wondering what to do. She had planned to have lunch with Louise, but she had now locked her behind four inches of steel. She sat down on top of her desk and absent-mindedly ran the key up and down the inside of her thighs, underneath her short summer skirt.

She looked across at the safe and started to think about the woman locked inside. She was totally at Annie's mercy. She could chose never to open the safe again and the poor woman would suffer a long and painful death. Indeed, if she lost the key, Louise might also die inside that thing. This was the only key to the safe.

She smiled as she thought about the power she had over the woman and started to enjoy the feeling of power. She continued to play with the key underneath her skirt. Maybe she should go out and take some lunch. She went to her bedroom to change. She put on some well fitting blue jeans and belted them around her waist. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror and swayed her hips as she walked towards it. Where should she keep the key, she thought as a smile crossed her face.

She unbelted her jeans and took them off. She then removed her skimpy black silk knickers and smiled. She took a small key ring and attached the key to the safe to the inside of her knickers, in the middle at the back. She put her underwear back on and again walked towards the mirror. She smiled to herself as the key snuggled between her bum cheeks. She walked back across the room and the key and her knickers worked their way a little further into her arse. She then put her jeans back on and returned to her office. 

Louise was still locked inside. Annie had said that she was going out to lunch, so she might as well go and teach her friend a lesson. She left the house and drove to the restaurant, all the time unable to stop touching her arse to check the key was still there. Her sister Danni was already at the table. As Annie sat down, the key pushed further into her arse and she had to adjust it before she was comfortable. 

"Where's Louise?" Danni started as her sister sat down.

"Under lock and key" Annie smiled. "For some unknown reason, she wanted me to lock her in my safe".

Danni smiled, as she knew Louise had certain strange fetishes. "I hope you don't lose the key," Danni smiled as she thought about Louise locked securely in her sister's safe.

"I think I can say the key is in a safe place" Annie smiled, not elaborating further.

"Where is it?" Danni asked.

Annie hesitated for a moment but then stood up and tapped her arse. Danni laughed, "Should be safe enough in there".

"Yes and it feels quite nice" Annie purred, "That poor woman may be there for a while".

Three hours later, the sisters returned to Annie's house. Annie walked into the study, her hips swaying in her jeans as she walked. She tapped the top of the safe and smiled. 

"How much longer should I keep her in there?" she said as walked back to her desk and sat down on top of it.

"I guess we'd better check she's still alive," Danni replied.

Annie left the room and reappeared a couple of minutes later with the key. She inserted it into the safe, turned it and pulled open the steel door. Louise climbed out and smiled.

"Wow, that was incredible!" she exclaimed as she stretched her cramped muscles. "Its amazing to be totally helpless like that".

Danni looked into the safe. "Do you want to try as well?" Annie joked.

"OK, but only for a moment," Danni replied.

"It doesn't work unless you experience it for at least an hour," Louise smiled as she looked towards Danni. 

After a pause, Danni replied, "OK Sis, you'd better put the key back in place".

Annie left the room and returned five minutes later.

She smiled at her sister as she tapped her arse. "OK, the key's in its place, looks like you'd better get into yours".

Danni climbed into the steel box and looked up at her sister as she pushed the door closed. Click, click, she was locked up.

Danni sat in the darkness, terrified at first. What would happen if her sister never let her out? What if she lost the key? Then she found herself thinking about the key and where it lay inside Annie's knickers. She was now totally reliant on her sister, totally at her mercy.



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