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Just Deserts

by Sogo

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© Copyright 2017 - Sogo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; captive; drug; latex; encase; chocolate; bunny; display; audience; uncover; jello; mould; hum; objectify; statues; slaves; cages; cons/nc; X

CAUTION: This story is intended purely as a fantasy. Do not attempt to recreate this scenario in real life! (Though it would be pretty cool.) Do not use without the author’s permission.

Janine was barely conscious, but she realized she was naked. What had brought her around was that something was being inserted into her ass. Something large. With alarm, she noted that once it was in, it swelled a little more, stretching her rectum. She could feel that she was lying on a cold, hard table, and that rubber-gloved hands were manipulating her. She wanted to see what was going on, but there was some kind of blindfold over her eyes. She wanted to struggle, to get away, but she was too weak to move. Her legs were raised, and she felt her feet being encased in tight, stretchy latex. Hands continued to work the latex over her legs, encasing them both in a single sleeve. This took several minutes, and then her pelvis and hips were covered, too.

She raised her arms to fight them off, but they were pulled behind her and her hands were wrapped in plastic wrap. She heard what sounded like a hair dryer, and the heated plastic shrank around her hands and wrists, sealing them tight. This was alarming. She tried to cry out, but her mouth and tongue wouldn’t cooperate. The blindfold was removed, and she opened her eyes to see, but immediately something was pulled down over her head. She smelled rubber. Panic set in as it was zipped shut in back and she realized there were only two small air holes for breathing and no other openings. She couldn’t scream, she could barely hear, and her vision was blurred and distorted by the bubbled latex over her eyes. She tried to remain calm, even as her heart beat against her ribcage.

The 32-year-old woman was hauled off the table and hoisted into the air. Janine couldn’t pull herself out of her stupor. She was dreaming. She had to be dreaming. There was no other explanation. From high in the air, she could sense she was being lowered into a large vessel, until she was in a kneeling position, the darkness enveloping her. The hands released her. The woman flinched as tubes were inserted into her nostrils and taped there. What the fuck--?

And then something was being poured in on top of her, something thick that slowly rose up to engulf her. She started to panic once more, but then blacked out. Her last memory was of sinking into quicksand.

* * *

The wait staff was quietly and efficiently removing the plates from the dinner tables as the host rose from the head of the table. The elderly man surveyed the faces of the other billionaires in the opulent dining hall before speaking into the microphone.

“As you know, one of the greatest threats we face today are sexual harassment lawsuits. Though it is still an ‘old boy’s network,’ so to speak, women have been challenging ‘affronts to their dignity and status as female workers,’ as one plaintiff put it,”—his tone of voice causing ripples of laughter among his audience—“in the workplace environment with ever-increasing boldness. I think it is safe to say that you, as well as I, consider many of these lawsuits to be frivolous and costly. So it is with great pleasure that I announce the victory of Richard Brew over the lawsuit brought against him by his employees, Janine . . . Whatshertits and three others.”

At the deliberate mangling of the woman’s name, there was more laughter.

“On that note, I would like to call Richard up her to serve us all dessert on this joyful occasion.”

Slightly puzzled, the CEO rose from his seat and joined the host. “I would like to thank the law firm of Eneg, Bishop, and Frahm for their excellent legal staff.” His outstretched hand indicated the lawyers at a nearby table, who rose slightly and bowed in acknowledgement before resuming their seats.

By this time, the wait staff had wheeled out a cart on which a five-foot chocolate Easter bunny had been placed. A waiter handed the CEO a small hammer and chisel.

“It’s not solid chocolate,” said the host, “so chip away carefully.”

He snapped off the ears first, and the waiters placed them on plates. Then he started to chip away at the top of the head. It only took a few taps before a chunk began to break away. As it fell off, a waiter caught it on a plate and took it away. There was something underneath the thick layer of chocolate, though he couldn’t tell what. A few more taps, and a second chunk worked loose. It, too, was caught on a plate and whisked away. He was all ready to continue when he gasped and stepped back.

Underneath was clear latex, and under that appeared to be a human face. The eyelids flickered, and the CEO realized there was a live person imprisoned in the giant chocolate treat.

“What the hell--?”

The host beamed. “I don’t think any introductions are necessary. We all know the name of your main accuser.”

The CEO looked at the host in astonishment and realization before resuming his task with more energy. There was a hush throughout the large room as more pieces were broken away, taking the breathing tubes with them, and then gasps of horror as a latex-clad head was revealed.

“Don’t worry, folks. She’s alive. Just a bit dazed from her experience, that’s all.”

As if to underscore this last remark, the head began to move stiffly, and those closest could see the eyes open in astonishment.

* * *

The former female executive had been conscious for a couple hours, terrified, unable to move, barely able to breathe, and pissing into her latex leg cocoon out of fear. She could smell chocolate, and could not figure out why.

When the first pieces around the face had been broken away and her eyes had adjusted to the light, she was even more puzzled. Through the distorted view of the latex, she could see she was facing a roomful of men. And then she knew.

She had been kidnapped, drugged, and then imprisoned in a life-size chocolate dessert for these men to feast on. A movement to her side caught her attention, and she looked up into the leering face of her former CEO, a face made even more creepy by the stretched latex that distorted it.

The encased woman pissed herself again, feeling the warm urine spray her legs and pool and her knees and feet. She tried to open her mouth and scream, but only managed to produce a muffled moan that vibrated the rubber stretched over her mouth.

Someone behind the CEO leaned forward toward what appeared to be a microphone. “It appears the former executive doesn’t like her new position. Well, she’s getting her just desserts while we are getting our dessert.”

Even under the thick latex pressing her ears flat, Janine heard his lame joke. It was hard to miss the thunderous applause that followed it.

This was a nightmare! This couldn’t be happening to her! How did they manage to pull it off? How would they explain her disappearance? What was to become of her?

As athletic as she was, Janine knew that struggling was futile. There was nothing else she could do.

* * *

The CEO went straight to the front of the bunny and chipped away at the thick coating until the former executive’s bare breasts were exposed. The imprisoned girl said something, but her words were garbled and unintelligible under the tight latex. He could see tears beginning to pool under her eyes, though. Good. That’ll teach her to open her big mouth.

He continued to break off small pieces until just her hands and lower body remained embedded. The trapped woman lowered her head, the tears filling up the air space in front of her eyes.

* * *

The naked woman couldn’t believe she was living this nightmare. Not only had they kidnapped her, they had encased her in chocolate like she was some giant treat, and then had “served” her and exposed her to all these men. How could they do this to her? How could they get away with it? She could feel all the men’s eyes on her bare breasts, and she was unable to even move. Could things get even worse? she thought. And then she found out they could.

* * *

As cocktails were served, the host got back on the microphone.

“Some of you may have noticed that two of our waitresses—Haylee and Maria—are not here tonight. Well, it seems they saw what had become of Janine and were highly offended. They even threatened to expose us. Can you imagine that?” He turned to the male waiters. “Let’s bring the girls out here so we can show our appreciation, shall we?”

The waiters nodded and left. There were two other waitresses, and they stood there nervously, barely able to hold in their fear because they knew they had narrowly escaped the same fate.

The waiters returned a minute later pushing two carts, each holding a giant quivering cube of Jell-O. Inside the opaque blocks of gelatin could be seen the naked and bound bodies of the two women. The waiters cut away the area around the face and upper chest of each encased woman, pulling away breathing tubes and plastic face masks as they removed the carved chunks, revealing tear-stained faces, duct-taped mouths, and bare breasts. With no latex hoods to obscure their vision, they had a clear view of their tormentors laughing and toasting their predicament.

“I think it’s safe to say that these lovely young cunts will never make that mistake again. Isn’t that right, ladies?”

The entombed women could only hear the muffled sound of his voice, though it wouldn’t have mattered. The cube of 40-year-old dark-haired Maria trembled, amplifying the shaking of the terrified woman’s body, and the cube of the 23-year-old auburn-haired Haylee shuddered as the small big-breasted girl fought to free herself.

* * *

The former executive heard what the host said, saw the encased women being wheeled out. Her body heaved with sobs, and she didn’t care that her bare breasts jiggled to the amusement of the gathering.

It was several hours before the event ended and the last person left. The women were wheeled back into the kitchen, and the chefs began the laborious task of freeing them from their edible prisons. Janine wasn’t much of a problem, because the chocolate just broke off, and she was wearing latex leggings and hood, but the waitresses had gelatin caked in their hair and, in Maria’s case, her pubic hair, as well (Haylee was shaved, though some had gotten into the folds of her labia and partway into her pussy, and they had to be carefully cleaned out as the furious girl lay there helpless).

The three didn’t struggle, but they did give nasty looks and grunts of anger as their naked bodies were handled nonchalantly like so much meat. They thought they were going to be freed, but the chefs and waiters hoisted them off the carts and carried them outside. They squealed in terror as the cool night air hit their bare flesh and they were carted across the parking lot.

They heard the bang of a dumpster lid being thrown open and cried out in fear, as they thought they were being thrown away. They struggled as the male staff members stood on crates and carefully lowered them into the small metal container. Fear turned to disgust as their bodies sank into thick, greasy goo that was rank with the odor of frying. They were being put into the grease dumpster! Three female throats squealed in outrage and fear as they slowly sank to the bottom. Janine and Maria were only buried up to their necks, but Haylee, who was the shortest of the three, had to throw her head back to keep her nose well above the surface. The dumpster lid was slammed shut, leaving them in total darkness.

* * *

“By the way, whatever happened to the other three women?” asked the CEO.

“I had a new sculpture commissioned for the party room. Let me show you.” They walked down the hallway. “It’s called ‘Three Nudes in the Fountain.’”

Three golden women holding hands to form a semi-circle were frozen in the middle of what appeared to be a spontaneous, joyous dance. Jets on the floor around their feet continually bathed them in sprays of water.

“They were given sedatives, positioned, and sprayed with a liquid metal that hardened over their bodies. There’re small openings over their nostrils, mouth, and vagina, so their body processes can continue unobstructed. We feed them liquid nutrients, and we can position the jets so that their pussies are sprayed, arousing them. I hope you like it.”

“I do. Very much.”

* * *

Janine and the waitresses were kept in dog cages in the kitchen. They would be used at events, where they would be tied together in various positions and arranged artistically on a large table with the hors-d’oeuvres or buffet items. The chefs got many compliments for their creations.


Copyright 2017 by Sogo.

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