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Just Another Box Chapter 2: Not just another Box

by Grimm_Searcher

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© Copyright 2012 - Grimm_Searcher - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Solo-F; machine/f; bond; gag; chast; toys; lactate; milked; trunk; encase; tease; program; condition; denial; climax; cons; X

Here is the long overdue second chapter. I'll also mention that Natsuko's "out of body experience" is taken almost verbatim from one of my sub's who experienced this while I had her edging for 2 hours during an 8 week orgasm denial exercise. I'm tempted to think she experienced "subspace" but considering she was not restrained in any way or even controlled other than by following my command, I'm not positive. Maybe the entry point for subspace really can just be intensely following a single command. In any event, I thought the reader would want to know that while obviously the story in its entirety is fictional, many parts of it come from first hand real life experiences.
Enjoy - and please do email me if you have comments or want to see more of Natsuko’s continuing adventures. I have a chapters 3 and 4 in my head so if I feel there is enough reader interest I’ll make the effort to type them up : )
continues from chapter one

Chapter 2: Not just another Box

Paul took Monday morning off and arranged for his mother to watch the kids so he could be there to extract Natsuko the moment her trunk arrived. He removed her restraints, gave her some water, and milked her while running a warm bath for her. The milking in particular was long overdue as she had leaked milk all over herself during the 2 days and was clearly uncomfortably swollen. He then proceeded to wash her while massaging her sore muscles and dry her before carrying her to bed so she could recover.

She never said a word, and he tried to respect that by limiting his words to simply, “Honey, I am SO sorry for all of this, if there is ever ANYTHING I can do to make it up to you, please let me know.” Even those words he saved until he placed the covers over her. She smiled, and tried to rest.

The next few days found Natsuko … changed. She was distant and quiet. Her sleep was restless, her dreams haunted by images of being a helpless toy trapped in the trunk. One dream even had the trunk growing tentacles and using her in unspeakable ways. When the kids were napping or asleep Paul caught her several times just sitting on the bed looking at the trunk – not having any clue that every thought of the trunk aroused her. Yet somehow Natsuko was uninterested or incapable of doing anything to relieve that arousal. She just seemed to wander around a shell of who she once was.

Finally after a couple of days of that Paul sat her down, looked her in the eyes and gently asked her, “Natsuko, you’ve been acting strange ever since … well, you know … “it” happened. I can only imagine what must be going through your head, but I want you to know you can tell me anything, and no matter what it is, we’ll work through it together.”

Natsuko smiled at him, the first real smile since it had happened.

“Paul, when you said you would do anything to make it up to me,” she paused, clearly not sure if or how to say what she wanted to next, “I uh, have something very strange to ask.”

Paul reached over and held her hands, “You know I love you, everything about you, even, and sometimes especially, your strange parts – so go on, just tell me what you’re thinking.” His loving and comforting smile relaxed Natsuko, finally allowing her to say what had been rolling around her head for 2 days.

“There was something about being locked in the trunk and stimulated by it that was deeply arousing to me, and I want to do it again, but I want a little more control over how long I’m out of control.” She paused for barely a second, hoping that made some kind of sense, then ploughed on. “I want to be able to set a timer and then be able to lock myself in, so I can just do it for a few hours now and then and not have to bother you every time. I would also LOVE some kind of more random stimulation – hours and hours and hours on the same setting just became kind of desensitizing after a while.” 

Paul sat there a moment, still holding her hands, still looking at her, but clearly shifting into deep thought mode.  Natsuko waited patiently.

“Wow, I have to say of all the things I was expecting to hear, that was NOT one of them. In many ways what you’re asking is a huge relief compared to where I thought this conversation might go. If you’re serious about this …”

Natsuko’s head bobbed up and down so hard he was sure she would get dizzy, making him chuckle a little.

“… then I need a few days to draw up some plans, and probably a few more days or maybe even a couple of weeks to put things together depending on where this goes. I already have a few ideas I think you’ll like, but I’m not sure if they’ll all be practical. Do you think you can be patient that long, and give up most of “our” time till it’s done?”

Natsuko pounced on him hugging him tightly, wrapping her legs around his waist, and kissing him passionately.

Demonstrating tremendous self-restraint, Paul pulled himself back from the embrace long enough to get a few words in.

“I’ll take that as a yes” he grinned, “and two more things. One, no questions asked. I’m sure it will take longer than you’d like and you will have LOTS of questions as boxes start arriving, but you will not be able to see anything or even ask what I’m up to till I’m ready.”

Natsuko nodded, biting her tongue as she already had questions she wanted to ask. 

“Two …” Paul paused for effect, “just to make sure you’re in the proper mood for the upgrades, I don’t want you to touch or pleasure self at all till it’s done.”

Natsuko’s jaw dropped. The last orgasm she had had was Saturday afternoon, more than 4 days ago, two of which she spent suspended in a state of near constant arousal! As if that weren’t enough, just the fact that Paul’s was embracing this new project had her libido on overdrive. She wanted to cum now! She already felt like a dog in heat, what on earth would she be like if she had to wait like this for another couple of weeks?!? 

Paul grinned like Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat. He knew her well enough to know she would be fidgeting and squirming in abject lust till the project was done. Controlling her orgasms had been a favorite game before the kids came along and consumed so much of their free time as to make it impractical. He had almost forgotten how arousing it was to see her this wanting knowing that he was in complete control of when or even if she would ever be satisfied again. He had to shake himself from that line of thinking – he had work to do.

Natsuko whimpered and nodded her consent as Paul “un-wrapped” her from his body and placed her back on the couch. “Hold that thought my pet; I’ve got some designing to do.” With that he went into the office and started his new project, while poor Natsuko was left to simmer in her own juices, with no hope of boiling over for quite some time.

Over the next couple of weeks Paul worked and spent time with the twins, but was a virtual ghost to Natsuko the rest of the time. He rarely emerged from his office and when he did come out it was usually for a quick bio break or to grab food or water. He was completely oblivious to what was going on around him or else he would have noticed Natsuko’s rising arousal.

Natsuko repeatedly and frequently caught her hand involuntarily sliding between her legs as she watched him come and go, knowing what he was working on. But she was a good girl and held true to her promise, no matter how desperately she wanted to F$#% something, anything, into oblivion.

Her twice daily milking’s became agonizing. Her nipples had always been VERY sensitive - Paul had almost gotten her to orgasm once just from playing with them. In the complete absence of any other kind of pleasurable touching the suckling of those damned pumps suddenly became a constant, twice a day, every day tease. She couldn’t wait to feel their caress, until she put them on, and then she cursed that they couldn’t take her any farther than they did.

She finally got some relief towards the end of the two weeks when Paul told her he needed her naked and blindfolded for some “calibration testing”. While he made sure the blindfold was completely blocking her sight he explained that he had to bring her into the office for this and didn’t want to ruin the surprise by having her see the trunk before it was finished. Once inside he sat her down on a cushion on the floor with her back against the wall and placed what felt like her old cuffs on her wrists and a strange new collar around her neck. She was wet with anticipation before even the last lock clicked shut.

“Ok, those cuffs and collar have been fitted with a variety of medical grade sensors designed to monitor your heart beat, respiration, perspiration, temperature, etc. etc. I’m hoping that I can collect enough data from them to be able to tell when you’re having an orgasm – and more importantly, when you are getting close to an orgasm. So what I need you to do is stimulate yourself till you orgasm, and let me know when you do. If you’re worried about masturbating in front of me, don’t be – I’ll mostly be watching my screens and monitoring the data.”

If that was meant to be comforting, it had the opposite effect on Natsuko. She now felt like his guinea pig, running through some kind of erotic maze so he could collect his data and then put her back in her cage till the next time he needed her. She had come to think of her chastity as a kind of cage she was locked into, so this analogy felt very real to her … and further fuelled her arousal. 

“Wait a minute,” Paul interrupted her thoughts. “I need a base line and these numbers already look elevated. Are you already aroused just sitting there?”

Natsuko felt her face get warm as she developed a fierce blush, realizing that these new sensors had betrayed her thoughts and innermost feelings. It really didn’t matter what she said, these new restraints seemed capable of reading her reactions anyway. As if being naked and masturbating in front of her husband hadn’t made her vulnerable enough, these new tools left her utterly and completely exposed and helplessly on display in front of her master. This only made things worse.

“What on earth is going on? It looks like your arousal level is rising and all I did was ask you if you were getting aroused? Either these sensors are faulty, or else you’re even hornier than I thought if just a bit of embarrassment and humiliation can get such a rise out of you. Hmmm, let me try something …”

Suddenly Natsuko felt something ICE cold against her engorged clitoris and yelped before she could stop herself. If the wall had been any weaker she surely would have backed up right through it into the next room.

“There – that’s better! That seems to have dropped all of your arousal indicators right down.” Paul exclaimed as he withdrew whatever ice cold object he had placed between Natsuko’s legs. “Sorry about that my pet, but I really needed a baseline and to get that I needed you completely UN-aroused. I assume you’re not feeling aroused at all right now?”

Natsuko nodded meekly. After that experience she wasn’t even sure she could even remember what aroused felt like.

“Ok, now you can start playing with yourself. Just make sure you let me know before you come and as close as possible to exactly when you come so I can mark it in the data.”

Paul had definitely figured out how to reduce her arousal level to zero, between having her intimate parts flash frozen and then being told to “perform” like a piece of machinery she was definitely starting from zero. But she reminded herself what this was all for, and realized Paul must clearly be going WAY above and beyond her original request. She began fantasizing about being back in the trunk’s secure embrace, about having it tease and torment her. Before long she was rapidly climbing the arousal ladder again. The two plus weeks of denial had taken their toll and before she knew it she was right on the edge and signalled Paul mere seconds before she had an amazing toe curling, mind blowing orgasm. 

“Excellent! Now I just need 3 or 4 more like that and we’ll be done.”

Natsuko was still trying to catch her breath as his words hit him, “3 or 4 more?!?”

“Oh my God” she thought, “this new and improved trunk is going to be the death of me before it’s even finished!” But being the good little submissive that she is, she started all over again. “Heh”, she giggled to herself, “I guess there are worse ways to spend an evening”.

The next day (Thursday night) Paul emerged from the office bleary eyed just before midnight and told Natsuko that the trunk would be ready for “integration testing” tomorrow night as soon as the kids went down. With that he stumbled off and collapsed into bed, the first night in more than 2 weeks that he had done so before midnight.

Natsuko had not slept a wink that night – she was far too excited to sleep. All she could think about was finally being back in her trunk. This felt WAY worse than any childhood Christmas Eve she could remember. She had DESPERATELY wanted to finger herself, but Paul had only given her permission to do so during the calibration, so she had very anxiously waited. She had also not eaten anything since Paul’s midnight announcement. Just as before moving day she wanted the feeling of being in the trunk as long as possible, even if Paul’s testing was only for an hour or two.

After the kids were down Paul had Natsuko close her eyes, guided her into the walk in closet of their bedroom, and then asked her to open her eyes.

Natsuko did so, and couldn’t stop herself from being underwhelmed.

“I know what you’re thinking …” Paul started, “… it probably doesn’t look any different than it used to. Well, that was part of the idea - I wanted it to look like any and every other trunk of its type. There are a few improvements you can’t see, such as the three tiny web cams in places no one will notice them or that I’ve wired all the steel reinforced parts of the trunk together on the inside to turn them into a giant antenna – but I’ll explain those later. The only thing you might notice if you looked closely is the old locking hasps in the front have been replaced with internally locking hasps; the trunk can only be unlocked and opened from the inside.” Cutting her off before she could ask how that worked, he opened the trunk, and now Natsuko’s jaw dropped.

If he hadn’t shown her the outside first she would never have guessed this was the same trunk. EVERYTHING inside was different. It looked like Paul had completely rebuilt it from scratch, and before she could even guess at all the new additions Paul interrupted her again.

“Now I’m going to show you how to lock yourself in here, so I want you to pay careful attention. I’ll explain some of the new enhancements as we go. Let’s start by putting on the cuffs and collar we used to help calibrate you and the computer a couple of nights ago. They might look a bit different since I’ve now fitted them with special D-rings that match fittings in the trunk. When the trunk is ready for you all you have to do is put your arms, legs, waist and neck in the right spots and the trunk will lock you in for the duration of the session.” 

Natsuko’s arousal jumped several notches at the thought the trunk could now (in a very real way) reach out and grab her and hold her “for the duration of the session.” Just what did Paul mean by that and just what was this computer he had calibrated her to? She bit her lip, trying to suppress all the questions popping into her mind, and put the cuffs and collar on just as she did before, thanking her lucky stars they didn’t seem to be connected yet lest she need another ice treatment to get her back to her baseline.

“Let’s move on to this next …” he said holding up what looked to be a brand new and also completely rebuilt “chastity” belt.  “The belt has dildos front and back that not only vibrate but can also shock, heat up, and even apply cold to your intimate parts.  The pad over your clitoris has all the same features. The hot and cold parts I tweaked out of some USB cup heater / coolers.” Paul said proudly holding it out for her to put on.

Natsuko couldn’t have closed her jaw if she wanted to – Electricity? Hot and cold? Just what on earth did Paul have planned for her?!?

She reached out timidly, as if it might bite her and took the belt from Paul’s hand. She turned it around till she had the butt plug in front, and slowly slid it in and out several times, using all the surplus moisture from her already VERY active pussy to lubricate it. She then turned it around again, lined everything up front and back (being careful of the wires hanging off it) and eased it in, shuddering slightly as she felt them slowly slide in and “pop” into place as they became firmly seated inside and against her. Paul took great pleasure in sliding the unique lock into the belt and sealing her in. Natsuko did not think she could be any more aroused than she was at that moment, that is, until what came next.

Turning around he picked up something that made her swollen nipples get even harder as he passed it to her and continued, “I mounted a brand new version of your breast pumps into a kind of bra harness that will hold it tightly to your breasts while you’re locked inside.  I modified it so the hoses go to a high capacity reservoir hidden in the trunk so you can be milked according to your regular schedule and the trunk will store several days’ worth. I’m not sure exactly how quickly it will fill since I have it set to recycle some of the milk into your drinking tube now and then, but I’ll get to that in a minute. I’ve also attached similar pads - vibrating, shock and heat - to these as the ones in the belt. I had to skip cold because it made it too heavy but, even as it is the trunk will be able to play with your breasts and nipples and milk you too!”

Natsuko felt her knees get weak as Paul showed her how to put it on. With every new item Paul showed her the trunk was taking more and more control of every facet of her body and her life. She would be utterly at its mercy, and Paul wasn’t even done yet! 

“The last item for you to put on is this …” he held up a bizarre head harness looking thing. “It has display glasses that go over your eyes, sound blocking speakers for your ears, and a very special gag for your mouth.”

“When the display is on you will see what looks like an 80 inch computer screen as if you were standing 5 feet away. When it’s off, it is will act like a blindfold. It will be connected to the same computer as everything else so it can show you what’s going on outside the trunk via those cameras I mentioned before, or I can have it play any video or set of images I want for you.”

“The earphones work much the same way. They are noise cancelling so when the computer isn’t providing you audio you won’t be able to hear a thing.”

“The gag also has a small microphone built in so the trunk will be able to hear you grunt, which should be useful if I ever need to ask you yes or no questions while you’re inside. You know, “grunt once for yes, twice for no” kind of thing. I’ll also be able to tell when you’re moaning in pleasure no matter where the trunk is, which should be fun for me.” Paul’s face took on a mischievous grin when he said that.

“The gag also has an air hole, so even if you’re nose gets stuffed up you won’t asphyxiate yourself. I didn’t want to endanger our household milk supply by having you get dehydrated or malnourished even if you’re just in there for a day or two, so that tube going into the gag is connected to a small button next to where your left hand will be. Press the button and suck on the gag and you’ll get either water or breast milk - the computer will decide which to give you. I figure the milk will give you some nutrients and will extend how long you can be in there while also keeping the size of the milk reservoir down.”

“Now before we do our first trial run, I should point out a couple of things while you can still see.” Paul was clearing enjoying stretching this out for her, “The false bottom has been rebuilt to contain the absolute latest high efficiency – high safety battery packs, essentially the same ones they’re starting to use in electric cars. If I did my math right, they should power a completely disconnected trunk for about 10 days give or take. In here are the brains of your new trunk”, he said pointing to an area directly in front of where her head would be when she sat inside.

“There is basically a full blown but miniaturized PC in there, minus the keyboard and screen, running Robotics Studio and connected to everything else in the trunk. I made sure it has a built in air card and GPS so we can take you on the road and I’ll still be able to control and monitor you even if you’re out of Wi-Fi range. That PC is the nerve center that will read the output from those cuffs and collar you helped me calibrate and take action on you using the input devices now strapped and locked to your body.” Natsuko felt her arousal level jump once again at the mention of just what was now locked to her body.

“I did take one risk …”, Paul went on, both noticing and enjoying the delicious way Natsuko was already squirming, “… and added a research add-in to the Robotics studio software to apply genetic algorithms to the patterns I’ve created for you. That will enable the software to add “mutations” to those patterns, track the success of the mutations, and continually evolve how the trunk plays with you. The software’s goal is for you to have the longest, strongest orgasms possible, and it will be tireless in figuring out just what is the most efficient way to accomplish that.”

Natsuko wasn’t sure if it was the grin on his face, or the words he spoke, but the hairs on the back of her neck were standing on end and her brain was screaming, “RETREAT, RETREAT!” Paul was about to lock her into something that would “learn” her, that could read every nuance of her arousal, no matter how badly she wanted to hide it, and would be single minded in its pursuit of turning her into an orgasm machine. She knew deep down this was a Pandora’s Box and that once stepped into would change her life forever. Little did she know just how profoundly true that was about to become.

But as usual it was the rising heat between her legs that would control her actions. No matter what her head or the hairs on the back of her neck were telling her, there was never any question that her arousal was going to pull her body into that trunk, even if the rest of her consciousness was kicking and screaming.

Paul chuckled, clearly reading her body language, and showed her just where to plug what, and how to finally ease back into position so all her D-rings lined up with the slots in the trunk. Natsuko was literally shaking in anticipation and when she felt the deadbolt style bars slide through the D-rings locking her neck, back, waist, wrists, and ankles in place. She thought her heart was going to leap from her chest.

The closest thing to a rational thought going through her head was the words, “Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God” over and over as she realized she was now completely and utterly helpless to stop this. She was at the mercy of this wicked smart new trunk Paul had built just for her, and it would have its way with her, for as long as Paul allowed it to. Behind the monitor-blindfold, her eyes were wide as saucers as Paul slowly closed the trunk, its similar deadbolt style bars sealing it shut, and went to his laptop.

“Testing 1, 2, 3 Testing 1, 2, 3 – Can you hear me Natsuko?”

Natsuko moaned into her gag, not really capable of much else besides that at the moment.

 “Excellent, I’m going to run through each of your new inputs, and make sure everything is functioning properly. I can probably tell just by watching your arousal level on my screen, but I’m going to ask you anyway so I’d like you to grunt or moan as we walk through each one just to be sure.” So began a tedious checklist that made poor Natsuko feel more like she was a rocket about to be launched than a girl locked in a trunk looking for a Friday night diversion.

"We're just about an hour till midnight, and everything seems to be working perfectly, so I'm setting the timer to start at 11:00 and run a one hour cycle. If all goes as planned, and you don’t seem to be in any discomfort, it will immediately go into a 2 hour cycle, then a 4, then an 8, then 16. Factoring in your 4 hour rest period from 2 AM - 6 AM, that should take us into Sunday afternoon and I can decide then if I want to run another cycle till Monday morning or not."

"Oh My GOD!!!" Natsuko thought to herself. "This isn’t just a small test run, he honestly intends on keeping me in here for the weekend - as long as that first time! Except now the trunk is WAY more capable of exploring every conceivable pleasure option my body has to offer!"

The first round was pretty much what she expected, all of her sensitive parts started vibrating on the lowest setting, and just as her arousal rose, so did the level of the vibrations. She fidgeted in her bonds as she came closer and closer to an orgasm, and sure enough, just as she was about to cum, all the vibraters stopped at once. She was left tantalizingly close, and utterly unable to do anything to get herself over that last little bit.

After a minute or two and just as she was starting to resign herself to not being able to cum, the vibrators started up again from the lowest setting. She tried to count how many times she was brought right to the brink before being denied, but it was useless. At first she cursed the trunk for denying her, then begged it for release, then tried to bargain with it ("PLEASE let me cum and I'll do ANYTHING you want" and the like) and finally, she resorted to praying to God, her husband, and even the inanimate trunk that it please let her cum.

During the eighth round and just as she got to the point where she knew it would stop, it didn't. The vibrations kept on high and she was utterly taken by surprise as her body erupted with an orgasm even more powerful that the first one the trunk gave her. The pleasure radiated out from between her legs and seemed to engulf her body. The trunk patiently watched and waited, and only as her pleasure started receding did it slow down and finally shut off the vibrations. Natsuko was completely and utterly content and satisfied. That is, until a few minutes later when it started all over again.

The next cycle was different; she could tell that the "genetic" module Paul had mentioned had kicked in as the program started mutating itself. Sometimes it would take her to the edge, stop, and then restart on a high setting instead of going back to the bottom. Other times instead of just stopping, it would shock her sensitive parts, or apply cold to them to back her off from the edge.  It was continually trying new things, and measuring the results. Natsuko had wanted less predictability and Paul had exceeded her wildest expectations. Unable to predict what was coming, she was helpless to prepare for it, and became utterly and mindlessly in the moment.

About an hour and forty minutes into her two hour cycle, something odd happened. When she tried to relate it to Paul later, she could never quite figure out how to describe it. The best she could do was to say it felt kind of like an out of body experience. Her body seemed to go on some kind of auto pilot while her mind just … checked out, and seemed to float above it all. She could still feel all the stimulations being applied to her, but somehow she didn’t mind as much. It was like she could feel it being done to someone else, instead of herself. She apologized to Paul since no matter how she tried to put it to words, it sounded like nonsense, but she assured him she felt every contradictory statement she made about it.

This out of body experience made her next orgasm even more interesting, if not more powerful than the last. From this dreamy otherworldly state, her body seemed to soundly grab her consciousness, and pull it through her g-spot to engulf not just her body, but seemingly her very soul in pleasure. It seemed to go on and on and on and when it finally subsided she was utterly spent. As she quietly waited for the trunk to resume tormenting her with pleasure, it surprised her yet again by failing to do so. She had completely lost track of time and forgotten that Paul mentioned a sleep cycle from 2 AM to 6 AM each night. As she floated in her post orgasmic bliss, she drifted off to a deep and profound sleep despite all her restraints.

The next morning she awoke to the very pleasant ministrations of the trunk as it began its next cycle. When she finally rose to full consciousness, it took her a second to understand why she couldn’t see or hear, or move, and why she felt so damned horny. As it all came back to her where she was and why, she groaned into her gag - it was just the beginning of what was surely to be a VERY long day!


The next cycle continued much like the last, and that meant it was equally unpredictable as the trunk's programming continued to mutate and adapt to Natsuko’s body. It became more and more capable of taking her rapidly to the edge of an orgasm, and sustaining her there for longer and longer periods of time, without having to start and stop her stimulation. As much as she hated the rises and falls of the original program, she was positivity sure these changes were worse. The trunk was managing to drive her out of her mind with sexual need while offering her almost no respite at all. There were no rounds to attempt to count, just one long endless need between her legs that robbed her of all reason. She became that throbbing need and it came to define her existence. She drifted in and out of her body like this for quite some time, until something yet again new seized her attention.

Suddenly something was sucking on her nipples, and that tiny bit of new stimulation took her to an entirely new level of pleasure. It was almost as if this orgasm started in her nipples and spread to her neither regions before engulfing the rest of her. As the breast pumps rhythmically sucked the milk from her, each pull from her engorged breasts seemed to cause a spike in her long continuous orgasm.

Her body seemed incapable of stopping the orgasm as long as she was being milked. She wasn’t even sure if it was one long orgasm, or dozens of tiny ones, each happening as her nipples were vacuumed up into the pump. When the breast pump finally stopped, her body was as utterly emptied of energy as her breasts were of milk. She was sure if the trunk wasn’t supporting her she would have collapsed into a heap.

Before she could even catch her breath, a new cycle started all over again. She moaned, she cursed, she screamed, she begged and pleaded through the gag for it to all stop. But of course the trunk didn’t understand any of this, and wouldn’t have cared even if it could. It was a machine, all it understood was what it was programmed to do, and at the moment, it was programmed to continue trying to give Natsuko the perfect orgasm, whether she wanted it or not.

And so it went; for the next 8 hours her body was driven to the edge of ecstasy, and suspended there with alternating parts pleasure, pain, and deprivation. She once again became one with her need to orgasm, and was unable to think of anything else. Her complete exhaustion caused her to drift in and out of consciousness, but even when she was unconscious the relentless assault on her body caused fevered dreams of arousal. At one point she became convinced she had been reincarnated as a clitoris on another woman’s body, forever doomed to feel the pleasure of arousal, but never the complete and utter release of an orgasm.

When the blinding white light of bliss finally did catch up with her again, she was sure she could not possibly endure any more pleasure without her body giving out. It rippled over her in wave after wave, until she did finally surrender to a merciful loss of consciousness.

Suddenly she was being pleasured again. She didn’t remember waking up or passing out, or even who or where she was. It was as if the last orgasm had wiped her mind back to a clean slate. For the next two hours, all she knew was she wanted to cum, and didn’t understand why she couldn’t. Then she felt a tug at her nipples and her world exploded again. Just as before, the orgasm lasted till her breasts were empty and the pump stopped.

Unlike before her brain began to rewire itself; she existed for two things and two things only: a (seemingly) eternal sexual need, followed by an orgasm beyond reason. If she wasn’t being teased or cuming something wasn’t right.  So it was actually a kind of comfort when the next cycle started. Despite her desperately wanting that next orgasm, as long as she felt that all-consuming need for it, everything must be right with the world.

Meanwhile the trunk too had a lot to process. The last orgasm had come on so suddenly it hadn’t been able to do anything to stop it, despite the fact that it was supposed to be 14 more hours till her next orgasm. It learned that she could no longer be allowed to be milked unless her arousal level was significantly lower. It had also learned that milking Natsuko was a way to prolong and intensify her orgasm. The learning part of the code added a non-random mutation to try adding milking to her next scheduled orgasm regardless of whether it was the scheduled milking time.

The next fourteen hours continued with Natsuko being teased to the edge of sanity, with an interruption for sleep and her first milking Sunday morning. The trunk ended up needing to use quite a bit of cold and electricity to keep her from coming during that milking, but it managed it, and thus ensured there were no more unscheduled orgasms, much to Natsuko’s chagrin.

There was one interesting turn of events during that cycle. After Paul got the kids down Saturday night, he decided Natsuko might want some visual stimulation, so he transferred a large chunk of his private pornography collection to the trunk for it to play for Natsuko. As if the unending teasing was not enough, she now had to look at picture after picture, video after video, of drop dead sexy girls (some solo, some playing with other girls as went Paul’s interests) as she was teased for hours.

The computer took particular note of a sharp spike in her arousal level when she was drinking some of her own milk while seeing big breasted women, and decided to add another non-random mutation to make sure she was looking at breasts when she was fed her milk in the future. What the computer could not know was the reason for the increased arousal: when faced with large breasts while drinking her own milk Natsuko couldn’t help but fantasize that the milk in her mouth was the result of her suckling another woman’s nipples. Among other things, poor Natsuko would emerge from this with a deep rooted fetish to drink from another woman’s breasts.

The trunk applied all it had learned to her last orgasm of the weekend, and thus was beyond any of the others. Not counting sleep time she had been relentlessly teased for 14 hours and the programming made sure this time she was milked as she came. The only down side was this midday milking was shorter than the previous ones. When Paul reviewed the data later he added some code to reduce her regular milkings in order to leave more milk for her milked orgasms.

Paul made it a point to watch this last one live, and was stunned at the results. Her pleasure was off the charts, and that was only after 2 days in the trunk! He was a bit concerned about her other indicators; clearly the trunk was pushing her physical endurance.

He debated long and hard about releasing her then and there, but she had lapsed into such a deep slumber that he decided the best thing to do was to reset the trunk to not start again and let her rest at least until the kids were asleep again. He’d check back in on here after that, and if she showed any signs of waking up he could transfer her to the bed, and if not, then leave her there to sleep in peace until the morning.

Natsuko was so exhausted she slept through the night, including her evening milking! She woke up a few times, but in absolute darkness and silence with no way to move and nothing to do, she drifted back to sleep.

Around 7:00 Paul came on the speaker and screens so she could see his face as she heard his voice.

“I’m going to open the trunk, but I’m guessing you might be disoriented, so this first time I’m going to help you out of the trunk and tell you what I’m doing as I walk you through the process. I’m hoping if I remind you of the steps a few times you’ll be comfortable getting yourself out after that.”

Natsuko was disoriented, to say the least. The sleep and seeing and hearing Paul started to bring her back from her trunk induced amnesia. By the time she was completely out of everything, she was pretty much settled back into her body.

Paul had to start working soon after that, so it was not until the kids were down that Natsuko was finally able to describe to him what the weekend was like. After giving him the details to the best of her ability, she sheepishly posed a question to him. 

“To say the climaxes were amazing would be an epic understatement, and I’m curious if or how much further the trunk could take them – would you mind if I started “sleeping” in there?” she asked.

“Sure, you can certainly try that for a while, it’s up to you. After all I built it so you could put yourself in and take yourself out anytime you wanted, and I can show you how to adjust the controls so you can decide if you want to cum and how often.”

And so it went, for several weeks, Natsuko spent most nights allowing herself an orgasm or two (and occasionally none, just to keep things interesting). Much as she enjoyed that, she began to feel like it gave her too much control, so she asked Paul to create a new setting, to allow the trunk to use its learning and optimization routines to decide if and when she could cum.

After five long nights filled with endless teasing and no relief at all, Natsuko feared it could be weeks before she would be allowed to cum again. So she went back to Paul and asked him to add a probability setting. She could pick a number, and the trunk would give her a 1 in that number chance of cuming during that session. Her reasoning was that if she set this to 7 that meant she would get at least one orgasm every 7 days. She didn’t realize this could just as easily result in her going two weeks and then having 2 in a row, but she would learn this soon enough. 

Paul’s implementation was to have the trunk figure out if Natsuko would be able to cum at the beginning of the session. That way it could optimize the session for either maximum frustration or maximum orgasm, depending on the result.

He also decided to “lock in” the probability setting so it could not be changed until an orgasm had been achieved. He neglected to tell Natsuko this till she picked her first probability. After all, if she set it for 10 days and decided she couldn’t wait anymore after only 5, what fun would there be in that? Especially since she seemed to have forgotten she could pleasure herself outside the trunk.

Despite some ups and downs, and many restless days of abject sexual frustration, when the trunk did allow her to cum they continued to be some of the most powerful orgasms she could imagine. It all seemed to be going just as she hoped, until one night locked away at her most vulnerable, she heard a voice in her ears that was not Paul’s.

To be continued




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