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June's Suit of Armor

by Mikel

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Storycodes: Solo-F; leather; clothing; corset; chastity; toys; insert; Machine/f; encase; tease; torment; denial; shock; M/f; controlled; condition; steel; armor; entrap; stuck; bdsm; enslave; cons/reluct; X

June had always been considered a tyrant, ever since her much older husband had passed away leaving her his fortune and his companies, she had ruled with an iron fist sucking as much money from each before breaking them up and selling them off. Her latest project was the personal body armor company, his engineers had developed numerous new designs in body armor over the years and were know for their innovative ideas and approaches to complicated problems. Now she hoped they could be used to aid in her personal habits by making her a full armored suit out of the latest material they had developed that could stand up to almost any abuse before she sold the company.

Walking into the building the first day she strutted in wearing what had become her trademark look, an overly tight leather dress that fell snugly just past her knees forcing her to take short steps as she walked. The dress hugged her narrow waist and clearly showed the outlines of the tight corset she wore underneath that accentuated her large breasts heaving under the tight leather. The extreme heels clicked loudly on the hard floors as she walked quickly into her new office and sat down looking over the tall collar of the dress at the men waiting for her. The dress was complete with long sleeves that ended in attached gloves making her look like the dominant woman she pretended to be. Her black hair was bobbed close to her face framing her large dark eyes and ruby lips as she smiled at the one engineer that she had become familiar with before her husband’s death. Keith had helped her design some of the equipment for her playtimes and was the only person that knew of her submissive side and how her and her husband used to play, he had also facilitated her moving into the company even setting up her new office for her.

June listened to the men nervously explain the projects they were currently working on all of them thinking she was going to close the company just like the others and tried to impress on her how much they were worth. June sat dreaming of Keith's last project for her and was making plans on visiting it again as soon as she could get home. Shortly before her husband’s death she had asked Keith to design her a torture chamber of sorts, it would seal her entire body into the steel cylinder rendering her completely helpless, then through various restraints and vacuum ports and use her own wishes against her. The machine would tease her mercilessly for unknown amounts of time, all she could set was maximum and minimum limits, which the machine could ignore both for up to twenty percent if it chose to. Once inside the machine June was held firmly by the multiple restraints inside it, again no choice was given to her other than the vague time limits. The machine picked whether or not she was tortured, teased or pleasured on its own, the torture consisted of multiple shocking devices inside the machine and various arms and fingers that could pinch and twist and even tickle her.

The teasing was done by the machine measuring her vitals and learning when she was near orgasm, blacking out or even exhaustion and would switch to different stimulations to keep her on the edge of an orgasm for hours or even days. One time her husband had programmed it to keep her trapped for four days making her accept the foul mixtures it used to maintain her body and the often painful means it used to evacuate it. Thinking something had gone wrong with the programming June fought mightily, finally giving up and relenting to the machines demands on her mind and body. When the machine chose to it would shut itself down leaving her unsatisfied and either keeping her restrained in the tube or releasing her. It could even force her to keep its special chastity belt that she had to wear into the machine on for days or weeks, before allowing her reenter the machine and hope for release, giving her husband great pleasure watching her frustration grow. The pleasure parts were, before stepping into the machine she would wrap a steel chastity belt with two large phalluses in it tightly around her waist. These were controlled by the machine as were the locks on the belt and bra, the bra covered her large breasts completely and were a favorite of hers due to the multiple sensations of pain and pleasure that could be achieved through it.

It too was controlled by the machine and she could be forced to remain locked inside it for undetermined amounts of time by the machine leaving her incapable of any stimulation of her highly aroused body. Once it had left her trapped for three weeks forcing her into the machine daily for flushing of her “systems” as the machine called only to be released after her treatment. Each day the machine would build up her hope that she would either be forced to orgasm or released from the chastity belt and each day denying her any release. She had never wanted to cum more in her life and had never enjoyed being so dependent on a mechanical device controlling her as she had been those three weeks. June had not been able to enjoy the machine since his death but had scheduled several weeks off after the meeting she was currently having so she could fully enjoy her play time. Hopefully when she returned her next project would be near completion. The project was a full body armored suit covering her from head to toe, it would be made from the impenetrable material they had developed and was going to be marketed as full body armor to the military.

She had some basic requirements, be completely flexible, have its own filtration system for removal of normal body functions when necessary. It also had to be able to be used independently so the soldier would be able to get into and out of it by himself. June had her own modifications in mind for her personal suit but that could wait until the proto type had been developed and she would talk to Keith about them privately. The engineers were stunned by her proposal but in fear for their jobs they agreed and after a brief tour June stopped by Keith’s office and told him to use the body mold they had made of her as the basis for the proto type. The small grin she gave him told him of her plans to use the device for her own needs and set his mind moving in that direction. He was all already planning to combine the tube and the suit and keep her in sexual frustration for as long as it took to get her to leave this company alone. June left the building leaving everyone worried she was planning to destroy the company, returning home and quickly locking the belt and bra onto her body over her smallest corset.

Normally she wouldn’t wear a corset into the machine for fear she might get trapped in it once the belt was locked tightly over it but since she had been wearing a corset twenty four seven anyway she left it on. Setting the times on the machine and stepping in was a great rush for her not knowing for how long she would be its slave and now had no one to help if something went wrong. As soon as the tube closed she felt her body being restrained tighter than ever before, the large plug gag was forced into her mouth before the inner wall vacuumed sealed to the opposite side her holding her helpless inside the machine. June did not know that Keith had made the machine accessible from his lab, often watching and even making changes to her programs as she used the machine. This would give him and the other engineers more of the time they needed to get ready and programmed it to hold her on the edge of an orgasm for six days. The machine would then force her to come until she was almost blacking out, then begin the teasing and torturing programs again. June would not be seen or heard from for six weeks.

Only when the engineers had the first proto type ready would she be allowed her freedom again but only after her six day torture program ended. Then the machine would keep her locked into her belt and bra to guarantee she would return to the machine in hopes to relieve her need to come and be released from the steel encircling her body. When June returned to the company she was noticeably quieter, she wore even tighter leather covering her from her chin to her ankles. The outlines of the belt and bra could just be seen through the thick leather and the toll of her prolonged torture could be seen in her face. Before inspecting the proto type June asked Keith into her office and told him of the problems with the programming of her machine. He explained that the program was learning each time she used it and knew what it would take to make her achieve the same feelings as she did the very first time.

June asked if it could be changed and Keith told her if she wanted to bring it in he could try, but he couldn’t guarantee how long it would take or if it would even make a difference, but she would have to be free of all its “attachments” before reprogramming it. Keith told June her best bet was to visit the machine as many times as possible to increase her odds of being fully released from it. June grunted and moved to the door to go inspect the new suit, arriving in the lab she immediately hated the whole thing it was bulky, ugly and most of the joints were barely bendable. June threw a fit cursing the engineers and threatening to fire all of them and close the company if they couldn’t do better and left the building fuming even as the phalluses shifted inside her arousing her and keeping her on the edge of an orgasm. June traveled for two weeks, the steel keeping her locked into her corset and bra and making her stay aroused the entire time. The corset she had on was originally her “extreme” corset but now felt as comfortable as her daily wear ones. On one of her trips she picked up two corset’s that she had ordered that would now become her extreme corsets. Arriving home she found a package from Keith and ripped it open to find two pairs of steel shoes. Both had been made to keep her feet en-point and to be used with the machine. The card inside read “I thought you might like something new” June smiled as she read it thinking he really did know her well and began stripping her leather dress off. Standing in front of the machine June was irritated by the loose feeling of her corset but because of the tight chastity belt she could not remove it.

Slipping her feet into the knee high pair of boots and closing them around her legs she stood up and carefully walked around the room admiring how well the boots were made and how well they fit her. Approaching the machine the belt suddenly unlocked and the screen on the machine flashed a message “Replace corset now, you have fifteen minutes”. June was stunned by the demands of the machine not even thinking about how it knew she was wearing a corset. With her lust clouding her thoughts she quickly removed the old corset and wrapped a new one around her waist with the large plugs holding the loosened belt up, and started drawing the laces tight. The new corset was sized to pull her waist down to sixteen inches being she was currently at eighteen and had planned to slowly work her way down. In her rush to get it on she had not thought about how tight it would be or of her original plan of slowly making her waist accept the new size . Instead she stepped into her lacer and let it draw her quickly down to sixteen inches and tied the laces off and relocked the belt around her tiny waist.

As June stood gasping she felt the belt tighten around her corseted waist and realized what she had done and began yanking and pulling on the belt. The machine flashed “Waiting for victim to enter”, again she was so distracted she didn’t notice that the machine said victim instead of occupant and obediently stepped into the machine. The engineers were all talking about quitting and letting her ruin the company. The only thing stopping them would be none of them could accept jobs in their respected fields for another five years if they quit so they knew they would have to wait it out. Keith told them of a plan to make June listen to them and leave them in control of the company indefinitely. They all listened but were unsure if Keith could really make it happen but he assured them he could. The team set to work to create the most attractive suit of armor anyone had ever seen.

June was trapped in the machine for the entire three months the men worked on the suit. She had been regularly pleasured and tortured until the last few weeks when torture had become her daily routine. Each day ended with her sobbing around the ever growing gag that was forcing her mouth to open wider a little each day while forcing her to learn to suck on it constantly. Her feet and legs had permanently been fixed in the en-point position by the machine manipulating her muscles and the shoes squeezing her feet tighter making it impossible for her to even attempt to stand flat footed. The corset once again had become loose even as the belt continued to pull in tighter around her waist forcing her to gasp for each breath. The machine had also pulled and squeezed her breasts until they we now a full cup size larger and her large pierced nipples were stretched and suctioned until they were permanently aroused and obscenely large.

June had now become a true submissive to the machine and when the machine finally opened she staggered out, dropping to the ground sobbing begging it to let her back in. After several days of freedom June had regained some of her self control but still begged the machine to let her back in daily. Even without the belt or bra on she could swear she could feel them on her body wondering if it was her mind wishing they were still on her. Ordering another corset, this time just to help her feel more comfortable, she had also ordered a few pairs of ballet boots after trying to force her feet into regular shoes and being unable to walk in them. While she waited she studied the machine and found it had been manipulated by someone outside the house and knew there was only one person who could have done it and decided to get rid of him and the company as soon as she could make herself walk again.

June’s mind was torn as she waited for her corset and shoes, she had truly enjoyed her captivity but at the same time hated that she had been tricked into it. When the corsets and shoes arrived she wrapped the corset around her minuscule waist and let the lacer pull it closed. The pain in her abdomen and back eased so she let it continue to close the corset until she was gasping again and enjoying the pressure it caused. The shoes were much more difficult to get on but the last and smallest pair finally held her feet tightly and she was able to walk in her new clothing. June longed for the belt and its phalluses but fought off the urge to insert herself into the machine again. June opted for a leather chastity belt just to hold in the two vibrating phalluses she stuffed into herself before closing the belt around her fourteen inch waist. It had been almost eight weeks since June had been released from the machine when she tottered into the office wearing an extremely tight leather dress showing her tiny waist and her larger breasts with their enlarged nipples. The dress held her thighs tightly together before dropping to the floor and Keith knew his plan had worked she was now ready to be trapped. After reaching her office she leaned back in her chair setting her pointed feet onto her desk. The stiff collar held her head high and kept her from being able to see her heaving chest as she panted from the effort expelled walking so briskly to her office.

When the engineers entered they couldn’t believe the sight of her new body as she sat with her head back and her mouth hanging open. The ever expanding gag had made it so June had concentrate on keeping her mouth closed and it would start aching if she forced to stay closed very long. June sat with her mouth a perfect O shape for several minutes before noticing they were there and jumping up to her pointed toes and saying “Well! Do we have a suit or not?” They all smiled and said they did and it was almost ready for testing. They showed her the plans on her computer and walked her through how the person would enter it but all June could see or hear was how beautiful the suit was. It was exactly what she wanted, it would allow her to be fully enclosed and under the computers control but still be able to move when she was allowed. She did think that the entry procedure seemed too complex but thought they could work on that later. June dismissed all of them except Keith and the two sat and talked about the “Amendments” she had wanted.

Keith assured her that all of her requirements had been met staring at the beautiful leather clad woman in front of him. June sat with her pointed toes poking out from under her dress watching Keith stare at them before saying. “The machine malfunctioned again, so now not only do I have to wear these I have to force my mouth to close and I am currently required to wear this tight corset just so I can keep my larger breasts upright… Know anything about it?”

Keith smiled and without answering the question he asked, “Don’t you want to see your new suit?”

June stood and said “Later, right now I want you all to go home and we’ll meet again on Monday.” Keith smiled and left her office. June waited until everyone was gone pretending to study the plans of the new suit only reading brief parts about the flexibility and the inner workings of the view screen and breathing operations. June sat panting through her open mouth, her heaving chest showing her arousal as she studied the suit. The tight corset making it difficult to bend forward and the tight dress holding her legs closely together under her desk, making her feel like her body was bound from the neck down. Even the gloves made her movements difficult and soon she could fight her desires no more and reached into her purse and pulled out the remotes for her vibrators and turned them on.

In a few minutes she was light headed from fighting her restricted waist for air as her gasping increased, she wriggled in her chair desperately trying to force herself to cum. Keith sat watching the gasping and struggling woman from the cameras he had placed in her office. Smiling when after two hours she had not been able to orgasm knowing the training had worked. He also knew she was extremely horny and needed satisfaction since the batteries were dying in her vibrators. June sat gasping and moaning fighting the tight leather wanting to get to her dripping pussy but knowing nothing here would help. She started to rise to her feet noticing the image on the screen of the suit and remember Keith saying it had all her requirements and turned to head to the lab. Keith smiled as he followed her on the cameras as she walked down the long halls, he could even hear her heels clicking and watched her gaping mouth as she gasped for air. Her bulging breasts rubbing the ultra sensitive nipples against the leather arousing her more as she felt the inert vibrators moving inside her as she walked. June was ready to do anything she needed to just so she could orgasm. The feelings inside her programmed by the machine now making her only think about climaxing and nothing else.

Entering the lab she stopped and stared at the incredible sight of the steel suit. She wandered around it staring and trying to figure out the complicated contraptions holding the wide bands of spring steel open. She knew from her reading all she had to do was step into the suit, pushing her hands and legs deep into the openings starting the process and would let the suit close in on her body. As she walked around the display running her leather covered hands over the steel she noticed two small protrusions in the bottom of what appeared to be the “Shorts” of the suit. The many arms and cables holding the suit open made it difficult to tell exactly where each of the many parts went since it looked like it had more than one layer and some of the straps would cross over others. June kept studying the suit stroking the chest plate made of solid steel that would wrap around her chest before meeting the spring straps that would close it tightly. Hoping that it would soon encase her and deciding she must try it on, she frantically unlaced the dress and peeled the leather from her sweat covered body. Opening the belt and removing the plugs before unlacing the boots and climbing up on the display. Keith had been watching, his dick growing harder as she revealed her perfect body and stood near the suit unlacing the corset that was still making her chest heave as her excitement grew.

June looked into the helmet and could see the two tiny screens where her eyes would be and noticed the large O shaped opening where her mouth would be. Not thinking about anything but her aching pussy, she slipped her tiny pointed feet into the legs of the suit and settled down into the “shorts”. Feeling the small nubs and thinking that they were really small, she hoped they would be enough to get her off as she pushed her breasts into the chest plate. Wiggling her body into the suit she opened her mouth fully only having to stretch it slightly around the opening until she could relax her jaw and let her teeth settle into the groove for them. Feeding her arms into the open sleeves she finally found the gloves and pushed each finger into their places. June now hung by the arms and cables holding the suit open as she tried to move inside the metal skin that was already squeezing her body. June twisted slightly and could hear something behind her pop but before she could to anything the spring steel straps being held open all around her were released and she could feel the suit tighten onto her body. The straps around her legs tightened dramatically making her squeal as the shorts were forced tightly up onto her hips and thighs. As the legs tightened they forced her feet deeper into the pointed shoes squeezing her feet even more. When the waist started closing June fought to pull her hands out of the gloves but the spring steel straps around her arms already had them trapped and continued to tighten. As the torso closed and the spring steel tightened June became truly scared as she could feel the tension rise squeezing the air from her lungs as it did. The last thing the struggling girl felt before blacking out was her face being crushed into the helmet and the cold steel closing in tightly around her head.

Waking on the floor June was blind and could no longer feel anything on her body other than the crushing suit. She tried to feel something with her hands but the steel of the gloves made her hands feel numb. Forcing herself to sit up she groped around before finding the table and drug herself to her pointed toes, grunting as the pressure on them increased the pain the new boots were causing. June felt her waist and could tell she had been squeezed even further than the corset she had been wearing and felt the steady tension around her waist. Steadying herself she pictured the table in her head and gently moved towards where she had seen the control panel and started pushing buttons on it until finally the view screens came on and she could see again. June’s breathing was extremely labored as she leaned on the table panting through her nose and tried to figure out why she couldn’t breathe through her mouth since it had been held so widely open. June turned around looking for a mirror not seeing one anywhere she made her way to the ladies room.

Walking on aching feet that can’t feel the floor was a new experience for her but she made it into the room and looked at herself in the mirror. June was stunned at what she saw, a perfect metal woman stood staring back at her. The head was solid steel in front, showing a round cover over where her mouth should be. No matter how hard June tried she could not get the cover to open, as she stood struggling with the cover she realized she could not bend her neck and had to lean forward to see the rest of her body. Her chest was covered with a single piece of molded steel covering and now compressing her large breasts and pushing hard on her enlarged nipples. June could just make out lines around where her nipples would be, that she hadn’t noticed when she looked at the suit before. June continued to look further down her body and could see her incredibly narrow waist, due to the thinness of the steel it exaggerated the size of the waist compared to her breasts making her look even smaller. Looking at her hips she could see that the shorts were also solid making any access to her pussy or ass impossible as she tapped on it with a steel covered finger and felt nothing inside.

June continued to stare at the suit, the wide bands of spring steel making it squeeze her tightly also making it possible for the areas that needed to be moved or bent flexible as the bands slid on top of one another when she bent her elbow or knees. Her movements were limited but she could still walk and move about almost unhindered except for the increasingly tight waist and extreme toe shoes. June walked around getting used to the suit for over an hour while Keith watched now from his office, waiting on the moment to spring into action as the metal skinned being roamed around the building. June went back to the control panel and moved through the menu finding the “Final Fitment” icon and pressed it, “Must plug in update chord” scrolled across her view screens. June located the chord and plugged it in to the mating hole on the side of the helmet she had read about, and as soon as she did the plugs in her pussy and ass seemed to explode into her making her grab desperately at her crotch as the pain made her scream inside the helmet. Keith laughed out loud as he watched her grope around trying to find some way to stop the fitting procedure thinking he was going to have to do that himself instead she had done it for him, not knowing this would seal her fate.

As the plugs grew larger in her the suit itself began to squeeze even harder as powerful magnets were activated making the bands pull towards each other. June was being crushed to death and waved her hands and tried to open anything as she felt her life being squeezed out of her. June was on her knees gasping for air when the crushing stopped and she was left gasping as every part of her body was now crushed tightly under the metal skin. She realized that even though she was no longer feeling the increased squeezing that she had been she could feel the metal not allowing itself to release any further. The suit would even retract some like when she exhaled deeply and figured out that the suit would continually constrict keeping a perfect fit around her body. June struggled to her feet and went back to the control panel and was looking through the commands until she found “Sexual release”.

Clicking on it she found several options including “Immediate orgasm” clicking on that option she got a password required screen and grunted in the helmet. Trying each option she found all were password protected and banged on the panel with her steel fist. Looking through the other options she found several for torture scenarios and clicked on one. Constant tease and nipple torture, figuring it was protected as well she tapped the screen. Another menu popped up and without meaning to she tapped it again then the screen went blank. Quickly she found it wasn’t the screen it was her viewers and she was now blind again and was groping around as her breasts were suddenly being shocked and it felt like her nipples were being twisted off!

From Keith’s screen he could see a silent figure staggering around then suddenly grabbing its large breasts. No sound except for the metal clicking from its feet on the floor could be heard as the monster seemed to have an attack of some kind eventually falling to the floor and continuing its silent struggles there. June was screaming as her body felt like someone was whipping it all over all at once and she could do nothing to stop it and fought to cover herself up from the stinging lashes even though it was coming from inside the suit. For almost an hour June was punished, the metal monster thrashed on the floor finally lying still with only a small twitch every once in awhile. The punishment phase ended turning on her view screens and flashing punishment over and leaving June gasping and sobbing inside the suit.

Making herself stand again she went back to the control panel and scrolled through looking for the exit icon she had seen earlier. Finding it and clicking on it she read “Warning do not insert any subjects into suit, no exit strategy has been established at this time and subject could become sealed inside indefinitely!”

Once again no sound could be heard as June screamed inside the suit as she realized she had just trapped herself into an indestructible suit of armor with no way to be released. Keith watched as the metal skinned monster danced around the lab pulling and tearing at itself. He smiled knowing there was an exit strategy, he had just removed it for her making it so she would have to enter the machine and accept anything it decided to do to her for however long it choose, knowing he still had control and that she would not be the same person when she was finally released that she was when she went in and that she wouldn’t be closing anything down.

Keith knew he and the others could entertain themselves with her and all the removable panels in the suit until she was taken home giving them ample time to seek jobs elsewhere and being able to take their ideas with them only letting her out of the suit when everything was ready. Keith also had plans to be there the moment the machine released her hoping to be able to use her new exposed submissiveness to control her since he had lusted after her since they first met giving him complete control over her fortune and herself.

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