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Julie Becomes a Magician's Assistant

by Vaughan

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© Copyright 2018 - Vaughan - Used by permission

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It all began with an advert in the personals column of the local newspaper. It read, "Magician's assistant's wanted. No experience necessary. Must be out-going. Auditions 8pm Wednesday, warehouse 12b Lincoln Road."

I decided to go for several reasons; some of them being; a possible job, and glamorous at that, had to be better than turning up at the unemployment office each fortnight and it might get me out of this dreary town.

Wednesday arrived and I dressed up in my best interview gear; a knee length navy blue skirt, a white satiny blouse, sensible flat shoes, black stockings and white underwear. My main thought was of making a good impression.

When I arrived at 7.55 there were two girls there in the room that the signs had directed me to. A notice on the table said to read and complete the form.

The form part asked things like height, sizes and our attitudes to being in front of audiences, hypnotism and nudity. The reading part said not to bother if we were not prepared to leave town or suffer from claustrophobia. Before I had done the form the other two had gone for what ever reasons.

At 8.05 James the magician entered the office, he looked a bit disappointed.

"What happened to the other two?" he asked

"Gone," I replied, "I think they didn't like something in those forms."

"I had hoped to have a choice of assistants, I really want two, but let's see your form."

I handed it over and he read it saying things like "uh-huh" and "good".

When he had finished he said, "I like your hand-writing. Are you as good with chalk?" I nodded "Good. Not claustrophobic, good. Nudity? What does 'depends on circumstances' mean, Julie?"

"It sort of means when I'm alone or with people I trust."

"Great. An assistant must trust her magician. By the way are you ticklish?"

"Not so as you'd notice," I replied. "Why?" I enquired.

"My previous assistant told me that some of the things I do tickle a bit and I would rather not have an assistant who laughs in the wrong places.

"Come through, I'll show the you the practice area and workshop," he invited. "I may show you a trick or two, if you don't mind."

Feeling confident from the lack of competition, I said, "Of course, I don't mind. If I get the job, you'll end up sawing me in half twice nightly. I'd better see if I like it."

"Just what I had in mind." he quipped, "Come on."

He opened the door and lead me into the main area of the warehouse. It was a mess, packing crates and boxes and tools everywhere. It was hard to tell tools from props from rubbish. James went over to a large circuit-breaker and made the contact. An area in the corner lit up very brightly.

"Go over to the practice area." he instructed, "I will go and get the gear."

He darted off in another direction. I wandered over to the practice area and found it an area of white painted concrete, surrounded by huge mirrors and lit by powerful stage lights. There was even a mirror suspended from the roof. 

I heard a slight rumble from the relative black, then James re-appeared rolling what looked like a table. He dropped off some equipment next to a mirror and rolled the table to the center of the arena. It was on small wheels and a top made of two large slabs of Perspex.

"Jump on board," he instructed. "You see the mirrors, that's so we can see what an audience will see and so you can see the effect as well."

I sat on the table and he came over. "Feet this end! Head that end!"

The foot end had a pair of straps fixed to the table and there were three at the head end. I swung my feet up to the foot end and he gentle fixed the padded straps over my ankles.

He frowned and said, "I need you to bare your midriff. It would be a pity to spoil your nice blouse."

I tucked the hem up as high as it would go and tied the corners in a knot above my navel. He seemed to approve of what he saw. James came to the head end and helped me lie back and fastened a strap round my neck and produced a pillow to rest my head on. I raised my hands to the other straps and he laughed, "I would normally, but tonight I need them free."

James went to the equipment he had left by the mirror, leaving me to contemplate my position, strapped to a table, I was helpless. He returned with two steel blades, a wooden frame and an oversized electric carving knife.

"Your serious about sawing me in half, aren't you?" I said nervously.

"Of course," He responded, "I won't hurt you. In fact this where I need your help."

He placed the wooden frame over my belly and the ends slotted into the slight gap between the two halves of the tabletop.

"Could you hold this straight?" he asked guiding my hands to the ends of the frame. "Hold it steady, crinkle cut assistant isn't what either of us wants. Oh yes, while I think of it, I'll get rid of these." and removed my shoes. He caressed my feet and said how nice they looked and felt. He also said that I should get a closer look at them some time. He then ran his thumbnail up the sole of my foot causing me to take a sharp intake of breath, then giggle.

He came to the middle of the table and pushed the blade of the carving knife into one end of the frame. A quick glance in a mirror and I saw that the tip of the blade was visible under the table. He turned to me with a slight worried expression and asked, "You aren't squeamish are you?"

"No." I replied, "I would rather not look at any messy wounds, though."

"Great, that means I don't have to stuff the gap between you and the frame to stop you seeing what's going on." He switched on the knife. "Here goes!"

The only sounds were the buzz of the knife and my apprehensive breathing. As I watched James drew the blade towards my bared flesh. When it touched it felt like being touched something very hot which was instantly quenched by ice. I think I squeaked slightly when it touched. As James drew the jiggling blade through me I could see where it entered me and in the mirror I could see the point still under the table. The sensation was like being tickled on the inside with the occasional zing of erotic pleasure, where the knife entered and left my body there was a slight discomfort as if something hard was being dragged across the skin. He cut all the way across and pulled the electric carving knife from the other end of the frame. There was no blood on me or the blade, the only way I could tell I had been sawn was the slight tingle in my flesh where the knife had been.

James put down the knife and picked up the metal blades and placed them together so they seemed to be one thick blade. He slotted them into the frame and with a quick push, straight through me. I squealed with surprise.

He looked concerned, "I'm sorry. Did that hurt?"

I had to reply, "No, you surprised me. I screamed in late anticipation."

"OK, and now for another surprise" There was a click of a catch being released. James came to my head and positioned it so that I was looking up at the mirror above. I could see myself lying there strapped to the table. He went to the middle on the other side and lifted the frame off my middle, but leaving the blades in place. Then there was another click.

He went to my feet and stroked my stockinged feet, I wiggled them at him. He then took hold of my ankles and pulled. I gasped as I saw a gap open in my middle with one blade marking where my top half ended and the other where my bottom half began. He tried to tickle my feet again, so I said, "Cut that out!" then laughed.

James wheeled the bottom half round and parked it next to my top half, so that I looked right and there were my feet. They looked different from this angle, but they were definitely my legs because I recognized a small scar on my calf.

"You alright there?" he asked.

"I feel a bit odd, but I'm not in pain, in fact it feels quite sexy."

"I'll leave you to get better acquainted with your legs and get the kit for the next illusion I want you to try."

"You can't leave me like this!" I protested.

"Just watch me," he said winking and walked into the darkness surrounding this area of intense light.

Curiosity got he better of me. I reached over and touched my legs. It was eerie because I could feel with my hand and my leg felt my touch, but something in my brain said you can not touch yourself there when you're in that position. It was pleasant stroking my stockinged legs.

Under the stage lights I was getting a bit hot, so I lifted my skirt to let in some air. It did not seem to help so I reached up my skirt and pulled down my panties for better circulation. I had got them to my shins when realized I wouldn't be able to get them past my strapped down ankles. At this point James returned and spotted what I was up to.

"Could you do with a hand with those?" he queried.

"Well, you could unstrap me so I can get rid of them," I said a bit flustered.

"I'll get rid of them for you," he said, producing out of nowhere a large silk square which with a flourish he laid over my panties and immediately whipped away. My panties were gone. "There you are no more panties." 

"Where are they?"



"Let's get you back together, so we can try you in some thing else."

"OK, but I had better remain whole this time"

He rolled the bottom half of the table back into position, flipped the catches in place and whipped the blades out. The feeling of pleasure when my body joined back together was enormous. I nearly fainted.

He looked concerned. "It's just the joy of being back in one piece is almost orgasmic," I assured him.

"That's not a great surprise, my previous assistant, Mary, said something similar. She wanted me to cut her into lots of small bits for the feeling of being restored."

"How many bits is your most?"

"I have done eighteen. She enjoyed being crushed and vanished too. She went to a magician who does more of that sort of thing."

He unstrapped my neck and ankles. I sat up and checked that I was really whole.

He continued, "I like you, you're the right size. You can be my assistant if you still want to."

"Yes, please."

"Let me show you your changing room."

As I got off the sawing table I said, "Lead on!"

"You wait here. I'll bring it to you." He nipped into the shadows and wheeled out an upright cabinet with an open front and a bit of something that he grabbed from inside and placed on the sawing table.

"I can't change in that, there's not enough room for me let alone any costumes," I said, and I was right, "besides there's no door; I might be seen changing."

"Not a problem," he answered smugly, "This is magic, step in and try it for size."

Warily I entered the cabinet; standing in it my neck fitted into a cut-out in the board that covered half the top. I found a pair of hole in the sides opposite each other. "These are for my hands?" I asked.


I put my hands through the holes and he reached across and did something. I felt the holes clamp on my hands so I could not move them, except for wiggling my fingers.

"Hey! I can't move," I yelled.

"Just the way it ought to be. It makes it easier."

"Makes what easier?"

"The illusion, more an effect really."

"What effect? Your not going to cut me again?"

"No, you said not to, so I won't until you're ready."

"So, what's the effect."

"I call it the changing room and that's what it is."

"Some changing room, you couldn't swing a mouse in here, let alone change."

While we were talking James had been shackling my feet to the floor of the cabinet.

"You'll see. Just one last thing," he picked up the thing on the table. It was the other half of the stocks for my neck. He swiftly position it and locked it in place. He then turned the cabinet so I could see my predicament. I also noticed that on the front of the stocks was a roller-blind.

"Ready, now we are ready to do some changes. I'll give you some examples, then you can try."

He draw the blind down so I could not see my body. When he reached the bottom he said, "Pamela Anderson." There was a thwok as the blind rolled up.

I was no longer wearing white blouse, blue skirt and stockings. I was wearing a bright red one piece swimsuit. I could also feel my bra had vanished.

"Hey. How did you do that? And don't say magic."

"OK, I won't. Let's have another go."

He draw the blind down, said "Harem girl" and let go.

The red swim suit had gone. I saw a pink chiffon bikini top, pink see-through harem pants and curly-toed slippers. Then I felt something hard and noticed in the mirror something glittering in my navel.

"You look cute. It suits you," was James' opinion. "One more then you can have a go."

This time he released the blind having said "Ice Queen". I stood there in a beautiful white satin gown and not a crease in it. I could also feel I was wearing satin slippers.

"Stunning." James breathed, "Now it's your turn."

"My turn to what?"

"To choose your costume." he explained, "Choose a type of costume or a character from history or fiction and say it when the blind is drawn to the bottom, then I release the blind to see what's happened. Ready?"

"OK. Little Red Riding Hood."

Moments later, there I was in a white peasant blouse, a red knee-length skirt, white stockings, red shoes and a red cape.

"I don't think that's really your style. Have another go," he said drawing the blind again.

"OK, I've thought of another. Queen Victoria."

When the blind thudded up the wind was forced out of me. In the mirror I saw me standing there in a black silk dress like in the pictures of Queen Victoria and the corset I could feel was killing me.

James smiled. "You don't look like you're enjoying that. Let me change you into something more comfortable."

"Go ahead," I whispered with all the breath I could muster.

He drew down the blind and said, "Lady Godiva." Before I could shout "No!" the blind was up again. I stood there naked.

"You tricked me!" I accused.

"Not really," he answered defensively, "You are more comfortable."

"Well, I'm not being suffocated, but I am a bit embarrassed," I conceded.

"Embarrassed? Why? You have a lovely body. You should show it off more often, but for now I'll dress you again for the next thing I want you to try." He drew down the blind and said, "magicians assistant."

I was revealed in a cream sequined leotard, fishnet tights and ballet slippers.

"OK, you win. Let me out of here."

"Not yet, this cabinet does something else. I'll be back in a jiffy." Moments later he was back with a block, a board and a set of handcuffs.

"You get off on this tying me up, don't you," I accused.

"OK, the tighter you are tied the better for me, but you will get a rush from some of the things I'll do to you, so fair's fair. Any way it's safer this way"

"Get on with it; being immobilized is not my idea of fun."

He reached into the cabinet, pulled something and a board folded down, it fit snuggly against my hips. James picked up the board and slotted and locked it in place completing the hip stocks. He released my hands from the holes.

"I suppose it's hand-cuff time." I joked presenting my wrists.

He expertly snapped the cuffs on my wrists and then with a lightning fast movement attached the short chain joining the cuffs to the leotard so I could not move my hands from my torso.

"Let's see how far you can turn your head to the left."

I tried and could manage about a third of a turn, while I strained he pulled the blind, hooked it to the hip-stocks, moved the block behind the cabinet and stood on it.

"Very good," he said, "Now how about to the right?"

When I was at about a quarter turn, he grabbed my head and wrenched it round so I was facing him, even though he was behind me. I could see in the mirrors that my feet and my legs faced forwards, but my head faced backwards.

I squeaked with surprise, "How come my head's backwards? My neck isn't in pain, but feels a slight straining."

"We can't have you straining you neck," he said with mock concern, "I'll put it back," and proceeded to turn my head further right until I was facing front again, but my head had done 360 degrees. The strain had gone.

"How are you feeling now?"

"No strain ..."


"... but you turned my head a whole turn."

"We'd better check you out then."

James hopped down and raised the blind. There I was with my wrists handcuffed to my bosom, but otherwise normal. He drew the blind and climbed back onto the block. I saw him reach over and place his hands on the sides of my head and start turning again to the right.

When I was facing him, I said, "There's some strain in my neck again."

"Don't worry," he replied, "It will go away"

It did, but not in the way I expected. The strain moved down to my shoulders and I told him so. He carried on turning. At the end of the second turn the strain had reached my wrists; at the end of the third turn, it had reached my waist.

"Let's see how you're doing." He hopped down again and raised the blind. I could not believe my eyes. My body, from my waist to my neck, was twisted together like a wrung-out towel. It was positively me, because there were my hands stuck out at bizarre angles.

"I suppose I had better untwist you."

"Too right, mister" I said, amazed that I could breathe or speak with my body in that condition.

He drew the blind, stepped up and started to turn my head again, to the right.

"Stop! That's the wrong direction."

"I know, but it'll come right."

When I was facing forward, I got the same feeling as when I was restored after the sawing in two. It was an intense, tingly, sexy feeling, almost orgasmic.

"How do you feel?"


He raised the blind. I was back to my normal shape.

"You look great too." I had to admit he was right.

I was still trapped in the cabinet. "Let me out," I insisted.

"Not until you're in costume for you next trick. What do you fancy?"

"What did your previous assistant enjoy most?" I asked.

"You want a go at that?" he asked, as if a bit surprised.

"I don't know. What happens?"

"I call it piece work. There is some cutting."

"I'll give it a go. If I like it I stay, If I don't I want to go home, right?"

"Right!" he said matter of factly. He knew I was bound to like it. He stooped to the floor with the blind, said "Bikini" and released it. He began unshackling my now bare feet. I was in a silvery bikini, which covered nearly enough, but not quite, and my wrists were free again. I reached up and released my neck and stepped lightly out of the cabinet.

"You look better than my previous assistant."

I felt a glow at being complimented.

"OK, where's this thing?"

A minute later, James was back with what looked like a box of straps and cut-out metal.

"That doesn't look like any trick I've ever seen," I pointed out.

"That's because it has never been done in public. I used to do it for Mary, but it's not right for the public; they wouldn't like it, but you will."

He got out the straps, they looked like luggage straps with plastic clips and edges. He put the first strap round my right wrist. It just clipped together, then it tightened until there was no gap between it and my skin.

"That looks easy," I said, "Can I help?"

"Of course, put one on each wrist, below each elbow and at the top of each arm, then each ankle. below each knee and at the top of each thigh. I'll get on with the ones that need to be just right."

He handed me the straps, each of which I fastened in place. James put one strap round my hips and gently smoothed it into place.

I examined a strap, only to discover that each strap was about an inch and a half wide with a slit down the middle. The only gimmick I could detect was the fact that the clips might divide length-wise. James complemented me on that and said it was important, but he would come to that soon enough. He then put a strap round my body below my breasts. Having smoothed and tightened it, he placed a strap round my neck; as it tightened I was afraid it was going to strangle me, but it stopped when it was just tight. I could breathe.

James brought out a marker and 'L' on my left bicep, forearm, thigh and calf.

"What did you do that for?" I asked petulantly.

"Not saying, but you'll thank me later. Just a couple more straps."

The first he ran from the back of the hip-strap between my buttocks and legs and up to the hip strap below my navel. The other two ran from the body strap to the neck strap, one up my spine, the other between my breasts.

"Now for the blades," he fished the blades out of the box. They were various sizes of oval, smaller ones and a few bigger ones and some others.

"The easy ones first," he said as he deftly slipped a pair of blades through my left wrist. There was the same sting and tingle as I got from being sawn.

I reached over and felt where the blades had gone in. The blades had gone through the slot in the strap and nowhere did it stick out beyond the strap, but I could feel the edge there.

As he placed blades through my arm at the top and below the elbow, he said "That doesn't hurt does it." 

While I was discovering that my left arm still seemed to work despite being cut by three blades, James was repeating the process with my right arm.

"Before I do the rest, I suggest you sit down, better still lie down." he said as he guided me back to the sawing table. I sat and watched while with practiced ease he drove three sets of blades into each leg. I lay back. 

James brought some large blades over and inserted them through the slit in the strap at my hips. I was getting quite excited as the tingling was quite intense. The next blades went through my body at the base of my ribs, then before I could have second thoughts he slid a set of blades through my neck.

"Now, the next bit you must not see. It would spoil the fun. I'm going to loosely blindfold you so you can take it off if you don't like what's going on." He took a black cloth and covered my face.

He touched my right hand lifting it very slightly it seemed. I could hear him walk away, how could that be because he still held my hand. The foot steps stopped and I felt him lower my hand, but the surface did not feel like the table. The strange procedure was repeated for each of the segments of my arms. Then he lifted my feet and I heard him walk away again. I was positive that some thing odd was happening when my feet were lowered to stand on their soles while I could feel the table up the back of my calves. He individually lifted and placed my calves and thighs.

What he did next shocked me. I felt him taking down my bikini bottoms. I tried to raise my arms to stop him, but nothing seemed to happened, So I tried to remove my blindfold, but again nothing happened, so I shook my head and the cloth fell away.

Imagine my horror at what I saw in the overhead mirror. My torso lay on the table, but my limbs had gone. 

James smiled at me and winked, then started to insert a blade between where my legs had been. The sting and tingle in my pussy was the most thrilling sensation I had had yet. When the blade was in, I saw him do something with the clips, then he lifted my right hip and buttock from the table and what remained of my body and walked away with it. When he came back he did the same with my left hip. He returned with another pair of blades which he slotted between my breasts after removing my bikini top. I protested. He then left with my belly.

James returned with a proper blindfold. He blindfolded me again and turned me head so it lay on its side. I felt him lift my shoulder sections in turn. He came back a last time and picked up my head. being carried blind folded is quite dizzy making. James put my head down in the normal upright position. 

"I've just got some tidying up to do, wait here." said James' voice. The sounds of him moving the changing cabinet and the sawing table were obvious. 

James returned and removed the blind fold. "Well, what do you think?" he asked.

It took a while to take in what I saw. The first thing I noticed was my head stood on its neck on a small one legged table with tripod feet. I was quite dis-oriented, but then I noticed the bits of my dismembered body lying in on the floor in front of me. I then noticed the bits with 'L' on them, which look very much like the corresponding bits without. I thought, "well, at least he can't assemble me wrong."

"Good isn't it," James smiled, "I made the pieces, now it's your turn to work. Put your self together."

"How!?" I asked.

"Simple, put your parts together, remove the blade, undo the strap and presto. I'm just a spectator now."

I felt a tear run down my cheek. I could not see how I was going to re-build my body to get out of here. I felt taken advantage of.

Suddenly, I heard a noise behind me, someone was striding across the floor in high-heels.

"James!" said a voice sharply. It was a husky woman's voice. "You are being wicked. The girl has only just arrived. She can't put herself together any more than I could when you first did it to me. You know it took me several weeks on a special exercise plan to be able to it"

She came into view. She was a black woman almost exactly my size. She introduced herself, "Hi. I'm Mary. I used to be this reprobate's assistant and will again if he'll have me back. Who are you and how are you?"

I stifled a sniffle, and smiled. "Hello, I'm Julie. Sorry, I can't shake your hand. I think I'm OK except I don't know how I'm going to get it together to go home. So what's this self assembly technique?"

"Oh, raising your hands on finger tips so they can walk like crabs and using them to shove your bits together."

We all watched my right hand as I tried to raise on finger tips. I did manage to lift my palm from the floor, but the tendons in the back of my hand began to ache, so I let my hand rest back.

"Well done," congratulated Mary, "That's better than I did first time. So, what has James done to you and how did it feel?"

"First he sawed me in two, strapped to the Perspex table, he vanished my panties, then he did that changing cabinet thing, even got me naked. Then he twisted me and now he's cut me to pieces. There's no pain except the sting when the blades first enter and when he puts me back it feels like I'm about to have an orgasm. It feels so good."

"You've been short changed, dear. Well I'm here now to see that naughty James pays for his kicks properly." She turned to James and said in a tone that brooked no argument, "Bring the second set of straps and blades."

Off James scuttled. "Now Julie, dear, lets sort you out. Do you want to be on your way as soon as possible or I can promise the sexiest experience of your life so far."

"I like you, and its not as if I could resist. Go for it! If I don't like it I'll yell soon enough."

"Atta girl. Just relax and enjoy. Don't try to do anything, don't try even to lift a finger." She rapidly arranged my parts, but I could not make much sense of the arrangement. She then started to strip. At this point James returned with another box of bits.

"Thanks, James. I'm sure you have something else to do. Come back in about 15 minutes with the squeeze box." She said, dismissing him.

James left. He game me a wink, but he seemed disappointed to be missing what was about to happen.

Mary finished undressing and started putting on straps and inserting blades. Soon she had inserted all the blades, even the ones between her breasts and through her own neck. She sat down and began dismantling her own legs and hips. Resting her middle on the floor she looked as if she had been concreted into it.

I asked her, "Why have you come back, if James is such a trial?"

She replied, "Because he does real magic. The magician I went to doesn't do real magic, but the fake sort. I would rather be sawn in half for real and enjoy the restoration than curl up in a cramped box while the audience admires a pair of fake legs." I suppose I felt the same.

Mary gathered all the left leg parts together in front of her, hers and mine. Then to my surprise, she clipped my left foot to her left calf and pulled the blade out. A wave of good sexy feeling went through me.

"That felt great, but you've got us mixed up," I pointed out.

"Deliberate. It will double our pleasure." 

Next she joined her foot and my calf. Another surge of pleasure washed over my senses.

"Now I know we can both feel the joy, I will demonstrate the right way to pull blades." She clipped my thigh to her calf and vice versa. "Here's how James does it," she said pulling out a blade straight and fast. It felt much like the other experiences I had had. "And this is the best way." She slowly pulled with a tiny side-to-side wiggle as it came out. The intensity of the pleasure was new to me. I could not faint, so I screamed like Meg Ryan in 'When Harry Met Sally', only this was no fake.

"Good wasn't it?" enquired Mary.

"Yes," I sighed, "but too much and I might pass out."

Mary had soon assembled four legs, heel to hip alternating her and my bits. She then paired the legs so that the hips were mismatched, clipped them together and pulled both sets of blades together. The feeling that swept through me was phenomenal. I do not think I have ever been so aroused and excited. Mary seemed taken aback by the strength of the sensations. I began to worry, "what if this is addictive?"

When Mary had recovered the detached her belly and attached each midriff to a pair of legs. She so had the parts of her arm undone and reassembled them with my left arm into two piebald left arms. The arm with my hand she joined to her left shoulder. The one with her hand was added to my shoulder and joined to my chest which she added to the torso with my right hip. She then unclipped her left arm and chest adding that to the other body, putting my right breast next to it and transferring her head to that body. Mary used her new left arm to break up her right arm and assemble a pair of two tone right arms, one of which she used to complete the patch work body on which her head sat. She then completed the other body.

"Are you ready to try your new body?" Mary asked.

"Yes, go ahead," I encouraged.

Mary gently lifted my head from the table and fitted it to the body lying on the floor. I tried to sit up, and it worked. I was elated, because being disembodied is very difficult to get used to.

I rushed to the mirror. It was incredible. I stood there naked with alternate black and white parts, like a checker board. The first thing that caught my attention was different shapes of my black and white breasts. I fondled both to enjoy the arousing difference for a couple of minutes. I also noticed my pubic area, the black half was shaved and felt silky smooth, while the white half hid under a bush of blond pubic hair. I touched the joins but could feel nothing except the subtle difference in the texture of the black and white skin.

From the darkness outside the brightly lit area James called, "Are you ready?"

Mary shouted back, "We will be by the time you get an extra head stock and some clothes for us."

A minute or two later, James wheeled in another table. This table had a box mounted on it. The box had mountings for stocks at each end, the sides seemed to be made of thin vertical slats hinged to accordion fashion and there was a roller blind mounted at one end. 

Mary told James to hand over the clothes so we could be decent. He threw over two simple silk dresses, I put on the white one, Mary wore the black one.

"Right, Julie, get in," Mary commanded.

"What are you going do, not more cutting?" I asked as I climbed into the box and lay down. James came over and fitted the head-stock. My feet extended beyond the other end.

Mary said, "Don't worry, no cutting in this one. James we need the box extending a bit, so that our feet are inside." 

James picked up a handle and inserting it in a hole in the table, turned. The side walls of the box flattened a bit as the stock mountings moved further apart.

When my(?) feet were a couple of inches inside the lengthened box, Mary said, "Whoa, that's enough. OK Julie, shift over I'm coming in too." and swiftly stepped into the box and lay down in the box next to me with her head out the other end of the box. James fitted the other head stack at Mary's end. I was a bit cramped but no actually uncomfortable. James the pulled the blind across the box and clipped it to the other end. 

"Alright, James, do your worst."

James went to the handle and started turning it with a will, in the opposite direction, which began to shorten the box. At first I felt nothing out of the ordinary, but soon I felt a tingling starting at the sole of my feet and gradually rising up my body. Looking up at the over head mirror I estimated that the tingling part was the part the would have stuck out of the box if it could.

When the box had been compressed to 2 feet long, James reversed the direction he was turning again and expanded the box again. The sexy tingling seemed to be receding at half the rate the box was expanding. When the tingling ebbed to the level of my waist it stopped moving. soon after James stopped turning and reached over to release the blind and uncover our bodies.

The view in the mirror was unbelievable. There were no legs in the box just Mary's and my torsos joined at the waist, like a queen in a deck of cards. What parts were visible were still mixed up. I reached down and met one of Mary's hands and we explorer the seamless joining of our waist though the seamlessly joined silk of our dresses.

Once James seemed satisfied with that effect, he re-drew the blind and began to shorten the box again. The tingling flowed up my body only stopping at the bottom of my neck. By this time James had shortened the box so much that the stocks met. In the mirror I saw that all that was left was mine and Mary's head joined neck to neck. James lengthened the box a couple of inches and reached under the blind with his hand and made a stirring motion. The tingle became more intense and sexual, it was like being sensitively touched in all the right places at once. I could see in the mirror that Mary was experiencing the same ecstasy.

James withdrew his hand and continued expanding the box until it was the same size as when Mary got in. He flipped the stocks open at each ends and told us to crawl out of the box. We both got in each others way a bit turned over and pulling ourselves from the box. When I stopped concentrating on trying to get out of the box without dislocating something and stood up, I saw to my delight and surprise that I had all my original parts in there usual order. After a short moment I also noticed that my dress was no longer white but a shiny mid-gray. Mary was back the same self as she arrived with but her dress was exactly the same silvery mid-gray.

In my enthusiasm for my new found role, I asked, "That was terrific, what are we going to do next?"

Mary said, "Nothing. It's late and we will all need some sleep."

"That's right," James agreed, "We really a good early start if we're going to plan a whole new show using two assistants. You are back for good aren't you?" He asked Mary.

"Of course I am." replied Mary, "You're my favorite magician to assist. Besides you need keeping an eye on, otherwise you'll take advantage of Julie."

We agreed to come back the following day to try out what illusions could be in the show and possibly think up some new ideas.


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