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Jar Girl

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2010 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; costume; magic act; display; public; jar; contortion; encased; submerge; breathplay; climax; cons X

In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies.


The audience clapped as Diane and master walked on stage for their performance of a lifetime. Master in his usual black cloak with red lining and Diane in her bright red shiny costume with her fishnet stockings. The costume was low cut at the back and left little to the imagination as it hugged her contours tightly. The crotch pulling the stockings in between her legs so tightly, the seam almost ran up her crack which was already beginning to glisten with her juices. The show had not even begun but yet Diane was tingling all over with anticipation at what was to come. Master stood at one side while she strutted about the stage doing her stretching exercises. Then he placed the plastic jar centre stage ready for her. Diane positioned herself along side the jar and lowered herself down on one leg, the knee bent while her other leg stuck out in front of her.

She then eased her first leg into the jar sideways and wriggled her buttock into the far corner lowering her head slightly. She adjusted her costume at the back then tucked her head down to negotiate the small opening in the jar door. Next her left arm went inside the jar allowing her to position her shoulder into the top corner of the jar. Next her other arm and shoulder carefully filling every available space. She wriggled her head into place now next to her bent leg before bending the other leg inside, her ankles crossed and head trapped between both thighs now. Then the hard part, moving her body around the bottom of the jar so the top of her head pressed tight against the side and her feet moved around. The only part remaining outside the jar now was her right arm.

Time for the final wave to the audience with her free arm before quickly pulling the string of the jar door shut. Now Diane made herself comfy by wriggling every part of her body into that jar. Her face pressed into her knees and already the sides of the jar beginning to mist up with condensation. Diane knew this first stage was the easiest, although the audience were already spellbound and gasped as the door shut against her. She now had to concentrate carefully on her breathing because it would be a while before she got any fresh air. Master moved into the spotlight and engaged the tiny catch on the jar door before removing a roll of thick insulation tape from inside his cloak pocket. He slowly taped around the edges of the door so it was a perfect seal.

The sweat was beginning to run down Diane’s back now and her pussy was leaking badly too. On the top of the jar was fixed a hook with which to lift it. Master wheeled the small crane into view and hooked up the top of the jar. The audience had no idea of what was to come next. Normally the act would have been over now and Diane would emerge again from the jar to rapturous applause. This time was going to be different and had taken months of planning and practice to perfect but would leave the audience breathless with Diane. He raised the jar a few feet into the air before sliding another cylindrical container underneath it, this one only fractionally larger than the jar but made from strong opaque plastic like a Tupperware container. Then he lowered the jar into it. It was a tight fit and once inside a suitable airtight lid was popped into place over a slot for the hook which was to be used again. This time the whole thing was raised and wheeled over into the darker part of the stage, previously unseen by the crowd.

There standing on a small pedestal was a four foot cube with glass sides and filled with water. Diane was struggling for air now and becoming very hot and aroused. She had already cum twice as she wriggled about in her plastic tomb. Then master lowered the jar inside the Tupperware tub down into the water tank until it was completely submerged. The audience went wild and clapped loudly. Tiny air bubbles rose up from the water and this was Diane’s vital air supply slowly going. She almost lost consciousness as she came another time, her tights and costume now soaked in her juices.

The music came to an end and the lights went down, the curtain closed. A deadly hush came over the audience. Quickly master removed the tub from the tank and got Diane out just in time. They stepped from behind the curtain and took a bow. Then they went backstage for a well deserved sex session, master so hard from watching his little jar girl cheat death once more.



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