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Into Storage

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2012 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; drug; bond; gag; tease; bagged; breathplay; boxed; transported; mast; toys; climax; cons; X

It was late summer and Denise was lying on the back porch on her sun lounger chair, covered in sun cream, baking slowly in the warm afternoon glow. She was just taking advantage of some down time from getting her stuff ready to move out. It was a big change and she did have some trepidation at leaving her long established home. It is a bit daunting when you see all your life packed neatly away in boxes; all those treasured memories, souvenirs, and collectables. Some may call it rubbish, but to you they are a part of your very existence. The removal men were due to come round the following morning and pack it all into the van before taking it down to the shipping dock.

As she drifted off into a semi-conscious state, her mind began to wander and think about Ian's stories and how she first made contact with him through the fetish site online. What a small world it had become. She remembered about the girl in the see-through plastic box and how she had wanted to do that so badly. She ached to be tied up and encased within, wondering what it would feel like and just how much air there would be inside. What would it feel like?

That all too familiar tingle built in her loins and Denise started to become very aroused. A small wet patch formed on the front of her one piece costume which made her blush. She was sorely tempted to just slide the material aside and play right there and then. However she drifted off into a short sleep.

Denise awoke with a start, it was cold, no longer was the warm sun out. She had no recollection as to how long she had been asleep for, but it was definitely late. She shivered in the cold evening air as she gathered her things and went back in through the patio door.

"Hello you," said Ian from the large armchair in the corner, which was covered in plastic ready for the move.

"Oh hiya...", she stammered in surprise more than anything, "How long have you been here? Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?"

"You looked so relaxed, and I know how busy you have been with the move and everything."

"All set then I suppose for my new start", Denise went on.

The cold air had made her nipples so hard and erect, she could feel the material of her costume tugging against her. Ian had also noticed, judging by the bulge in his shorts.

"Just one more box to pack", said Ian as he stood up and walked through into the bedroom.

Denise followed him. Strangely she didn’t feel hungry despite it being hours since she went out in the garden. She did however feel distinctly horny. As she approached the bed, she noticed her bondage 'things' on the quilt cover, several pairs of tights, some plastic sheeting, some rope, and her special handcuffs. She was just about the say to Ian, 'Why have you not packed these yet?' when he sneaked up on her from behind the door, and she felt his hand cover her mouth and nose. He was holding a handkerchief and she rapidly discovered she was loosing consciousness, as the lights swirled around and she felt herself falling backwards onto the bed.

A few moments later, it seemed; although she was loosing all track of time now, Denise awoke for the second time to find her hands behind her back, securely handcuffed, her entire body encased in delightful Lycra, the ball gag in place, and the tell-tale trade mark rope work on her thighs and feet, which could only mean one thing.

"Mmmmmfffff...", she muffled through the gag, as if to say 'what the fuck?'

Ian stood over her, "I thought we could have one last play for old times sake in the old house tonight," he began. "All these boxes around the place and the plastic sheeting, got me thinking while you were outside."

Denise drifted off again mainly due to the after effects of the chloroform. She remembered pulling and wriggling against her bonds in a vain attempt to escape, all the while her crotch becoming damp with excitement. Part of her was annoyed with Ian for even suggesting they play tonight, she was tired, exhausted, and hardly in the mood for games. The other part of her was crying out for relief, wishing Ian would finish off the play and then they could get down to some serious old fashioned fucking. She ached for some stimulation, gagging to be taken roughly.

She imagined being impaled on Ian's huge cock while her hands were fastened to the headboard (again), her legs spread-eagle with the spreader bar (again), breathless and gagging for it (as always). Her nipples on fire now as she felt Ian tweaking them roughly with his fingers.

Was she dreaming this. No, her eyes opened wide to see him standing there one hand on her now erect nipples, his other holding a plastic bag. This could mean only one thing. Well in fact it could have meant lots of things; he was just about to take out the trash maybe; he was packing the last of the bedding away so it wouldn’t get damp in the storage depot; or maybe he was going to put it over his own head and masturbate all over her tits. Nope she was right first time, 'whooppff' it whooshed over her head forming a tight seal around her ears and eyes, as Ian scrunched it up around her neck. The plastic moved delightfully in and out with every breath. Her eyes bulged as she struggled to free her hands.

Her pussy on fire with total wanton desire. Then release of the bag and the fresh air hit Denise's face. Her mind said 'do it again'; what actually came out was "Mmmmoooo iii aggggg". Ian knew what she meant though. He pushed her on her side now and took the large rubber band off his arm. The bag again in place he quickly put the band around her neck, then as he cradled her head in his lap, he began to rub her between her legs, in that special place. With each breath he stroked purposefully along her throbbing clitty button until Denise ached with pleasure. She longed to come quickly so she would not run out of air, but yet wanted it to carry on because the intensity was too great.

Through the steamed up plastic she could see Ian's erect cock peeping out the side of his shorts, seeping precum juice and being stimulated by Denise's rocking shoulders as she tried to wriggle free. The combination of being breathless, on fire down there, and feeling his hardness against her skin, was all too much to her to bear. She shuddered violently as she almost lost total consciousness, her muscles in spasm as she had a massive prolonged orgasm like none she had previously encountered. Then she did pass out.

When she awoke yet again, she was no longer on the bed, and thankfully she did not have the bag over her head and she was still alive. Confused, dazed and a little drunk, even though she had not drunk anything. It was all too much for her to take in. The lighting was very bright which led her to believe she was now in the garage. Yes judging by the coldness of her thighs and side, she was on the concrete floor, lying on a huge piece of plastic sheeting, still bound and gagged. Her pussy ached like fuck, her nipples sore, and decidedly sticky between the legs. Also unless she was very much mistaken, due to the musky aroma, her tits were covered in the dried up stains of Ian's cum.

"Oh I see we are awake again", said Ian from the other side of the floor. His voice echoing inside the garage. The car was outside, and boxes were piled up everywhere as far as the eye could see. "Are you ready for the move then Denise?" he asked, knowing she could not reply. She was confused still but nodded anyway in acknowledgement. "Only one more thing to pack up then", he stated as if it was obvious what that could be. In her mind Denise just wanted him to untie her and go to bed. She was tired, cold and quite stiff. She heard something being dragged along the floor behind her which made her click back into reality.

Ian pulled the large see-through plastic box into view; it was on wheels and made a delightful rumbling noise on the floor. He popped the lid and put it aside then looked longingly into Denise's eyes. He repeated the sentence, "Only one more thing to pack up then". She physically gulped, her eyes wide open, and the reality hit her. Surely he could not be serious. She muffled some profanity at Ian through the gag and looked sternly at him. Before he could respond he had picked her up over his shoulder and man-handled her into the plastic box.

Now positioned on all fours, her hands behind her back, face pressed up against the side of the box. Her arched back sticking up just level with the rim of the case. There was hardly any room in there. It was as if Ian had measured it down to the nearest inch. Denise's shoulders were wedged into the sides, her neck bent at a strange angle with her nose up against the top end; her feet curled inwards at the back. Her nostrils flared at the delightful smell of the new plastic, and for just a moment Denise forgot that she was annoyed.

Again her thighs squeezed tightly together, making her already sore clitty itch for more. The anticipation of this moment had been building for years in Denise's mind. Now her dream had suddenly become a reality, and boy was she savouring it.

"Oh and I have bought you something for the journey", Ian smirked as he bent down at the side of the plastic tub and peered in at her. In his hand was a largish pink vibrator with an attached wire and a small control box.

She was curious, as she knew she had never seen it before. It definitely wasn't one of hers. Ian went on, "It's from Japan, the latest in remote pleasure. A blue-tooth controlled vibrator, which is controlled from a smart phone app". He bent down into the box, lifted her body and bum slightly and positioned the vibrator inside her thighs against her love button. It was squashed in place and was not about to move with her full weight on it. "Shall I demonstrate?" asked Ian.

He took out his mobile and pressed a few buttons. Instantly the vibrator came to life slowly at first but building into a crescendo tantalisingly slowly, then dying down to a low throb again, before finally completing the cycle to off with an intermittent buzz. Denise gasped and stars began to go off in her head even before the first cycle had ended, which lasted a full five minutes.

"I will follow the moving truck in my car; the range is 30 metres. Whenever we stop at the lights or a junction I will give you a blast."

Now Denise was beginning to panic a little. She actually thought Ian meant it and was not playing around any more. As he lifted up the lid, he pushed it into place, making a superb squeaking noise as the lip formed a seal. He added, "Don't worry I have made some holes in the sides so you won't suffocate." All sorts of thoughts were running through her head as she felt the plastic tub being dragged into the corner. Despite feeling helpless and decidedly nervous about this turn of events, Denise conceded that she did like being in the tub, very much indeed, and thought Ian would let her out soon declaring it a big joke and having made her all horny again. For good measure he pressed the button again and watched the tub almost rock from side to side as Denise had yet another massive orgasm. She lost count how many she had that evening, and eventually must have dozed off.

When she came too again she was no longer on the garage floor but surrounded by boxes and had the sensation she was moving. Yes she could hear the distinct noise of the truck engine as it rumbled along the road. Jeez she thought, Ian was serious. She could smell her own juices mingling with the sweat now, but still she tingled at the very thought of being inside that confined space. Her life long ambition to be trapped inside a plastic container, come true. What if the truck got lost?, or the vibrator became stuck on? What if they put her into the warehouse and never found her? It was at this point Denise became extremely warm and clammy. She was aware of a bright light shining into the box. Had the driver heard her moans and come to investigate? Was she inside the warehouse and the security guard had come to check on her purrs of delight?

Slowly she opened her eyes. No longer was she bound and gagged. No longer were her limbs restricted inside that plastic tomb. She wasn't naked, she was wearing a swimsuit and it was extremely damp in between the legs, so much so, she had leaked onto the sun chair cover. Denise wasn't in the back of a truck any more, she was in her own back yard. The whole thing had been a dream. She smiled to herself as she took a sip of her drink. 'Just wait until I tell Ian about this', she thought, as she relaxed back into the chair and fell asleep once more.



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