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International Shipping

by Brasil Leather

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© Copyright 2007 - Brasil Leather - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; wrap; crate; foam; transported; cons; X

The planning was the most audacious shipping plan ever: to send a lovely, beautiful, bound slave packed overseas, to her new and anxious Master.

In order to assure the survival and the safety of the precious "cargo", several procedures must be followed.

The container should be made of steel, in order to avoid its interior to be scanned by X-ray machines. The slave should be able to breath in the cargo bay of the aircraft. No movement at all should be allowed to the slave, and she should make no noise.

The best way of doing it is to surround the slave with Polyurethane foam, molded in place around her body.

Well, let's get our beautiful slave ready for shipment.

First, she is completely naked. Then she is mummified with clinging film, each limb separately including hands and feet, them her body (leaving the crotch area free for now, we have some things to do there), them the legs together, them the arms against her body. The head is left free for now.

It's time to take care of the slave's physiological needs. We insert a catheter through her urethra and carefully inflate the little balloon at the end. The Foley is connected to a bag with capacity to hold up to 5 liters (we don't know how long it will take for our poor slave to be unpacked). For her other hole, we use a double inflatable catheter. Of course our lovely slave is on a liquid diet for a week before the shipment, needing little "maintenance" on this side.

Now we finish wrapping her body with clinging film, taking care of not folding the tubes for the catheters.

Next, we take care of the head. We put a nice sized locking ball gag, with a small hole for a drinking tube (we don't want our slave to get thirsty). Then we connect the drinking tube to the drinking hole of an Israeli gas mask. We plug the ears of the slave, put the mask on the slave, and wrapped the whole head with more cling film. The mask is connected with an oxygen cylinder, with a valve system and filters that will supply our slave with oxygen when the atmospheric pressure drops bellow 10 PSI. Even then, the oxygen supply will only be enough to keep the slave alive.

Ok, it's time to put the slave inside the container and add the polyurethane foam. As the foam gets hot while it sets, we have to protect our slave from the heat. To do this, we wrap her body with cotton bandages, at least 3 layers of it, again taking care with all the tubes coming out of her body.

Now we get the container, which looks like a metallic coffin, and fill it up 3 or 4 inches high with PU foam. When the foam is set enough to support the slave's weight, we put the slave inside the container over this first layer of foam, connect the catheter tubes to its respective waste containers, connect the drinking and air tubes from the mask to its respective water bottle and oxygen cylinder, and them completely fill the container with the PU foam.

The waste containers for her urine and faeces have exhausting tubes, which are connected to the exterior of the container by tubes, ending in concealed holes on the upper side of it. Otherwise, there would be no way for the urine to flow freely to its container. The same is valid for the breathing air intake. The waste containers, oxygen cylinder and water bottle are also surrounded by the foam.
The foam is quite rigid, allowing no movement at all.

Finally, we close the container and lock it with 10 locking latches. The container is carefully labeled "Fragile", "Handle with care" and "This side up".

Now we take our lovely package to the Shipping Company, and it's dispatched (insured, of course!) to its final destination. The keys to the container and ball gag will be shipped separately.

What a nice surprise will her new Master have when unpacking his parcel!



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