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The Initiation

by Restricted

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"Charles William Smith" the stern looking magistrate said after a whispered discussion with the other two and the Recorder, "we have decided, that although what you have done is a serious offence, we have looked at the reports and have decided that you need another chance. We believe that you could become a fine upstanding citizen. However, taking that into consideration, this incident deserves some form of punishment. To save you having a criminal record, we are binding you over to keep the peace for one month. In that time you will find a job and have your employer report on your conduct at the end of that time. Should you fail to find and keep a job, we will have no other option than to refer you for sentencing again. Do you understand?". Charlie said he did and the magistrate said "Therefore, you are free to go. You must return in one month and report to this court. Off you go"  Charlie was pleased. He thought he was going to be  given a custodial sentence or at least community service. But as it was his 19th birthday, it was a nice present for him.

On the way home, he called in the job centre to see what was going. Armed forces? No, at 5 foot 7 inches, he was too small. With a body size of 32 inch waist and a 34 inch chest he was too puny for a building labourers job. He was not a body builder, but he hadn't an ounce of fat on him. He didn't fancy a job as a checkout person in a supermarket. The car park attendant was not him. He hated the rain and cold. But he saw one that he could do, "Storesperson wanted" in a local factory and when he was called to the table, he asked the woman about it. She gave him a card with all the details on it. She phoned up the factory and told him he could have an interview the next day. Tuesday.

Charlie took the card and went home to his parents. He told his mother what had happened and she replied that he had to take it and stick it out no matter how bad it becomes. Charlie could not see any problem with the job.

The next morning, Charlie got up and got ready. He knew where the factory was, it was not that far away. He showered and got dressed. It was not long before he was standing in an office in the factory.  He spoke to the secretary, "I am here for the interview for the job of storeman".

"Oh yes, wait a minute" she replied and pressed a button and spoke into the intercom that he was here. A woman's voice said "send him in". He went in and saw a smartly dressed woman behind the desk, "Hello, my name is Sally Thompson. And you are?" Charlie told her his name and she asked for his details. He gave her all his experience details, which was none. He had not worked since leaving school and had no qualifications. "I am about to do my daily rounds, come along and I will show you the layout and explain the job to you!" Sally told him.  

The two of them went to the outbuilding. "The store room. Here you will pick up the trolleys, put the boxes on them and wheel them into the cutting room" Sally said. Charlie looked round and saw the trolleys and the large boxes. They had holes in them which were used for handles. Sally went on talking. "Here is the different coloured threads, buttons, studs and zips. You must make sure the machinists are always supplied with these" Charlie thought that was easy enough. He could manage that. Then Sally picked up a machine. She went on to say, "This is the tape machine. It feeds nylon bands and you put it round the boxes when they are loaded and pull the tape tight and seal it with the metal clip. Be careful as the band will cut you!" Charlie knew all about these bands. They had to be cut off as they could not be undone.

Now they went into the cutting room. Charlie saw the machines that did the cutting of the material. A woman came up and Sally introduced her. "Charlie, meet Anne. Anne this is Charlie our new storeman!" Sally said. It sounded to Charlie like he had the job allready. Sally carried on speaking, "You fill the boxes with the material and then take the box into the finishing room and put the material on the benches. Then you load the finished ones that will be packed into the boxes, seal them and take them into the dispatch room. We have a contract to supply different coloured nurses uniforms to different parts of the country, so you must make sure that you only work with one colour at a time. One box, you put the back of the dresses in. Another the front, another the sleeves. You get the picture" Charlie assured her he did and she told him to follow her and they went into the finishing room.

Chalie saw eighty women hard at work. He noticed the rails of dresses hanging up. Some women were taking them down off of the rails, folding them and then packing them into polythene bags. One woman stopped working and came up to them. Sally introduced her to Charlie.  Sally showed him the bench where the packed dresses were stacked.

He followed her into the dispatch room where they met the secretary again. "Jane puts the invoices into plastic bags with the address on it and tapes it down. You have to put the box on the comveyer belt and they go through those doors straight into the back of the lorry waiting outside" Sally said. Charlie said he understood and accepted the job. Charlie was to start the next day and so Sally asked him his size. He was not sure, so Sally took him back into the machinists room and got one of the girls to measure him. Sally wrote down the sizes and gave him three packets containing boiler suits. She showed him the men's locker room and gave him a key to a locker. 

Charlie noticed something was wrong, but he could not figure it out. But he went home quite happy about getting the job. "This will be a doddle" he thought to himself.

Bright and early next day saw Charlie at the factory. He went to the locker room, removed his jacket and trousers and stepped into the boiler suit and zipped it up over his T-shirt. Then he put everything in his locker and went off to start his job. He got the trolley, box and tape machine and went into the cutting room. The twenty women were allready hard at work. Charlie loaded the first lot of material into the box. "Light blue" he thought. "Nice colour". He took them into the machists room and left the box there. Then he went and got lots of button, studs, zips and thread and put them in the machists room. The women would have enough for the morning he thought.

Charlie saw the machinists arrive, but was well in advance by the time they started. He went back to the store room and got his eighth trolley, loaded the box onto it and took it into the cutting room. He picked up the blue material and took it into the machinists room. The girls there all started to call out and wave to him. He thought they were friendly enough. Mandy leaned over to the young girl next to her and said "We can have some fun here!" She left her machine and went into the cutting room while Charlie was in the dispatch room. She got back before he did and he never knew she had plotted something with the cutting room women.

Charlie took his first trolley around to the storeroom and got another box. He went into the cutting room where he had put the material into one of the boxes already. He left the new trolley and took the old one and went into the finishing room, where he saw all the eighty machinists hard at work. He opened the box and took out the material and stacked it against the pile of material he had left there earlier.

There was something wrong. This lot was white. he had put the blue material, the same as the rest into the box. Was he going mad or colour blind. Never mind, he put the material on the bench and went and sealed another box load of dresses and took them into the dispatch room. He quickly put the box on the conveyer belt and rushed off to get another box. He went into the cutting room and got the blue material and put it in the box. He took that one straight into the finishing room. He unloaded the blue material. Now he was back on course.

He soon got back into rhythm and got on top of it. The women stopped for a tea break and Sally came down to see them. Mandy told Sally that Charlie had kept bringing the wrong colours in. Sally warned him that if this kept happening he would have to be punished. But as Charlie had kept up with the workload, she did not want to sack him, but told Mandy that they would have to discuss punishment.

The day wore on, and at dinner time Mandy went around all the girls and told her of her plan for Charlie. She collected £2 from each of the women and girls and that gave her £200 to work with. Soon they went back to work. Wednesday soon went by and Charlie went and put his own clothes back on. He left after the machinists, but when he saw the last of them leave, he knew what was troubling him. He was the only male in the factory.

Next day, Thursday, Charlie was there early again. He made sure all the right coloured material was ready to go into the finishing room. "A darker blue this time" he thought. Then he loaded the next lot up of the same colour and took that in as well. The machinists arrived. Mandy winked at him. Charlie liked the attention he was getting. But he took one box from  the cutting room without openeing it and checking first and when he went to get the material out of the box it was pink. He scratched his head. Was he going potty or what, he rushed to catch up again. He saw the girls grinning at him, but he did not know why. In fact it was Mandy's plan. She had got Anne and the cutting room girls to keep swapping the colours over every now and then. Poor Charlie did not know about this.

Sally came down and Mandy told her it was still happening with Charlie getting the colours wrong. Sally said she would leave it in Mandy's hands what punishment was required. Mandy told her of her plan and Sally thought it was a great idea. It would give the girls a laugh and boost morale. Mandy told Sally that she needed to go shopping and Sally offered to take her that afternoon as they were so far in front with the orders. Sally knew Charlie's sizes.

They went to a local large store and looked around for the most feminine underwear they could find. They sorted them out and took them to the checkout. The girl held them up and said, "I don't wish to be rude, but these will not fit you. Would you like to take them back and exchange them?" she said. Mandy told her they were not for them, but for a man. The girl giggled and asked if they could bring him along to show them. Sally said they they were too busy, but took the girl's mobile number. She would ring her when they are ready so she could bring the girls along to see the results.

Charlie was hard at work, but noticed Mandy was missing. He thought she had gone sick. But he was so far in front of the girls he could take a break. Mandy and Sally turned up. Sally went to her office and Mandy went into the factory. But soon it was tea break time and Mandy and the rest of the women and girls came out for a break. They all sat round talking and included Charlie into the conversation. "We have been discussing about the contracts, what colour do you like Charlie?" he was asked, but told them he had not thought of it, but the light green stood out. "Aqua, yes that is a nice colour. It always looks fresh!" Mandy said. Charlie thought they were daft and went back to work. Mandy told everyone present what she needed and asked if they could supply anything.

The day finished and Charlie went home feeling physically tired. He took a long hot bath and after got dressed again and went back to his computer. Tomorrow was Friday. It was to be a long Friday for Charlie.

Friday came and Charlie got up, showered and got dressed. he swallowed the coffee and ate the breakfast and rushed out of the door. He was late.

He arrived at the factory and went into the locker room. He opened his locker and left the key in the lock. He flipped off his trainers and removed his jacket and trousers, but before he could get the boiler suit on, he heard "Okay, let's get him".  Mandy, Anne and a lot of the young girls rushed out and grabbed him. They quickly had him pinned on the floor. One girl sat on his stomach and two held his legs down. He had one sitting holding a shoulder down and two holding his arms down. The girl sitting on his stomach pulled his boxer shorts down. The girls at his feet removed his socks. The girls holding his arms lifted them. The girls holding his shoulders down turned and pulled his T-shirt up. They wriggled it from underneath him and then sat down on his shoulders again while holding his arms removed the T-shirt. One of the girls grabbed his clothes and the boiler suit and rushed off to lock them in the boot of her car. As Charlie did not know which car was hers, even with the boot undone, it woud take him time to find the right one out of 40 cars in the  car park.

The girls roared at the sight of a naked Charlie. But they let him get up and he stood there with his hands covering the essential places. Mandy  opend up a plastic bag and removed a pink suspender belt. Charlie realised what they were going to do. He was naked and could not stand around like that all day. He might as well let them have their fun and get it over with. Mandy clipped the suspender belt around his waist. Then she got a chair and sat him down. Two of the girls unrolled some thick black stockings on his feet and unrolled them up his legs. Mandy got Charlie to stand and they unrolled the stockings further and clipped them onto the suspender belt. At least they did not have to worry about getting the seams straight. 

Mandy told Charlie to lift one foot. He did and she slipped the pink satin panties over his foot. Charlie changed feet and she put his leg through the panties. Then she pulled them up. The panties were over the straps of the suspender belt. She smoothed the panties down and Charlie showed he was excited. "We should have got him a panty girdle" Mandy laughed.  The girls laughed. Anne went behind Charlie. Mandy got out the bra and he put his arms through the strap holes. She pushed it back and Anne fastened it behind his back for him.

One of the girls got two balloons filled with water and put them in the cups of the bra. Charlie shivered. They were cold against his nipples. The girls sprayed perfume all over him. Mandy got the petticoat out of the bag. It had a ring of lace about 6 inches deep all around the bottom. Mandy had washed and starched it for him. The girls said they were envious. They never had a posh petticoat like that. Charlie lifted his arms while Anne pulled it over his head and pulled it down his body. Charlie felt several hands smoothing the petticoat down. He loved this.

One of the girls went and got the dress. It was Aqua in colour. Charlie said he was not going to wear a nurses uniform. But Mandy said, "You picked it, remember? You said the Aqua one was nice!" Chalrie remembered quite well. He only meant the colour was nice, not the dress. Mandy decided that rather than step into it, it would stay smoother if  it was put over his head. Once again he lifted his arms. The dress was pulled down and he felt all the hands smoothing it down again. He was loving this. He shivered with excitement.

Mandy slowly pulled up the zip and Charlie was grabbed. Mandy stitched up the zip. Charlie could not remove the dress without cutting it. He was made to sit down and the girls started. They put foundation creme on his face. Then some face powder was dabbed on him. One girl got some blusher and gave him some rosy red cheeks. Another put eye shadow on him. It was green to match the dress. One girl stuck mascara on his eye lashes. Anne took some superglue and stuck some clip on ear-rings on his ears. "I don't think nurses can wear ear-rings," Mandy said. "No, but they can in these circumstances." Anne replied. And she held them until the glue dried.

A wig was produced and clipped onto his head with hair clips. A nurses hat was clipped onto that. A badge "Charlotte Smith. Staff Nurse" was pinned carefully onto his "breasts". They had to make sure they did not burst the balloons. A nurses fob watch was pinned to his other "breast". One of the girls brought out a nurses badge. She told them her sister, a real nurse had leant it to her. This was pinned to the lapels of the dress. Anne went behind Charlie and Mandy put a Petersham belt around him. Anne fastened  the two ends together and glued the buckle together with superglue so he could not take that off either. Which meant the dress was now well and truly stuck on him.  Some nurses shoes were put on his feet. He was ready. Charlie was pushed out into the sun shine. At least the wind didn't lift his dress too much he thought.

Sally came along and saw him and phoned the checkout girl. Sally said she would call him Charlotte for the day. Charlie started work. He liked the sensation of the stockings sliding up and down his legs. He felt it was strange but nice as every time he took a step, the suspender strap pulled the panties legs open and he thought his panties were coming down. He had never had this sensation before. "Take smaller steps, Charlotte" Sally called out. Charlie immediately took smaller steps.  Charlie was also enjoying the sensation of the petticoat and dress softly flapping against his legs as he walked. He noticed this was not so prevailent when he took smaller steps but while he was in view of the women, he walked with small steps. While he was on his own, he walked quicker with wider steps to get that sensation of the flapping petticoat and dress on his legs.

The first time he went round the circuit and back to the store room, crossing the yard, the check out girl and her friends were ther. "Give us a peek of you panties love!" "Show us yer knickers!" "Come and work with us, we can find you a better dress than that to work in!" plus wolf whistles and calls greated him. He gave them a curtsey and the girls roared with laughter.

He was determined that the girls would not beat him so worked even faster that day. The girls kept calling out and blew kisses at him and kept saying how sweet he looked. They asked if he wanted to go out for a drink. But Charlie declined.

At the morning tea break, Charlie was so far ahead of production he could rest. Sally came along, "Come on Charlotte, a girl's job is never done!" Mandy told her that Charlie had worked harder than normal. Sally went to see Anne and got the same story. Charlie had become the fasted worker they had ever had. Sally came back to Mandy and Charlie and said "If that is what it takes to motivate you, wearing a nurses dress, I will change your boiler suits for them. Perhaps you could have a different coloured one for each day!" She asked Charlie to follow her into the office. When the Secretary saw him she went into fits of laughter and said " I see you have had the initiation then. That dress does really suit you" Sally took him into her office and said, "I am glad you are getting on with the girls. I would hate to have sacked you and reported it to the court!" "She knows" Charlie thought. "Now out you go and get on with your work Charlotte."

Charlie curtsied again and said "Thank you Miss Thompson". Sally roared with laughter and told him he must call her Sally in future.

Dinner time came and the girl who's sister supplied then badge turned up. She saw Charlie. "My, you are sweet. You show us girls up. You look really smart in that dress!" She laughed and told him he could keep the badge as a memento of the occaision. She said she would get another one. But she did ask if he wanted to join the nurses from her hospital as they were going out for a drink after work. "Provided you come as you are and keep the dress on" she said. Charlie thanked her for the badge but declined the offer of going out with the nurses from the hospital.

He went and started work again. He noticed that the water in the balloons had got warm. He had never thought about it until then.

Tea break came and he was so far in front again, he could stop before the girls did. Mandy and the girls grabbed him. Mandy took the tape machine and while the girls held his hands behind his back, she taped his hands together. He was stuck. Then she rolled up the tea towel and held his nose. He had to breathe in through his mouth, so one of the girls put the towel in his mouth and tied it behind his head tightly. Now he was gagged once again. Mandy taped his ankles together. Then she took the tape around the dress and pulled the machine tight. The dress was squeezed onto Charlie's thighs. He loved this sensation. He could feel the lace of the petticoat through the stockings still.

The girls lifted him and laid him in one of the boxes that had been half loaded. Then they put more of the packages on top of him ensuring his face was clear. Now Mandy taped up the box tightly. Charlie could feel the box squeezing the packages onto him. He could not move. Mandy said to the girls, "Push him into dispatch room now with the other boxes. He will be out of our way for a while!" They took the trolley and left the box on the conveyer belt. They took the trolley back into the yard where they had their break.

During the break they kept talking about Charlie and hoped he was enjoying himself. Charlie was enjoying himself but would have done even more if they had tied one of the girls to him. They took their time and wandered slowly back into their room. Mandy said they had better go and let Charlie out of the box. One of the girls took her scissors and went into the dispatch room. She came running back! "What's the matter?" Mandy asked.

"It's Charlie. They have taken the boxes early!" she said breathlessly. Mandy ran into the Secretary's office. "You have sent the boxes off?" she asked. The Secretary affirmed she had. Mandy asked where the loads were going and told her Charlie was in one of the boxes. The Secretary said her computer had crashed  and she was just rebooting it. After what seemed an undeterminable length of time, the computer came to life. "One to Bristol, two to Plymouth, one to Kent, two to Dundee, three to Birmingham and two for Hull and two for Manchester. They were picked up by different lorries. I do not know which lorry picked what box. We have no control over that until we get the e-mails saying the goods have arrived!" the Secretary said.

Sally came out of her office and Mandy told her what had happened. Sally told her to pack up for the day. They were to go in their cars and look for the lorries. It would be better if they were to take someone with them. Sally said she would start by going to Birmingham, Manchester and accross to Hull. The other girls said they could check Hull as they could go straight up the A1. Sally agreed. They had to stop the lorries before they go to their destinations.

Sally raced up the M1. She found the lorry she was looking for in a motorway restaurant. She got the lorry driver to open up and she climbed in and started to bang  the three boxes. There was no answer so Charlie was not in this lorry. Sally phoned the other girls and told them of her bad luck. The other girls had found the other lorries and he was not in them. The only lorry left was the one going to Manchester.  Sally had to put her toe down. She finally reached Manchester and it was quite late. She saw the lorry in the hospital with the two boxes being unloaded. By the time she had got to the lorry the boxes were in the clothing store. Sally raced around the front of the hospital and asked how she got to the clothing store. She told them that there had been a mix up and there was something in the box she needed. A nurse took her along to the clothing store where Sally saw the boxes being opened. When the packages had been unloaded a bit, Charlie was found. "Blimey, not only do they send uniforms, they supply nurses now!" the nurse laughed. 

Charlie was taken out of the box and his tapes cut so he was free. He removed the gag. His make up was smudged. His lipstick was all over his mouth. The nurse said that the best thing he could do would be go into the toilet and re-apply the make up. Sally gave her all the make up and the nurse took Charlie into the women's toilet, sat him down, cleaned him up and put the fresh make up on him. She asked if he would like to work there. Charlie said "no" and she laughed. The nurse carefully brushed his wig for him and repositioned it and the hat. She really made a fuss over doing that.

Quickly she lifted the dress and petticoat and saw Charlie's satin panties and suspender belt. She laughed and dropped the dress down onto his legs again. "You have the stockings right, but we are only alowed to wear cotton briefs under our uniforms. I would love to wear something like them for work! I love the petticoat," the nurse told him. Then she asked "Where did you buy them all from?" Charlie told her he didn't. The women had got them for him. "I don't believe you. They are the perfect fit. You must have tried them on before you bought them!" she said. Chalie blushed  

She took him out of the toilet where Sally was waiting for them and he had to walk the whole length of the hospital which was crowded. Some of the patients called out "nurse" to him as he walked by them. But he soon reached the main door of the hospital, and he stepped out into the car park. Sally and the nurse accompanied him. "If you have any more like that, please send him up" the nurse said and left Sally and Charlie sitting in the car.

Sally phoned the other girls and told them she had got Charlotte. Then she started the engine and raced off back home, Charlie still wearing the nurses uniform as Sally had not got his clothes. Sally kept letting her free hand wander up Charlie's legs under the dress and Charlie kept pushing them away. Just like a girl would do. 

Sally got Charlie to phone his mother and tell her he was okay but he had been doing overtime and was now being taken for a Chinese meal. Charlie sat outside in the car while Sally got the take away. They went to her house and ate the meal. Sally said they had better go and get his clothes. That is when Charlie realised he never had his clothes or door key. They were in the boot of one of the girls car boot.

Sally took Charlie home and left him at the door to explain to his mother how it was he was dressed as a nurse. He told her how the girls had initiated him.

Monday saw him back at work. He went onto the mens locker room and found ten nurses dresses all in different colours all hanging up. He laughed and  put the boiler suit on. When the girls saw him they moaned that he was spoil sport. "We had made you an honourary girlie as well Charlotte!" they told him. The girl who supplied the nurse badge said "My sister still wants you to go out with the nurses for a drink one night. I think she fancies you. She has said that if you go out with them, they will make you an honourary nurse! They all go in their uniforms as they get a discount for food in the pub. They would expect you to go in your uniform as well!" And she smiled at him.   

At the end of the month, Sally went with Charlie to the court. She told the magistrates how hard Charlie had worked and that he was an asset to her company. "Good" said the magistrate, "It would appear that working with all these women and girls has made a difference to your life. I don't know what the girls did to you, but it certainly has impressed us. Off you go and have a good life. Don't let us see you in here again!"

Sally walked out with Charlie into the sunlight once more. "Oh well, it is back to work then Charlotte! I think it is about time you got dressed!" 


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