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Storycodes: Solo-M; breakdown; stuck; discovery; drug; captive; F/m; bond; straitjacket; encase; mind-control; cond; tease; denial; milk; scent; control; climax; nc/cons; X

Godammit, broke down again! The trusty Toyota that's been my faithful friend since college has finally failed me. As luck would have it, also in the middle of the night and middle of no where. I coasted to a stop along the side of the heavily wooded two lane highway. Smoke pouring from under the hood I reach for my cell, No service! This is getting better by the minute. Think Mark, wait, walk who knows... I exit my vehicle and wait, zero cars, one hour then two. Screw it ! I'm walking somewhere. Has to be a house, gas station, a passerby somewhere. I did leave a note, grabbed my coat locked the doors and down the road I went. After about an hour a break! Lights in the distance through the woods. I turned and followed down a long drive way.

What unfolded in front of me appears to look like a fairly new and modern two story office building. Some cars in the lot could be night cleaning staff. Really just need a phone.... no big deal. The front doors are unlocked, surprise, I entered into a standard business lobby, a desk with computer turned on. Ahhh a phone, I pick it up but no dial tone. Hello, hello, no answer. There are several other doors but all are locked except one. This leads down a long hall, I call out several more times.... Hello.... but no answer.

OUCH! SHIT!!! A sharp prick in my back as I turn I see a shape behind me. Whaaaaat the.... as I fall to the floor.

I'm awake!, (inner monologue) where am I? What is this? I can't see, something is covering my eyes. I'm lying flat on a bed, I can feel that I'm naked but covered. I can't speak hmmmmmm, hmmmm as I scream. Whatever is in my mouth is soft but I can't spit it out. My arms are held to my chest and crossed in front, my legs are held together in something. Whatever I'm in is very soft and warm but also very tight and confining. Hmmmm, hmmmm but to no avail. I strain and struggle but cannot move.

Time passes, I alternate between periods of struggle and screams then sleep. Minutes, hours who knows? I can no longer hold it, I urinate but something covers my penis. No wetness comes... I can hear! As I urinate I can hear some type of machine turn on and I feel suction on my penis.... then it's off.... silent again. I struggle until exhausted and fall asleep.

Awake again!!!! Everything feels the same but..... something is different. What? I follow what has now become routine. More screaming, struggling against anything, everything. Today, something is different my other senses have become more acute with my lack of sight. A scent, a fragrance in the air. I can't identify it, perfume? Maybe but no, it's more than that. It's getting stronger, much stronger. As it does, something is happening to me.... I feel, I feel more..... I can't describe it. Safe, docile, content...... weaker, a wave of insecurity came over me. The exact adjective alludes me. Stronger the scent becomes, I scream into my gag, more struggling but as fast as I started, I stopped! Why? I fell into a deep sleep.

This process repeated itself for..... I don't know how long with the only difference being was my growing feeling of dependency on that scent. As the scent grew more familiar I began to notice I would develop an erection immediately which would last as long as it was present. Still bound helplessly I was able to do nothing about it!

The scent appeared strong as ever and so was my erection. THEN from out of nowhere I felt something gently caress my face and the sweetest voice I've ever heard spoke the word "hello"......I thrashed against my bonds..... Shhhh, as she cooed me her silky soft hand against my face. "Calm down stop fighting me, I'm Amanda your primary care giver" unable to speak or see I mumbled a response. "Shhh just relax I'm going to take good care of you. Due to a lapse in security you stumbled into our operation. Normally, you would have been eliminated. We sedated you and ran some tests and good thing we did your quite the perfect match for our facility". I felt the bed shift so she must have seated herself next to me. "We located your vehicle and erased all evidence of you being there. We recovered your cell and altered the GPS.... if anyone is looking for you there hundreds of miles from here..... your going to our guest for quite some time!"

"Turns out your semen is a perfect genetic match for our experiments. To be of use to us we need your system to be free of any chemical, medication or sedation. We specialize in a form of psychological control. Everything we need to make a man helpless lies within his own mind. I know..... I know everything I need." Amanda then dimmed the lights and removed my blindfold!

Oh my god!...... Every sexual fantasy I've ever had was right before my very eyes. She was absolutely beautiful.... probably 5'9, long brunette hair, brown eyes, flawless skin, large supple breasts and perfect ass. She was wearing a red satin playboy bunny style costume. So tightly fitted to her body I could see the outline of her belly button through it..... the white satin cuffs and collar and the ears matching red satin. Her breasts heaving out of the tight corset, sheer black pantyhose and red heels. The bed was low to the floor exactly level with her vagina which was encased in the red satin...... and THAT was it, the scent.... her womanhood that controlled me.

I also now could see why I was unable to move. Only able to lift my head a few inches I was in a perfectly fitted white canvas Maxcita Straitjacket which encased my entire upper body. My legs were wrapped together and I was strapped to the bed. The only opening was at my crotch were some type of device was attached to my penis with tubes that led to a machine next to the bed.

"I'm your exact match", Amanda said, "your responding to my scent, my estrogen. I'm every women you've ever fantasized about. My essence will control you completely, I don't need drugs, I AM the drug. In time, as your dependency grows, you'll cry for me. I'll induce you, feed you, nurse you I'll be everything. You will orgasm like never before and until there's nothing left. You can't escape me or this facility and you won't want to. Right now, your still resisting your not yet fully induced, it's early, that's why the heavy restraint. In time, I'll just swaddle you in a blanket. It's all I'll need."

She came closer with the height of the bed her vagina was close to my face. She touched herself gently massaging her vagina with her fingers. She then touched those fingers to my nose. It was as if a bolt of lightning went through my body. The concentration of her scent caused me to immediately have the strongest, largest orgasm I've ever had in my life! She withdrew and watched as it lasted for what seemed like minutes. The machine, next to the bed, came to life simultaneously and collected every drop of what came out of me. Afterwards, I looked at her and have never felt so helpless in my life. I was drained and incredibly weak. She bent over a gently kissed me several times. "Good Boy, now get some rest"

When I woke, she was there. I knew some time had elapsed because Amanda was in the same type costume but a different color. Not red but a pale blue satin just as tight and perfect. I was also in fresh restraints. " I bathed you and changed your restraints, I'll always do this immediately after I collect from you. Your far too weak to resist me at that time. I placed you in a straitjacket lined with muslin much softer and more comfortable for you. Now to feed you, your mouth gag has a feeding tube.... I have a nice bottle for you, my breast milk... very nutritious but also laced with my estrogen to further build your dependency". I resisted, at first, but had no choice. It tasted warm and sweet and I felt very content and drifted off to sleep.

This pattern repeated itself for quite some time. As each day passed the orgasms became stronger and weakened me further. With each, my dependency on Amanda grew exponentially. Soon, if she withheld her attention I would cry. Only when she was near did I feel completely safe. She controlled me completely. In time, the straitjacket was removed and my legs unwrapped. She swaddled me in a white silk blanket and a secured me in place. I could probably escape but wouldn't think of it.... She would hold me, my face resting on her soft satin encased breast!

Her scent, her warmth and soothing voice was all I needed. Until there was nothing left. I'd given all that was left of my body as I departed this earth the last I heard of her was that I had lasted 93 days.......

Thank you for reading.... this is the first story I've ever written. I hope you enjoyed it and welcome your feedback



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