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In a Nutshell

by The Old Man

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© Copyright 2021 - The Old Man - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; mum; enclosed; paper-mache; sex; tease; oral; toys; cons; X

She emerged from the basement shower wrapped in a towel, singing, "Hey, hey, hey, playmate, come out and play with me. My dolly has no clothes. Just watch me touch my toes." And at that, she did.

Jan was just a treat to look at. Steve looked her over from across their playroom. Bent over as she was, he could see she had taken extra time with the hair removal, smooth as a body could be.

Steve could not believe his luck when they had met five years ago, it was so tough to find a mate who was into the same things he was. For Jan it was a match made in heaven, Steve was very good with crafts and had an inventive mind. He was willing to spend the extra effort in manufacturing the various kinky restraining devices Jan might dream up.

Today it was time to try ‘The Shell’. It had taken about a month to develop, at Jan’s request. Steve started with the padded bench they would occasionally use. Draping the bench with a thin plastic to keep clean-up to a minimum. Next Jan was bent across it with her hands tied behind her back, her fingers stretching her cheeks apart. More thin plastic covered her, tucked close to her oiled body; what followed were several applications of paper-mâché. She waited patiently as that dried hard, and then removed. She lost track of that project for about two weeks and suddenly it materialized in a different form. Fiberglass matting had been laid into the paper-mâché form and when that set-up it was a simple matter of soaking the paper-mâché off in hot water.

The following weekend, Jan was laid in that fiberglass half-shell, face-up, and Steve used pallet-wrap plastic, crisscrossing her ample chest, following down both legs, and across her eyes and forehead She was trapped in for the final application of paper-mâché to finish the front of the shell. There was a prelude to future "festivities" in that session. Jan was really pleased... and spent…

Finally, there it was! Both half shells of fiberglass now fit perfectly together, with spring loaded clasps to hold the whole thing together. Jan was speechless in anticipation, only able to giggle. To escape a very demanding job as a lawyer, Jan's release was to be treated as an appliance. All decision-making and action halted abruptly, letting someone else like Stevetake over.

"Ready to be an appliance for a bit?" Steve asked.

Jan tried by herself to fall into the back half-shell laying on the floor, but Steve needed to assist her. Her hands free, but behind her back, found the channels she had left behind in the original paper-mâché. Her fingers fell to those points on her cheeks and naturally held her slightly stretched open. Steve placed the front half-shell in place, adjusting her bent knees slightly, making sure her exposed breasts were not pinched at their base. Unintended discomfort was not the goal.

The clasps snapped closed, in sensual sound and vibration, first at her head and face. Her nose and mouth were left uncovered. Then a series of three clasps per side along her torso. Two, one on each side, at the swell of her hips, along the arms, and finally the three per side running both sides of both legs.

Steve hoisted her around, now face down, her breasts succumbing to gravity. She was uncomfortable for a moment, until Steve placed the stand under her neck, that both supported her in a more level position and - because it was a full circle of steel - locked the neck of the shell closed.

"Enjoy it for a little while, maybe an hour and we will have a bit of fun later," Steve said, walking away. 

Gradually, Jan felt her body fall asleep. The faint smell of the fiberglass, and the limited use of her eyes, for she could only see light and dark. The fiberglass shell dulled her hearing. She took comfort that she could still call out her safe word. The last tingle of her toes… and then the heat began. Feeling the warmth inside the shell, and rivulets of sweat, contrasted by the coolness of her exposed breasts, her crotch, and her stretched backside.

Suddenly shadowed movement signaled that Steve was back. His muffled voice asked if she was still comfortable. "Heaven," Jan replied.

"Good, here's the next surprise..." It wasn't a ball-gag. It was more like a jaw ring, that now held her mouth agape. She was just taking in this change in her restraint and then she felt him at the tip of her tongue. Impossible to close her teeth on him, She felt him slither, extremely erect into her mouth. Steve enjoyed the feeling of her moist warmth, contrasted by her breath whistling past his penis.

Not willing to spend himself, so after just a few minutes of that, "just to make her feel absolutely an appliance," Steve withdrew to pursue other mischief. Walking slowly around to her exposed backside, he took a moment to fondle her hanging breasts, pinching her nipples and pulling slightly, pondering if he should use nipple clamps... There would be plenty of time yet for that.

He set his hand at her pussy. Rhythmically stroking her clit, as she showed him how she had preferred. Soon, more than just sweat was mingling on his fingers. He leaned over her rigid back. "You liked that," he declared.

She sighed in agreement. Jans world was crashing around her. The most sensitive parts of her sexuality were the only parts she could feel, and she was being played to orgasm.

"Not yet," Steve murmured. He stood back and eyed her stretched backside. Jan sensed, more than heard, the sliding drawer of the toy chest being opened. She could not have clenched her ass if she wanted to; her inrush of breath was the only sound or action she could make, to react to her vibrator, invading her backside.

Soon the sound of its buzzing and vibration permeated the shell. Her breath was becoming ragged. She choked and spit on her own saliva, her mouth held open by the ring. There was no escaping or evicting the vibrator, now strapped in place. Finally, she felt Steve’s weight and heat on the other side of her shell, as he pressed her mons and slid into her. Unable to respond, unable to move, only able to breath and sigh in cadence with him. Her only wish that he would continue to the point of her orgasm, used… an appliance… trapped... those thoughts swirled around her mind as her world exploded.


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