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Imported from the USA 2

by Darkraptor1

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© Copyright 2006 - Darkraptor1 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; slave; spandex; bagged; crate; shipped; cons; X

continued from part one

Part  2

Inga never expected to have her package delivered so quickly. Less then three days after placing the order for a slave, and it arrived at her doorstop.

It was a very pleasant moment. She had been on her leather sofa, wondering where her slave was going to sleep. There was the upstairs bedroom, but it might be difficult to get him up there… Maybe the basement. It would certainly be more efficient for her, but her poor slave would be all alone…

As she contemplated this problem, the doorbell chimed, announcing the arrival of the mailman.

Inga wondered what awaited her. Bills no doubt. Lots of junk mail. Maybe a catalogue or two.

When she opened the oak door, she didn’t see any of those. Instead, she saw a gigantic box sitting on her doorstep.

There were air holes cut into the side of the box. It was roughly seven feet long. There was a large label on the top of the box, which bared the letters “ISF”.

Inga let out a squeal of joy. Had it really arrived so quickly?! She hardly dared to hope. The mailman helped her bring it inside the house, where it was placed in the living room. The mailman asked what was making her so excited, and was quite curious when he learned that it was a new pet.

Inga breathed a sigh of relief as he left. She couldn’t wait to open the box and see her new pet.

She almost pulled a muscle as she frantically pried open the box to reveal the packing peanuts inside, still covering the crates precious cargo.

There was a small booklet inside the box. Picking it up, Inga began to read it.

“Dear owner: Thank you for purchasing your slave from us. Each and every slave we sell comes with our seal of quality. Should your slave ever need replacing, simply let us know and we’ll help you as fast as we can.”

Yes, yes, get on with it.” Inga thought.

“Your slave should serve you well. Through our years of research, we have found that treating your slave with affection and kindness is the fastest way to earn your slave’s loyalty. Of course, you are free to treat your slave any way you wish!”

Inga chuckled. She didn’t have any intention of mistreating this slave.

Too impatient to read the warranty, she tossed the booklet onto the floor and began to scrape away the peanuts covering her new friend.

She gasped. There he was. Exactly as she had ordered. Firm body, good length and build. The tight bandages wrapped around the body, compressing and containing him. And beneath that layer was that oh so sexy body bag she longed to see, and beneath that lay that wonderfully tight spandex body suit.

And beneath that layer was her new, precious slave.

She couldn’t hold it back anymore. She let out a squeal of delight, hopped into the crate and scooped the mummified slave into her arms. She hugged him close to her chest, stroking his bandaged head.

“Hello there!” She cooed. “I’m your new mistress!” Her slave didn’t move, but then again, she had placed an order for very tight restraints.

“Well, lets get you out of this cramped box!” At first glance the idea seemed ridiculous. Here was a Swedish lady, and here was a big, well built man. But affection and love can give strength, which easily enabled Inga to lift him out of the box and place him on the floor.

“Whew!” She said, wiping the sweat off her forehead. “You’re heavy! Did you work out before you were all wrapped up?”

Again, her slave made no indication that he heard. But then again, his restraints were doing their job wonderfully.

It was then that Inga noticed a small sheet of paper in the crate her slave had been shipped in. Picking it up, she looked at the numbers and letters written on it.

“Your slave’s identification number is 7538Y.”

“Well seventy five.” She said seductively. “I think that’s a fine name for a handsome slave like you. Now, why don’t we get you somewhere more comfortable?”

It took another twenty minutes, but Inga managed to move 7538Y onto her fine leather couch. She placed several pillows under his head, just to be sure that he was comfortable.

“Comfy?” She asked.

No response.

A thought entered Inga’s head. It was a slightly grim thought, but one that needed to be addressed. She quickly looked at her slave’s chest and watched closely. To her relief, it did move up and down slightly, indicating that yes indeed, her slave was alive.

But was he awake? There was one way she could find out. She leaned over his head. “If you can hear me, stop breathing for a moment.”

She watched his chest. To her delight, the up and down movement stopped. “Okay, you can breathe again.” The up and down movement started up again.

“I bet you’re wondering when I’m going to let you out?” She giggled. “Well, I think I’ll take my time. I want to get to know you, get an idea of what you’re like. And besides, I like hugging my teddy bears.”

And that was what she did. Inga reached over and took this big, mummified man into her arms. She held him close to her chest, squeezing and stroking his bandaged body, loving every second of it.

Here was a man that she could count on to be with her for the rest of her life, to listen to her even if he didn’t want to, to be with her even if he didn’t want to, to be held, even in the unlikely event that he didn’t want to.

7538Y didn’t give any sign or indication of what he was feeling then, buried deep beneath layers of restraints. Inga hoped he could feel her devotion to him. She had only known him for less then an hour, but already she felt instantly attached to him.

She could unwrap him right then and there… or she could increase the pleasure. Let him stay in there for a day or two. Inga grinned. Yes… that was what she would do.

Dinner that night was an interesting affair. The Swedish woman managed to move her slave into the dinning room, where he was propped up on a chair and tied down in place by large Velcro straps.

Inga savored her soup, letting its warmth soothe her stomach. She looked over at 7538Y. She wondered what he was thinking. He was probably hungry. Maybe a little thirsty. His still form did not show any of his buried and restrained emotions.

“Are you hungry my slave?” Inga asked.

No answer.

“Well, why don’t we give you some food tomorrow?”

No answer.

Finishing her soup, Inga looked at her slave while pondering where to keep him for the night. The basement was too cold, the main floor was a bit cool… but the upstairs bedroom was just right.

An hour later, 7538Y was in the master bedroom, lying down on a guest bed. Inga was lying in the master bed, looking lovingly at her slave.

“Well,” she began. “I think tomorrow, I’ll start unwrapping you to see that lovely bag you’re in. Is it comfy?”

7538Y gave no response.

Inga smiled and turned off the light. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


Sleep was utterly blissful. After all, Inga had a nice teddy bear to squeeze when she woke up. And she took full advantage of that.

7538Y was squeezed for about half an hour after Inga woke up. She didn’t feel like getting out of bed just yet. Lying here, holding her slave in her arms, was much more satisfying.

But she had to get up eventually. She slowly stretched her limbs, welcoming the blood flowing through them. “Good morning slave!” She said as she got out of bed and walked over to the curtains. With a quick flick, they opened, letting the warm sun shine in.

“Let’s have some breakfast.” Inga said. Taking a small knife from a chest, she walked over to her slave.

Though it saddened her to cut away these wonderful looking bandages, she knew it had to happen eventually. Besides, she would get a big reward for giving up the white beauty that bound her beloved.

A small square was cut away from 7538Y’s crotch area. It took a little bit longer then expected, but Inga squealed when she saw it.

The zipper was in the right spot, just above her slave’s groin. This little feature had cost extra, but was worth every penny.

“Oh googely bear!” She giggled as she rubbed 7538Y’s crotch. “I think it’s time for you to feed me breakfast!”

7538Y made his first movement since arriving at his new home. He managed to quiver slightly with excitement.

The sensuous rubbing had the desired effect. A bulge quickly took shape that began to grow into a mountain. The zipper in the bag was opened, revealing the spandex skin beneath it, covering the still-growing mountain. The zipper on that was opened as well, and the giant tree sprung forth.

Inga decided to make it hard and fast. She grabbed the giant, meaty tower of flesh and began to suck on it, rubbing her tongue over its peak. 7538Y began to tremble and shake. Inga smiled as she sucked and rubbed, bringing her lovely slave closer and closer to serving breakfast.

Just as he was about to explode, Inga stopped. She withdrew her mouth, and watched as the giant tower of erect flesh trembled and shook, desperately searching for the warm caress it had felt only moments ago.

7538Y managed his first sound since his arrival. A small moan escaped from his head.

Staying silent to heighten the suspense, Inga waited until the tower began to collapse. Just when it was all the way down, she grabbed it, wrapped her tongue around it, and began rubbing again.

The tower sprang back to life, filling her mouth with delicious, meaty flesh. She sucked and stroked, savoring her slave’s flavor. Ohh, it was so delicious to eat him…

7538Y was starting to buckle in his restraints, trying to move. The bag and the belts held him in place easily, keeping his movements in check, allowing Inga to continue her work.

Finally, she could hold it back no longer. She went hard, and she went fast, rubbing and sucking as hard as she could. 7538Y responded by exploding, his body quaking and buckling uncontrollably as he gave his master the tastiest, most juicy breakfast she could ever recall having.

“Oh my!” She gasped as she swallowed. “You’re good!” With that, she collapsed on the bed, covering her slave with her body.

Feeling deeply relaxed, so very relaxed, she wound her arms and her legs around her slave’s still wrapped body, giving him a full body embrace. She squeezed him tightly, giving him the most passionate hug she could manage.

“I think.” Inga sighed. “That this is going to be a nice relationship.”

Seemingly in agreement, 7538Y wiggled slightly under his master’s hug.

The next two days were a blur for Inga. She made the decision early on to spread out the pleasure of unwrapping her slave. So she slowly removed his restraints, little by little. She unwound the bandages from his legs, then his thighs and waist, then his chest.

On the third day of 7538Y’s stay, Inga removed the last of the bandages, and fully uncovered her slave’s body. He was still bound in his body bag and belts, but now his form was revealed in the shiny and sexy bag he was locked in.

“Oh sugar booger,” Inga cooed. “You look so sexy in that! I could let you out… but what’s the fun in that?”

7538Y wiggled slightly, whether from pleasure or not, Inga couldn’t tell. “Tell you what.” Inga said. “Why don’t I take you outside, and show you your new home? Would you like that?”

7538Y wiggled again. This time, it was definitely in pleasure.

The sun was shining as Inga moved her slave out of her house and onto the patio. She had to get this just right, to make a great first impression. Pull this off, and her slave would never want to leave this wonderful place.

It was a slight struggle to move 7538Y onto the swinging bench, but seeing his bluish form spread out on the bench made him look oh so helpless, so innocent and dependent on her for his care.

She sat down next to him, placing her arm around his shoulder. A slight push, and the bench began to sway back and forth. “Well,” she began. “You ready to see your new home? I think you’ll like it!”

7538Y tried to nod his head, but the posture collar forced him to keep his head up.

Inga laughed. “Oh, is that little collar annoying? Well, I think the black, sensuous leather looks so good wrapped around your neck. Besides, it’ll be a great place to put my leash!”

Though 7538Y gave the impression of wanting to see his new home, Inga decided to make him wait just a little bit. He was still sealed into his own little world. Let him stay in there a little bit longer.

She squeezed his shoulders tightly, but lovingly. “Isn’t it amazing?” Inga thought to herself as the bench swayed slightly. “I’ve never seen this man’s face, I’ve never heard him speak, I’ve never felt his arms around me, yet I love him!

The two sat there on the bench for a while. One, because she wanted too. The other…well, he didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Finally, Inga could wait no longer. She reached over towards her slave’s hood. Moving carefully, she began to undo the zippers over the eyes. Each “Rrriippp” was so delicious to listen to. She was opening up her slave!

The two zippers were undone. Inga looked at her slave’s face closely. Underneath the hood was the blindfold that had been placed over 7538Y’s eyes. Underneath that blindfold were her slave’s eyes. It would be the first part of him she would really see.

Very slowly, she reached inside the hood and moved the blindfold with her fingers. 7538Y didn’t move, keeping perfectly still.

A few slips, and then it was done. The blindfold was off. And Inga looked into the eyes of her slave.

They were calm, content eyes, a deep green in color. They blinked at the newfound light that flooded upon them. But they adjusted, and then focused on Inga.

7538Y could not speak, but his eyes told Inga everything she would want to know. His eyes told her that he was fine. His eyes told her that he was curious about her, and that he was very curious about his surroundings.

But overall, his eyes were beautiful.

“Well, hello there!” Inga said. “Welcome to your new home!” And she stepped aside, giving 7538Y his first look at his home.

They were in a great valley, surrounded on all sides by snow capped mountains. There was a giant lake in the center of the valley. Forests full of trees filled the valley like grass.

The two were at Inga’s two-story log cabin, far out from civilization. Up above, the sun shone down through the clouds, illuminating the mountains and valley with a soft, warm, and comforting glow.

“Do you like it?” Inga asked curiously.

7538Y nodded his head as best he could, his eyes full of delight. “Then let’s take you out for a little ride!”

The little ride that Inga talked about was a ride on a large floating platform that drifted lazily across the lake. The surface of the platform was covered in soft blue carpeting.

Inga and 7538Y lay on the platform, letting the current take them where it willed. It was a lazy Sunday cruise. No destination in mind, no worries or cares to trouble the two.

Inga was nude, lying spread eagle on the carpet. 7538Y lay still in his body bag, unable to move.

They stayed like this for an hour or two, relaxing in the Swedish mountains. Time ceased to be.

After working up the strength, Inga rolled onto her side and looked at her slave, her eyes drowsy. “You know 7538Y? There’s so much I don’t know about you. I don’t know where you came from, or what you used to do. I don’t know if you had a family, or if you had a goal in life.”

She slowly snaked her way up to him, his eyes looking at her curiously.

“And though I’ve only known you for four days, it seems like it’s been a lifetime.” She reached him and got on top of him, straddling him like he was a saddle. Inga leaned over and slowly nuzzled 7538Y affectionately on the nose.

As 7538Y’s eyes closed in pleasure, Inga slowly reached down and began to take off the hood, revealing the skin beneath. 7538Y didn’t even notice as his head covering was taken off.

And when it was off, Inga looked into the face of her beloved slave. It was a handsome face, still young, not past fifty. His skin, though damp and wrinkled from the bondage, was smooth and shaved. He was the embodiment of handsome (which, unknown to Inga, was the reason ISC hired him. Clients always liked handsome slaves).

His ballgag was still in place. Though she could be a little cruel if she wanted too, he had worn the gag long enough. Undoing the tight straps that held it in place she took it out.

7538Y sputtered and croaked, trying to flex muscles that had been stiff and unused for days. “Are you okay?” Inga asked.

Her slave stopped and looked up at her, his black hair flowing. “Why yes, thank you master.” He said in his soothing voice. He looked around. “Would you please tell me where I am?”

“Your new home is Sweden !” Inga said.

“Really? Oh my, that’s a nice choice. And if I may say so, you speak English very well mistress.”

Inga blushed. “Aww…it’s nothing really.” 7538Y nodded, then looked down at his bound form.

“Uhm…” He began. “Are you… going to let me out anytime soon? I like being mummified and all, but it would be nice to exercise. But of course, it’s your decision mistress. I’ll stay in here if you want me to.”

Inga smiled and gently began to stroke his wonderfully smooth second skin. “Oh don’t worry slave.” She cooed. “You’ll be out soon. But you’ll have to be in cuffs!”

“I don’t mind.” 7538Y said. “But out of curiosity… well, I never expected my mistress to be…uhm…”

7538Y’s mistress laughed. “Yes, I know. It’s not everyday that your master is sixty years old.”

7538Y smiled. “But you still look so beautiful.”

Inga leaned in close and gave 7538Y a soft kiss. Surprised, 7538Y kissed her back. “What’s your name?” Inga asked quietly.

“My former name does not matter, the same with who I was, and where I came from.” 7538Y said. Inga kissed him again, rubbing his bound body with hers.

“What is important…” 7538Y said gently between two kisses. “…Is that I’m with you now mistress. I’m yours for life.” The mountain began to rise again.

“Oh slave.” Inga cooed as she kissed and hugged him. “I love you.” She rubbed his smooth skin over and over. “I love you!”

7538Y kissed his master, deep and passionately. He had loved it these past days. Being loved, being held, being kissed. He loved his master. She had treated him with kindness and love, and he desired to return the favor hundredfold. “And I love you my mistress!” He said.

The mountain was at its peak. Barely taking her arms off 7538Y, Inga undid the zipper and let the mountain come out.

The valley and the mountains echoed with shrieks of sheer, unmatched pleasure, from both mistress and slave.

The plateau was reached, and the downhill slope began. Slave and master exchanged no words. They were asleep. 7538Y in his mistress's arms, master holding her beloved slave tightly to her.

As the sun began to set, the floating platform drifted lazily across the lake, Mistress and slave beginning a new life together of sex, play, and most important, love.

Deep in his dreams, 7538Y dreamed of walking up to his employers to thank them for a wonderful retirement. The smiled and said it was no problem. 7538Y smiled and thanked them, just before he was wrapped up and packaged, ready to be shipped off again.

The platform continued to drift, carrying it’s passengers into a new realm of love and compassion.

7538Y awoke for a moment. He looked around, trying to remember where he was. Then he found his mistress holding him with her body. Ah yes…

As he drifted off again into dreams, 7538Y had one last thought.

What a great retirement…


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