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How I Became Just Another Meatgirl

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2023 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; fpov; objectify; bond; rope; sex; roleplay; spank; gag; susp; naked; anal; hood; piercing; frottage; feeding-tube; transported; cons; X

NB: While the story involves women as meatgirls, products to be bought and sold, no meatgirl was injured (or eaten) in the making of this story.

Part One

My first weekend of becoming a meatgirl was very nearly my last, I had finally managed to persuade my husband Ollie to keep me naked, bound and gagged while being stored away with the other meatgirls, something that I had wanted to try for a very long time. Things were going as planned but then the trouble started…

I think my fascination with meatgirls first started in my childhood, I used to look at them while they were displayed in the store windows and I was in awe at their beauty and physique, the way that their bodies were presented while they advertised what was available inside the store, to me they looked very powerful and proud of what they were, well as a small girl that's was the impression that I got from seeing them.

But when I asked my mother about them she just told me that they were very naughty and that they were just bad girls that deserved to be there and that I'd better behave myself or I would end up like them, though that didn't seem that bad to me. Still, back then I didn't realise what their ultimate ending was and why they were actually called meatgirls.

My mother would quickly pull me away from the window displays and would not explain anything else about them, other than that they were wicked and that they belonged to be where they were as punishment. Usually I knew not to push any further to discover the reason that naughty girls ended up like this because she used my full name, "Amelie Rose, come away!" Mothers have a way of telling you in not so many words not to go any further.

I later learned many years later that her own sister had ended up being displayed and sold as a meatgirl, maybe that was why she dragged me away from the display, maybe it was her sister that we were looking at, though I never found out. My fascination with meatgirls continued, with my imagination placing me on display just like them, and even in my teenage years, I used the image of me bound, gagged and on display naked to fuel my fantasies, my fingers bringing me sweet delight and enjoyment, while my mind drifted off into fantasy land.

Over the years my desires diminished slightly, though they never fully went away, and even though I now knew of their ultimate fate they still drove some of my nocturnal adventures under the bedding. But other things started to take over my desires and those thoughts and fantasies took a back seat, literally, when I found my sexual awakening with members of the opposite sex, making out in the car with them and finding that there was more to life as a horny teenager than being a meatgirl.

Though as fate would have it, maybe it was a twist of irony, but I ended up falling in love and eventually getting married to Oliver, or Ollie for short, who had his own business preparing and selling meatgirls from his own shop. It wasn't planned that way, I swear, but I guess that deep down that my old desires may have played into it in some way or another. Though I think that my mother was initially worried that I'd end my days like her sister, but she eventually saw that we loved each other deeply and that we seemed to be destined for each other, even if he wasn't in the meatgirl's trade, so she was relieved that I wouldn't end up my days roasted or in a pie.

Though the meatgirl trade had dramatically changed over the years from when I first saw them, mainly because the supply had fallen due to the lack of girls being 'bad' as my mother called it. But in reality, the authorities had to step in after many 'non-bad' normal girls had disappeared, kidnapped and taken by unscrupulous gangs who sold them on the black market and they ended their days as a meatgirl, though the clampdown only really came after a couple of daughters of some high-ranking officials went the same way as the other unfortunate girls.

But there were also protests from those wanting to continue using meatgirls for their needs, as there was a lack of alternate forms of protein or meats, especially after the climate purge which killed off most other types of livestock to reduce gas emissions that they produced, or so the experts told everyone. So the solution came from cloning technology and the many advances over the years to accelerate the growth rate.

Now all of the meatgirls were factory grown and produced, they all looked the same when delivered, obviously, as they were cloned from the same cellular material, all were also completely hairless like I recalled from my earlier years and each one looked identical to the other. Though there were still some original 'real' meatgirls out there who had volunteered to become one, they brought a really high price and were sought after by those with the money to spend on them, they were rare and I hadn't seen one in years now.

But my desire to find out what it was like to be a meatgirl was always there, especially when I saw a fresh batch being delivered to the store. Living over the premises it was hard not to see them, they were part of everyday life in our household, though I never had anything to do with that side of the business, that was my husband's and I was happy to let him get on with it. It never seemed to bother him that he bought and sold women for their meat, but he didn't see me in the same way, he told me, and he always made me happy, feeling loved and cherished.

Getting him to play along with my fantasies was the easy part, well give a guy sex and he'll basically do anything for you, though I had to start off small. In the beginning, I'd dress myself up in some sexy, sheer lingerie, and cook a lovely dinner and when he asked if there was dessert after, I would slowly remove the dressing gown provocatively,revealing what I was wearing underneath and entice him to bed saying something along the lines of "I'm your delicious dessert tonight, come and savour my delights, I'm yours to devour." Cheesy, I know, but I wanted him to start thinking of me as his own meatgirl.

Other times I would sit on his lap seductively while he was watching sports on the television, teasing him with my body, wriggling my rear against his crotch and telling him that I'd been a bad girl today and maybe that he should punish this 'meatgirl' for being so naughty. He'd take the hint and sometimes it would start with him gently spanking my rear, his firm grip holding me down over his lap, and then end in the bedroom. Other times he would just take me there and then either throw me down on the floor, or bend me over the furniture, roughly taking me for his pleasure.

I would encourage him by continuing to tell him that this meatgirl has been very wicked and deserved her punishment. That seemed to do the trick and our sex life seemed to be getting more raunchy with each time that I played as his own meatgirl, leaving me with a warm afterglow after being thoroughly satisfied with what had taken place.

Our play went from me being held down by him, at my insistence, after all this was meant to be my 'punishment' for being a naughty meatgirl, to one day when he bound my wrists to the metal headboard on our bed, leaving me there while he went back to finish watching the game. Well, I was in seventh heaven, I tested my bonds and the rope while tight felt comfortable, with my wrists bound I felt very subdued and owned by him. I had pushed him a little too far it seemed and he basically put me out of the way while he continued with the game I had interrupted.

When he came back into the bedroom a short while later, he started to apologise for what he'd done and went to start untying the rope. But he looked shocked when I just told him to 'just fuck me, take me, use me but don't you dare untie me'. Which, when he recovered from the initial shock, he did, much to my enjoyment and pleasure, and his of course. That was my first time in bondage and I found that I loved it and wanted more.

The next time that I teased him, telling him that I'd been a naughty meatgirl, I soon found myself stripped naked and my wrists and ankles were tightly bound with rope, my body bent over his lap and being spanked, bringing a warm glow, not only to my bottom but to other parts of my body too. When he was ready he carried me over his shoulder into the bedroom, quickly being thrown down on the bed and taken by him, and though it didn't last as long as I'd wanted, he later told me that he was just too excited having me bound like that. I was really happy with the way that he'd used me, I felt a little bit like a meatgirl, bound and carried like that, though I didn't tell him that as I didn't want to scare him off.

Then there were other times while he had me tied up, naked and placed over his lap, his hand rubbing and slapping me playfully, which I liked but he seemed much more into it than me, don't get me wrong the bondage was good, but he would get distracted by whatever game that he was watching, it was part of our play sessions so I grew to like and accept it as well. But then there was the time when he forgot to be gentle with me, I think he was too engrossed in some game that he was watching while having a naked woman bound and resting over his lap, the slap when it came hurt, more because it was unexpected than painful, but he warned me that girl's getting punished should remain quiet.

Seeing that as a challenge, every slap that came after I made more noise, eventually he took the hint that I was giving him and he left the room, returning shortly with something in his hand and saying, "I told you that naughty girls need to be silent while they're being punished." And he showed me the gag in his hand, "Are you going to be silent, or do I use this?"

While this was what I wanted, I didn't want to make it too easy for him, part of the game I guess. "You wouldn't dare!" I stated.

Dare he did and soon I sported a ballgag in my mouth, though I think he guessed that I wanted this, for when he pushed the gag against my lips and I willingly opened my mouth and took the ballgag in. Then he resumed spanking me this time though there were more harder spanks than before, he seemed to like causing me to cry out through the gag, but each time that he slowed down or seemed to be distracted I would wriggle my bound body on his lap, and he would continue, much to my delight.

And though slightly sore the next morning, I did have a very happy smile on my face. Which he saw when he came into the kitchen for breakfast before heading down for work, that and the fact that I was wearing nothing other than a frilly apron to cover my modesty, my still slightly red rear visible to him when he entered the room. He seemed slightly sheepish at what he'd done with me last night, so I knew that I had to break the ice.

"Thank you Sir, for punishing this wicked meatgirl, I have been very naughty lately and I needed a firm hand to discipline me." I smiled and teased him with my body. It was then that he first called me his own meatgirl.

"Well, I can't have a naughty meatgirl like you being disobedient." He seemed to have caught on in my role-play moment, "You'd better be nice in future or you may… be punished again."

When he stopped mid-sentence I wondered what was on his mind at that moment, could it be that he was referring to me being kept as a meatgirl? But the brief moment was gone, for now at least, but I knew that our playtimes would be more intense from now on, the bondage had become part of our games and now that the gag had been introduced, I wondered what would come next.

Most of the time it was me who initiated our play sessions, either starting off in some sexy attire to tease him or being stripped and bound by him when I tantalised him with my body. But there were times, which started to become more frequent, that he would take the lead and I would find myself tightly trussed up and waiting for him to use me, or placed over his lap for his amusement. The more times that I was bound, the more he seemed willing to call me his 'naughty meatgirl' as he punished me, it was music to my ears, and although I had no desire to end my days served up on a plate, I still held a deep down desire to become or at least experience being a meatgirl.

Then one day I made the mistake of mentioning that maybe he should put this wicked meatgirl where she belonged, which he immediately reacted to. He told me there was no way that he would ever put me on display or up for sale, and that he would never do something like that. After that, he quickly untied me, and our playtime ended on that note, I reassured him that I had no desire to end my days that way and that I was just playing along with our game, which seemed to calm him down.

But he mentioned that it would cause him immense problems if he was caught with me bound with the other meatgirls, so in my mind, he must have been thinking about it at some point, but I had to agree with his reasoning. He stated that if the inspectors turned up and found me there with the others there would be too many questions and a whole can of worms could open that he wouldn't be able to control. I knew better than to push him further at that point, or to find out what the can of worms would be, so my desires would have to remain unfulfilled it seemed.

It was a few weeks before we ventured back into our playtimes, with me bound and naked, and him taking advantage of my trussed-up body. I had revealed to him my own thoughts and desires and what I wanted, and while he could agree to some of them, there were other things that he said would be impossible to do. But he had some ideas that he had kept to himself, as he could see that I had wanted him to use me like a meatgirl, though in my case a very wicked, naughty one that needed to be kept in line.

Then one day after coming home from work I was surprised by him grabbing me from behind as I entered our apartment, his hand covering my mouth and telling me to be quiet. My hands were quickly bound, and a ballgag was shoved into my mouth. Of course, I 'tried' to resist but was overpowered by him and he quickly and efficiently had me tied, well being in the business of tying up meatgirls for delivery, he knew his way around ropes and the female body, so there was no way that I could escape his clutches, not that I wanted to of course.

Once he had me under his control and tied by my wrists and ankles, with the ballgag pulled tight into my mouth, without another word he picked me up and carried my bound body over his shoulder, just like he would when getting one of the meatgirls from the storeroom. I wondered what was going on but I was enjoying where this was going, and once I got over the initial surprise, I was content to just see what he had planned for me. At first, I had thought that he was taking me downstairs, but I was confused when he carried me into the spare bedroom.

In the spare bedroom, we just kept a double bed for guests to stay over, other than that it was used by us mainly as a storeroom, with several boxes of stuff usually thrown all over the floor. But today, from my vantage point over his shoulder, the room looked all neat & tidy, it seemed like he had been busy planning something for me. He calmly carried me into the room and over to one corner, where he placed my feet down on the ground, and I looked around still confused about what was going on.

"Well, meatgirl it seems that you didn't behave as I asked, it's time to put you away in storage until I find a suitable way to punish you, or maybe even sell you, should I get the right offer!" He said.

His hands then grabbed my bound wrists and he pulled my arms up until they were over my head, as he did so my eyes followed upwards and I saw the hook that had been fitted by him while I was out. The rope around my wrists was placed over the hook and my arms were now fixed in place, slightly stretched with my feet just touching the floor. He then began stripping me of my clothes and soon I was naked, but some of my clothing would no longer be worn by me as he had to cut them off when he struggled to remove them, men just don't understand the mechanics of bras!

Now totally naked, gagged and bound by rope, I hung there from the hook holding my wrists above my head, with either the chill of the room or my excitement and arousal at being treated like this causing my nipples to stand out loud and proud, my skin tingling with goosebumps and very sensitive to his touch. There was no way that I could free myself from this, not that there was any desire on my part to do that, I could only wait and see what he would be doing to me next.

"There, that should keep you out of trouble, you meatgirls always seem to find one way or another of being bad." He then said, his hands running over the offered flesh of my bound body, then occasionally spanking my rear, causing me to gasp through my gag. The touch of his hands sent delightful shivers throughout my body, the feeling of my sex throbbing between my thighs, with a slight hint of moisture building down there.

He then left me hanging from the hook by my wrists, and headed for the door, "I'll be back later, either to punish or prepare you for the customer, don't go anywhere!" he laughed and closed the door leaving me in darkness.

Well, this was unexpected, I had never dreamed that he would go this far with me to indulge me in my fantasies, but here I was naked, bound and gagged, hanging from a hook just like the meatgirls downstairs in the storeroom, I felt like I was now one of them, this was as close as I had ever come to feeling like I was just like them. And being left like this as if I was just another meatgirl by him just stoked my arousal, but there was no way that I could quench that thirst or scratch that itch bound as I was. I would have to wait, just like a proper meatgirl did, to find out my fate.

Later after he returned and briefly punished his little naughty meatgirl, as he called me, I was bound down to the bed in the spare room and used by him, my limbs tightly held by ropes to each corner of the bed, the gag dulling down my cries of pleasure as he took me to greater heights, my orgasm when it came exploding through my body almost like an earthquake, if it wasn't for the ropes holding me down I would have lifted him off of the bed.

He had never seen me like this before and he was really pleased that I had enjoyed the new addition to our playtimes, he certainly had, this was something very different and it seemed to excite him just as much as it did me, to use and keep me as his own personal meatgirl, well as far as I'm aware he didn't use the other meatgirls as he had with me. When he finally tried to untie me I resisted, he quickly removed the gag and asked me if I was okay.

"Please keep me tied, use me as you like, but keep me bound and gagged, I am your meatgirl to use and play with, please… just use me…" I whispered, "You know… where…" I felt very submissive to him at this point and I felt that I needed to be used by him, and also reward him for treating me like this.

The look on his face when he realised what I had just offered to him brought a smile to my face, it was like a kid at Christmas. Soon the gag was back in place, "Better to keep you quiet!" he told me. Then he untied the ropes holding my legs apart, I knew then that he had gotten the message and didn't resist as he re-tied them tightly holding my ankles together. My wrists then followed and my hands were now rebound, the rope holding them to the top of the bed.

He then rolled me over to lay face down, and at first he started to spank me on my rear, the slaps echoing around the room as his hand found each of my nicely rounded cheeks, the initial sting developing into more pleasurable sensations that seemed to find an outlet elsewhere, my abused pussy tingling with each smack of my rear, my arousal building again with the debauchery and sensual pleasures of our wonderful playtime. Soon though the spanking stopped, he had himself become very aroused and turned on by what he was doing to me and was soon climbing on top of my body, with the weight of his own pushing my face and breasts deeper into the mattress.

That was the first time that he had taken me that way, so he didn't last too long, his excitement overcoming him as he pumped himself ever deeper into my very tight rear hole. Though it was painful for me at first, I soon overcame the uncomfortable feeling and it turned into something more enjoyable, it also made me feel very submissive to him, and even closer to him now than I had ever felt, leaving me afterwards with a feeling of contentment and happiness that I had given something back to him for what he had done for me.

I was very reluctant to be untied that night, but he agreed to keep me bound, and once he had freed me from being tied down to the bed, he picked me up in his arms and carried me from the spare room. I looked back at the hook and wondered when I would be back there again, I guess that he had read my mind at this point, and said that I would be back there soon, as he guessed that I hadn't learned my lesson and that I was just a wicked and very bad meatgirl.

Taking me to our own bed I managed to sleep bound and gagged, with him cuddled up to me, that was until I felt his stiff member poking against my bottom later during the night, and found myself being taken and used by him again for his own pleasure. I was just content that I had given him a way to satisfy his desires for me, luxuriating in the afterglow of delight that fulfilled my own needs and desires.

It wasn't that long after before I found myself bound, naked, gagged and hanging by my wrists stored from the hook in our spare bedroom again, this time he left me much longer than previously and I wondered if I was going to spend the night here, not that I would have minded in the slightest, in fact, I would have loved to be kept here, used by him and then put back afterwards. My feelings and desires, all my fantasies coming true, I was just here to be used, kept and maybe even sold, well in my mind that was what eventually happened to this poor unfortunate meatgirl.

My fantasies were interrupted when he entered the room and began to abuse my body, spanking and teasing me, keeping me on edge but not letting me get too carried away. Even leaving me there to come back later for some more torment, but eventually, his own desires took charge and I was taken down and bound to the bed. He needed no encouragement from me on how to use me and use me he did, I didn't think that he had it in him, but he kept me bound and gagged until he was thoroughly spent and well used by him, even leaving me bound as I was to the bed and heading off to our bedroom to sleep, telling me that I was too much of a distraction and he needed to rest.

I spent the night again bound and gagged, this time naked and tied down to the spare bed, luckily he had thrown a blanket over me before he left for the night to keep the chill off of my naked body. In the morning he came in and just used me again, it was just a quickie on his part, and he left me again still bound afterwards and I wondered if he would ever release me, again not that I had any objection in my mind, but my body on the other hand had its own needs and desires, and once partly untied a mad dash to the bathroom followed, much to his amusement.

Eventually, he gave in to my requests and after using me one night he carried me over and placed me back on the hook, and with a spank on my rear he left me there. I remained bound there the entire night, the ropes holding me in place, the gag stopping any form of protest on my part, there was no way of calling out for him if I wanted to change my mind, not that there was any chance of that, this was what I had wanted to happen.

I had been used by him and stored away as I needed, the door to the spare room now closed, and the light turned off leaving me there alone in the darkness, any physical discomfort would have to be endured until he released eventually me, though the slight strain on my muscles was tolerable and in the end, the minor aches and pains were well worth it to be treated and used like this.

Of course, the reward for his efforts was something to his delight, his body again pushing my breasts deep into the soft mattress as he plundered my rear, his hardened member penetrating me, his hands holding me firmly down even though I was still tightly bound, I felt completely under his control, I was just an object for his sexual needs, with my submissive side enjoying every moment. He seemed to last longer each time that he used me this way, and my body seemed to adapt quicker to being taken like this, the pain less than it was the first time.

But even though I spent many nights bound, naked and gagged, my wrists fastened to the ceiling hook, it never seemed to fully scratch my desires, though it was always fun and pleasurable and we both got enjoyment out of our playtime, there was always that deep down craving to be kept like the other meatgirls, and though I never let him know this I guessed he sensed that something was missing, that my own needs and hunger was not being quenched. Even when he put a second hook in one of the walk-in cupboards to store me away, he could see in my eyes I guess that while I was enjoying what he was doing to me and for me, there was always that final part.

There was a long weekend coming up, the store would be closed for nearly three days, closing early on the Saturday, and the shop wouldn't open again until Tuesday. He didn't tell me in advance what his plans were for the weekend, maybe some golf or fishing was all I got from him, so I guess that I would be spending the long weekend on my own. But he had other plans for me, once the store was closed he came upstairs just like he usually did, but he had that wicked, devious smile that I knew would lead to me being bound in some way and used by him, abusing my naked body for his (and my own) pleasure.

So I just let him tie me like he usually did, and that was after I stripped naked for him, teasing him with my body as I did so (and saving my clothing in the process). Once he had tightly fastened the rope around my wrists and ankles, securing them, he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, carrying me again like I was just another meatgirl. I did wonder why he hadn't gagged me yet, but I guess that he may have wanted me to reward him with my mouth before finishing me off with the gag, as he had done in the past.

We headed for the spare room, where I expected to be placed on one of the two hooks that he had installed for our playtime, but instead, he turned and headed down the stairs. This threw me slightly and I wondered if he was just getting something from downstairs in the shop that he had forgotten. But when we reached the door of the storeroom where the meatgirls were kept while waiting to be sold, he placed me down on my feet and then spoke.

"Well meatgirl, it's been good having you around, but now I guess that it's time to put you where you really belong." He told me with a serious look on his face, I wondered what was going on, and was about to ask but was interrupted by him.

"Look, it's a long weekend and the store is going to remain closed, so I thought that I'd give you the chance to experience life as a real meatgirl, that's if you still want to?" he asked.

I was stunned, this was certainly unexpected, and he seemed to be genuine in what he was offering me. But he mistook my silence for me not wanting to go through with this and started to apologise for making this mistake.

"No, I'm just stunned at the moment, this is very unexpected…" I started to reply.

"Seems that I made a mistake in thinking that this was what you wanted, sorry…" he said.

"No, don't be, I like the thought and your willingness to indulge me in my fantasies, you've always tried to accommodate me and my weird desires." I told him, then continued, "And yes, I would love to find out what it's really like to be a meatgirl, except the part where I end up served with vegetables! " I laughed.

"Well, no veggies then… unless…" he winked, suggesting where the vegetables could go.

"But I would love to be kept as one of the meatgirls, being stored away and kept locked up as part of the stock." I replied, "Until my owner wanted to again find a use for this poor unfortunate meatgirl, that is."

"Maybe, this owner might want to use one of the other meatgirls for his needs." he laughed, then continued, "So are you ready to try this?"

"Yes please, but only on one strict condition." I stated, "Once I'm bound and gagged I want you to treat me just like the other meatgirls, with no preferential treatment on my part, I want to be just like they are, to become one of them and feel the way they do, and also to be kept the same way as part of the store's inventory."

"Well I can agree to some of that, but I'm not shaving off your hair, I prefer you not to be bald." he laughed, "Though down there is fine." He pointed to my neatly shaven sex, now slightly puffy and glistening with moisture from my own heightened arousal at the thought of becoming another meatgirl.

"Okay, I forgot that part, but other than that I want to be treated just the same, please," I replied.

"All right, from this moment on you'll be no more than just another meatgirl in the storeroom, and treated like one," he stated, and turned and picked up the ballgag that the meatgirls wore, with the hole through the centre for the feeding tube. I stood there waiting, shaking from anticipation.

"Right meatgirl, final chance to back out?" he asked. "Your last chance to let me know."

Looking up from staring at the ground, my submissive side enjoying the moment, I caught his eye and without another word from me, just opened my mouth ready for him to proceed. He pushed the ballgag home, pulling the straps tightly around my head and securing the gag in place, adjusting it to fit perfectly.

"Right meatgirl, let's put you away until the customer comes to collect you." he teased and picked me up over his shoulder again. Opening the door to the storeroom caused the lighting to come on, and from my vantage point, I could see a row of meatgirls inside, their wrists held above their heads to the hooks directly above them. Then I caught a glimpse of their heads, expecting to see them hairless, but each one was covered by what looked like a cloth bag. I wondered what was going on, but being gagged, there was no way that I could ask.

Plus as I was just a meatgirl now I knew that I shouldn't speak, not that I wished to either, but the hoods did seem odd. Maybe that's how he kept them now, I would have to find out later when he eventually took me out of the storeroom. But it made them all look even more enigmatic and mysterious, their facial features hidden made them even more identical than they already were.

He carried me over to a spare hook, placing my feet down on the ground he looked at me thinking that I may have somehow changed my mind in the brief moments, but he saw the look of wonderment in my eyes at finally being here and knew that he couldn't stop, that this was something that I had wanted for so long. Grabbing my bound wrists he lifted my arms up and attached the rope to the hook, my arms were now fixed in place and I couldn't get myself free, the delightful tingles spreading throughout my body told me that I didn't want my freedom at the moment.

Looking around at the other meatgirls, while he left me hanging there for the moment, they all seemed so sensuous, their lithe bodies reflecting the light from the perspiration glistening on their skin, their smooth fleshy curves seemed so delectable as did the rest of their bodies. I wondered if I looked the same as them, would someone want to buy this particular meatgirl, am I as juicy and ripe as these meatgirls or am I just some offal only fit for pet food.

When he turned back he took a picture of me with the other meatgirls and showed me that there was no difference in the way that we looked, I was just like them, minus the hood that was and with hair I looked like I was just playing at being a meatgirl. Of course, that wouldn't be the case, I had asked to be treated like the other meatgirls, I had wanted to be the same as them, best be careful what you wish for I guess.

Once he had put the camera down, he turned with some form of device in his hands, he looked at me to say, "You sure want to go through this?" To which I nodded my head, lost in my own realm of fantasy and arousal, I didn't actually realise what he had in his hand, that was until I felt the cold metal against my erect left nipple, then the pain hit me, more of a sting than permanent pain, and I looked down at my left breast which now sported a plastic tag with a barcode and number that identified me as part of the stock.

That was something that I didn't expect to happen, but again I had said that I wanted to be treated just like the others, they all wore one from their own breasts, and he was fulfilling my own wishes. Next, I felt a cold thing pressed on my right side and against my soft, fleshy rear, and saw that a grading mark had been applied to my skin, then realised that this was indelible ink and wouldn't wash off easily, I would be wearing this for some time to come. I wondered what was next?

After a few more photos of me hanging there, with close-ups of my abused breast which sported the ID tag and the new markings on my rear, I guessed that he was finished preparing me. I was now ready to be kept as just another meatgirl, and other than the look that he had given me before the nipple tag, there had been no other communication between us, I guess in his eyes I was just another meatgirl now.

But there was one last thing that he needed to do before he left me here, and that was to shove the tight cloth bag over my head, forcing it down until the end settled around my neck, I hadn't noticed that the bag was secured with a zip-tie to hold it in place, there was no way to remove it even if my hands were free, the zip-tie closed around my neck letting me know it was there, but not tight enough to restrict my airway.

Now that I was finished and ready, he took some more photos that I guess he intended to show me later, and for his own personal amusement. Then he moved me forward until my breasts were pressed up against the back of another meatgirl, and then another meatgirl was pressed up against my own back, and I wondered what he was up to, but I would eventually find out. With a few more pictures it was time for him to leave, satisfied that I was now in my place, and looking for all the world to see just like the other meatgirls.

The light going off let me know that he had now left me here, I was truly just another meatgirl now, locked away in the storeroom, naked and hanging from the hook above me just like the others, the feeding tube giving me some sweet tasting liquid but only enough to keep my fluid levels at optimum for my eventual sale, can't have malnourished meatgirl on display can we.

Then it suddenly dawned on me, we hadn't set any time for just how long I would be kept in here, stored away as just another meatgirl, but then did I really want to know, that was part of the overall experience I guessed, and it was now out of my hands anyway.

Once he had left and the storeroom returned to darkness did I begin to realise why he had pressed me tightly between the other meatgirls, and probably the reason they looked a little bit sweaty when I first saw them. The meatgirl in front of me began to slowly rub herself against me, her soft skin stroking against my own, and then the meatgirl behind me joined in, gently moving her body against my back and rear.

It was strange at first but then I felt my own arousal starting to build, stuck between two female bodies as they moved in some form of rhythm, their little moans and cries letting me know that they were enjoying what they were doing to me, and I joined in, moving and caressing their bodies with my own. My breasts were particularly sensitive, but they always have been, but this seemed to be on another level.

The movements of their bodies were slow and delicate, not the rough and rushed handling that I had experienced at the hands of my husband, this was gentle and sensuous and much more intimate, and over time it built up to such a degree that I eventually managed to orgasm, much to my surprise and by the sound of things so did the other two meatgirls who were sharing this moment with me.

Once things had calmed down, the final stages of my sexual initiation into the world of meatgirls had passed, and I listened to the sounds of other females also enjoying the closeness of our bodies. This would I guess be their final moments of pleasure, their own self-indulgence, something that probably took their minds off their ultimate fate. It seemed to continue for some time, only interrupted when the light came on and the door to the storeroom opened, then they stopped what they were doing when they knew someone was coming in for them.

But they were safe, at least for now, not that they knew that the shop was closed for the next day or so. It was just the store owner coming in to check on his current stock of meatgirls, making sure that each was still connected to the feeding system, his hands touching against their soft bodies, when he got to mine his hands lingered, but he quickly moved on. I wondered if he was thinking of taking me down and removing me, but that notion was erased when the door shut again, the light going out and the sound of the lock letting the meatgirls know that another long night waited for them ahead.

Their bodies started to gently move and sway again, their little erotic dance began again and so I joined in, the feel of their warm smooth flesh against my own felt delicious, the tactile caress of each other's bodies against the other sending delightful feelings though each of the meatgirls bodies as they hung there in the dark storeroom, their final moments of pleasure, grinding against the other bodies that shared their fate, seeking out comfort and gratification from rubbing against each other's bodies, it was all unexpected but very erotic.

Eventually, all activity ceased inside the storeroom, either through exhaustion or tiredness, but soon the only sounds were the soft, gentle breathing from the meatgirls that hung from their hooks. I was very tired and worn out too, and soon found comfort in my own slumber, though in my dreams I was just another meatgirl and about to be sold off to a waiting customer, taken from the storeroom and trussed up to be taken away, the final vision of my husband smiling at me as I was carried by the customer out of the door. The dream was broken when the feeding system kicked in and the same sweet-tasting liquid ran over my tongue, and also it seemed to be doing the same to the other meatgirls.

By now they were all awake again and their soft, sensuous movements began once more, though this time much slower and gentle, this was more for compassion and consoling than sexual gratification, they knew that their time would be short, the feeding tube activating after the long night letting them know that another day was just starting, and that maybe that this was their final day, to be taken out and sold to a customer.

Hanging there by my wrists I began to wonder how long I would remain here, after all, we hadn't set any time limit other than the fact that the store would be open again on Tuesday. I seem to have lost track of the amount of time I had been stored here in the darkness, had it been days or just a few hours? I was no longer sure, maybe it was already Tuesday and I would remain here as part of the stock, I had asked him to treat me like one of the meatgirls, nothing more, and maybe he would keep me here until sold.

The morning had started, it seemed, when the feeding system fed the meatgirls, but there were no other signs that the day had begun out in the real world. The door to the storeroom remained closed, and though I expected to remain here I did think that my husband would come down to check up on me after spending however long I had been kept in here, but that was not to be, I was forgotten it seemed, I had gotten my wish.

But unknown to me he had other plans, well not quite that way but that's not how he put it. He had forgotten that the feeding system and storeroom were being upgraded, and the whole system would need to be replaced and updated, something that he had been putting off for a while, and he had totally forgotten that this was the day that he had arranged for the contractors to come.

Now that they were on site and wanted to get going, but the only thing stopping them was the meatgirls still in the storeroom. So he quickly had to arrange for the stock to be relocated to another store, and luckily for him, they had room for the meatgirls and sent over a truck to pick them up. Of course, you can see he had a bit of a problem here, namely with his wife still naked, bound and gagged inside the storeroom, he couldn't just take me out and carry me upstairs, that would look odd to the workmen who by now had started to take things apart.

The truck arrived and they started to move the meatgirls from the storeroom, the contractors joining in to get things moving. The sound of the door opening let the meatgirls know that the day had begun, and that soon they may find themselves removed and on to their fate. I on the other hand wondered what was going on, the sound of several male voices seemed very odd, the store was closed I thought, so who were these men and what were they here for.

I soon found out when I was quickly hoisted over the shoulder of one of the men and carried out of the storeroom, I certainly didn't expect this and wondered what my husband had planned, or was this my destiny all along. I daren't move or give myself away, it seemed the fact that I was not an actual meatgirl was not known to these men, and they treated me just like they did with the others, their hands grasping the soft bundles of female flesh as they carried them out of the store, their fingers finding places that they shouldn't have been.

It came as a shock that I found myself outside, the cooler air hitting my skin caused goosebumps to appear all over my body, I also wondered who was seeing me in my naked form, out in the public eye for all to see. But then people were used to seeing naked meatgirls, and I guess that was what I was in their eyes, so it was more of a shock to me than them. It was only a short journey outside from the store, and I was hoisted up by the man carrying me to other rough hands, who picked me up and moved me further inside the truck, finally hanging my wrists on the next available hook.

Once all of the meatgirls were loaded the rear doors of the truck were closed and it started to move off. I was in a daze at the moment, I didn't know what was happening, was this part of our game or had I indeed just become another meatgirl, I was labelled as part of the stock, so to everyone else, that was what I was. Especially with the cloth hood covering my head and hiding the fact that I still had hair, all of the meatgirls in the storeroom looked the same, my husband had even remarked that even he couldn't tell the difference between us.

The truck journey was short, though from the inside to me it felt like hours, with each turn the meatgirls in the rear swung from their bound wrists, losing their footing and bumping into each other, whoever was driving didn't seem to care for the load that they were carrying. The truck eventually came to a halt and everything went quiet for a while. Maybe we were back at the store and that this was part of the experience that he had somehow managed to arrange, but it did seem to involve lots of people, and I doubt that even could have arranged this for me.

The sound of the rear doors opening let us know that we were at our destination, and soon hands started to touch, lift and carry us meatgirls out from the truck. I felt as though I was really now part of the stock, just like all the other meatgirls, I had become one of them now, my fate the same as theirs. The words 'be careful what you wish for' came to mind, with my mother's warning about me becoming one of those 'bad' girls.

The same rough hands picked me off of the hook and carried me to the rear of the truck, there others were waiting to carry the meatgirls into another building. It was very hard to see through the cloth sack over my head, just vague outlines and after landing over the shoulder of another worker it was difficult to see where we were. I was carried into the building and through to another room, where I was placed down on my feet, my wrist quickly held above my head and attached to another hook, and then just as quickly I was left hanging there.

Once the unloading was complete the door to where we were now stored was closed and again we were left in darkness. Again I wondered where I was and what was going on, but there was no way for me to find out, I really was just part of the stock, just another meatgirl and now transferred to another store it seemed. I began to think that maybe I had been sold, that maybe my husband had changed his mind but didn't want the knowledge of my sale and final demise on his conscience.

Later that day the door opened again and this time I heard the sound of two people walking in, and then one of them spoke. "See, they're all fine, I don't know why you were worried about them, they survived the journey and have now settled into their new storeroom just fine."

"Well, it was all such a rush, what with the contractors and all." I heard the voice of my husband speaking to the other guy, "Thanks for taking them in at such short notice, it was a bit of a pain I know, and I owe you one for helping me out."

"No problem, happy to help." the other man replied, "but my offer still stands if you want to sell them to me."

"Maybe, that would be logical and I could just order more from the wholesaler, but I guess I'd need the stock for Tuesday." My husband told him.

I could only listen to their conversation, there was no way for me to let him know my own thoughts and feelings about this. I didn't know if the other guy knew I wasn't another meatgirl or not. Again I didn't want to give myself away, either for the embarrassment of being discovered like this or the amount of trouble it would possibly create. I had to just accept that I was to remain as part of the stock, to them at the moment that was all I was, something to be bought and sold.

"They're a fine bunch of meatgirls," said the other guy, his hands running over the body of the meatgirl hanging there, "They all look very tasty, I'd bet that this one would roast well." His hands continued to explore the meatgirl hanging there.

That meatgirl was me, the touch of his hand sending delightful shivers throughout my body, each touch of his fingers against my soft flesh felt like electric shocks, pleasant and not unwanted. He was treating me as though I was just another meatgirl, and his describing me as something worth roasting made me feel very submissive, and the slight dampness that began forming between my legs let me know that this was the first flush of my arousal at the thought of being nothing more than a meatgirl for someone's dinner. I wanted, desired for this to happen to me, I no longer cared, I was that meatgirl that my mother warned me about becoming.

Of course, this went unnoticed by the two men standing there watching my reactions to their conversation and the touching of my body. It seemed that my husband and this man had been friends for some time, they both bought and sold meatgirls, so they were both used to dealing with them. My husband had been worried about leaving me in the hands of others and had come over to check up on the meatgirls, as he told the other guy, but he didn't want to let on that one of the meatgirls was actually his own wife, and that this was just a game that they were playing.

And even when Ollie saw that the guy was touching his wife as she hung there in the storeroom, his hands exploring the very curves and skin that he loved so much, he just couldn't let the guy know, even though they were friends, he didn't think that it would have been fair to embarrass me in front of others by revealing that I was not a real meatgirl. So once they had finished their inspection they left the room, closing the door and leaving the meatgirls again in darkness, the final sound of the lock closing letting me know that I was stuck here, wherever here was.

I guess that he had figured that I was in no danger, I was part of his own stock and unless he sold us that we would remain his, plus this other store was also closed over the long weekend, so there was no possibility of the stock getting mixed up and his wife being sold. Anyway, it was all out of his hands at this minute, with the current situation back at his own store this was the best that he could arrange at the last moment, not ideal but it was something that he could live with until the contractors finished, and he hoped that I would understand when he finally managed to get me free from all this.

To me though it was as if I had been sold, they were talking about that when the guy was running his hand over my naked flesh, I was just part of the stock after all, this was what I had asked for I figured, and he had indulged my wishes. Eventually, I would be taken from this storeroom, bound and trussed up like a turkey and taken to someone's home, there to be roasted slowly in an oven.

The thought should have horrified me but strangely it didn't, I seemed to accept my fate, this was my destiny, I had finally become like the other meatgirls, maybe they thought the same as I did, acceptance, it was out of their hands and mine anyway. Just enjoy your final days while waiting to be sold, which they seemed to savour, and soon the rubbing of the bodies started again, now settled into the new storeroom, this was just another part of their journey I guessed. I joined in with the movements, my own soft skin and tender parts moving against the meatgirl in front of me, while the one behind did the same to me, and I returned the favour to her as well.

Again left in the darkness, time had no meaning, I lost track of how long I had been here, it was just the occasional feeding that broke up the time spent here in the darkness. As a meatgirl, there's a limited amount of time you have I guess, and what day or month it is doesn't matter, you just live for the moment and seek out the small comfort and appreciate the moments of joy with the other meatgirls that were kept along with you.

It came as a bit of a shock when the storeroom door was finally opened, it had seemed so long ago that we were placed inside of here. Then I heard two male voices, "Okay so these meatgirls on this side are only being stored here for the moment, so don't take those, unless I tell you to. Use these ones first until we sell out, then maybe we can start on the others. It seems like my mate is having problems getting his own storeroom back up and running after the upgrades."

"So just these first, and then these." the other voice asked.

"Yes, I haven't bought those ones yet, but if we start selling them I'll let him know and buy them from him, I'm sure that he wouldn't mind." said the other, who I recognised as the guy who touched me the other day.

"Right, best get on then, the customers will be here soon." replied the other.

I heard the sound of one of the meatgirls being picked up and carried from the room, and the door closed again leaving us in darkness. Was this my fate now? I wondered what was going on back at my husband's store, what had happened to the storeroom and why hadn't he come and collected me yet, but then I thought that maybe he didn't want me back, I was too much trouble with my demands and that selling me was the easiest option for him.

The day continued, other than the stillness of the storeroom, the tranquillity was only broken when the occasional meatgirl was taken out from the storeroom for a waiting customer I imagined. Though at one point the worker made a mistake and his hands touched my body, then he realised his error and said, "I don't know why he won't let me sell you yet, but he's the boss I guess, but soon."

But that seemed the last of the meatgirls sold that day, soon the sound of the lock on the outside let the meatgirls inside know that another day had passed, and they were going to survive another day. But with the store closed for the night there was no way for my husband to come over and check up on me, unknown to me he had spent most of the day hurriedly trying to get some part needed for the storeroom to function, so he had missed out on getting over to the other store to check how I was, he hoped that I hadn't been sold, but again he didn't want to let on that I was one of his stock of meatgirls.

The next day came and again a couple more meatgirls were sold, that side of the storeroom was getting less and less, and soon they would be starting on the new stock, which would be my group of meatgirls including me. Hanging there in the darkness there was nothing that I could do other than to accept that I had really just become another meatgirl, it seemed to me that my husband had given up on me, so I just hung there and waited for the final day to come for me.

When the door opened again I could just see through the cloth hood that the worker had begun taking the meatgirls from my side of the storeroom, grabbing one and carting her out over his shoulder, I figured that she was off to be sold. Then the door opened again and another one was taken. It must be a busy day, I thought, a sudden rush on meatgirls, not that I was aware of what was going on outside of the storeroom. More meatgirls were taken and then it came to my turn, I had finally been sold I thought.

The worker carried me out of the storeroom, and out into the main area of the store, several customers were waiting to be served and I wondered which one had bought me. But to my surprise, I was carried out past the waiting customers and out of the store, there I was handed over to another worker and carried inside the truck, then hung from a free hook. Once all the meatgirls were loaded, the doors closed and it headed off carrying its load of tasty meatgirls to their next destination.

The truck came to a stop, and finally, after a short wait, the rear doors opened, but instead of unloading the meatgirls inside, several more were added, each one hung from one of the hooks just like me and the other meatgirls. This must be the wholesalers I thought, and wondered where we were all destined for. Again the doors closed sealing us inside, and the truck drove off.

After a while, we reached our last stop, and the meatgirls were starting to be unloaded, though only some of them it seemed. Each one was scanned by a device in the driver's hands, checking the barcodes for the delivery that he had to offload. Several meatgirls were taken off the truck and I wondered if I would be joining them, it didn't seem to be from my point of view, as the driver left the vehicle, all of the meatgirls on one side had been unloaded but I was still here with the fresh stock from the wholesaler.

The driver returned and I could just see the outline of the door closing on one side, then he started on the other before I heard a voice call out. The sound of the voice sounded familiar, this must be my husband's store and this was one of the workers that he employed. "I think we're missing one." was what he said.

The driver responded that he had unloaded the right amount of meatgirls, and even said that he had counted the right number, so there shouldn't be a problem.

"No, there was one not on our stocklist, the one that we left over at the other store must still be on the truck." The other voice replied.

"But you've got the correct number of meatgirls, what's the difference?" the driver said, "They're just meatgirls after all."

"Yeah, that's as maybe but the boss insisted on getting the correct ones back, I don't know either, I agree that they're all the same, but it's my job to follow his instructions." Came the reply.

"Okay, you bring out the other meatgirl and I'll try to find yours, though there's no bloody difference, your boss sounds like a right arsehole to work for." The driver said and climbed back in the truck.

I had heard their conversation and hoped that my husband's worker stuck to his word and got the proper meatgirls from the truck and did not let the driver get away. I thought that I was destined to be taken back to the other store, for sale to the next customer. The outline of the driver approached me hanging there in the back of the truck, I had been moved by the wholesalers to the other side and away from the others.

"There you are, more trouble than you're worth." Grabbing the tag that was fixed to my left nipple and pulling it towards him, making me grunt in pain that he was causing by the rough handling. "Shut up, or you'll get more, nothing but meat after all, if I had my way you'd be mince by this evening for all the trouble your lot have caused me."

His hands lifted me up and carried me towards the back of the truck, "Here's the troublemaker, make sure that you sell her first!" The driver said to the worker from the store, who exchanged the other meatgirl for me.

"Yeah, sure." Replied the worker as he hoisted me over his shoulder and carried me into the store, once inside he headed to the storeroom and placed me inside, again my wrists were held over my head attached to another hook, the light going out as he closed the door. At one point he returned and walked over to me, but turned and grabbed one of the other meatgirls and carried her out to the waiting customer.

Otherwise, I was left hanging by my bound wrist for the rest of the day, just another meatgirl in his eyes, part of the stock waiting to be eventually sold. I felt like I was now nothing more than a product to be stored until required, to be consumed by whoever purchased this tasty meatgirl. My thoughts drifted off to the different ways that I could be prepared.

Eventually, I heard the lock closing on the outside of the storeroom, and I was left here inside with the other meatgirls. I wondered where my husband was, and if I would ever see him again. I did fear that maybe something had happened while I was in the other storeroom and that maybe he couldn't rescue me from my fate. Or that maybe I really was just here as part of the stock after all.

It was much later when the door to the storeroom opened and the light returned, though we hadn't been given our morning fluids, so it couldn't be the start of the next day. Without a word spoken, I was picked up and thrown over someone's shoulder and carried out from the storeroom. Then I felt the person walking up some stairs and guessed that this was my husband, though he still remained quiet.

My bound body was carried into another room, and thrown down onto a soft bed, I hadn't been on one in a while it seemed to me, and at some point never thought that I would see one ever again. I was left face down, my wrists were bound to the headboard, and my ankles remained tied as they had been since I had been placed inside the storeroom.

The sound of someone undressing and their clothes hitting the floor was the only thing that I could hear, then the feeling of someone else climbing on the bed next to my body, followed by warm but rough hands starting to touch my skin, the hands exploring several parts of my body. Bound, gagged and hooded still I could do nothing to stop them. Soon the body moved on top of my own and I was pressed deeper into the mattress, my breasts squashed by the weight of their body on mine, the still attached nipple tag letting me know of its presence.

Then the familiar feel of something solid probing at my rear, pushing until my muscles gave way and allowed this invasion of my body. Then the thrusting started, the hands pushing my shoulders against the mattress, forcing my face against the pillow and making it harder for me to breathe. I tried resisting at one point as I struggled to get some air in my lungs but this just made him more determined to hold me firmer in place.

This went on for a short while, the pumping of his rigid member into my rear, I began to enjoy the forceful way that he was holding me down, even though I was tied and gagged and couldn't stop what was happening to me. It seemed to turn him on more to abuse me like this and soon I felt the familiar feeling as he came inside of me, his hands still forcing me to remain where I was. Then he fell on top of me and rested himself, obviously worn out from his exertion and effort in using me.

But if I thought that I was going to be free at this point I was going to be mistaken, he seemed to have gotten a second wind and again used me for his pleasure, reaming my rear until I was sore and abused by him. After a brief pause, I felt him move again and thought that he was going to use me again, but he got off of the bed and untied the rope holding my wrists in place, the rope that fastened my wrists together remained as did the one's around my ankles.

The hands returned and dragged my bound, abused body from the bed, again I was thrown over his shoulder and I was carried from the bedroom. It came as a bit of a shock that I was now being taken back downstairs, I had thought that once he had used me that then I would be freed, but that was not the plan it seemed.

Again without speaking one word, I was carried back into the storeroom and placed back on one of the hooks, my naked body pressed up against another meatgirl and left there, the light going out letting me know that I was again stuck here, would I ever be free again or was I next up for sale, though slightly 'shop soiled', as I felt his fluids running down my legs.

Whatever happened to me afterwards I will leave up to your own imagination, was I sold and roasted, or did my husband Ollie come down and rescue me from my fate?


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