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Hotel Visit

by Subdriver

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© Copyright 2005 - Subdriver - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; packed; suitcase; transported; public; toys; cons; X

My wife really enjoys situations where she can be used anonymously. I have mummified or packaged her a few of times, leaving only her mouth and bottom exposed, reducing her to a set of holes, available for use at any time. 

I noticed that, if placed in the suitcase on her back, certain areas of her were accessible when the zippers were opened slightly at the bottom of the bag. Trapped in the bag with the zippers opened slightly, she became an extremely anonymous hole ready for use. With this in mind, I mounted a dildo on a hort dowel rod, painted black to match the suitcase. Before checking out of our room on one of our visits, I unzipped the bag and inserted the dildo, then pulled the zippers tight around the shaft of the dowel rod, now protruding from the bottom of the bag. 

With everything snuggly in place, I wheeled her through the hotel, right up to the front desk to check out. Of course, to anyone glancing at the bag, the black shaft of the dowel looked like a center leg for the upright. However, from her perspective, she was incredibly, yet anonymously exposed, with the object thoroughly packed into her most private area in full view, for all to see. 

I could not help but notice that, when I loaded her bag into the car, the dowel rod was very wet. Interestingly enough, when the suitcase is packed with my wife and sitting upright, it tends to lean forward ever so slightly. It just so happens that the dowel rod, positioned as it is, does act as an extra leg for the bag, resulting in a little extra pressure being applied to the dowel rod as the bag sits upright. 

I'm sure that didn't have any effect on the contents...  

This weekend my wife and I again spent our days off in a hotel, with her unencumbered by clothing of any kind. As with each of our hotel stays, we tried to make this one different from the last. 

To begin, we decided that she would, as always, spend the entire weekend away from home gagged and bound naked, without access to clothing of any kind. Her only means of being covered during the trip to and from the hotel would be her suitcase, in which she would be packed, trussed and helpless. To add to this scenario, we decided that she would spend the entire weekend bound in a single position. For this we chose her favorite position, a severe folded tie, with her knees held tight against her shoulders and her legs held spread wide by bonds that stretched across her back and encircled her thighs, keeping her open and available. 

Since she was to remain in this position for an extended period of time, I chose her favorite material, leather straps, to bind her with for most of the weekend. I secured her into the folded position using a special bondage strap, (marketed by Paul C. Leather as the “Wonder Strap”) which consists of two padded thigh cuffs connected by a wide leather belt. By placing her thighs into each cuff, then pulling the strap tight across her back, she can be instantly, strictly, inescapably bound into a severe fold with her legs spread wide. Equally so, she can be released within moments, allowing her short breaks without having to untie complicated bondage. To this ensemble I added wrist and ankle cuffs, shoulder straps, a collar, dental spreader gag, and additional thigh straps, to hold her ankles tight to her thighs. For the trip there, I wanted her open and available, so I did not fill her with any toys. 

Once bound and gagged, I packed her into her upright suitcase, tossed some rope, straps, and toys into into a separate bag, then loaded the luggage into the car for the trip downtown. 

I chose a downtown hotel this time because I wanted a parking valet to unload my bags. Upon our arrival at the hotel, I turned the car over to the parking valet , leaving the bellhop to unload the bags from the trunk while I checked in. I cautioned the bellhop to handle the big bag with care, as it contained delicate “equipment” that I was demonstrating. Inside the bag, my naked, helplessly spread wife could only listen as strangers unknowingly lifted her from the car trunk and wheeled her into the lobby. After checking in, I had the bellhop bring my bags to the room, innocently wheeling my luggage along the hallways on a hotel luggage cart. 

Once we were alone in the room, I unpacked her and put her holes to good use. Naked, folded tight, and spread wide open, she is an obvious sex toy, with only one purpose, for which she would be repeatedly used throughout the weekend. 

With the exception of short bathroom breaks, she spent the entire weekend bound and used in this manner. I varied the position occasionally, from cuffing her wrists together behind her to attaching them to the sides of her ankle cuffs. This was more for her comfort. When room service arrived with dinner, I stuffed her in a armoire before allowing the gentleman to enter with our dinner. After he left, I removed her from the cabinet, pulled out her gag, and placed her face down on the floor, allowing me to use her as a dinner table. Once I had finished dining, I placed her meal on a plate on the floor and watched her struggle to eat while strictly bound. 

The next day we checked out. However, for the trip home, I decided that her bondage needed to be “enhanced”. After a short break, I bound her back into the folded position with rope. However, rather than simply stretching the rope from thigh to thigh across her back, I first bound her breasts tight by encircling them with several coils of rope, binding each breast into a swollen globe. I then stretched a ropes from her left breast across her back and tied it to her right thigh, then repeated the process with her right breast and left thigh. 

Bound in this way, she was held in the spread, folded position by her breast bondage. I then finished binding her with rope, tying her ankles to her thighs and her wrists behind her back. Again, her dental gag was added, to keep her mouth open wide. Since she was so nicely, and painfully, spread it occurred to me that she should be completely spread. With that thought it mind, I added four clothespins between her legs, clamping two on each of her soft lips before pulling the clothespins back to her thighs and taping them down with duct tape. 

Now she was ready for transport. I packed her back into her suitcase and headed down to the lobby with her to check out. I had waited until nearly eleven thirty, when most of the other guests were also waiting to check out, to ensure that my luggage would have a nice, long, very public wait in the lobby. After about ten minutes, I finished checking out, then gave my stub to the valet and waited for my car. I tipped the bellhop again when he loaded my bags back into the trunk. In the bag, even the slightest bump or jolt placed strain on my wife’s breast bondage, causing her thighs to shift and pull on her clothespins. While the dental gag does make coherent speech impossible, it does nothing to muffle the captive, and my wife was forced to contain herself as the bag was loaded into the trunk. 

After leaving the hotel, I pulled into a parking lot and unlocked the trunk. Unzipping the bag for a moment, I added a vibrator to her predicament, shoving it deeply into her. Once switched on, the dildo not only vibrated her, but the clothespins surrounding it as well. I knew that she would never have been able to endure the vibrator and the clamps silently for her trip through the lobby. But packed in a suitcase, locked away in the trunk for the ride home, her silence mattered little. 

I took the long way home.


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