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Home Sweet Box

by Trent

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© Copyright 2013 - Trent - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; bond; cuffs; box; foam; drug; gag; electro; tease; torment; toys; insert; climax; stuck; transported; cons/reluct; X

Part 1




Those three little grunts were about all Emily could muster, but it was all her friend Alexis needed to hear. To Alexis, those three simple grunts meant time was up, and she assisted her friend out of her bondage.

To anyone who didn’t know Emily as well as Alexis did, the sight certainly would have been surprising – a petite, 5’ 4” brunette, considered to be beautiful by most, lying on her basement floor completely naked, save for the various restraints and devices attached to young 22-year-old. Four steel cuffs, two on her wrists and two on her ankles, each attached to their own chain pulling her into a spread eagle position. A bright red ball gag locked firmly behind her teeth. A black leather blindfold strapped tightly around her head.

But perhaps the most striking part of her predicament were the two large black intruders locked into her two remaining holes by a thin strap of leather. One, a 6” butt plug, the other, a 10” dildo, both with vibrators inside. Upon further inspection, one would find the controls to these two toys, placed next to the struggling girl, both set to maximum – just where they had been for the past three hours.

Once Alexis removed the last of the restraints, Emily, exhausted from her ordeal, struggled to get to her feet. With assistance from her friend, she slowly made her way to the bathroom and took a long, hot bath, relaxing away the soreness from her latest session.

Emily was quite the bondage aficionado. She had been experimenting with bondage since she was a teenager. Now that she was older and more experienced, she found it was increasingly difficult to satisfy her desires of bondage on her own. So she had turned to her best friend, Alexis, for assistance.

Alexis was quite the contradiction. She was absolutely stunning – she stood 5’ 7” with long blonde hair and a toned, athletic body. Alexis was also quite the academic, a nerd’s dream. Alexis was going to school to become a computer software engineer. She was very intelligent, and while Emily was not dumb, she certainly was not on the same level as her friend.

Alexis went to school in the city and, as such, decided to live in the city. Emily on the other hand had a good paying job working as a secretary in a local doctor’s office. She decided to stay in the suburbs rather than commute the 40 minutes to and from work every day. She lived in a small, but nice two-bedroom house. The house was perfect for her – a nice, fenced-in backyard, a pool, a garage and, most importantly to her, a basement. From here Emily was able to satisfy her craving with relatively little effort, especially since Alexis was now helping her.

But eventually, that feeling of dissatisfaction she had had before returned.

While she genuinely appreciated Alexis’ help, she was finding herself falling short of her goals once again. Her sessions were no longer nearly as fun as then had been, and she needed to find something more. She reflected on her passion, desperately trying to figure out what it was that made the activity so exciting for her.

Then it finally hit her.


All she truly wanted was to be completely and utterly helpless. But save for being kidnapped and bound by a stranger, was there any way for her to be left with absolutely no control? Her friend insisted she stay by her side and that they had a safe word, such as it was. While she understood her friend’s requirement, it meant giving up the one thing she really wanted.

Emily racked her brain for the next three weeks, trying to come up with a way for her to achieve her ultimate goal. Her efforts were become taxing, however. She was becoming frustrated. Her work was becoming unsatisfactory as a result of her constant distraction. Finally, her boss asked her to take a few days off, saying she was likely just stressed and needed a break. Oh, how right he was.

Emily finally decided enough was enough and she asked Alexis for help. Naturally, Alexis was hesitant. She didn’t want to see Emily get hurt. But at the same time, she could see her friend was unhappy. So, after talking things over for a while, Alexis agreed to think it over for a bit and try to come up with a solution.

Two days in to her week-long vacation, Emily’s phone rang. It was Alexis.

“I’ve got good news. I think I have a plan.”

The two agreed to discuss Alexis’ idea over dinner at Emily’s place that night. Emily was dying from anticipation, but she did everything she could to hold out.

Finally, Alexis arrived, the girls ate dinner, and then sat down to discuss Alexis’ plan.

The plan was very, very intricate. Essentially, the plan involved using a computer to control various locks and other ‘devices’ in a way that was predetermined by the computer. Emily would be able to set some parameters, but the computer would randomly select almost everything, from the length of time, to the tightness of the bondage, and even the speed and power any vibrators or other toys that were attached.

Emily loved the idea and practically begged Alexis to help her with the project. Alexis agreed, and the two spent the next three weeks writing code, drawing up plans, and testing equipment.

Once the device was ready, Emily gave it a go. And she loved it. Over the next few days she played with the contraption once she came home from work. She was elated. She spent time in just about every position and predicament she could think of. Alexis came over the first few times as a safety net, but soon she was satisfied the device was relatively safe, though she demanded that Emily let her know when she was going to be in bondage and when she expected to be free. If Alexis hadn’t heard from Emily by the expected time, Alexis knew something was wrong and would be over immediately to help.

This went on for several months, but, once again, Emily was beginning to become almost bored with the device. It didn’t make sense to her. She had what she wanted. Helplessness. Or did she?

Over the next few days, Emily tried to come up with a way to truly become helpless, to leave her body to the whims of someone – or something – other than herself.

She thought back to one of her sessions with Alexis a few months back. During this particular session, Emily had asked to essentially be mummified. She was completely wrapped from head to toe in several layers of shrink wrap and duct tape. The experience was truly amazing. But how could Emily recreate this without the help of Alexis? No offense to her friend, she thought, but she wasn’t very helpless if she had someone coming to her aid every ten minutes.

Then a startling idea popped into her head.

Emily feverishly worked over the next month on creating a new device. One that would help her achieve her ultimate goal.

She bought parts, some from her local hardware stores, some online. When she had everything she needed, she got to work.

Emily worked from when she got home in the evening until the early morning hours, getting very little sleep in the process. But no one would have even guessed. She was so excited about the prospects of her project that she was her usual peppy self, even if she only had four hours of sleep the night before.

Finally, however, her work was complete. The ultimate device to help her reach her ultimate goal.

On first glance, the device appeared to be a simple grey box, about six feet long and about two and a half feet wide. But this was no ordinary box. Emily intended to be sealed inside this box and left in her computer’s ‘hands’. Using the knowledge she had gained while working on her original device with Alexis, Emily was able to reconfigure the software to control the box that she had built.

The box was cut in half along its length. On one side of the box were five heavy duty hinges holding the two halves together, creating a type of door. On the other side, embedded into each half were five powerful electromagnets. When switched on, these magnets would seal the door closed. No matter how much anyone tried, the doors would not budge so long as the magnets were on. Also, the door contained small pneumatic pistons that could open the door on their own once the computer activated the release command.

On the inside, Emily had filled the box with a type of insulating foam she found at one the local hardware stores. She filled each side with the foam and then laid down while the foam hardened, creating a mold that perfectly fit held her tiny frame. She then repeated the process for the other side. The result was a perfect mold of her naked body, front and back, that, once locked together, would hold her perfectly still. She couldn’t even move her toes or fingers.

Next, she took small amounts of the foam and mounted three things inside the box. First, a gag that fit into her mouth. Nothing too large, just something to keep her mouth occupied. Inside this gag was a small hole the led to the outside of the box to provide her with much needed air. She also had another use for this gag, but that would come later.

Next she mounted two toys at the other end: her favorite dildo and butt plug. The butt plug measured 7 inches long and had a vibrator inside. It wasn’t powerful enough to give her an orgasm by itself, but it certainly kept her entertained. The dildo, on the other hand, could give her an orgasm just by looking at it. It was about nine inches long and had ten intensity settings. When positioned correctly, could give her an earth-shattering orgasm at its 4th setting. At ten, she was cumming so much, it almost seemed like one constant orgasm.

She attached the two toys and ran their wires to the bottom of the box. This is what Emily was most proud of. At the bottom of the box sat a compartment about eight inches tall. Inside went two things: her laptop, once the program had been set, and a modified car battery, something to help run the box in case the power in her house went out. A couple of times, when Emily was using her previous bondage device, the power had gone out. When the power to the magnets was interrupted, the magnets released Emily from her bindings. She had no intention of allowing that to happen again. With the battery, she estimated she had about 24 hours of power available before the battery ran down.

In addition, Emily added several pads to the inside of the box that were designed to give her low-voltage shocks periodically, as the computer saw fit. Just enough pain to make her wish she never added them. She also added two small egg vibrators where her nipples would be located.

Once all of this was complete, it was time to add one last thing.

Emily had found a type of anesthetic, a gel, which was used by some plastic surgeons to help sedate patients without the need for traditional, expensive anesthesia. When applied to a surface and inserted into the patient’s mouth, the patient would become incredibly relaxed, almost paralyzed. Only the most basic functions, like breathing, would continue. It was a type of muscle relaxant. The description online indicated that the gel would continue to work for an indefinite amount of time because the substance was not water soluble. As long as the substance was in contact with the patient’s mouth it did its job. Once the surface was removed from the patient’s mouth, the patient would regain control after about five minutes. The best part was, the patients weren’t actually paralyzed. They would still have feeling across their body, except of course anywhere local anesthesia was applied.

For Emily, this was the icing on the cake. She intended to coat her gag with the substance, so that, once the box was closed, as long as she was locked in, she would be unable to even try to struggle. She wouldn’t be able to even muster a grunt, all while her various devices tortured her young body.

Emily almost had an orgasm just opening the box the gel came in. She applied a generous amount to the gag, the thick substance barely sliding down the smooth rubber.

Once complete, Emily set the computer to run for half an hour for her first test. She called Alexis and told her that she would be in bondage for about an hour, though not telling her friend of the specifics of her new setup.

She eagerly stripped off all of her clothes and proceeded to climb into the box. Once inside, she adjusted herself to make sure everything fit just right and slowly closed the box on top of her. As the door closed, she heard the unmistakable sound of the electromagnets engaging.

No sooner had she heard that sound did she start feeling the effects of the anesthetic gel. She struggled against the hard foam for a couple of minutes, knowing full well that the attempt was futile. As she continued to test her prison, her movements became more and more labored. Eventually, she had the full effect. She couldn’t even try to move a muscle. Emily tried to groan, but all that came out was a quiet breath.

She was in heaven. She had made sure to leave only the pleasure devices connected for her trial run; she wasn’t ready for pain just yet.

It didn’t take much to push Emily over the edge once the vibrator kicked in. She had orgasm after orgasm, and there was absolutely nothing she could do about it.

After what seemed like forever for Emily, the devices shut off and the box opened. The gag lifted from her mouth as the lid opened, but Emily couldn’t move for a couple of minutes while the gel wore off.

While she lay there, Emily contemplated the results of her test. She was surprised by how much of a success her first test had been. She played with the box several more times, each time upping the ante by adding time to her torture.

But eventually, she was ready to take her plans to the next level.

Part 2

Emily was beyond ecstatic. She finally had a way to give up control, to become completely helpless.

Her new invention, her wonderful box, was a dream come true. Emily had used the box several times over the last couple of weeks, most recently for an entire weekend. She climbed in the box and set all settings to random. The vibrators and the shock pads would both turn on and off, with varying intensity, the entire time she was locked in. She set the timer for a random interval between 3 and 36 hours. It was 8pm on Friday, which meant in the worst case scenario she would be locked inside her box until 8am Sunday.

She clicked ‘Run Program’ and tucked the computer away into the bottom portion of the box. She then stripped naked and stepped inside pulling the lid closed and sealing herself in. Once the lid closed, the time activated. Obviously unbeknownst to her, the time on the laptop read in big red numbers:

33 hours, 59 minutes, 32 seconds.

33 hours, 59 minutes, 31 seconds.

33 hours, 59 minutes, 30 seconds.

It was 6am Sunday morning when the box finally opened and the devices all shut off. However, Emily was unaware of this, as she had fallen fast asleep, exhausted from the torment during the past 34 hours. Not that it mattered at that point anyway, as the anesthetic gel needed time to wear off.

Once she awoke a few hours later, she immediately began plotting her next session, a faint grin appearing on her face.

Emily was aware that any more escalation to her fantasies could quickly become very unsafe for her, but she decided to cast her doubts aside. She still felt too safe being locked up in her basement. She needed to take this somewhere else.

Having the battery attachment, she could really go anywhere she wanted. But she didn’t want to be out in the open just anywhere. So she decided to take her adventure to an abandoned building on the outskirts of town.

The large building was at one time intended to be an office building, but because of economic issues, the company who planned on occupying it could no longer afford to do so. Instead, the building sat empty. She knew this would be the perfect place.

Emily made her final preparations. She took a few days off from work so she could execute her plan during the week, when fewer local teenagers would be out wandering around. She had known that Alexis would be out of town for about a month while she studied abroad. Again, no offense to her friend, but Emily wanted to make sure Alexis would not be in a position to rescue her. Such is the point of being helpless.

Once her plans were made, Emily began the arduous task of moving the box from her basement to her SUV waiting in the garage. She borrowed a hand cart from one of her neighbors, but even so, the box was hard to move. Eventually, she got the box to her car and loaded it in the back. She had to lower the rear seats to provide more room, but eventually the box fit nicely.

However, there was a problem. The way she had to position the box in her vehicle left the lid able to swing open when she took a turn. She didn’t want to risk having the box swing open and damage her car or the hardware of the box itself, so she quickly created a fix. She attached three latches to the door that, when closed, held the door in place. She took extra care to make sure the latches would not close on their own when she closed the door from the inside. The latches were positioned so that they would only close from the outside and when intended.

With her box loaded in the car, all Emily could do now was wait for nightfall.

Once the sun set, Emily ran though her plan in her head one last time. She had everything she needed, and if she didn’t go now, she risked getting cold feet.

It was rather warm this particular night. It was about 10pm when started on her journey. The office building was only about 10 minutes from her home, but it was in a scarcely populated part of town. There were very few other buildings in the immediate area.

Once she arrived, she pulled as close to the building as she could. Making sure no one was around, she carefully unloaded the box onto the hand cart and slowly wheeled the device into the building.  The building had never been occupied, so while it was completely empty, the building was surprisingly clean.

Emily found a large conference hall toward the middle of the building. The room had no windows, so she was confident she could carry out her plan well into the daylight hours without anyone knowing any different.

She slowly maneuvered the large contraption toward the front of the room, near the wall. Emily had no idea if the building actually had power supplied to it, but she figured it was worth a shot. She plugged the box into the wall and, to her surprise, the indicator light lit up on the laptop, letting her know there was an adequate supply of power. Emily’s mind started racing as she realized she could now spend much longer than she anticipated inside the device.

Once she had the box where she wanted, she returned to her car. To complete the feeling of helplessness, she drove her car about two miles away to park-and-ride. She figured her car would go unnoticed sitting here amongst other vehicles  for at least a couple of days.

She then had a decision to make.

She knew that she would have no need for her clothes once she climbed in the box, but there was something about leaving them next to her that made her feel as though she were cheating. But what else could she do? Emily thought about her options.

After a couple of moments, she decided she would discard her clothes. Keeping them around didn’t feel right. Knowing that the local trash company collected trash from this area the next morning, she decided to throw her clothes away in a trash can. Even if she only ended up spending a few hours locked away, she would be miles from home without any clothing at all.

The only problem with this plan is that she’d have to walk back to the office building naked. Even though it was now almost midnight, the thought still made her nervous. She had to walk two miles without a stitch of clothing. But the urge to be helpless won out, and she started on her journey.

It took her about 45 minutes to walk the distance. Her trek was rather slow as she had to stop a few times to avoid being caught. She was soaking wet already, and she thought to herself that she may have found a new hobby. But with the task at hand, she decided she’ll have to wait to plan another naked walk through town.

Emily headed back to the back conference room and quietly closed the door behind her. Once inside the room, she set about programming her fate.

She decided that she wanted the devices to be set randomly. Emily had created several options for the vibrators and ‘pain pads’ as she called them.

One option was simple: off. The devices would not come on, at all. Emily often wondered if this would be the worst option. She could hardly imagine being trapped in a box, naked and paralyzed, with nothing to occupy your time.

Her next option was Tease. This applied mainly to the main vibrator located in her most sensitive of passages. With this particular toy, she knew she could not orgasm with it set to anything lower than a four. With the Tease option, the vibrator would be set to three and left on the entire time, leaving Emily to be completely frustrated. So close to cumming, yet so far away.

Option 3 was called Dice. This was basically a random setting. The computer would select a random duration of two to ten minutes. Once selected, the computer would then roll two virtual dice, generating a number from 2 to 12. The toys and shock pads would all start at level 5. It would then roll the dice again, selecting a second number. If the second number was higher than the first, the vibrators would go up one level and the shock pads would go down one level. If the second number was lower than the first, the reverse would happen – vibrators down one, shock pads up one. Once the time selected had passed, the computer would pick the duration again and roll the dice a third time, with the same outcome for higher or lower numbers.

The real kick was this: if the dice rolls resulted in either the vibrators or the shock pads being turned up to ten, the computer would then roll the two dice three times. If any of those rolls came up as doubles, the computer would stop rolling dice all together and leave the device levels alone for the rest of Emily’s ordeal.

Option 4 was called Maximum. It was simple: all devices on their maximum setting for the entire duration. Exhausting, Emily thought, but at least she’d have the satisfaction of sexual release.

Next Emily had to set the duration. Again, she wanted this to be random. She wanted to have absolutely no sense of time while she was locked away.

She knew that she could go about three days normally without water. She decided to push the limit and set the range from 5 to 72 hours.

Emily let the computer randomly select the option and the duration. Without looking at the display, Emily tucked the computer away, checked all of the cables, and then turned her attention to her gag.

Emily removed the container of anesthetic gel from the box and removed the lid. She proceeded to coat the gag with a generous amount of the substance. Emily could hardly contain her excitement has she completed the final step in her preparation.

Once all of her supplies were locked away inside the small compartment at the end of the box, Emily climbed inside and laid down. Slowly, she settled herself onto the toys securely fastened to the inside of the box. Once she was completely filled, she reached up, pulled the lid down and closed the box.


The sound of the electromagnetic locks engaging almost gave her a heart attack. This was it. There was no turning around for Emily now. She had done it, she had given herself complete helplessness.

As the gag settled into her mouth, Emily quickly found the sweet tasting gel doing its job. Within minutes, Emily couldn’t even attempt to struggle. She was unable to move a muscle. She tried in vain to let out at least a muffled grunt, but all she could muster was a soft breath.

Emily felt oddly relaxed. The toys hadn’t kicked it yet, so all Emily was left to do was relax and settle into her self-made prison.

Then the silence was replaced by the faint humming of the vibrators and the shock pads. All of them kicked on at once. The sudden movement startled the young girl. Intense pain and pleasure coursed through Emily’s body.

Emily tried desperately to struggle against her captor, but all she could do was think about it. Her paralyzed body lay motionless inside the dull grey box, left to the whim of the computer tucked away at her feet. Emily could barely think with all of the intense stimulation to her body, but wondered what the computer screen read, what torture the program had decided to lay out for her.

“Option 4: Maximum. 64 hours, 59 minutes, 10 seconds.”

It didn’t take long for Emily to reach quite possibly the strongest orgasm she had ever had. If her body hadn’t been constrained by the hard foam inside the box and the anesthetic gel she would have been shaking. She came again and again. Countless orgasms. Emily was already exhausted.

She knew she couldn’t have been in there that long, but she quickly came to the conclusion that the computer had chosen Option 4. She could only hope the time selected will be short.

Emily could feel a tear forming below her eye before she passed out. Her last thoughts were of regret.

“What have I done? I think I’ve gone too far…”

When she came to, Emily immediately was plunged back into the intense stimulation from all of her devices, with no idea at all of how long she had been unconscious. In all, she had a vibrator in her pussy and on her clit, a vibrating butt plug, a vibe on each nipple, two shock pads on each breast, two on her stomach, two on the inside of each thigh and one on each butt cheek, all of them on their highest setting.

“33 hours, 11 minutes, 47 seconds.”

The torture continued for what seemed like forever to the poor young girl. She was cursing at herself in her head for being so stupid. She was so caught up in the mix of intense sensations that she almost didn’t hear the voices of the two men who had entered the room.

“Hey, Joe! Take a look at this,” said the first and younger of the two men.

“What the hell? I thought this place was abandoned, why would someone store something in here?” said Joe, looking at his coworker Todd with slight bewilderment.

“Well what should we do with it?” Todd asked.

“I don’t know, but it looks important. Put it on the truck, we’ll take it to storage,” Joe replied.

“What? No way, dude!” Todd exclaimed. “I ain’t driving three hours with that box in my truck, what if it’s a bomb or something?”

“Why would someone want to bomb an abandoned building? Come on, we don’t have time to screw around, we have to start the demolition this afternoon,” said Joe.

“Ugh, whatever.” With that, Todd went back to the track and retrieved a hand truck. When he returned, he unplugged the box from the wall. Emily noticed the brief pause in stimulation before everything kicked back on again. She knew the battery had just kicked in.

“Whatever is in this thing, it was pulling power from the outlet. Think it’s a refrigerator or something?” asked Todd.

“Who cares, let’s just get this thing out of here. We got a schedule to keep. And lock those latches on the side so it doesn’t fall open when we carry it,” Joe demanded.

At this, Emily’s heart sank. Now she was trapped in this box until someone let her out, it wasn’t even up to the computer anymore. She struggled to scream, to grunt, to make any kind of noise so the two men knew she was inside. But it was no use.

The young man slowly wheeled the box out to the waiting truck, all the while the girl trapped inside was still being shocked and vibrated to no end. Emily tried to listen in between the violent orgasms, each one just as strong as the last. Tears started flowing from her eyes as the box was lifted on to the truck.

After a while she noticed that the truck was now moving, taking her to God knows where. Here she was, a 22-year-old girl, naked, paralyzed and locked in a box for hours and hours being hit with intense pain and pleasure, orgasm after orgasm, all by her own choosing. And now, to top it off, she was being hauled away like some piece of furniture, miles and miles from her car, her clothes and her home. And she was the only one who knew it.

She had reached her ultimate goal, the one thing that had eluded her for so long.




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