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The Hog Tie

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2016 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; wrap; tape; gag; toys; insert; fiberglass; casts; encase; hogtie; nipple; clamps; objectify; sextoy; tease; torment; denial; oral; climax; cons; X

June had enjoyed bondage for years developing a passion for tight hogties and the unique feeling of sticky tape on her skin, preferring having tape used to hold her in strict hogties. June had met Mark a few months before, exchanging e-mails first then meeting in person and had since spent many weekends being bound by him in many different positions. Mark enjoyed her firm body and her flexibility and encouraged her desire to be taped and teased while slowly introducing her to things that excited him as well.

The two hadn’t been able to set any time to get together for a couple of weeks spending a lot of time chatting on line and telling each other things they wanted to try. June had wanted to reenact the position Mark had put her in using duct tape to hogtie her then wrapped her whole body with the sticky grey tape for hours. June had been kept bound with Mark teasing her with the vibrators held deep inside her the whole time. Mark had even wrapped her head in the tape pulling it back before sealing it in the position with more tape making it impossible for her to move any part of her body.

June had never been in such a strict hogtie and had been craving being held in another one but for much longer and even letting Mark use her gapping mouth to relive his tension which is something she normally doesn’t crave. Mark had agreed but asked if he could change it some limiting her movements even more and June quickly agreed. The two continued to share ideas and desires on line for another week before finally able to set up a long weekend to be able to get together. During this time Mark had ordered what he was going to use and planned out how he was going to keep her bound motionless until she begged to be released.

The two met at Mark’s apartment, June excited and ready to get started, she had resisted all week to pleasure herself and was ready to be made helpless and forced to orgasm as many times as Mark could manage. Mark made sure she had done what he had asked her to do to prepare herself for the weekend, June smiled and said she had quickly stripping to show him her bare body. Mark smiled as her stroked her smooth body and asked “What about the other things.” June smiled and nodded acknowledging she had performed the enemas he had asked her to perform and had only eaten what he had suggested.

Mark stroked her stomach making her shudder as she knows this will be the last time this weekend that she will be free of some kind of restraints and the last time she will be allowed to speak. June looks at what Mark has already set out to use on her as he hands her the vibrators he has purchased for her. She notices immediately that both are much bigger than previous ones and considerably heavier. Mark pointed to the bathroom and June lowers her head knowing what she has to do and walks slowly towards the room looking at the bowl of water and the boxes of fiberglass casting material.

While June is easing the larger plug into her firm ass she is thinking about the casting materials and wonders what he has planned hoping he remembers his promise about the hogtie. June moans loudly as she works the plug in and out of her firm ass until it finally pops in and seats against her sphincter. After catching her breath June inserts the vibrator into her damp pussy with a sigh as it was what she had been waiting for. Walking back to the main room keeping her legs closed she is directed to the chair and told to stand next to it.

Mark strokes her stomach and breasts making June shudder again before taking the strips of tape he had ready and has June spread her legs. He holds the vibrator inside her as he lays one strip across her bare pussy carefully sealing the vibrator inside. After three more strips Mark rubs the tape making sure it is stuck firmly causing June to moan again enjoying the attention Mark is giving her. Mark watched June smile and took the roll of tape and started wrapping around June’s waist working slowly downwards covering all the skin between her bellybutton and pussy giving June a pair of tight duct tape shorts.

June rubbed her new shorts loving the feel of the tight tape covering her firm ass and damp pussy feeling herself slowly starting to lose her freedom. Mark orders her to sit, June moans as she sit on the hard chair as the plug gets pushed a little deeper and waits for Mark staring at the boxes of fiberglass. Mark hands her two hard balls and tells her to grip them firmly then takes a six inch wide roll of plastic wrap and begins wrapping her hands. June sits quietly desperately trying to ignore the large plug making her uncomfortable as she watches her hands disappear under the plastic and Mark continue wrapping up her arms stopping at her elbows.

With her hands and forearms covered in plastic Mark begins wrapping June’s balled up hands with the fiberglass covering each heavily before continuing up her arm. June sits whining as she had never been casted before and felt very nervous about Mark’s intentions. Mark finished June’s arms and rubbed them smooth and dried them as the fiberglass hardened, Mark left June sitting staring at the balls of fiberglass at the end of her arms trying flex her wrists and twisting her arms whining.

Mark returned behind her and said “That’s enough of that” snapping the extra large o-ring gag into her mouth then stuffed a large foam ball in behind it filling June’s mouth. June twisted her head and whined hearing him pull more tape off the roll and begin winding it around her head sealing her mouth shut under layers of the wide grey tape. Mark continued winding the tape working under her chin and back up over her ears then started angling it up making an X pattern over her head and under her chin. Once Mark had her head covered except for her eyes he stopped and rubbed the tape firmly, smoothing it out listening to her moans diminish under the tape.

June was now sitting in her tape shorts with the large vibrators sealed inside her, her hands were solidly cast into balls at the end of her arms and her head was a mass of silver tape leaving only her wide brown eyes peering out from underneath. Mark stood watching her look at her hardened hands then slid another chair in front of her telling her to put her feet on the top of the back rest. June sat looking at him puzzled by his intentions and whined slightly. Mark sighed and stepped around behind her pulling her casted arms behind the chairs back and ratcheted handcuffs around her wrists. June was still unsure and tried to fight but Mark was done securing her too quickly and moved back in front and raised her legs to the chair.

June was very aroused about the strange things that were happening, the slight fear she was feeling was a great turn on but she still had some desire to fight so she pulled her legs off the chair. Mark pulled her left leg up and quickly taped her upper shin to the chairs back repeating the process with the other leg leaving June leaning back panting and struggling with the hand cuffs. Mark wrapped June’s lower legs and feet with plastic wrap then wrapped each with layers of fiberglass making sure to hold each foot in an en-point position until the fiberglass set. Once both of June’s feet and legs were covered in fiberglass Mark added three more layers making sure there was no chance of June being able to bend or flex her feet or ankles.

Smiling at June Mark watched her struggling, looking into her eyes he told her to trust him, she would enjoy herself. June relaxed thinking she did trust him and knew he would never seriously hurt her. Sitting back to let the casts dry completely and enjoy the strange feelings the tight fiberglass was giving her. Mark dried the fiberglass making sure it was set before releasing June’s leg’s from the chair and helped her to stand on her casted pointed toes. June looked down as she noticed she felt very little pressure on her toes and figured the casts were giving her support.

Mark walked June to the center of the room and had her lay down on the large coffee table. June complied and lay down on her stomach and felt Mark pull her feet together and began wrapping them with the sticky grey tape. June felt him move up past the casts and onto her bare skin wrapping up to her knees pulling her legs tightly together. June was pulled back until her legs were hanging off the table and Mark continued to wrap up to her waist. Now that Mark had her legs covered he folded them and began wrapping them again sealing them in layers of tape.

Once he had her lower half wrapped tight her took June’s arms and pulled them together behind her back and began wrapping them tightly together crushing her elbows into each other. Mark wrapped June’s arms in layers of tape making them one unit ending in hard balls crushed together at the end. June was moaning under the thick gag enjoying the feeling of her freedom being removed with each passing moment. Mark pulled her forward on the table and began wrapping her shoulders and chest leaving her breasts uncovered. June could feel her large nipples swelling as Mark wrapped around each breast making them bulge and begin to change color and hoped he planned on leaving them exposed so he could tease and torment her with them.

Mark continued wrapping working down June’s firm body until he reached her waist and began wrapping back towards her head. After three more layers June was gasping through her nose from the tension around her waist and chest and lay thinking he had wrapped her much tighter than last time and smiled under her gag. June flexed her arms under the multiple layers of tape holding her firmly finding she could not move them at all and waited for Mark to put her in a stricter hogtie position.

Mark pushed her back onto the table and took two pillows and placed them under June’s leg’s forcing them to bend and push her toes further up to her back. June could feel the arch beginning and moaned as her pulled her head back and placed two pillows under her chest. June was now in an extreme arch; her balled up hands pushed under her pointed toes and could feel herself slowly sinking in between the pillows. Mark watched June’s body slowly bending her until hips finally touched the table then he took the tape and began wrapping June’s head covering her eyes and working down her head and neck until June was completely covered in the grey tape.

June could not move any part of her body now and felt a strong urge to stop the process and tried to fight the thick tape finding she could no longer do anything to stop what she had begged to have happen and was now stuck with her desires. Mark continued to wrap June pulling her head back as far as he dared to force it. Wrapping it in that position, forcing her face to be looking up at the ceiling.

Once Mark had June’s body sealed under the tape, held firmly in the tight hogtie he sat down to rest before starting the final process. Mark pulled the table with the pan of water on it near June’s captured body and pulled the large towel that had been concealing the stack of boxes of fiberglass casting materials. Mark started wrapping June’s body with the fiberglass wrap covering her lower body in layers of the hardening material.

June felt Mark doing something to her but it wasn’t until she felt the heat starting to get intense did she realize he was wrapping her in the fiberglass. June was helpless to stop him as she felt the heat rise on her body until she could feel it around her chest. Mark kept wrapping June until he had her entire body encapsulated in the hardening fiberglass, leaving only her breasts and gagged mouth free of the rock hard material.

June was panicking under all the layers of tape and fiberglass, she couldn’t move any part of her body, and she was even unable to flex it now due to the hard shell around her. As June continued to moan and try to break free she felt her body being lifted to her knees and Mark doing something to keep her kneeling. Mark sat back and admired his new statue, while he drank another beer he listened to June moaning in her cocoon.

Mark finished his beer and stood up next to June’s motionless body and stroked her bare breasts feeling her heart beat through them. Mark continued to stroke and pinch her nipples hearing faint moans and squealing each time her pinched them. June had gotten control of her panic attack and was now enjoying Mark’s attention as she continued to fight her bonds fruitlessly. Mark took the clamps he had ordered especially for this weekend and slipped the clamps onto her erect nipples eliciting a loud squeal and stood watching her breasts swell in and out of the tight bindings around their bases and smiled.

June had now been wrapped motionless for almost four hours, two of which her nipples had been clamped and she struggled to shake them off. Mark watched smiling as her breasts heaved knowing that each time she breathed she was pulling on them increasing her discomfort. After another hour Mark tightened the clamps making June squeal again and turned on the vibrator in her ass on its lowest setting. June was screaming under the layers from the tight clamps when she felt the vibrations and started moaning and hoping he would turn them up.

Mark’s plan was to slowly increase her arousal over the next two days only letting her cum the hour before he starts to cut her out. June spent the first night in sexual torture, her vibrators were never turned up to a level more than enough to continue to make her hornier. The clamps were tightened several more times and now felt like Mark was hanging on them pulling her nipples savagely towards the floor. Mark smiled as he hung another padlock on the connecting chain getting another deep moan and adjusted the vibrators up and down in different sequences listening to her responses.

Mark left both vibrators on low and attached two vibrating eggs to her nipple clamps leaving June frustrated and unable to stop anything even if she had wanted to while he slept on the couch next to her casted body. Waking a few hours later he tuned all the vibrators up for several minutes making June squeal and start to pant through her nose. After he could feel her breasts begin to heave he turned off all the vibrators and listened carefully to June’s moans and squeals of disappointment and frustration. June was desperate she wanted to cum and tried to thrash and twist in her inflexible cocoon. Tiring herself out quickly June stood on her knees frozen in place in the tight hogtie wishing she could free herself.

Throughout the day Mark continued to tease and torment his statue laughing as he could hear her frustrations build as he tortured her. By the second night June had lost all sense of herself and could not remember a time where she wasn’t frozen in the painful hogtie nor a time when she had been allowed to climax. Mark’s constant erection forced him to adjust her position so he leaned her forward letting her breasts hang over the edge of the table. June felt herself being moved but no longer cared and lay quietly even though the change in position change made the clamps pull harder on her nipples increasing the pain she was feeling.

Mark took two straps and ratcheted them tightly over June’s casted body enjoying the sound of the hard cast banging on the table as he strapped her down. Now that she wouldn’t fall off he began to carefully cut the tape from her uncasted mouth peeling away the layers until her reached her O shaped lips then dug the soaking foam ball out of her gaping mouth. June felt him messing with her face and could feel him removing the tape over her mouth and prepared herself for him using her as his fuck toy. Mark knelt down in front of her prone body with a remote in each hand and slowly stuffed his bulging cock into her mouth. He could feel her instinctively begin to suck as he worked his cock in and out of her gaping hole. As she sucked he adjusted her vibrators and when she would stop sucking he would lower them and she quickly figured out the routine and was sucking him as hard as she could manage.

Mark kept forcing his cock deeper with each stroke until he was sliding down her throat making her choke and gasp each time he pulled out. June didn’t care if she was choking or not the vibrations had increased and she was enjoying them too much to care. As she started to lose herself in them she stopped sucking and he quickly turned off the vibrators but left his cock down her throat. June gagged on the thing in her throat but moaned deeply making Mark’s cock shake and force him over the edge and he orgasmed, shooting his load down her throat before pulling out.

June was still trying to swallow his gift when she felt the foam ball being stuffed back in her mouth and tried to moan to get him to release her but Mark ignored her as she had requested and taped several layers over her mouth and stood her back on her knees. Mark used her as his fuck toy several more times throughout the night teasing her and adjusting the clamps in between. June no longer reacted to anything he did to her, she sucked as hard as she could each time he used her not caring if the vibrators were turned up or not. Her whole world was now inside her cocoon she was an object to be used for his pleasure and nothing else, she had achieved her dream.

Mark used her two more times on the third day before deciding he would allow her to orgasm and begin to cut her out of her prison. June felt the vibrations increasing again but ignored them waiting for him to insert his cock again but the vibrations continued to increase. Mark watched her carefully as she started to pant and whine and continued to adjust the vibrators until he got the most reaction from her and left them on as he tugged and twisted her nipples. June was desperately trying to break out of her prison, her building orgasm seemed too big and she thought she would explode as she whined a gasped.

Mark was stunned as she fought inside the layers of tape and fiber glass making the cast creak with her struggles. He continued to tune the vibrators then started using the cutter on the cast knowing the vibrations of it would help her climax. June exploded into multiple orgasms as her whole body shook from the vibrations making her climaxes come one after another. Mark knew she had orgasmed and lowered her vibrators but continued cutting away the fiberglass. June could feel Mark cutting the fiberglass but had no idea what it meant and stayed aroused and panting wishing he would turn up the vibrators again.

Once Mark had a line scored ready to break the cast in half he removed her gag again and slid his cock in and while she sucked he adjusted the vibrators until she was moaning but she continued to suck not wanting him to turn them off. The two climaxed almost simultaneously, it was her biggest yet and she screamed through her open mouth as her body flexed and tensed in the cocoon. Mark sat back and listened to her orgasm leaving the vibrators on high extending her climax. When June calmed he quickly broke the cast from her body and started to cut the thick layers of tape.

June was lost in the afterglow and didn’t notice the pressure being released on her body until her legs were straightened and the pain brought her out of it. Mark continued to cut away the layers of tape as June enjoyed several smaller climaxes until she was lying on her back with only the casts on her hands and feet remaining. Mark was sitting next to her smiling and said “Well was it everything you hoped?” June rolled over shifting the clamps as they swung down making her moan through her gagged mouth and crawled into his lap and sat giggling and whining as she kissed him around the gag.

June was exhausted but could feel Mark’s cock swelling beneath her so she slid onto the floor between his legs and looked at his zipper. Mark smiled and released his cock from his pants letting June take it into her mouth and leaned back letting her suck and stroke his cock until he climaxed hard. After June finished cleaning Mark with her tongue she turned around in between his legs and sat gasping. Mark recovered and reached down and unstrapped the gag then reached around and carefully worked it out of her mouth then sat back satisfied he had helped her achieve her desire to be used as a sex toy.

The two feel asleep, June still between his legs, hands and feet casted and nipple clamps still biting tightly. Mark had leaned back and let his own exhaustion take him and slept deeply. Waking June pleaded with Mark to remove the clamps and had him stuff the foam ball back in before he removed them. The pain making her scream as the blood returned to her tender buds.

Mark made her keep the casts on her hands and feet until the next day making her walk on her toes and rely on him for everything for the next twenty four hours. June serviced Mark and the two made love several times before Mark freed her hands and feet leaving her just enough time to make her plane and promise to return for her next vacation. Mark watched her walk to her terminal and went home and slept for fourteen hours before cleaning up the house dreaming of the next time she comes to visit and what he could do to improve their experience.

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