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Hello Big Boy

by anonymous

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© Copyright 2004 - anonymous - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; packaged; crate; delivery; cons; X

2004 Story Contest Entrant

The box arrived as I had ordered, albeit a touch early. It was a surprisingly stout wood box with a hinged door held shut with a combination lock. I had half expected a corrugated cardboard box held together with duct tape. This operation was a real class act. The delivery men had smiles on their faces as I signed for it and they wheeled it into my living room. They knew what I was receiving and my eagerness to sign the bill of lading and get them on their way amused them. They reminded me they would return the next morning and left, smiles and all, as I pondered the crate in front of me.

The sides were plywood framed in lumber. The number of screw heads evidenced the effort expended making a solid container. The combination was written on the bill and I hastened to spin the tumbler and reveal prize inside. A few spins later the door opened and I was staring into the eyes of a gorgeous brunette. 

Yes, they knew what I liked and delivered a perfect example. She uttered the obligatory mmmphs and moans as would be expected of a call girl as expensive as she was. Her eyes held a concentrated gaze on me like she was sizing me up as much as I was her. I couldn't tell if she was smiling or grimacing as there was an unexpected bit gag in her mouth.  It was a piece of rubber surrounding a metal rod that looped around the back of her head. It looked continuous, no seam or lock was apparent. Her hands were manacled behind her back and her feet were shackled in a similar manner; seamless rings with short lengths of chain welded to them. The entrepreneurs running this enterprise seemed to know their metalworking.

As I gathered my wits and took a complete inventory I could see she was also wearing a metal collar and a chastity belt. Well, there was the condition of not going "all the way" and I guess they intended to enforce it. The problem came that the collar and belt were chained to rings in the back of the box and she wasn't going to move an inch until I had them free. Again, no seams or locks were to be seen. I wondered if they actually welded them onto her and what she was willing to tolerate for her commission on the transaction.

Running around the box I could see that the rings must be fastened to the plywood underneath the lumber frame. In the absence of a power driver I would have to remove the screws one at a time with an old fashioned hand screwdriver. I crawled back inside the box to see if there were release mechanisms I had missed. Nope, they were going to make me work for this. At least this gave me a chance to do a little stroking and fondling of the present I had rented for a day. It was enough to energize my efforts and she seemed somewhat interested in my efforts.

About an hour later two frames were removed and the nuts holding the rings in place exposed. Shortly thereafter she relaxed as they came free. 

Back at the front of the box I helped her out and assisted her as she struggled to stand. I told her I was going to get as much of this metal off her as I could and she nodded vigorously and mmmphed with what sounded like satisfaction.

However, it was not to be and I was starting to feel cheated. How was this girl going to satisfy me in any way if she was little more than two breasts and a belly button. Fine breasts they were but she couldn't even talk dirty to me. I took a step back to collect my thoughts and she adopted a rather defeated posture. This couldn't be right. They couldn't stay in business delivering chained women barely able to stand, much less fulfill the fantasies of the paying customer. I must be missing something. The doorbell interrupted my thoughts. I hurried to help her lie down behind the sofa and went to open the door.

There at the door were three deliverymen with an oversized cardboard box that was sealed with clear tape. They told me my lady had arrived. My blank stare and open mouth must have been obvious through the walls of the box as the greeting of "Hello big boy!" from the inside told me that this was the package I had ordered.



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